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12AM, midnight strikes and the sounds of high quality sword swings, slashes or gunshots could be heard from mmorpg pro-gamer, jeong hwa ryun’s PC still lit and engine running while her newly low-class tiered character charges head on against the current dungeon’s boss. the space witch was away from the world sitting on her chair with criss-crossed legs and sipping on some chilled ramune to keep her blood running and herself into the fight. bose earphones were tightly fitted into her ears and an annoying wouldn’t shut up at the other end of the screen. 

they’ve been sparring partners for over a month or so, only witnessing each other’s true voices and judging through their character creations. speech bubbles filled up the screen with every phrase he spoke while she was struggling to grip an attack on the boss’s weak spot. as reserved as hwa ryun was, her emotions had reached a boiling obviously noticing that the fighter had not taken some notes and continued to strike recklessly without thought. her avatar had been a rank lower, she wasn’t in the place to judge. however, her true skills, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, have been holding themself back for a while now and time could only tell when she will unmask herself.

getting goosebumps listening to the CD version! the audio is superb! can’t wait to play the Vinyl one but i gotta buy a record player 1st 😅.

I use my Sony CD-Walkman, an old player i bought in 2001 lol (yeah, 16 yrs ago). sounds amazing coupled with BOSE earphones. It definitely sounds better than listening to the itunes ver w/my phone. idk. hbu guys?

I’m so pissed off you guys


I have these earphones from Bose. They’re old. No longer manufactured. They are amazing, and I adore them. They have incredible bass. They are also slowly falling apart. They still work, but they’re held together by tape and sugru, and I know that sooner rather than later, I’ll have to replace them.

So I got some replacement Bose earphones from their current line. I tried them. They were tinny and horrible, and did not have the rumbling bass that I’ve come to know and love. 

So I managed to find some older Bose earphones, closer to what I have now, hoping that maybe even if the newest model didn’t have the bass register that I know, the older models would. 


So I did some research and got a different brand of earphones which had absolutely glowing reviews on amazon, the 1More triple driver earphones. And while they are absolutely stellar earphones that are, I think, capable of the bass I love so much, they don’t actually deliver that much bass, unless you are on something that has EQ and you use bass booster. But not everything has EQ.

I’m just

Why doesn’t this exist

Can these headphones just never die?

Why is this unobtainable 

These earphones from 1More are supposed to be the most amazing in their price range, and yes, they’re amazing.


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