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What a difference 35 years makes Alternating views of Nissan Micra G, 1982 and Nissan Micra BOSE Personal Edition, 2017. The new special edition Micra will be limited to 3000 units across Europe which will come with a BOSE Personal sound system, including twin BOSE UltraNearfield speakers built into the driver’s seat head rest

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5, 6 & 12 with Merlin!

5. Where do they first say “I love you”?

It just kind of slips out of Merlin’s mouth one night. 

You’re both watch TV and Merlin makes some joke about uppity English dramas and now you’re both laughing about some stupid Downton Abbey joke that makes no sense to the two sleep deprived Kingsman agents at 10:23pm on a Monday. Your laugh is loud and ugly, you think, but Merlin can’t help the swelling in his chest as you lean into his chest and continue to giggle. You snort. He grins.

It just… happens.

God, I love you.”

Your eyes widen. Your laughter tapers off. “… Really?”

Merlin is starting to panic. Oh, god, he thinks, I just said it. I said it. Oh god.

“‘Cuz I love you, too, Ham’.”

6. Who wraps their arms around their partner who is cooking?

You both do it, honestly. Though, Merlin’s the more constant offender on this one. He’s tall enough that he can see over you as he holds your waist. More often than not, the Scotsman is humming and trying to get you two sway along to the music.

Buying Hamish a Bose speaker for the kitchen was, like, both the worst and best idea. Unfortunately, he constantly (and pretty much exclusively) plays John Denver, but on the plus side, he constantly sings and you love it.

12. Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls sleep on them?

You fall asleep on Merlin a lot. He’s just used to it now. 

When you first started dating, Merlin would panic a little and just stay completely still until you eventually stirred. But now? Now he’s come to realize you’re a blanket hog who can sleep through a nuclear bomb going off. During the week, when you two watch late-night TV together, more often than not Merlin ends up being your own personal, human-sized pillow. 

He likes it. You trust him enough to be the most vulnerable around him. You’re pretty when you’re peaceful, too. You smile in your sleep when he plays with your hair.

When it gets late enough and you get grumpy from being stirred by him, Merlin usually just scoops you up and carries you to your bedroom. He’s like your own personal prince.

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Idk if you're doing/accepting blurbs but if you are can you do like a cute one with calpal where you're slow dancing to stickwitu by the pussycat dolls like at your wedding or just in the kitchen (maybe include the dog he has with the kitchen one?)

ill take this one and no more blurbs for now, ‘kay guys? xx 

so like ya’ll are having a chill night after hard work at the studio so you play this song n cal feels motivation and aw 

so i m a g i n e lazily sprawled on the couch with Calum. You were laying down with your head resting on his thighs. His soft, grey sweatpants tickled your neck as his calloused hands massaged your scalp. The Bose speaker you guys had owned was playing one of your favorite playlists from your old iPod you hadn’t touched in years. 

‘I don’t wanna go another day… So I’m telling you exactly what is on my mind.’

“Oh shit, this is a classic,” Calum murmured, smiling down as you giggled at him. You lifted one of your hands up to poke one of his chubby cheeks, only to have him grab your hand and squeeze it gently. “C’mon.” 

“Huh?” You’d breath quietly. 

“I wanna have this dance with you, beautiful,” Calum insisting, smiling widely as he began to shift around the couch. Lazily, you sat up on the couch and was soon forced on your feet by a very eager Maori boy. He grabbed your arms one by one, pulling one closer to him as you pulled the other closer to you. You kept this pattern as he led you into the kitchen. The lights had suddenly turned on as it was motion censored lights. 

‘Nobody gonna love me better, I must stick with you forever…’ 

“C’mere, beautiful,” Calum gently cooed, a hand grabbing your waist as he pulled your body against his. You felt his warmth, his fairly strong torso feeling heavenly upon yours. You guided your arm around his hip, spreading your fingers to touch his lower back. You held your other arm, ready to have his hand grab it. He merely brushed his finger tips up your forearm before making his way to your hand. 

“That tickles,” you whispered, receiving a playful grin from Calum as he weaved his large fingers with yours. You watched as his brown orbs studied your face, pure fascination and adoration emitting from the very stare. He was beyond happy, and you could tell by his gleaming face. 

“‘Nobody ever made me feel this way,’“ Calum sang to you, having you giggle as he pressed his forehead against yours. “‘I must stick with you.’“ 

As the music played, you two resorted to slowly dancing in circles. Both pairs of socked feet gently moved around the clean, oak floor. You suddenly felt a pair of small paws hit at the back of your knees, having you press closer to Calum. 

“Buddy!” Calum exclaimed, letting you go but refusing to let go of your hand. “Don’t push Y/N!” 

“Woof!” The dog barked, his black stripe of fur dancing along with the wagging of his tail. You two giggled, having you patting your knee as the dog happily stood up on his hind legs to lean against you. 

“He just wants some food,” you hummed softly, smiling down at the dog as you grabbed the dog treats from the kitchen counter. “Here you go.” You dropped the pieces of treats on the ground, watching as the dog happily lied down ont he ground to eat his treats graciously. “Awh, who’s a good puppy?” 

You quickly bolted down to the floor, scratching the soft dogs head as he chewed on his treats. 

“You know, sometimes I think you love the dog just a bit more than you love me,” Calum playfully pouted, having you grab down his sweatpants to indicate getting on the ground. You watched as he joined you, leaning against his shoulder to watch the dog eat. 

“You’re number one, though,” you said simply with a soft breath. “Calum is my number one, and no canine can change that.” You couldn’t see, but Calum had smiled widely from your words as Stickwitu resonated the home with its tune. 


Shield Me, Part 3/?

Title: Shield Me (Part 3/?)
Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Characters: Steve, Nat, Clint, Sam, Bucky, Reader
Warnings: mention of foster system, dancing in the kitchen, jealousy, blood, passing out, fluff!
Words: 1718
Summary: Reader has a shielding power that’s relatively new. The team teaches her to develop her powers, fluffiness ensues with Bucky!

A/N: I’m still very new at writing; this is only my second fic. Please be kind! I’m too new to know anyone to tag, but feel free to ask and I’ll make a tag list.

A couple of days turned into four days. But that was all right with Y/N. She needed the time to adjust to her new environment and Sam was the perfect one to help her. Bruce took the opportunity to run test after test. Physically and mentally, Y/N felt like she had been poked and prodded enough to be a pincushion. He monitored her through different levels of using her shield. He also taught her some tricks on regulating her heart rate and how much effort it took to bring out her shield. Easy things, like protecting herself and moving small objects now took no motion from her at all. Bigger things, like lifting a motorcycle or Sam, took a little more effort, but Y/N was surprised at how easy even those things became in such a short time.

When the team finally returned, Sam and Y/N were in the kitchen, making dinner for everyone. Tony had radioed in saying that they were two hours out and starving. Everyone promised to clean up in the tiny Quinjet bathroom if dinner was on the table when they landed. Y/N and Sam leapt into action. Y/N’s specialty was a hearty chicken and kale casserole, while Sam focused on sides just in case no one liked “that kale stuff”. Y/N laughed and rolled her eyes, knowing it would be a hit, it always was.

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1/11 12:27 PM. I’m back at school and it’s been a slow uptake on my study game but I am finally back. My Bose Bluetooth speaker I got for Christmas is my new favorite thing. This Python programming class is probably going to kick my butt but I’m ready for it. Protip: color code your highlights, it makes it much easier when you studying for tests. Spotify playlist: New Music Tuesday.

As long as it takes. (”The visit.” - Part 17) (Sebastian Stan x reader)

Description: “I’ll wait for as long as it takes, as long as I get you at the end" You meet Sebastian Stan on the street in New York. What starts off as a fan encounter stretches to an unexpected coffee date and before long you’re caught up in a whirlwind and left with an internal struggle of what to choose.

Word Count: 4157

Warnings: Language. 

Author’s note: Hope you enjoy! I’d love to hear what you think!

“Seb,” you breathed into his mouth. He pulled away slowly, knowing you were asking him to stop.

“I get it, not here. Sorry…I got a little carried away.”

You pulled his face back to yours, placing your foreheads together, “it’s okay, I understand.” You gave him another peck on the lips, before grinning and turning away to get out of the vehicle.

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At this table, a collection of various models of Macs were set up with a Marathon Infinity match running on a LAN. Marathon is the series of FPS games created by Bungie for the Mac market, prior to producing Halo.

Here’s Marathon Infinity running on the ridiculous 20th Anniversary Mac:

The Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (aka “20AM” or “TAM”) was a limited-edition personal computer released in 1997 to mark Apple’s 20th birthday. The machine was a technological showcase of the day, boasting a number of features beyond simple computing, and with a price tag aimed at the “executive” market.
It was based on an internal design similar to the Gazelle architecture, features a 250 MHz PowerPC 603e processor, 32 MB of RAM, a 2.0 GB hard drive, a vertically oriented 4X CD-ROM drive, an ATI 3D RAGE II graphics processor with 2 MB of SGRAM, S-video input, TV/FM Radio capability, and a custom Bose speaker system all packed in a custom, one-of-a-kind case. It would be 5 years before Apple released another desktop system with a built in LCD monitor.
It shipped with a unique keyboard with an integrated trackpad and Italian leather palm rest as well as a large external Bose subwoofer.


Nissan Reveals Details for New GT-R Track Edition

Another eagerly anticipated chapter in the Nissan GT-R success story has begun, with the arrival of the GT-R Track Edition.

As the name implies, it’s been specifically engineered for thrill-seeking track enthusiasts by the dedicated team at NISMO – Nissan’s motorsport division. Designed to deliver a higher level of performance than the standard GT-R, it is priced from £91,995 ($119,271).

The Nissan GT-R Track Edition sits above the Premium, Prestige and Black Edition in the model line-up, but below the flagship GT-R NISMO.

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I loved that Clarke/Lexa/Raven drabble you wrote. you made a shipper out of me. Could you write something else in that universe, like maybe a conversation between Lexa and Raven about Clarke?

Groaning, Raven finally gives in to the heat and light pressing against her eyelids and blinks them open. She glances to the clock on the bedside table. 7 AM and the curtains are wide open–that’s all the information she needs to know that Lexa was the first up this morning.

Raven pushes up into a sitting position, rubs the sleep from her eyes, and crawls out of the large bed to head toward the bathroom. She is still wearing Clarke’s over-sized sweatshirt, because it is her favorite piece of clothing in the entirety of their closet, and her tiger-striped panties. Stopping briefly at the dresser, she pulls on a pair of Lexa’s tube socks, because the wood floors are frigid bitches, and she hates having cold feet.

After a brief stop in the bathroom, she makes her way into the kitchen, following the glorious scent of bacon, and Raven can’t help but smile at the sight that greets her.

Leaning against a cabinet, her toothbrush poised between her teeth and her lips foamed up with toothpaste, she watches as Lexa stands in front of the stove, already fully clothed and cooking breakfast. Lexa bops her head in time with the soft music spilling from the Bose Bluetooth speaker on the counter and subtly works her hips back and forth. She’s never been one to cut loose and dance like no one is watching, even when no one is watching, but just that slight, subtle bit of movement is enough to cause a stir in Raven’s belly.

Raven quietly skirts around the counter and spits her toothpaste in the sink, leaving her brush on the counter, before sneaking up behind Lexa. She slips her hands over Lexa’s bony hips as she presses the front of her body to Lexa’s back and ass. Feeling Lexa jolt at the surprise touch, Raven lets out a raspy, sleepy laugh and kisses her girlfriend’s shoulder blades through her shirt. She then works her hips against Lexa’s, rocking them back and forth in time with the music.

Lexa allows it for a moment before turning in Raven’s arms, one brow arched and a smirk pulling at the corner of her mouth. “Since when are you in a good mood this early in the morning?”

“Since you’re dancing and making me bacon,” Raven replies, toothpaste still smudged around the corners of her mouth.

Rolling her eyes, Lexa reaches out with her thumb and wipes away the paste. “I wasn’t dancing, and who says this bacon is for you?”

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Hello everyone, We (Jared & Gabby) are hosting our 7th annual giveaway. We love doing giveaways for you guys! They’re always so fun, and we love making someone’s year by giving them tons of items for FREE! so we’re at it again! These items are mostly brand new except a few which are in great condition, and have only been slightly used, being bought for us, or bought for the giveaway by us. This giveaway will end on exactly NOVEMBER 29TH, 2014. We do not accept bribes, or pick people. The random generator we have coded will choose the winner. We will try to answer all questions that this post does not. 




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  1. Coach purse- $250
  2. Coach wallet- $70
  3. iPhone 4 gb 16- $100
  4. iPhone 5s gb 64- $200
  5. GoPro- $300
  6. Sol Republic- $150
  7. Oakleys- $250
  8. Bose speaker- $300
  9. Ipad 3- $400
  10. Chanel purfume- $100
  11. Samsung laptop- $270
  12. Kodak camera- $100
  13. Chi straightener- $100
  14. John Green books- $20
  15. Quartz watch- $90
  16. Fossil watch- $110
  17. Macbook pro- $1100
  18. iPhone 5s gb64- $200
  19. Adobe photoshop- $50
  20. Michael Kors phone case- $40
  21. Canon DSLR lens- $200
  22. Canon Rebel XS- $700

TOTAL: $5000+

The Trials and Tribulations of Life (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: New story. It has the same plot of ‘Netflix and Pizza?’ and that it the background to this story. Hope you enjoy! ( A/N in the story means Artist Name) Oh and If anyone can think of a better title, PLEASE let me know! 

You and Steve always had pizza nights and such together. You had to admit that the most recent one was your favorite so far. When you woke up from the night before, you found your self in your bedroom, under the covers. Rolling over, you saw Steve, who was of course none other than on top of your duvet. You laughed airily, always that gentleman. You watched his chest rise and fall, and saw his eyes moving and blinking. He was awake, and probably had been for sometime.

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