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Can you post about your Weighted blanket and other autism related items, such as your necklace for example, even though you already did?

I’ve included links to the previous times/tags that I’ve talked about these things as well. 

My weighted blanket is amazing. I sleep with it almost every night and regularly curl up with it on the sofa, floor, or in my chair. I love it so much and I sleep a helluva lot better with it on. It weighs ~16lbs (maybe 17?) and is the perfect size for wrapping around myself (~7’x3.5’). 

My chewigem is fabulous, though it hasn’t stopped me from completely biting my nails. That’s on me though, I don’t always know when I’m biting them, so I’m not always aware of when I need to grab it. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite stim toys though. I never knew how much I liked to chew until I got this. 

Kinetic sand is such a wonderful texture experience for those of us who like sand. Sand kind of calms me down and allows me to slow and think. My old therapist and I would play with the sand box occasionally and she always had a cup of sand sitting for me on the bookshelf for when I came in. It just gives my hands something to do so my brain can think. Kinetic sand is really wonderful because it’s moldable and doesn’t leave a mess on your hands. It pretty much sticks to itself and doesn’t leave that gritty, dirty, sandy feeling.

My poang isn’t the rocking version, but it is flexible enough that it allows for a gentle rocking. I tend to rock really hard in proper rocking chairs and flip them, so I opted for the cheaper more stationary version. It’s AMAZING and calming and I love it. My chair is fabulous.

This is my sand tray. My wifey (brushfireburn) got it for me for my birthday. Playing with it is nice texturally for me because SAND, but I also like the visual stim of raking the sand and drawing designs. 

In addition to these things, I also use my headphones a lot (Bose SoundTrue around the ear) to help both limit noise and create a lot of noise. 

The Best Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are quickly becoming the new norm (and might become a necessity if the iPhone 7 rumors are true), but which are the best? In terms of cost, performance, and portability, the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are leading the field. 

Bose’s audio has always been held in high regard, and these headphones are further proof of that. Simply put, there is a lot going on to provide you with the most impeccable sound. The headphones work with Active EQ to get clear, clean highs and deep lows. The audio quality alone distinguishes these headphones as one of the best on the market, regardless of their wireless capabilities.

The SoundLink headphones boast several other impressive characteristics. Two microphones help with noise cancelling and improving the quality of phone calls. They come in at a mere .3 lbs and fold up small enough to fit in their 5x5x2.3 inch case, allowing easy storage and transport. You can expect up to 15 hours of battery life, but don’t worry if you forget to charge them - they even have a wired mode. Also notable, these headphones look clean and sleek; you can choose between white or black with blue accents on both. Of course, all of this comes at a cost ($249.95), but if you’ve got the cash, they’re worth it. 

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This is what I carry with me everyday.

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As a designer, this is my everyday carry for work. The commute does get tiring, therefore I always carry handy stuff that will pre occupy my time. Such as my camera.

FOUR Analysis - Introduction

I remember when I floated the idea of doing a track-by-track analysis of Midnight Memories. I wasn’t sure anyone would want to read it; I thought I could do it all in just a couple of posts (oh man I was so naive). But I wanted to do it because Midnight Memories made such a strong statement that I had to take a closer look for my own satisfaction. The band’s true voice was beginning to show, it seemed, and the music was of interest by virtue of being sung by these particular five boys in this particular situation.

I never questioned whether I would do a FOUR analysis. They were even more involved in the process of creating this album than the last one, and given that they just won three AMAs it seems like they’re doing something right. At the same time, the influences on their style are even more strongly apparent to me on this album, perhaps because this time they’re borrowing more from an era that includes artists with whose work I’m intimately familiar - I grew up listening to Simon and Garfunkel, for example, and there are definite stylistic influences throughout that point to Paul Simon or his ilk.

This album analysis is primarily for myself. I analyze to identify why I like what I like and don’t like what I don’t like; I find once I’ve figured out what’s bothering me about a song, I can enjoy it more because the problem it poses has been solved. Conversely, once I’ve identified the thing that’s making me happy, it makes me even happier. I do this for myself, but I’m hoping it might in some measure do for others what it does for me.

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Hey darling!! So I'm thinking of getting some earphones and I'm willing to spend quite good money for high-quality headphones cause I listen to music all the time and I really want to hear the music properly :p i wanna get the same ones bts uses (they really know their stuff!) and what do you personally recommend?? Thanks 😘

I recommend the one Suga uses and the one I’m also saving for! ♥ the BOSE Sound True In-Ears (©)

Not sure what your preference is but I really like in-ear types they’re the most comfortable for me. Suga uses this all the time, and Seokjin has one too. For me it’s really pricey so I need to save up for it. ^_^ I’m currently using Marshall in-ears and I love them. For headphones, I use Colouds and I love how it sound already but I think there are better ones, I just don’t use headphones that often hehe~

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Excluding the patches (They’re there for show, I’m sure you’re impressed) this is my work EDC. The only additional gear picked up at the station before the start of my day would be a portable radio and ambulance keys.