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Quite amazing what goes on in my country. We have the same rebels who keep popping out but through different rebel group names… AFDL, RCD, FLPC, MRC, CNDP and so on… if you haven’t followed the Congo from 1996 to now, you will think that there is a civil war… Again I must say this to you… The war in the Congo is NOT a civil war!

It is a war of aggression on the Congolese people. The perpetrators of violence are very well know. Just think… what are the demands of these rebels? Why don’t they go to the capital city, Kinshasa, and take over the country if indeed it is a civil war? They stay in the same area…. exterminate the population… loot resources that leave the Congo through Kigali and Kampala… get weapons through these countries as well… and the perpetrators of these crimes are never held accountable.

Just know this…. there is no Bosco Ntaganda without Paul Kagame just as there is no Thomas Lubanga (who was just convicted at the ICC) without Yoweri Museveni.

I was informed of these crimes, but I plead not guilty. …I was a soldier in the Congo.
—  Alleged Congolese warlord Bosco Ntaganda • Denying the horrific war crimes charges he faces, at the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Ntaganda has been wanted for nearly two decades, considered one of the most brutal rebellion commanders of the Democratic Republic of Congo — nicknamed “The Terminator,” no less. Ntaganda clearly sought to downplay that reputation, presenting himself as a mere “soldier” when questioned by the judge, but the charges against him and arguments of his prosecution run much deeper than that — he stands charged with murder, rape, sex slavery, and the use of child soldiers. source


Bosco’s rebel troops raided the town in Kivu and captured the children from the CAMME facility. Jewish World Watch came up with funds for a search and rescue mission with CAMME.

After two tireless months, we are rejoicing with our partners in time for Congo Independence Day.

Right now, all six kids are home, safe in Goma.

Be a whistleblower for peace.


A few weeks ago we told you Bosco Ntaganda’s troops took their terror campaign through Mweso. On a Sunday night, they killed 2 children and raped 12 girls being rehabilitated at CAMME, one of Falling Whistles’ partners.

We told you and you stood by us. You stood by the kids. You spread the word. You helped get those kids the attention they deserved.

Jewish World Watch came through quickly and sent $2,500 in emergency funds to CAMME. Complete information has been difficult to obtain amidst the turmoil in the region. Today we received an update from the staff at CAMME, and we wanted to share with you.

Here is what we know:

The 81 children from Mweso have been safely transferred to Goma, where they are receiving food and counseling. Many of them are living in foster homes. 

But we learned something new. That same Sunday night, 9 of our kids were kidnapped and conscripted into militias

Of the 9 forced into combat, so far 3 have escaped— they were recruited by a notorious rebel group, the FDLR. 6 of our kids are still missing. Some may have been drafted by Bosco’s militia, the CNDP.

CAMME and the Mweso community are doing everything in their power to track down the missing children. We are doing everything we can from here. And we need your help again. 

Speak up. Get the word out. 6 kids are missing. We won’t rest until they are safe.

How can you help?

Americans have the power to call the State Department and ask them what they are doing about the situation in the DRC right now. The Special Advisor to the Great Lakes is called Barrie Walkley and the Congo desk officer is Rick Swart (I like Rick though. I know he tries).

What you should be asking them is “what are you doing about the latest rebel uprising in the DRC?”

Expect these responses:
1. We are doing…
2. Our partners are providing…
3. We have made public statement about …
4. Monusco and our military are working hand in hand in…
5. blah blah blah…

What you need to know is that while they are diplomats, they are human beings too. So, talk to them as a human being. I got the info I needed for my article, and I hope you do the same. I know my tax money pays their salary so I won’t sit my butt here in the USA allowing them to think it is ok to not do anything.

So how do you reach them? Well, the easiest way is to call the switchboard and ask the operator to connect you to 1. Rick Swart at the Congo Desk and 2. Barrie Walkley, the Special Advisor to the Great Lakes Region

DoS number is 202-647-4000