“Phone Box 3” Mobile/Cell Phone, oil, copper wire, acrylic (2014) Aaran Bosansko

Part of an ongoing project, investigating the act of creation as simultaneously preserving & Destroying

The phone exists fully functional in a preserved state. The oil preserves and protects the components but also physically removes it from use. Visitors can call and text the sculpture but it will never answer or reply.

It also addresses issues surrounding communication in contemporary life. Many visitors are willing to test the sculpture by ringing it with their own phones, unwittingly giving their own contact details for a slightly unsatisfying, interactive experience that takes something significant but doesn’t give anything back.

Halva, traditional Bosnian sweets

There’s a saying in Bosnia “It goes well like halva” and it refers when something is passing good, doing good and fast. Because as soon as you put halva on the table people eat it and therefore it “goes” :D.

Example: You ask someone how is their job doing if they’re selling something, and they tell you “like halva”, meaning the sales are good and job is doing well.