Look at how I’ve drawn the eyes more Ki-bo-ish!

[NSFW description]

I got a headcanon that Iidabashi gets forceful towards Ki-bo from time to time, but deletes the memories of it. So Ki-bo awakes the next morning not knowing what horrible has happened to him, but he notices deleted data and knows something is off, he just can’t tell what exactly. Using that, Iidabashi can continue to abuse him.

earlier today I was looking out of the window, thinking wistfully about Arthur Maxson’s battlecoat, as we all do. 

‘goodness,’ I thought. 'it is a shame I’ve not managed to find a coat as fine as his in all these months.’

hours passed, much data was manipulated, but my traitorous body began to demand food so I left the office in search of lunch. en route, instead of turning left toward the local purveyor of miscellaneous foodstuffs as I would usually do, I found myself walking right and into the local purveyor of miscellaneous clothing items.

'I mean,’ I told myself, as the vertibird escalator lifted me skyward. 'it’s probably not even worth looking.’

once aboard the Prydwen first floor of TK Maxx I stepped through the serried ranks of clothes racks, seeing nothing to delight my eye until suddenly

a light blazed down from the gantry ceiling

a choir of Scribes sang out phone rang

a single, noble tear rolled down my cheek

because of this.

an exact replica of the coat was never going to work with my modern-day aesthetic but this? this is perfect.

I may not have a beard and the scar’s on my thigh but I will be requiring you all to call me Elder from now on.

NB: I am not as easy to seduce out of a coat as my namesake.

NB2: that is a lie but I do have a partner and our bond is steel a mortgage so it would be indecorous at best.

Dead Dandelion (Shalaska) Ch. 9 - Wick

A/N: And we’re back agaaaaaaaain henny, chapter 9 already :) As always, so happy with all of your love and your feedback. Bless you all.

I must say, some TW’s apply for this chapter because there will be shouting, a physical fight and a damn panic attack. If you are sensitive for any of these things, consider skipping this.

xoxo Wick

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