bos hoes

If Isayama makes Mikasa more beautiful with this time skip ima die, my girl is already so gorgeous. Eren is a lucky fool.

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Bo Burnham parallels [1/?]

Bo had paused mid story to sip the white chocolate mocha she’d ordered before continuing. “And she decides to confide in me about her break up like I’m not the one who was sleeping with her boyfriend in the first place…obviously she doesn’t know that. But that’s not even the best part, she then actually tries to kiss me which I totally get because I’m a gem. I didn’t even stop her because she was smokin’ hot. Does this make me a bad person?”


Can we nominate this for the best thing on the internet pls 

  • Scorpius in CC: haha i love gu-girls. I meant uh.. haha h-h-hit me up b-bro with those dicks I MEANT CHICKS. i love to play s-s-soccer.. um i like b-b-boobs.. get me one of those hot bo-HOES. haha bro i like potte-HOTTER GIRLS. b-b-bro i skate and- [sweats nervously]