borzoi running

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Hi there! I am really interesting in getting a puppy from you guys one day (hopefully soon) but I was wondering if you guys would consider a pet home for one of your puppies? I want a puppy to do some lure coursing with but I would mainly love a companion borzoi. I understand that priority would go to the show/sporting homes but I'm just mainly curious if a pet home would be considered too. Thank you!

Pet homes are always just as welcomed as performance/show homes. The only thing to remember is if you are thinking of coursing you have to decide before you choose your dog. Coursing dogs have drive….I would never place a high drive dog in a companion only home. Correction I HAVE and the owner was so unhappy. She came back to me at 10 months old. She’s now kicking ass in a performance home and couldn’t be happier. So you really have to decide what you want before selecting your puppy. Most of the time lower drive borzoi don’t run at all, now showing is a different ball game…you can show and have a low drive dog. A lot of the top winning specials have very little prey drive and they would never be able to hold up in the field. So again being sure of what you want will make owning a borzoi much easier. Another thing to consider is getting an older dog that while a great companion didn’t exactly work into the breeders plans ie doesn’t run clean, has too many of the faults a breeder wants to breed away from etc. I’ve place older/retired dogs if the right home comes along.


borzoi  by shelby mowbray