hormones - b&s.

pairing boruto uzumaki x sarada uchiha


word count 1,741

when it happens they’re 25 here

warnings none

a/n now my notes will be after the text to avoid telling y’all any kind of spoilers!


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“Lollipops.” Boruto repeated his wife, his brows furrowing at what she had just told him.

Sarada was laying on the couch, wearing a top, her hand traveling her eminent belly. She was two months pregnant and recently, Boruto noticed Sarada and her hormones had been battling a strong fight for control inside her. He also realized her hormones had won quite frequently.

The blond boy was standing next to her, glancing down, fighting the urge to sit down and pull her to a tight hug. He knew that if he actually did it, he wouldn’t let go of her.

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