borrowing your gif

You and the pack are trying to keep the Nogitsune in one place, you know that if it escapes everyone is in danger.

Scott assembled the handcuffs and he took a step back, you glanced at Lydia your best friend then your eyes flickered over to Liam and Kira.
The Nogitsune shook his head and the handcuffs fell off.

“Does anyone have a plan b?"you asked quietly as you stood back, ready for the Nogitsune to strike.

Everyone shared the same facial expression; Fear. The Nogitsune was probably loving every second.

"Well I guess it was nice knowing you guys, Lydia I just want you to know before we die it was me that borrowed your Red heels I’m so sorry they snapped"you confessed as ‘Stiles’ watched you all squirm uncomfortably.

Her mouth fell open.
"They were my favorites, y/n if he doesn’t kill you, I will"Lydia mumbled, sending you a death glare.

Edmund Pevensie | headcanon #1: Ed’s torch

Since he’s so awkward around girls, he’s often picked on by Peter who tells him one morning at the train station, after Ed was yet again oblivious to a girl’s clear flirting attempts:

“I can see it coming, Ed, one day you’re going to marry your torch.”

Of course, Confused!Edmund glares and Susan and Lucy burst into uncontrollable giggling.

From this day forth, his siblings referred to his torch as his “wife”:

“Hey Ed, can I borrow your wife? The light in my room went out.”

“Here, Ed, you can’t leave the house without your wife!”

“Ed, I was wondering what to get you for Christmas. Is your wife still functioning or do you need a new one?”

Okay borrowing your gif myrandar for a second because I just need to say something about this scene. I’m seeing a lot of people say it was a sneaky “i got my way” grin but when I first seen this scene I didn’t think that at all. I thought he looked proud. It was as if he was thinking “That’s my girl”. He gave her a choice, he said he wouldn’t force her. Now I don’t know if he actually would have forced her or not but for at least the time being she BELIEVES she has a choice and she chose the more difficult path. So it looked to me as if he was proud of her for not being weak. I plan to rewatch the scene again and again on top of the 50 million times I already have since it leaked but yeah…I still see pride. Now that being said I don’t necessarily think Petyr is passionately in love with her. I think he’s fond of her. This is not my gif. Belongs to myrandar.

“I have a favor to ask you. Could i borrow your leather jacket and sunglasses just once?

well, i know i’ve always teased you about them but I’ve always wanted to try them on once”


Dave Lizewski Imagine: This Is My Story

TW: Abuse, Eating Disorder

You and Dave had been together for just under a year and you had no idea whatsoever what you would get him, so being the smart girlfriend you were you asked him, although him being a pain all he wanted was to know about your past and your secrets. You were not the most open person with anyone and it took a lot for you too trust someone but Dave should have known by now, I mean you loved him, he was your first and you were his, you knew everything about him so it would be only fair if you did that to him.

But because you couldn’t talk about it face to face, not yet, you weren’t ready, your mind came up with a better idea, you could film yourself talking into a camera about it. Setting up a camera you had borrowed from your parents who were on a date night luckily, you sat down in front of it keeping a box of tissues near, knowing what was going to be inevitable. “So, Dave, this is your anniversary present so happy anniversary baby!” you chuckled before taking a deep breath and beginning.

“This is my story” you began looking down at the tissue in your hand, “and I’m ready to tell you. It started when I was twelve back in the UK, I wasn’t the skinniest of girls, I really wasn’t and there was the popular girls at school and well they took me under their wing, encouraging me just to not eat, we were 12 this was crazy. Well I didn’t and over the next couple of years I would starve myself, just down right refuse to eat, I would make myself sick, I would do crazy things until I was about 15 when my Dad left us, my mum was a wreck which made me worse, I would just starve myself until I would pass out but my mum was too drunk to care. Then it hit bottom, my mum met a new man, although she was still drinking, even when he moved in, the sick bastard would just hit me and my sister around like crazy and well I couldn’t stand it so I ran away, as far as I could, I was found and he got mad. So mad the police were called and well I don’t want to go into detail but this scar” you gestured lifting up your shirt to show the camera the blade shaped scar.  “, Was due to it. And well I hated feeling like I wasn’t strong enough so aged 15 I decided that enough was enough.” You stopped wiping your eyes to catch the tears before continuing. “I started to work out daily, every day doing do many push ups and sit ups, just to build my strength and that’s when we moved here. But that’s not it, the reason I’m secretive about now still is because y’know Hit Girl (Just pretend that Hit Girl wasn’t younger than him b/c I cannot think of a name it’s like 1am) you’re looking at her” you exclaimed pausing to show up the mask. “That’s pretty much it babe, happy anniversary though” you smiled blowing a kiss at the camera before shutting the camera off and uploading it to your laptop so you could send it to Dave.

It was just gone midnight anyway, so technically it was your anniversary today. Dave opened it straight away although once he watched it there was no reply, you waited almost 20 minutes but there was no reply. Just as you were about to get under the duvet Dave came crashing through your window with a bouquet of flowers and a little red bag. “Happy anniversary Hit Girl” he smiled kissing your lips gently, before placing the flowers in an empty vase that was stood in your room, using your glass of water to fill it before sitting next to you on the bed. “I loved the video, it showed me how much of a hero you actually are, even though you were already special to me, your even more now, anyway here I got you something” he beamed kissing your cheek as you began to open it, stopping and reaching under your pillow to grab Dave’s other present; a signed copy of his favourite comic. Letting Dave open his first he hugged you tightly kissing you 100 times as he immediately realised what is was. “Open yours!” he exclaimed watching your face as confusion fell upon it as you undid the bow to find nothing. “Babe?” you questioned as he smirked. “Huh, oh how did this get in my pocket?” he asked sarcastically pulling out a small ring box making your eyes go wide. “It’s not an engagement ring, it’s a promise ring, a promise that the day we turn 18 we’re going to get married, a big white wedding with all of our friends” he chuckled watching as tears filled your eyes. He slipped the ring on slowly you securing it before hugging him tightly making you both fall back against the bed laughing.

Your parents coughing loudly making you jump apart, they knew about Dave and were completely okay with it because he was such a sweet boy. “Nice to see Dave can use a door, hi sweetie” she smiled, “You guys better go to sleep though because I have work tomorrow” she ordered shutting the door behind her. As the door shut you both began to giggle until something being pushed under the door made you both looked over. Your mother had pushed a condom underneath your door, making you both burst out laughing as Dave picked it up wiggling his brows at you. “Er no” you laughed taking it and throwing it across the room as Dave whined and cuddled into you. “When they leave for work tomorrow” you whispered kissing his cheek.

“Night babe” you spoke as you cuddled into him.

“Night baby”


“So we grow together,
Like to a double cherry, seeming parted,
But yet an union in partition;
Two lovely berries moulded on one stem;
So, with two seeming bodies, but one heart;”
  -  Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream