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I bought a gouache set last week (because I love using opaque color and watercolor didn’t feel solid enough) and gave it a try! it was pretty tough because I treated it like an acrylic paint at first but then I get used to it and it was pretty fun! (character borrowed from chep)

Another inane Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

I despise this show.

In this episode, the two girls and the dog (the one that behaves like a dog) accidentally get lifted into the air by balloons after Daisy asks to pose for a picture with everyone’s balloons. She floats up, Minnie grabs her, the dog catches hold…

Through their usual means of problem-solving via tools the gentleman rescue the dog first, then Minnie, but are thwarted, when- as their friend floats into a potentially life-threatening situation, Pete decides to bar their chase by suddenly charging admission to the place where she hangs. His fee? Each boy must make a basket- he produces a basketball hoop…but doesn’t have a ball.

Firstly…this is a missed opportunity. Why are you teaching these children to do as bullies say when their obstruction is without logical explanation and potentially quite harmful? Why are you not teaching these children how to stand up for themselves? What the devil? They just produce a beach ball and go through the motions!

And then…this moment made me absolutely cringe- after they rescue Daisy… she APOLOGIZES for “taking all the balloons” and says it is better to share and not get “carried away”.

What? She didn’t take the balloons. She asked very politely of each person if she could borrow them for a photo, and then apologized for needing to be rescued? Why? What had she done? Why were the two females of the program the ones who needed rescuing? And who thought it wise to show a population of young females apologizing for the amusing whims that sometimes end badly? Why are the females apologizing for anything besides bad behavior?

Who is writing this garbage? And why are you lot indoctrinating your children with it?

I will post a thing tomorrow, once I figure out what, exactly. (New Trouble chapter? more Lil Bro? what the hell have I written lately other than Big Fics of Doom That Are Consuming My Soul but are definitely nowhere near posting-ready?)

However, I just got an idea and since (see above) I don’t have time to do it justice, I’m throwing it out there upon the waters in hopes someone else will follow up on it. There are several fics that have a similar premise, and I’m following them all avidly for updates, but this is one that's more based on a delightful fic on Ao3 about how Mick accidentally messes up his own timeline by time traveling on Legends (this one! go read!) and I was thinking about how it might work with Len having his timeline messed up.

After all, Mick goes to visit him in 2013.  

Maybe Sara swings by to consult with him on a heist the Legends have to pull, since he’s the best thief she knows.

Maybe Ray sees him in the past and just - assumes that Len will help him. Even younger Len. Because why not?

Maybe Jax sees someone shooting at Len and intervenes, because Len’s part of the team, and if he gets shot in the past, he’s never going to make it to the future (in the original timeline, the bullet just missed).

Maybe Len starts noticing all of this - and since he’s a sci-fi geek, he starts putting it together a lot quicker than others might. He starts looking through the history books in the prison library and seeing pictures of these people (these ageless people, that look the same when he’s twelve as when he’s thirty) scattered throughout time. Starts thinking about statute of Mick in the nation’s capital, or rather of the unknown private from the American Revolution, who Len had stolen Mick at least four souvenirs of when they were twenty and the resemblance was only noticeable, not shocking in its similarity.

Maybe Len starts thinking about the man who appears throughout his life - a big man, strong, lots of muscles, a striking resemblance to that statute in Washington D.C. - who just stands far back and watches him almost wistfully. The one that stopped Lewis from doing something that Len’s sure would have broken his arm (the break healed badly and hurt every time it rained, in the original timeline). The one who shakes his head in disappointment when Len starts dating that bastard, making Len ditch him the second he starts showing signs of being a bit too much like Lewis (it took him months to accept the truth, the first time around). Len’s always had a bit of a puppy crush on that guy, the nameless man-who-watches.

Maybe Len doesn’t really let himself believe it until after the fire, because he knows the pattern of those burns - he’s printed out security camera images of the man-who-watches, begged to borrow other people’s photo albums if they caught him in the background of their family pictures; he’s traced his finger along them in fascination so many times - and he knows. He knows who the man-who-watches is now. It’s Mick, coming back to watch Len.

Because he misses Len. Because Len’s not with him. Because Len’s dead.

And so Len decides to make contingency plans.

But it doesn’t matter what plan he makes, the man-who-watches - Mick - keeps coming back. So whatever plans he made clearly didn’t work.

Until the Legion comes to pick him up, interrupting the flow of time. Changing it, with Eobard’s speed force distorting time itself enough that Len becomes a time fragment himself. A brand new start. 

This Len might not be the man who sacrificed himself to save the team, the one that Mick misses so badly that he keeps going back to Len’s timeline over and over again - that was another version of Len, now gone forever - but damnit, he could have been, and he can be that man again, and he is utterly determined that he will be.  

Especially since the Len that died at the Oculus had all of younger Len’s memories and thoughts and plans - and left him a copy of his memories right up until he left to the final fight, hidden in Gideon’s files.

Monday musings

This fandom has been my salvation.   At least now I can appear to be “normal” around family, friends, and co-workers while obsessing to my heart’s content amongst kindred spirits.

We can only speculate about what happens after S3. Sigh…The fanfic often speculates quite deliciously, I might add - really, what superbly talented folks you are ;-)  

Photo borrowed from @hysydney’s most excellent S3 E8 recap, “A Miss and a Kiss”.

So, my question for the day is:  IF and WHEN Phryne and Jack finally meet again, will he call her “Phryne” or “Miss Fisher”??  


As a kid who needs some aid to move around its really not cool at cons if you have a wheelchair as a prop for your character that you are cosplaying who can’t walk. Its super super uncool and here is why

  • you take up elevator space that us who need an elevator fucking need
  • you trick people into giving you the benefits they would give wheelchair users whether you mean to or not 
  • you make it so people like me get told ‘NICE PROP’ all day when we are actually in our chairs
  • you are a burden to anyone that has to help you with that bulky thing 
  • you are not respecting the community 
  • you don’t know what you are doing bro trust me do not just think you can be in a wheelchair for a few days a con wheelchairs take a bit of work 

Now listen if you have a friend that has a wheelchair and will let you borrow it take some photos outside of con, have some fun, but never use one in con and never NEVER N E V E R take a wheelchair from a group that has wheelchairs for actually disabled people to you. If you are stealing a wheelchair that the con is providing to people that need it or from any group of medical care providing peeps then seriously wtf man actual people need those your photos ain’t that important. That’s all I got please tell your friends 

peace out 

So let’s talk about this picture, and no I’m not gonna start an argue between Starlight and Sunset .. I love them <3

The issue I have here is why Twilight have an actual pic of Pony Sunset? Does that means she usually visits Twilight and cross the mirror?

I don’t think Twilight just went to Celestia and ask her if she could borrow a photo of her old pupil to put it on her castle right?

I love this detail, seriously it’s like a ray of hope to actually see Sunset on the comics or the series for a special episode.

We need to see that Bacon Pony again 🦄💕☀️