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holt sibling reunion

pidge, tearfully: oh my gosh, matt!

matt: katie? is that you?!

(they hug)

matt, pulling back: oh man, you’ve changed so much! you’ve… really changed………. wait a minute.

pidge: (suddenly excruciatingly aware of her matt cosplay) uhhhhh. i can explain?

matt: katie………….. you look so GOOD, i love the new style!

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AU where Castiel is that one hot lifeguard at the beach and Dean is the lovable idiot who's constantly swimming out too far in what he claims are attempts to one up Sam (who's just reading on the sand at the moment), but are really just attempts to grab Castiel's attention (Dean doesn't know when he started taking whistles and amused glares as validation, but hey, if it works). Sam, afraid of seeing Dean actually get injured and aware that Castiel actually needs to focus on his job (part 1)

casually walks up to Cas with a determined expression plastered on his face. Dean panics, thinking that Sam is about to reveal his (pretty obvious in retrospect) crush, and sprints out of the water to do damage control. Cue Sam borrowing the spray bottle and walking away, and Cas giving Dean a lecture about dangerous currents. Dean just kind of nods throughout the lecture, focusing very hard on how devastatingly handsome Cas isn’t (he swears) while angry. They end up grabbing ice cream later.(2)

“I’m sorry about my brother.”

Startled, Cas turns to see Devastatingly Handsome Man 2 talking to him. The only reason he hadn’t spoken to Devastatingly Handsome Man 1, currently swimming hell-for-leather toward shore, was his assumption that Devastatingly Handsome Man 1 and DHM 2 were a couple.

“Brother?” Cas echoes, watching DHM 1 face-plant into the waves. Dripping with water, smudged with sand, wearing only soaking swim trunks that cling to his thighs and make a dome of the bulge of his cock. He’s, well, he’s devastatingly handsome. Even if he hadn’t been splashing around like a fool, Cas would have had one eye on him all weekend.

Except that he wasn’t single.

Except that…

“Yeah, yeah, the dumbass running toward us?” DHM 2 shakes his head. “It’s, well, it’s because of you. He thinks you’re hot, and I guess he figured if he made an ass of himself and pretended to be drowning you’d have to, I dunno, give him mouth to mouth or something?”

“Sam, for the love of - stop talking!” shouts DHM 1 breathlessly, trying and failing to find the purchase to run up the sandy shore. He even looks handsome flailing to keep his balance as the ground gave way beneath him at every step.

It isn’t fair.

“He was trying to get my attention?” Cas says flatly. DHM 2 - Sam - nods and rolls his eyes. “Right.” Hopping off the raise lifeguards seat, Cas walks casually, balancing easily on the shifting mounds of sand, meeting DHM 1 half way. “Your brother tells me that you’ve been engaging in dangerous behavior to get my attention.”

“Yes, I–”

“So while I’ve been forced to keep an eye on your-” -devastatingly handsome- “-antics, had their been a real emergency, I would have been distracted, and someone might have actually gotten hurt?”

“I’m sorry, but–”

“Furthermore, he tells me that you decided on this ridiculous plan because you found me attractive, and hoped I’d - what did Sam say - ‘give you mouth to mouth resuscitation?’”

“Sammy, how could y–”

“Well, if that’s what you wanted, you should have just asked,” Castiel concludes.

“No, I no, I was totally out of line, but…” DHM 1 trails off. “Wait, what?”

“If you were interested in having me kiss you, you could have asked me to kiss you,” repeats Castiel. Sam smirks. DHM 1′s mouth falls open. “Did that never cross your mind?”

“Oh. Uh.” DHM 1 looks around, looks away, brushes the sand from his legs and smears muddy tan streaks over his swim trunks and lower back. “I guess…uh…no?”

“My name is Cas,” Cas says.


“I’m on duty right now - no fraternizing allowed - but I finish at 3 PM,” says Cas. “That’s 15 minutes. Don’t be late.”

“Right…right! No, I definitely won’t be.” DHM 1 - Dean, that has a nice ring to it - gives Cas a devastatingly handsome smile and allows his brother to drag him away by the arm.

Climbing back up the lifeguard stand, Cas pulls out his cell phone, scrolls through his contacts, and dials up Gabriel.

“What is it, my man?”

“Hey, so…I need you to come on shift a little early today…”

“Dammit, I had plans, Cas! Not ‘til 5, you said!”

“Sorry, but I’m going to need you here at 3.”

“That’s, like, now!”

“Don’t be late…”

“This is about that guy you’ve been ogling, isn’t it.” Cas can hear Gabe’s eyeroll over the miles separating them. “He’s, like, married to that moose. You’re wasting you’re time.”

“Brothers,” Cas crows triumphantly.

“Brothers?” Gabe echoes, a perfect mirror to Cas’ earlier reaction.

“Brothers,” confirms Cas.

“So the tall one is also single?”

“Don’t know for sure, but I know that he’ll be alone on the beach starting at 3…”


Feminism is necessary because of what has not ended: sexism, sexual exploitation, and sexual oppression. And for [bell] hooks, “sexism, sexual exploitation, and sexual oppression” cannot be separated from racism, from how the present is shaped by colonial histories including slavery, as central to the exploitation of labor under capitalism. Intersectionality is a starting point, the point from which we much proceed if we are to offer an account of how power works. Feminism will be intersectional “or it will be bullshit,” to borrow from the eloquence of Flavia Dzodan.
—  Sara Ahmed, “Living A Feminist Life”
The Witch and the Borrowers

I present to you the anticipated chapter two of the Witch and the Borrowers! Sorry it’s been so long! I have four more weeks of second semester left so I don’t know when it’ll be updating next. I’m absolutely overloaded with work and I just can’t wait for summer to arrive. (Plus my birthday is May 25th so I’ll be celebrating that too ^~^). Most of this was written at 3am so hopefully it doesn’t have too many errors. Thanks for reading!! Love you guys :3

Chapter 2

The next morning was a pleasant one. No light ever managed to seep into the walls, so the two siblings could sleep all they wanted. But, Cynthia couldn’t stay unconscious any longer. She just had to get up. After lighting a tea candle, the cold, dark room began to warm up and fill with a soft, orange glow. As per the usual daily routine, the girl went over to the small, yet large in comparison, plastic container filled with water to splash some on her face. Taking a deep breath, her mind was cleared of any remaining grogginess. ‘Today’s the day,’ she told herself, gazing at her reflection in the water. With a smile, she wondered how Logan would take the revelation. 'Speaking of the devil.’

The boy thumped into the room, yawning and stretching his arms out towards the ceiling. “Good morning sleepyhead!” That earned the sister a tired glare in return,“I know you just got up too, so don’t act like you were the early bird.” Chuckling, she shook her head,“Which one of us was out late at night getting supplies for someone’s lazy ass?” At the mention of last night, his head jerked up and his face brightened,“Did you?…” She knew he’d be elated at the thought of her being able to get some cheese, but decided to engage in some teasing. “Did I what?” He looked flabbergasted. “Did you get it? The cheese!” She wore an unknowing, innocent look,“What cheese?” At this point, he was ready to pounce on his sister’s bag to look through the contents, and she knew it. Throwing her head back in a laugh, she grabbed the bag behind her. “Yes, Logan. I got your cheese. I was just messing with you.”

Almost leaping with joy, Logan bobbed up and down with excitement. She pulled out the smoked cheddar cheese and he practically drooled. There was enough there for the both of them to share, plus more. “I even nabbed some crackers to go with.” He ran to the makeshift table and sat down on the spool. “Well, what’re we waiting for?! Come on!”

That was her favorite part of any day. Being able to elicit that much joy from her brother. To some, it might even seem sad that one would get so excited over a thing so simple as food. But, as it was, they didn’t eat a variety of foods; didn’t have that luxury. Plus, it’s always good to be able to savor life’s simple things. Setting up the table, she sliced the cheese with a small glass shard, acting as a knife. Forming two cups out of tinfoil, she gathered some water for them to wash down the food. Logan, the poor thing, looked like he would burst into a million pieces waiting for her to sit down. “Well? Dig in!” She gracefully sat down, looking over at her brother’s ravenous munching. The saltine cracker went well with the cheese. She was salivating herself at the display. That morning was a happy one, and she drew it out for as long as she could, dreading the inevitable response.

After finishing breakfast and cleaning up, Logan asked,“So what’s the plan for today?” With a heavy sigh, she said,“Let’s sit down for a bit. I need to talk to you.” Lowering themselves onto a pair of cotton balls stuck together, he asked, confused,“What about?” Cynthia gently held one of his hands, looking into his eyes with absolute sincerity. “I don’t want you to freak out or worry, but yesterday the supply run didn’t go exactly as planned.” The blood drained from his face, his whole focus zeroing in on his sister,“You were caught, weren’t you. Oh god. We have to move now. Where can we go?! I don’t want to live outside. I can’t. What are we going to-… wait. How are you still here if you were seen?” He almost didn’t want to know. “Logan, this is going to be hard to believe, but she seems like a good person. She talked to me, offered me more food than I could eat in a year! And most importantly, she didn’t touch me. Not even once. And,” taking a short pause, she continued,“shewantsustohavedinnertonightwithher.”

She expected insanity. Yelling. Crying. Anything involving some sort of panic. To her utter shock, he calmly looked down, as if deciding what to do, before saying one word,“Okay.” Silence ensued before Cynthia spoke up. “Wait, what? Okay? Just like that?” He nodded solemnly,“Yeah. Just like that. From the fact that you’re still here, and from everything she did, I can’t really think of anything else to do. I’m not saying that I trust her, because it could be a trap, but I think if she wanted to kill us, she had plenty of chances with you already.” She was astounded with the reply, but also glad and immensely proud. Her brother was smart, and not only that. Even faced with danger, he always seemed to come to his senses when it mattered most.

After a quiet moment, Logan looked himself over. “Will these clothes work? Can we get away with them or is it formal? Oh, and is there anything I should know about? Just to be prepared. Also, what was she like? Was meeting her more thrilling or terrifying? How did-,” Cynthia quickly put a finger over his mouth to shut him up. His nervousness was showing, but she believed there was definitely curiosity in all those questions. “Okay, first? Breathe. I don’t have much to tell you about what tonight will be like, but I hardly think you have to worry about your clothes. As for Lily, meeting her was… well, it was scary at first, but after seeing how she moved so lightly for a giant and meeting her, it wasn’t all so bad. She gave off this… I don’t know, like a fuzzy feeling. Of course I was terrified, but the way she smiled to make me feel better, and how she tried to make herself seem less big meant a lot in the moment. I never thought someone so big could be so… well, so considerate.”

She realized it was completely quiet, and looked up from the floor. Logan was giving her a smirk with a raised eyebrow. “What?!” She asked, blushing from her revelation. He shook his head,“You’re too trusting. Don’t let your guard down, no matter what feeling she gives you. She is a witch, remember?” Red from head to toe, Cynthia sputtered,“T-too trusting?! Of a-of a human?! Me?! Well that’s just- that’s just insanity. You sure you haven’t been eating mushrooms?” Logan laughed,“Look, if you trust her, even a little bit, then I trust her too. We’re having dinner with her, right? We have to trust her.” They both felt the seriousness of the situation. She wondered if Lily was as worried about their meeting. What was she doing to prepare?

Shaking her head to disperse the thoughts, Cynthia stood up and decided they should try to look their best. “Even though we don’t have to dress up, I do think we should wear something a little less… shabby. I can’t make an entire clothing set in one day but I can fix up some things to add to the wardrobe.” Noticing how that sounded, she added,“I just want to show that we care about our appearances, too.” Walking into her room, she looked through the pile of materials she had. Their clothes were pretty basic: long-sleeve, turtleneck shirts, bland pants, single-color socks, and makeshift shoes. The shoes were mainly socks, but made with thicker fabric and rubber she’d sewn into the soles. For the most part, they were darker hues, best for cover.

Digging through the scraps, she found and cut up small strips of blue cotton fabric, making two bow ties. Then, she took one of her less-used pair of pants and cut the outer sides all the way to the thigh. Putting them on, she pulled the loose fabric tight around her leg and sewed the parts together. Tight pants didn’t allow for a lot of movement, an important necessity when scavenging, so they typically wore baggy pants. Looking at them from every angle when she finished, Cynthia nodded in approval. They curved every shape of her lower body, and for once she actually felt pretty. Not that she’d ever felt ugly, but her appearance never really mattered. Survival was the only thing she focused on, most of the time. The shirts were always form-fitting, but stretchy, so she didn’t worry about it. Time seemed to have sped by while she busied herself, so she grabbed the bow ties and made her way to Logan’s room.

“Hey, I made something for you.” He sat up and looked at his sister. He’d been lying in his bed, deep in thought. His mind was like a mouse running from a cat, racing around and around. He couldn’t think of any one thing at a single time. Noticing the tie, he smiled. “If that doesn’t count as dressing up, I don’t know what does. And what’s with your pants?” She walked over and sat down with him,“It’ll look nice. And the pants look better when they’re tight.” His own pants weren’t too bad, so he just shrugged, letting her wrap the blue adornment around his neck. “Do you think it’s about time to make our way? When is dinner exactly supposed to be?” Logan wondered. “I think it should be late enough. I did spend a while working on everything, and it’ll take time to get there.” They both got up and made there way towards the entrance, neither forgetting to bring their bags.

Before they actually left the home, they froze at the door. “Are we really going to do this?” They both exchanged looks of worry. “Yeah. We are. But hey, it’s going to be okay. I’ll be there with you every step of the way. And I’ve met her once before, so I think I can do it again, no problem!” Acknowledging the effort to mask her fears, Logan smiled, appreciating the attempt. Without another word, they both began their journey. Instead of using the insides of the walls, they chose to use the outside. It went against everything they knew, but Cynthia wasn’t as flexible in her new clothes. They were together, and that was all the safety they needed. They took it slow and casual, each silently hoping they wouldn’t see Lily before they’d made it to the table.

To their befuddlement, their wishes were granted. In fact, there was no sign of the witch anywhere. “Maybe she couldn’t do it tonight?” Logan offered. “No way. Humans are fascinated with us. I saw the way she looked at me. It was like she’d always wanted to meet me. There’s no chance she’d pass this up.” Looking at the wall clock, she saw that it was six. That’s usually when Cynthia has seen her eating. Where could she be? They sat on the table to wait, leaning against the napkin holder. Logan thought his heart would be racing at this point, but he was strangely collected. The last light from the sun was setting upon the home, emitting a gorgeous glow. The temperature was just right, not too hot but comfortably warm. The windows showed a green and gold beyond, which they assumed was the forest, but it was too blurry to tell from so far away. The place smelled like sweet cedar wood and springtime flowers. The bright and colorful plants stood out, making a statement in their vibrancy. It was as if the house was alive. The candles, waiting calmly for their wicks to be lit. The flowers, fighting to see who was the most brilliant of them all. The stones and gems, sparkling in the sun’s light. Even with all the commotion, the ambiance was soft, and welcoming.

Cynthia’s eyes fluttered in a haze as she yawned and stretched out her arms. Looking around, she jerked up. When had she fallen asleep? Was Lily there? Had she seen them? She looked over at Logan to find him passed out, as she had been. They would never let their guards down like that, not so easily. How has this happened?! She noticed movement and sound coming from around the wall. There was nothing she could do at this point, it was too late. Before she could even think about waking her brother, Lily walked around the corner with plates of different foods floating around her. Steam wafted off of some and she could smell the delicious scents. Without knowing how to react, Cynthia just stood there, arms behind her back, hands clenched together, waiting for the events to unfold.

Lily saw that she was awake and smiled, but didn’t say anything, seeing as the boy was still out. With a lowering of her hand, the plates all gently lowered to the table, not making a sound as they touched the surface. She gestured to some candles and they lit before floating over the table, almost bouncing in excitement to be of use. The room wasn’t dark, but soft, white light came from different flowers all around them, adding to the orange of the flames. It was a stunning display. “H-hello again.” She almost whispered, realizing too late that Lily may not have heard her. Fortunately, she did. “Hey! I didn’t want to wake either of you, so I made dinner while you were asleep. Don’t worry about it too much, though. I enchanted the house to be as welcoming as possible, so your ninja skills aren’t slipping. I guess I just went a little too far with it.” She ended with a small smile, her eyes gleaming. Though Lily was whispering, Logan began to stir. He took a deep breath in while he rubbed his eyes. A quiet,“Cynthia?” was groggily spit out. When he opened his eyes, he jumped and scrambled to stand, realizing what had happened.

Relieved that she no longer had to whisper, but still keeping her voice low, Lily introduced herself,“Hi, I’m Lily. It’s nice to finally meet you!” His trepidation showed, so she slowly sat down at the table. Instead of stuttering out a timid reply, he was completely frozen. Filling in, Cynthia spoke up,“Logan made the decision to come with.” Wishing to mask her own fear, she offered a tease with a smile, nudging her brother with an elbow. “He just couldn’t resist food. Otherwise I bet he would’ve slept through the day.” Annoyed by her bluntness in the lie, he snarked back,“At least I’m normal. Who is ever happy about mornings? She gets up and it’s like someone brought her a slice of steamy bacon. What’s so great about waking up?!” A gentle rumble filled the air as Lily quietly laughed at the sibling banter, holding a hand over her mouth to try and cover up the smile. It put everyone at ease, though the two sensed it might have something to do with her magic and witchiness. Neither believed they’d ever be so lax, all things considered, around any other giant.

“Regardless of why you came, I’m so happy you did. Oh, and I got you something!” Bending over, she picked up a purse and sifted through its contents, pulling out a small, gift-wrapped box. It had little striped balloons, standing out from the blue background, all put together with a red, see-through ribbon. What shocked Logan the most wasn’t just that she’d gotten him something, but that the box looked like it would to any human. It was perfectly done, and everything looked proportionate to him. “How did you?-” he thought, aloud. “Oh this? I didn’t do this with my big hands, if that’s what you were wondering. I had it make itself. I hope you like it!” She seemed genuinely excited to find out his reaction. He was touched by the whole thing. Setting it by him, she took her hand away.

Seeing the fingers come so close would have normally been terribly scary, but they were gone as soon as they came. He walked over and undid the ribbon, fascinated by the feel of the new materials. After that, he didn’t know what to do. Was he supposed to rip it? Testing his theory, he tugged a little before looking up at her. Her eyes were wide in anticipation, her mouth never changing from the smile. He took that as a yes and carefully ripped it open. He was met with a cardboard box. Pulling off the tape, he opened it to find a painting kit. Everything was on his scale! The wooden paintbrushes had soft, but defined tips. The varieties of paint were in small plastic tubes accompanied with lids. There was a small easel and white canvases to fit. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “Your sister told me what you like, so I thought you’d appreciate this! Along with the dinner, of course.” The human looked down sheepishly, a red blush on her cheeks. Stunned, he looked up at her. What was he supposed to do? “Thank you! Seriously, thank you so much! I never… I never, ever dreamed of having something like this!”

Beaming at his reaction, she said in earnest,“Absolutely! And if you ever run out of paint or need a brush, anything at all, you can always ask me.” The statement was an honest attempt to see them in the future. She didn’t have many people she knew, so being able to talk to them was a nice change. Nature was beautiful, and talking to plants and animals was always amusing, but having a connection with other people, seeing their expressions and feeling their auras? Nothing could beat that connection. “We’re looking forward to it,” Cynthia stepped in. After all Lily had done, she had no reason to be afraid. Cautious of her movements, but not afraid. They all knew how much of a danger she could be just in innocent movements alone. Absolutely ecstatic at the affirmation, she said,“So, is anybody hungry?”

ok so it’s quite a while ago now, but one time a friend bought a ‘unicorns vs zombies’ anthology and let me borrow it. the anthology was set up like a competition to see which makes for better stories, and you know me, there’s no way i would let zombies change my opinion on unicorns. i only read like… three or four of the stories, but you know what? the zombies won. the zombies won because they cheated. the first zombie story was gay. i had never in my life, before that moment, read a canon gay story that had been printed. it blew my mind.

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Smak borrows pents clothes when smak spends the night at pents house (in like child friend way) cause pents clothes are perfect pj size

This was all a plot to get me to draw smak in a big shirt and I’m telling you all right now I’m gonna do it

Preparing to Fly

In a couple of hours I’ll be on the first of a couple of trains, headed towards London Heathrow airport. I’m flying to Frankfurt in Germany for the week - living the life described so expertly by the movie “Up in the Air” for a few days - except of course I’ll be flying economy.

I won’t pretend I’m not stressing about the flight. I’m leaving for the airport an hour earlier than I really need to. I’ve also been stressing about what can go in my carry-on luggage, versus what can go in the bag I’ll be checking in. Late last night it suddenly occurred to me that I’ll need to buy some converters for power sockets. I’ll have a look in the airport on the way, and file them as expenses - co-workers following the same route can borrow them.

I’m not taking much with me - my work laptop, two phones (personal and work), an Amazon Fire Tablet, my Filofax, a few changes of clothes, and a wash-bag. That’s pretty much it. I did entertain the idea of fitting everything into one carry-on bag, but then realised I’ll need a bag to carry the computer into the office.

I haven’t flown anywhere for the better part of ten years. The world has moved on somewhat - I have an electronic boarding pass on my phone, with a barcode on it. Given that I need to check a bag in, it seems a bit ridiculous. I suppose it will shortcut the procedures if I wave my boarding pass at check-in.

I’m staying right in the heart of Frankfurt, alongside the river. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go for walks on an evening, eat at relaxed places outside (if it’s nice), and see a little of the city - even though only at night. I doubt I will wander far from my hotel, but you never know. Expect a succession of people-watching blog posts over the coming week. The hotel has a breakfast area, and a bar at least - maybe that’s where I’ll camp out if the weather is horrid.

I think accessing the internet will be fine while in Frankfurt. My personal mobile phone contract says I should get free access as per normal - not sure about the work phone. The hotel supposedly has free WiFi (har har - I’ve seen that before) - it will probably be good enough to post to the blog though. I wonder if my mobile will automatically handle the dialling codes ?

Anyway - I suppose the next post will be from Frankfurt - wish me luck!

At First Lance

Lance Neal was the slow, careful, methodical type of person. Whenever he solved a math problem, he went through all the steps, even if they were redundant. When baking, he carefully measured out each ingredient. Sure, it was more time consuming, but he claimed that it guaranteed success in whatever he did. Even if he could find just as much success in shortcuts or more efficient techniques, he refused to do so.
His little sister, Destiny, however, was more likely to make brash decisions, act before thinking, and laugh if it failed. Each mistake was something for her to laugh over and possibly forget about, leading her to make the same mistake again. One mistake that Lance would not let her forget, however, involved her interest in the Twin Souls franchise. 

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Um hey professor do you have any music I could borrow? I'm totally not borrowing it for a party at the hufflepuff common room what?!

Ahh, being young…

I happen to have a few CD of muggle music with me, which one do you want?

TAEYONG; as your boyfriend

  • you are a really renowned photographer and one day SM calls you to take photos of some rookies
  • of course you agreed they paid more than anyone
  • when you arrived, the first person that you notice was Taeyong and his “flamed” eyes
  • he borrowed your camera without you knowing and then the magic happened
  • he is a really good photographer too
  • some hours passed and you finished the photo session

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Hi! I was looking for a photo in my files and then I found this! pbs*twimg*com/media/C4oJt2OUYAEY-rZ*jpg You can see a little "12" sticker XD, do you know if is KS's lightstick or is from him?? Thank you! Have a nice day! :D pd. Sorry for my poor English! :/


I don’t have much knowledge about lightsticks ;; idk if it’s possible to buy lightsticks with the members numbers on it? 

But I don’t think ks gave it to him, I think he borrowed it from a fan perhaps? 

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what's aro's top ten collectible talents list? how does sulpicia feel about them? is caius already plotting their demise? how jealous wIll jane be?

 Ah yes, Aro’s list of questionable ideas. It goes something like this, in no particular order:

  1. general illusionist (for those long, boring afternoons when there’s nothing better to do)
  2. gift neutralizer (because the Cullens are In Trouble)
  3. clairvoyant (but the kind who can see currently-happening-elsewhere things, not the future)
  4. somebody who can make people experience their worst fear (more resources should really be invested into psychological torture)
  5. really excellent shield (back to the whole Cullens-must-be-destroyed theme)
  6. memory manipulator (Aro has this plan to permanently borrow one of Joham’s daughters, and he’d prefer it if she didn’t have too many fond recollections of her sisters)
  7. person who ruins relationships (A theory: there are already fissures among the Cullens. If a person who’s basically the mythological Apple of Discord in vampire form could influence the coven, maybe their bonds would break down to such a degree that Chelsea could get at them? More research required.)
  8. something to do with paranoia? (Aro haaaates the Cullens’ allies, or at least the idea of people willing to fight and die for an ideology not his own. Scattering them and making them afraid sounds really good right now.)
  9. decent invisibility gift (Point one: Afton sucks. Point two: stealing national treasures is getting progressively harder. Something should be done about this.)
  10. some kind of strengthening gift?? (Aro realizes that he might have to go to war with the Cullens, in the physical sense. He’s considering anything to give his side an edge, including vampires who induce berserker rage or simply boost strength and speed.)

Sulpicia, for the record, thinks 1 is a waste of time, that 3 already exists and is called the internet, and that 7 is redundant because the Cullens will separate out of necessity in a decade. Oh, and she doesn’t approve of 8, because nothing says “dread” like awaiting certain death. Why mess around with gifts when you could just kill Amun/Siobhan/the Romanians and let the rumours spread? She’s a peach, that Sulpicia. 

Caius, being Caius, doesn’t trust any of the stronger psychic abilities on this list. Still, he grudgingly acknowledges their utility because they’re all rather warlike, and the Volturi are in destruction-mode. 

Finally, Jane– who isn’t aware of 4 and 8 yet– would probably hate them most because they’re encroaching upon her domain. She likes being the main disincentive/punishment the Volturi have. 

hey y'all do any of you have a suggestion for a laptop? i gotta get a new one. :/ price doesn’t matter i’m gonna see if i can raise my credit limit or borrow the money from my parents and pay them back.

i want a mac but i DO NOT want to learn a new paint tool (i use sai) so please don’t suggest mac

i need a laptop that has a lot of space for files & runs programs well. i don’t know much about that techhy stuff so i can’t give any fancy terms wdjjdisos but what i do on my laptop is online university courses, drawing, photoshop, basic internet browsing, netflix, etc. i don’t use it for any games or anything.

last time i got advice from the employees at the store they recommended me the one i have now (HP, idk the model offhand) which i’ve been having issues with ever since i got it just over only 2 years ago. i don’t know where to start and i want some suggestions to look into so i have some knowledge before i go into the store and get fucked like i did last time lol.

i was the first kid at school to get a bootleg copy of twilight which i lent to a friend who then (despite me asking her not to) lent it to a friend who lent it to a friend repeat ad infinitum. to cut a long story short it was four months of kids i didn’t know asking if they could borrow the usb and four months of me having a recurring stress dream where stephenie meyer and two feds would show up at my door to arrest me

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I don't know how possible this is, but as an idea for a touhou gifset, maybe side-by-side comparisons of Satori's borrowed spellcards and their originals? (e.g. Satori's "Double Black Death Butterfly" next to Yukari's "Double Black Death Butterfly") Just an idea.

I can make a gifset like that. If I remember correctly, I haven’t seen one like that before.