soft asks

i wanted to make one of these things! reblog so your followers can send you a letter.

a - what color are the walls in your bedroom?

b - do you sleep with the hall light on or off?

c - favorite pastel?

d - thoughts on sand?

e - chocolate milk from the bottle or mixed from syrup?

f - moon or stars?

g - butterfly kisses or eskimo kisses?

h - sweater weather, coffee/tea, beanies, and little pumpkins aesthetic or late night driving, neon lights, gas stations and favorite song turned up aesthetic?

i - what color is your favorite blanket?

j - favorite constellation?

k - emoticon heart <3 or emoticon smile :) ?

l - fairy lights or tea candles?

m - aliens or ghosts?

n - sunrise or sunset?

o - what colors do you associate with each of the main school subjects?

p - name three cartoon shows that you liked as a child.

q - flannel shirt or fleece jacket?

r - shepherds or magi?

s - hey diddle diddle nursery rhyme or little boy blue nursery rhyme?

t - name a fictional character that you would describe as soft.


Eskild & Isak + sharing the same clothes

good morrowind shit:
- when scribs patpatpat patpatpatpat the ground
- guars purring
- when guars licc the ground
- rain/thunderstorm ambient sounds
- when you solve a quest peacefully via speech/persuasion and everyones like “thanks for solving our problem and solving it peacefully you handled that well”
- rare clear days in ald'ruhn/the ashlands
- giant mushrooms
- small silly things you stumble upon like the “hainab stole my pants!!!” guy and the shipwreck full of pillows
- the ambient music
- the weird walking animation
- filling a house with stacks of books and candles and weird shit you find