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Some more random (extremely fluffy) kenhina headcanons 💛✨💫

  • Kenma feels uncomfortable if he doesn’t have his bangs down to block out his surroundings, but when it’s just him and Shouyo he doesn’t mind tying his hair back
  • Shouyo is #1 Big Brother so he obviously knows how to do all different hair styles from playing with Natsu’s hair so often
  • After the first time Kenma had pulled his hair back into a short ponytail at the base of his neck, Shouyo starts borrowing all different sorts of hair ties and clips from Natsu so he can do Kenma’s hair
  • Despite what Shouyo originally thought, Kenma’s hair is actually softer than he’d expected. It’s still slightly coarse from all of the bleach, so Shouyo researches ways to make bleached hair softer and silkier
  • Sometimes Kenma can’t handle Shouyo’s sunny nature, despite how much he loves him, so they come up with a code word or signal of some sort that lets Shouyo know when Kenma needs some quiet time
  • Shouyo gets his ears pierced some time in his second year. Triple helix, double forward helix and a tragus. At first he goes with plain studs until the eight weeks are over, at which point Natsu gifts him with a pair of her favourite ladybug earrings. After that, Yachi shyly gives him a pair of volleyball studs. Kiyoko and Suga both accidentally buy him the same pair of faux diamond earrings, but Shou cherishes both pairs just the same. Kenma gifts him with a pair of sunflower earrings, surprising Shouyo at the same time by showing off his newly pierced ears with earrings in the shape of a sun that Shou “uwah”s and “gwah”s over
  • Kenma smiles rarely, but when he does it sets Shouyo’s heart on fire. It leaves him feeling warm and with the irresistible urge to smile himself. Kenma’s laugh - soft, unsure, and so so perfect - is Shouyo’s new favourite sound in the world 
  • Kenma starts developing freckles after spending so much time with Shouyo. It’s only a light smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose, just visible enough for Shouyo to see when he leans in to pepper kisses across his boyfriend’s cheeks
  • Kenma always blushes such a pretty shade of red when Shou does something particularly affectionate. Hugs will bring light pink splotches to the apples of his cheeks, the kisses Shouyo loves to press to his nose will cause his ears to burn bright, each and every one of Shouyo’s “I love you”s will turn Kenma into a blushing mess

I swear this was going to be a really simple sketch with flat colours but I also have no self control

Anyway starting the OC kiss week before it even starts with Selene and Ela smooches ᕕ( ͡ಠ ᴗ ͡ಠ )ᕗ  Selela? Elene??

Selene belongs to @selenelavellan

I am the love
I am the sorrow
I am the shirt that you asked to borrow

I am the smile
I am the pain
I am the lover you kissed in the rain

I am the free
I am the chained
I am the one they will call insane

I am the sky
I am the sea

I am whatever you want me to be

—  8.27.16 “I am”

Soriel Week Day 6 - AU/Crossover

Beauty and the Beast AU, a.k.a. Muse’s Completely Self-Indulgent AU That Allows Her To Draw Her OTP As The Leads In Her Favorite Disney Movie

Some details on the AU (and an extra sketch) under the cut if you’re interested! :D

(tl;dr: i’m borrowing the design aesthetic, but this thing has it’s own tweaked story!)

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anonymous asked:

does seokjin still wear earrings nowadays? he used to back then but recently i havent been seeing him with it ;_;

ANON, ok i’m so sorry this has taken me so long to answer but - I’ve been doing some digging on this one, and you are so right, he hasn’t been wearing his earrings hardly at all that I could see.  I can’t find any evidence of earring wearing since Jin has gone blond.  He probably realizes earrings would only compete with his glorious eyebrows as far as flare goes, heh.   

He had them on at times during I Need U and Dope and even (although less frequently) during Run … and it also did seem like he used to wear earrings more that he does now, for sure he did way more in 2015 than he did this year i’d say.  Maybe he’s getting tired of them?  I don’t know!

Jin’s ears are so delightful anon, with his piercings or without!!  Part of the reason this ask took me so long is i kept getting distracted by jin’s cute ears I mean hhh:

With piercings

Or without piercings

they are the most pinkdorable ears in the universe!!


「Learn Japanese」 “Lending and borrowing money leads to ruined friendships!”  (New Game! #06. - Anime Line of the Day)

Vocabulary List:
給料 (きゅうりょう/kyuuryou) - salary, wage
同士 (どうし/doushi) - fellow, mutual (suffix)
貸し借り (かしかり/kashikari) - lending and borrowing
友情 (ゆうじょう/yuujyou) - friendship
破綻 (はたん/hatan) - failure, bankruptcy
原因 (げんいん/genin) - cause, origin, source

Kono aida hatsu okyuuryou ga haittanda. Kashitoite ageyouka?
“I just happened to get my first paycheck the other day. Shall I lend you some money?”

Ii! Tomodachidoushi no kashikari wa yuujyou no hatan no genin nandayo!
“N-No! Lending and borrowing money between friends is what leads to ruined friendships!”

✧¸¸.•*¨*• •*¨*•.¸¸✧

Interested in learning Japanese by watching anime? Check out more Anime Vocabulary here to learn new words and grammar in Japanese through various anime series!

i was working out earlier blasting old beyonce jams because they just get me so pumped, y’know? anyways, thirty minutes later the police come knocking on my door saying my neighbor called in a noise complaint. i’m just thinking, i brought that old woman cookies when i first moved in, she borrows sugar from me all the time. i thought we had a cool friendship going on and linda just goes and calls the cops on me. so much disrespect. 

louisville-redcoat  asked:

You're not a white knight, you're clearly an African-American knight. I am but an impoverished noble with no serfs to work the land, may I borrow some peasants?

Never. They’re my workers, and they’re very productive, even if I have to… uh, demonstrate loyalty to the others once in a while

spookielight  asked:

Hey, I'm going to post the fic on my personal. And probably borrow someone else's computer so I can make a readmore line. This way you don't have to lead with how long the darn thing is ahah. Yeah, sorry about that.

Yeah I was hesitate to post it because I usually on my phone while checking my inbox. But I think it’s better if you tag me in rather than submitting it because some of the asks I got just got swallowed and that way I could just reblog it.

Suddenly Swarming

Me: wow that episode hit me really emotionally let’s try and express those feelings somehow into something personal


Me: …or I could channel it into my muse who has the worst coping skills and always avoids problems until they consume him 

Me: c: