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I'm sure you've gotten this question before but mobile isn't very friendly to searching one person's blog. Do you have a skull cast tutorial? I'm wanting to cast a couple of mine for costumes and friends and stuff but I can't find a good tut online and I really really reaLLY DONT want to break my skulls :( thank you!!

Nope. I do not do tutorials on my methods of earning a living. Though I would advise if you don’t want to break it, practice on something else or use something else. I wind up breaking skulls more often than I think, and I’ve been doing this for 6 years. Also they can get stained with mold release, clay, your molding compound, etc. (this is why I never borrow skulls for molding)

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Hi Taylor! I just wanna say you're pretty even though Idk what you look like behind the screen but I bet you are. Anyways, I think that Lori will be a big impact on Beth and her journey to find Maggie and the others. Remember when Dawn grabbed Beth's arm and showed her old scar from season 2? I think that a memory of her suicidal time will come into play at the beginning of Beth's journey. I think that Lori will be used as reminder for Beth to keep going because of Judith. What do you think? :o

That’s so sweet! Thank you! Your message always makes me smile when I see it in my inbox. (And I apologize for taking so long to get back to you.)

Personally I think Dawn mocking Beth’s suicide forced Beth to confront her suicide attempt, something which she was ashamed of. In Still, when Daryl mocked her, you could see how upset she was him mentioning it. She’s always hidden her scar under bracelets. I think when we see Beth again she won’t be hiding it. She’ll bear it as a badge of honor, as a statement that she has survived.

In regards to Lori and Judith, I think we’ll see Lori’s influence and Beth’s relationship with Judith in how Beth leads her own group. Beth is a nurturer like C@rol and Maggie; she’s a den mother. She would not only lead her people, but she would take care of them and she would push them to find a way to live beyond basic survival, like Lori tried to. As of right now, she’s closet to Maggie and Daryl. As far as we know, she doesn’t know about Judith. (Unless she woke up at one point after Coda, before the herd came, and saw the baby.) I think Daryl and her sister would be her biggest motivators, though the baby would be important too. Beth just wants to be with her family again, period.

And since you’re curious, here’s a recent picture of me:

Hmm.. I left a paper trail that could lead to me in a time where people are realizing that I’m a sick pervert who loves revenge porn and 16 year old ass pics…. what could throw them off…? Okay I could borrow my friends card and lie about my age but that’s kinda obvious?? What if they realize that it’s obviously not my card???

Oh fuck I know. I’ll make an inb4. Kek. Checkmate.

I have this awful headcanon where Ethan borrows Aaron’s shower gel without telling him. The first hint is when he smells it. At first it’s a comfort, like Robert is right there with him. But then he remembers he isn’t, that smelling it doesn’t make sense. He quickly rushes to where he’d safely tucked it away, only to find half the of what had been left is gone. He looks at Ethan who nonchalantly says, “Oh I borrowed some. Bit poncy for me but whatever. I owe you.” And Aaron can’t say anything. Can’t do anything. He’s forced to share the small space, surrounded by a scent he associates with the love of his life on someone else’s skin. 

Come Back Down Part 12

Come Back Down, Part 12

Warnings: There’s some creative smut here. Some cussing.

Summary: Just a little view of Jensen being happy before the shit hits the fan… That’ll be next chapter.

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a/n-Bless my sweet niecey for letting me borrow her lap top for a few moments to post my smut. : )

I thought things might get a little awkward since Y/N’d had her hand on my dick last night. But, that was not the case. I woke up with the sunshine against my closed eyelids and the scent of her shampoo in my nose. “You smell so good, sweetheart.” The sentiment slipped from my lips without my permission and I felt her laughter rumble in her chest beneath my hand. I tucked my face into her hair, just feeling the inextinguishable, burning warmth that was spreading through my entire body. I knew the feeling, but was it too soon to be feeling this way?

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Fragile bones break
Under borrowed troubles.
Eyes of hurt leave
Gashes on tender skin.

Cup the world in
Gentle palms
So many wounds
Left to soothe.

Souls of sorrow
Reaching out
With hungry fingers–

I just feed them
Till I’m nothing.


Dear Diary:

gladio and iggy totally vanished! ((((;゜Д゜)))

so noct and i went on a top secret mission to find them (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

but we found mr tuliptoes instead, which was even better o((*^▽^*))o

… until noct decided that he just had to go fish up a nice fresh fish for “the pretty widdle kitty-witty.” (; ̄Д ̄)

sometimes… i’m worried that my best friend is way too dorky… o(≧∇≦o)

a-anyway, then monica cooked the fish and talked about how much she missed her cats… i feel kind of bad for her, having to leave them behind… 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

but i left noct to feed the cat because talcott kept asking about my camera (*^ω^*)

i… i think he’s the one that borrowed it before… (・・。)ゞ

well, he didn’t break anything… and it’s… kinda cute, how excited he got trying it out~ 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and iris was cool enough to play model for us! (☆^ー^☆)

but… it was getting pretty dark, so we had to head back in (;へ:)

they’re… they’re not gonna stay in the lighthouse forever, right? (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

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Where do you think juggie got his suit? Also, why did he show up at Betty's? I'm not complaining but yeah...

He probably didn’t “show up”, he probably made plans with her to meet her at her house and head over there. As far as him walking straight into her room, well, I think that is a subtle testament to how close the two are. They HAVE been friends for years, before the start of the actual series. 

Where did he get his suit? Who knows, maybe he had one, maybe he borrowed one from Archie, maybe he got one from GoodWill? I guess we will never know…

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So i kinda stumbled upon this blog on accident not realizing it was a witch blog but now im somewhat intrigued. How did you/ does one get into witchcraft? And how frequently do you preform spells?

Hey there! 

Before I begin here’s the link for some advice on starting out:

How does One get into Witchcraft

How I got into the craft:

Oh gosh I have kind of always been interested in witchcraft all my life. Had a lovely Book of Wizard Crafts that was pretty much my only magic related thing i could get away with owning. it wasn’t till i started getting into my teens that i began to want to learn more and would secretly borrow books from my school’s library to read/ copy notes from. My parents are christian (not hard core though thank gods…) and therefore wouldn’t let me practice (my mom would always get suspicious when i would buy incense from the mall kiosks asking if it was for witchcraft. i always told her no and that it reminded me of my Aunt, which is true anyways haha.) but once i had my own apartment i began to explore it more. I made this tumblr around then kind of as a sort of Grimoire that i could collect/store what i was learning from the community. Bought a lot of different books about different branches of magic that interested me (From bc im cheap af lol.) Wash Rinse Repeat and i’m here :’D

As for how often i perform ‘spells’:
Most things i do i don’t consider to be “Spells like how it is in the movies.” but like Spells like that i’ll do maybe monthly. i’m a very lazy/forgetful witch so i don’t perform spells all that much. mostly only when i need to so not that often tbh. 
Little things i do would be:
Adding energy intent as i mix my strawberry crystal lite  in my water.
Pin things to my Pantheon’s Pintrest as a form of devotion
put my crystals next to my Pikachu plushies/toys to charge them.

So yeah! Thanks for asking anon! you are always welcome to send me messages! I love hearing from you guys <3

I wanted to make my own Bloodstone, not gonna say she’s better than Ronaldo but yea, she is.  Her gem was cracked some time ago, then repaired but for some reason her memory hasn’t put itself back together, she can’t remember what her role on homeworld was, or any of the things she did there. Is she even a crystal gem? she doesn’t know if she was, but she is now!  Her gem was cracked from the inside, a sword taken through the back.  She may or may not have gem shards swimming around her physical form. (i may or may not be borrowing ideas from the episode :0)

Notes | Mark

Group: Nct
Member: Mark
Word count: 1,400
A/n: this request was so good I loved it. This is so long I feel like i over did it. I hope I did it good. The ending is crap though because I didn’t want it to be super chessy and wanted to leave it semi open.

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“Hey can I borrow a pencil” the deep voice whispered to you.

Glancing up your eyes connected with a gentle light brown stare with brown hair to match. With a whip of pink swopped to the side.

You involuntarily smiled at the boy giving over one of your mechanical pencils to him. Your fingers touched for a split second feeling his warm skin.

“Thanks” he winked at you quickly, turning back around waiting for the teacher to give us the next step in the assignment.

Staring at his head you smiled at Mark Lee. The idol. The hard worker. The overworked Canadian idol.

Going to a performing art school it was something you never imagined you’ll have the chance. Sitting behind the Nct member Mark Lee was probably the best thing about school.

Mark is a unique idol and was probably one of the sweetest most hardworking people in the class. Always working extra hard even though he only attended school 3 days out of the week.

Your admired him for his dedication to his idol work. He was in all the comebacks after all. You admired how kind and social he was.

Always open to talk to anyone. Maybe even a small crush. Even though half of the female population of this school wanted a piece of him.

You were lucky fan of his, getting the luxury to sit back and stare at his beautiful neck. His wide shoulders in a clean yellow uniform with his beautiful clean hair cut he always sported.

Getting lucky to noticed his little mannerism. By him sticking out his tongue in concentration. Also his foot tapping he was just so interesting to watch.

You gave him your notes he couldn’t get because he was gone. He would take some of our lunch time to talk over some subjects he didn’t get or skipped over.

And as time has gone by you left little notes in English on your notes. Giving him little notes when he wasn’t there like “Fighting”.

It was probably the most depressing time when he was doing promotion. You made sure to take really good notes so he could understand his assignments.

When it was promotion time you didn’t see him as often. He normally only came to class one day or two day out of the week. And he could only stay for a few hours and would leave before lunch.

So no talking to the gentle rapper. You noticed he had his little book full of rap versus.

“Hey are you spacing out lunch is about to start” Mark said suddenly. Snapping out of your thoughts you looked around to see students packing up there supplies.

You awkwardly grinned your face a blaze when Mark stared at you. “Oh sorry this lecture on” you peeked down at your title “history of railroads isn’t very exciting” you mumbled.

Mark was sitting backwards on his seat looking rather interested in the conversation. His little brown eyes gleamed at you.

“Who even wants to learn about railroads” Mark joked. “Right I mean like they’re so interesting” you continued.

Mark was comfortable to talk to. He always made you smile with his stories.

Mark sighed starting to balance his pencil on the tip of his nose. “Are you tired” you asked suddenly wanting to start a up a new conversation.

Mark blinked in confusion. “Not really why?” He questioned you.

“Oh I just wanted to know you’re busy with your band” you said.

Truthfully you were concerned for his health. Going to school, music programs, and interviews. How did he not feel exhausted.

“Well I mean I’m tried sometimes but I have more energy than I think” he said grinning.

You nodded. Looking over you noticed some girls and even boys always eyeing Mark. Wanting to just pop into your conversation with him.

“What do you want to be a idol?” Mark questioned. You thought about it for a second. “No not really I want to maybe be a journalist or a broadcasting agent” you explained.

The idol life was tempting but at the end of the day you didn’t really want to go into that stressful life.

Mark frowned for a quick second “you would be a great idol since I could see you more if you were” he mumbled quietly. Your stomach felt like it did a flip. Mark wanted to see you more. That tiny comment made you feel happy yet questioning.

“I’m not idol material like you” you commented, giggling awkwardly.

Mark stared at you “you’re so cute I can see you as an idol” he continued staring at you.

Mark and you talking during the rest of lunch and even sharing lunch. Which you found out he was a sucker for pretzels. You smiled as you continued to talk to him.

After a few weeks the winter break came. Mark was absent a lot in December because of award shows and such. The next time you seen actually seen Mark for a sit down for class it was after winter break and he had fresh blond hair.

Most of the students already left school after the exam a few students stayed though. You and Mark the ones that stayed.

“Was it nice in Hong Kong” you asked him suddenly.

After more months of getting to know your classmate even better you’ve became even more comfortable. “Hong Kong is nice we didn’t stay long though” Mark told you.

Mark had a new look that made you watch him. His blond hair swooped across his forehead. He sat backwards on his chair. As his eyes kept that deep yet gentle stare on you. You noticed ever since he has grown more. Taller, fitter and more mature like.

You nodded eyeing his blond hair “comeback soon” you asked him. Mark nodded “Comeback soon and I even wrote a few song” he said. You could tell he was proud of himself with just the look he was giving.

Those looks always made your heart leap a little. You shifted on the stair cases. “I even got some inspiration from you” Mark said picking up is lyric book.

You involuntarily smiled. Lyrics made for you. It was special and almost intimate that he could find a bit of inspiration in you.

“What’s the song called” you asked eagerly wanting to at least get a taste of his music.

Mark looked away and swayed is finger “can’t tell you the song title but I can share some of the lyrics since they’re mine” he told you.

He opened his lyric book flipping through the pages. You noticed he was a little on edge at reading his material a loud.

He tapped his foot going sitting up right ready to rap. His eyes scanned his writing.

“Is it me or are you doing something to me?
When you smile, it’s shining”
“But for some reason, you’re lying inside
Dangerously, you’re beautiful
You slowly came to me, my dilemma
Like a habit, I’m already looking for your hand that’s not there”

He stopped rapping and glanced up at you nervously it felt like his eyes were shaking out of nervousness.

You stopped and processed the lyrics “you’re beautiful” and “smile, it’s shining” has stuck to your mind.

“Mark” you mumbled, feeling your heart was beating in a odd manner and your palms sweaty.

“I know hyungs praised me and made fun of me because of this” Mark paused “but I have a awesome muse so it was still good” Mark joked to lighten the mood.

“I always thought you were cute Y/n” he confessed you his little lips had a side smile.

You smiled back “everyone already knows your handsome” you complimented Mark.

It was slient and almost awkward once he finished his rap. You wanted to say a million things all at once.

“So want to get a snack at the cafeteria if you’re free” you asked wanting to at least do something. Mark looked up eagerly “yeah definitely” he said collecting his stuff.

Talking to Mark was something you would never get bored of. As you got closer to him. You understood him as a person more. Understanding his problems, his wants, and his needs.

This was going to be interesting after getting to know him. Just to think this all started with sharing some notes.