Canvas - Chapter Five

Borrowed Time

Cowritten and Proofread by @aoimikans

The room was empty and silent again. Toshinori’s skin itched. Dried blood pulled at the skin on his arm and fell away like flakes of rust. He wasn’t sure how long ago Nurse Tetsumi had pushed the door open and retreated, leaving a scarlet mark on the plain surface, but her metallic scent lingered.  

Toshinori ran his clean hand through his hair, claws pulling at the knots in the unruly locks. His other arm hung at his side, a bloodied claw absently traced the grout around a floor tile. He glanced at it, turning his palm up. He frowned and furrowed his brows at the sight.

It wasn’t the first time he’d had blood on his hands … but never, never like this. Never without careful consideration. Never outside a life or death situation that called for it. His gut twisted painfully and he pressed his forehead against his knees. Claws pricked his palms as he curled his hands into half-formed fists.

Breathe. He thought, fighting against the fog that crept up on him. He forced himself to take a slow breath and pushed the mental fog to the back of his mind. Just breathe, Toshinori.  

He felt his shoulders relax and the pain behind his eyes ease.

Fatigue weighed heavily on his eyelids and sweat coated his brow. The hospital gown and ridged mane along his spine were damp with it and stuck to his skin. He cringed at the familiar, feverish smell. When was the last time he showered?

He shivered against the room’s chill and rubbed at his eyes, letting his hand run down his face. His palm brushed over straggly, blonde stubble and his head fell back against the wall with a grunt. He carefully scratched at the side of his jaw.

Wish I could shave.


Toshinori snapped to attention, hackles raised and teeth bared in a snarl. Blood rushed loud in his ears as his heart hammered and the edge of his vision blurred.

All for One leaned slightly back against the counter, contemplative and silent.

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Don't literally plagiarize when you’re coming up with story. Just be willing to borrow from a lot of sources. Do it long enough, and you’ll come up with your own style


Today, on 21 October 2016, during the one day of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s visit to their duchy Värmland, Princess Sofia visited “Fritidsbanken” a library for sports equipmen at the Fröding Arena in Karlstad, Sweden. Fritidsbanken is like a library but instead of books, you can borrow leisure equipment such as skates, skis and more. Here you can borrow equipment for free for in 14 days. Princess Sofia wore MAYLA Daria Silk Blouse.

Source: Svensk Damtidning

Recognized Superhero Through Disguise evil merit badge ($3.00)

Superheroes unimaginatively knock out the first worker they find and don their uniform. Basic socializing and training to look for ID badges will prevent this classic security flaw.

Here are some tips:

  1. Have minions work in small teams. When a new face suddenly appears, everyone should be wary.
  2. Suspicious of someone? Ask for basic facts about your organization. For example, “May I borrow a dollar for the vending machine on the fourth level? Thanks. You’re a spy. This building only has three floors.”
  3. Simply keep an eye out for uniform fit. This isn’t Hollywood, invading superheros aren’t likely to find a minion of their exact uniform and shoe size. If you notice someone running around with too-tight or too-loose clothes, keep an eye on them.

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Book Review: Ghosts

Title: Ghosts
Author: Raina Telgemeier
Genres:  Graphic Novel/Magical Realism
Pages: 240
Publisher: Graphix
Review Copy: Purchased
Availability: Available now

Summary: Catrina and her family are moving to the coast of Northern California because her little sister, Maya, is sick. Cat isn’t happy about leaving her friends for Bahía de la Luna, but Maya has cystic fibrosis and will benefit from the cool, salty air that blows in from the sea. As the girls explore their new home, a neighbor lets them in on a secret: There are ghosts in Bahía de la Luna. Maya is determined to meet one, but Cat wants nothing to do with them. As the time of year when ghosts reunite with their loved ones approaches, Cat must figure out how to put aside her fears for her sister’s sake – and her own.

Review: With Hispanic Heritage month just finishing and Dia De Los Muertos coming in a little over a week, I thought Raina Telgemeier’s new graphic novel would be a good fit for this week’s review. I’ve never reading anything by Telgemeier before, nor have I reviewed a graphic novel either, so I went into this book without any preconceived notions. I saw that the characters were Mexican and thought - cool! I saw the inclusion of Dia de los Muertos and got excited about an author who incorporated a culturally significant holiday. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay that way.

At it’s heart, Ghosts is a story about family, specifically sisters. At the beginning of the story there is a bit of tension between the sister, specifically on Cat’s behalf as Maya seems none the wiser, because they are moving to a small town in Northern California due to Maya’s cystic fibrosis. We also learn that the two shared friends which gives us insight into how much Maya depends on Cat, and how often Cat is responsible for her sister. While there is love between the two, and they are close, Cat does yearn to establish herself apart from her sister. Initially this makes Cat seem like a bit of a brat, but to me, she was written as the typical teenager who is trying to adjust to life just when peer relationships are becoming important. I was actually endeared to Cat because of it as I could totally understand where she was coming from. It also made her growth more believable. Through meeting friends and Maya’s illness taking a turn for the worse, Cat is able to come to a place of acceptance and be open to her new life in Bahia de la Luna.

I love magical realism and Ghosts is swimming with it because, well it is essentially a ghost story. Cat is really afraid of ghosts as they make her think about death, especially in terms of Maya’s illness, so much of Cat’s growth comes with accepting that she lives in a town that is filled with harmless ghosts. At the beginning Cat runs away from the ghosts because she believes they harmed Maya, while Maya just wants to get to know the ghosts. Eventually, in a lovely heart to heart, Cat decides to go to the midnight Dia de los Metros party the town has for the ghosts on behalf of Maya. This is also where the book falters. In incorporating Dia de los Muertos at this point of the story, Telgemeier changes the meaning of the holiday to fit the narrative. The celebration of Dia de los Muertos doesn’t come out of no where as Telgemeier does a good job of explaining the ofrendas, and having the girls make an alter for their grandmother, but the main crux of the holiday for Telgemeier is the big party at the end. Though, I will say this reminded me of the ending of The Book of Life (if I’m remembering it correctly) so I am a bit conflicted with Telgemeier’s use of a festival like atmosphere to the day instead of the close family atmosphere. I do know that Dia de los Muertos festivals are growing as more and more people come to celebrate the holiday, for example, my school incorporates Dia de los Muertos into our Halloween activities as we create a communal alter to celebrate deceased family members, so while her use of the holiday in such a manner is troublesome, it does reflect how the holiday is currently changing.

What I did love, besides the story of sisterly love, is how diverse this novel is. Bahia de la Luna is a small town but actually reflects the population of California as I know it. The friends that Cat meets are of all different backgrounds and in crowd scenes, the variety of the human palette is reflected. Telgemeier also has a character state that the ghosts prefer to speak in Spanish because many of the ghost there are from Mexico (which CA originally was) and she doesn’t translate the Spanish. All the interactions with the ghosts are in Spanish therefore the reader must figure out what the ghosts are saying if they don’t understand Spanish. To me, this inclusion is important because I feel like when Spanish, or any language really, is translated on the page, it’s made for the comfort of the reader and may not actually fit the story. The fact that her publishers allowed her to not translate the story made me respect them so much, and added to my enjoyment.

Recommendation: Overall, I enjoyed the book for it’s sweet story despite it’s troublesome elements. I think before this is shared with kids, an adult reads it for themselves and makes their own decision. Or even, read it with a group of students and use it as a learning tool for Dia de los Muertos.

I don’t usually share FC stuffs anymore but this was funny. It was from the Avabel Showroom day where there was a live before the showroom. She did Accel and the report said they (staff or with Takamina, it’s not said) went back to AKB theater to borrow the sword for it. 

Chapter 11, Sneak Peek #w/e

A quick glimpse into this Never Have I Ever game I’ve postponed 600 times… 

“Okay, my turn, my turn,” Caroline said upon finishing her own sip, shifting eagerly in her seat—he didn’t know what her deal was with champagne, but it made her bubbly as all hell. “Never have I eveeeeer…  stolen a car.”

Bonnie shifted a bit in her seat. “What’s with the crime theme?”

Caroline scoffed. “Crime theme’s fun!”

“It’s boring.”

“No, it’s—” Caroline’s eyes widened as they caught Damon’s cavalier swig. “You actually stole a car?”

He waved a casual hand as he swallowed. “Stole is a strong word.”

Bonnie snorted. “Let me guess: you prefer ‘borrowed’?”

“Oh, no, I definitely stole it, it’s just a strong word.”

“See, now that is a felony,” Stefan said, pointing at Damon with a smug look, though after a beat, the nature of what’d just been said hit him and he blinked, turning to stare at Damon. “Dude, that’s a felony.”  


“A felony with a sixteen month minimum sentence in Massachusetts—more if you add a burglary count for breaking and entering.”

“Relax, man, I gave it back.” Stefan’s alarmed expression eased the slightest bit until Damon shrugged. “I mean, assuming they found it.”

“Stoooory, stooooory, stooooory,” Caroline chanted, her eager gaze a sharp contrast to Stefan’s, and Damon waved her off.

“Let’s keep the ball rollin’.”

“No way, I want to hear what happened!”

Damon snorted. “And give Danny Do-Gooder over there a heart attack?”

Stefan lifted a harassed hand. “I—sorry, it’s just—I feel an obligation as an advocate of the law to point out that—” he frowned at the sudden look of immense concern on Caroline’s face. “What?”

“Sorry, I’m just,” she shook her head, brow furrowed anxiously, “worried you’re going to choke on all that self-righteousness.”

His face flattened as hers spread into a smirk. “There’s a difference between righteousness and respect for due process and a legal system that’s developed over centu—”

“Jesus Christ, can I throw him out the window?”

Bonnie shrugged. “Snow’s high enough—he wouldn’t die.”

“Good point, I’ll go up a few floors.”

Soooooooon, friends! (But actually - chapter’s really moving along now.) Happy TVD premiere day! 

fans and scholars, allow me to introduce-


-the fssa lending library! right now it’s just these six books, purchased with what remained of last year’s operating funds at the end of the spring semester; we plan to continue adding to it as our finances permit. titles are listed on our library page, along with links to the publishers’ info; eventually we’ll also be posting the tables of contents as well. we haven’t figured out exactly how we’re going to do the lending part, either; when we have a policy we’ll post it, and until then members are welcome to contact us directly re: arranging to borrow or use a book.

The weather’s been way too dreary the last few days, so here’s a light-filled new Galadriel picture to hopefully brighten your day ;)

Galadriel cosplay made and worn by me, edit done by me as well.

Special thank you to @selfmadecosplay for letting me borrow the wig and Nenya ❤

Photography by @darlingelves

This is pure history nerdism but believe me when I say that there is NOTHING like studying a dude for two and a half years, learning to appreciate all his subtle little nuances, and wondering every single day what his family was like, his wife was like, their place was like, HE was like when he was younger and


out of the blue, you find a newspaper clipping that tells you all of the above?! And she’s a total badass?

My god. Thank goodness Australia is so damn good at digitizing their archives.

No joke, Anderson’s been a pretty significant beacon of strength, resilience, and sensibility for me the last two years. He’s usually who I borrow little extra bits of awesome from when I need it. It sounds kind of silly but I’ve got his picture taped inside my breastplate when I joust just to remember to be extra brave. As a semi-professional historian, I don’t like wax poetic too publicly about it lest the family learns of it and thinks I’m hella weird. But it’s worth recounting briefly for now, just to do it, while I’m still up amongst the clouds.

Desperate is the day that is 2morrow
4 those who do not know the time has come
2 whip the dogs that beg, steal or borrow
From the table God set 4 His Son

Wicked is the witch that stands 4 nothing
All the while watching 2 see U fall
Deeper than the ditch that bred your suffering
The one being dug right now by them all

Happy is the way 2 meet your burdens
No matter how heavy or dark the day
Pity on those with no hope 4 2morrow
It’s never as bad as it seems until we say

Precious is the baby with a mother
That tells him that his Saviour is coming soon
All that believe will cleanse and purify themselves
Put down the needle, put down the spoon

Sacred is the prayer that asks 4 nothing, oh
While seeking 2 give thanks 4 every breath we take, oh
Blessed are we inside this prayer
4 in the new world, we will be there

The only love there is, is the love we make

- The Love We Make, Emancipation

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  5. Base: Oimiakon skin by @1000-formsoffear; face texture - modified.

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anonymous asked:

I think it's time people stop treating BC as a victim here and Sophster as acting solo. The man fake married in a church, dragged his friends, his family to it, borrowed someone's kid, pretends to have a baby, lies even having no clue about life with a baby, his "wife" clearly lives in the States, people in his neighborhood only see him alone, all people hear is how single he acts BTS. I see no poor B here. All I see is a man who lies to everyone's faces cause he's been getting away with.

I don’t know what to think anymore, to be honest, dear Anon. Lies have been built upon lies continuously not even sure B himself knows where he is at at the moment. I don’t believe either of the extreme views here (total victim, innocent/evil cunning famewhore) I see a man with flaws who got himself into deep trouble and finds it hard to get out because he dug himself so deep. The family had no choice but to play along and I feel sorry for them a little bit, but to be honest they could have opted out if they really wanted to.