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Hello!! I absolutely love your writings❤️ It is my birthday today and I wanted to know if you would like to write an imagine how the overwatch boys would celebrate the S/O's birthday! Anybody of your pickings! (Hopefully soldier :") but you don't have to do him if you don't want to!) ❤️ have a wonderful day

 Sorry this took so long love!

Soldier: 76:

-   He won’t rest until he has an exact plan as to what he wants to do, this can take him a while as he feels that nothing is good enough for you

-   Eventually, he settled for taking you out. It was one of those classic drive in movie theatres and it just so happened that they were showing your favourite movie.

-   As much as it pained him, he asked McCree to borrow his pick-up truck for the two of you to sit in the back off. McCree’s face grew into a smug smile and 76 just rolled his eyes.

-   He packed the back of the car with pillows and food (thanks to a few people) and grumbled at the looks and nudges he received throughout the day – McCree couldn’t keep his big mouth shut.

-   But as if by some miracle, he was able to pull it off as a surprise. The look on your face made it all worth it.

-   Nothing could beat you being cuddled up to him surrounded by comfort and warmth. He smiled when you laughed and held you when you cried.

-   Overall you couldn’t have asked for a more romantic setting. With the food and the lights wrapped around the back of the truck, and your amazing boyfriend everything seemed too perfect to be true


-   Everything had to be absolutely perfect for you, he’ll stop at nothing to spoil you rotten

-   He’ll start by giving you probably way too much money to spend on yourself and send you off shopping with Widow and Sombra so they can help you with ‘girl stuff’ as he put it

-   Whilst both of them have quite a cold and manipulative exterior, out of Talon they’re probably two of the funniest and sweetest beings you know

-   The three of you spend most of the morning and afternoon in and out of places in the hopes you’ll find the right dress, which you did eventually, something black, short, a little sparkly and low cut, you knew he’d love it

-   He did, he could barely keep his hands off you when you first modelled it for him, you ended up being half an hour late for your reservation because of him

-   He’d take you out to a restaurant and then promptly followed by a taxi back to a hotel room

-   Having payed for an all-inclusive night of “magic”, you knew that your plans for the night were sorted, you knew that there was no point in buying that dress if it was going to be ripped off of you soon enough 😉


-   He’d pull the old “I forgot…” cliché when actually he’s pulled together everyone at overwatch to throw you a surprise party

-   Obviously, everyone knew what he had planned and so when you turned to Tracer for advice, you could tell she seemed a little off when she tried to change the subject

-   You finally managed to hint at Jesse that it was a ‘special day’ and that the two of you should go out for the night. He told you to be ready for 6:30 PM

-   When your shift ended, you raced back to your room to get ready, you spent all afternoon choosing your outfit, doing your hair and makeup. In the end, it was the most beautiful you’d ever felt.

-   But you received a text message around 7 PM. It was Jesse: “Sorry darlin, might have to cancel tonight… somethings come up at the base and I have to stay late”

-   Well that was it, you stormed down there looking all pretty in your new dress ready to rip your boyfriend’s head off, “jeSSE MCCREE I SWEAR TO- “

-   He knew you all too well. You almost cried when you saw McCree’s grinning face and all your friends stood there with decorations and the lot waiting for you.


-   He has no idea what he’s doing tbh, he tries to pull everything together last minute but nothing seems to work and everywhere is fully booked

-   Will definitely call up Genji and McCree for help, they’ll just sigh and shake their head in disappointment at him

-   The boys pull through with Hanzo putting full trust in Genji and McCree to set up whilst he went on the search for a present

-   Luckily for him, the girls of Overwatch had also come to the rescue, spoiling you with manicures and makeovers and anything that’s keep you away from the apartment

-   Hanzo returned, gift in hand and shocked to find the whole place decked out with fairy lights, romantic music and food – lots of it

-   He was forever grateful to his brother and Jesse but before he could say anything, he was rushed off to get ready

-   You returned no less than 20 minutes later, awestruck by the sight before you, Hanzo emerged with flowers in his hands. He looked to McCree and Genji who’d snuck behind you and they gave him the thumbs up

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I haven't seen anything about this yet, so hopefully you awesome folks can point me in the right direction. I was wondering what advice you have on traveling with your booth set ups? Does anyone do out of state or international cons that involves flying? If so, how does the shipping/baggage process work for that? If you don't fly do you use something like a u-haul? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! Thank you. Oh! Happy Friday. :)


  1. I fly Southwest.  Two free large sized checked bags, one backpack, one carryon.  Heavy con setup stuff goes in my huge checked rolling bags, books go in my backpack (make sure you are there EARLY, books always seem to set TSA into ‘must flip through every single book’ mode.

  2. I modify my setup when possible to exclude or limit those stupid metal grids.  I have a spare couple sets in Louisiana, I have a spare set in San Francisco.  I borrow grid sets from friends in the area if possible.

  3. I watch Slick Deals for deals on SouthWest- sometimes they have the Get Away rate, which helps me save money on tickets.

  4. I do not do out of state craft fairs, or shows that would require I provide a table or tent at this time.

  5. Sometimes I will order my books from CreateSpace and have them delivered to my convention address, to save on the cost of transporting books.  I ONLY do this if I know I can sell the books at the show.

  6. I have media mailed mini comics to hotels and convention sites.

  7. Pack knowing TSA is going to be rough with your luggage- they’re going to mispack it, they’re going to drop it.  I own small sterilite bins that I blue tape shut- important con stuff and breakables go in there.

  8. I carry my convention cash in a hidden pocket of my backpack.  Its far less than $10k, which is what I believe you have to declare if you’re flying out of country.

  9. I do not drive to cons more than 4 hours away- I hit a sign in rural West Virginia avoiding a deer at 3 in the morning after a long con.

  10. 10. I own a VW Jetta with a folding backseat, which has been a huge help now that I’ve started doing craft fairs.  Bonus: It takes diesel, so it gets great gas mileage and diesel tends to stay at the same price.


I don’t own a car and sadly, Washington state is a bit out of the way from many of my regular shows, so I fly a lot. Here are some flying-specific tips:

  1. If you’re in the US, enroll in TSA Preheck. It’s like $85 for 5 years and totally worth it to get in shorter security lines, especially if you fly through major (and more congested) airports frequently. It saves you lots of time and gives you a little more flexibility as far as arriving at the airport early.

  2. If you’re comfortable with credit cards, get one that allows you to redeem points for general travel-related expenses. I personally prefer this over airline-specific cards because I have no airline loyalty and always gun for the lowest flight cost, though if you do have a preferred airline, an airline-specific card may be preferable, especially if it gives you free checked bags, ‘cause those add up fast.

  3. I usually pack all of my heaviest things in my carry-on suitcase and my backpack because they don’t weigh those. (Checked bags have a 50 lb limit on most airlines.) I then check the carry-on at the gate, which they’ll almost always allow you to do for free due to carry-in space constraints and full flights.

    However: this does mean that you have to be able to lift your very heavy carry-on suitcase onto an x-ray conveyor belt and/or carry a very heavy backpack through security and to your gate – this might be fine if you’re physically capable, but it’s probably better to just pay to check heavy things if you’re not. I’m pretty sure I’ve exacerbated some of my back problems by saving money this way, so take this advice with a heavy grain of salt lol. <_<

  4. Consider how important certain display things are to you, especially if they’re heavy or bulky. Metal grids are heavy. Photostands are bulky. PVC isn’t as pretty as either of these, but they’re light and can be cut to size for luggage. Still, sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more for a nicer display – there are photostands you can fly with, though I also know some people who just buy a new photostand every con, ship it to the hotel/convention center, then sell it or give it away to a local vendor at the end of the show.

  5. I avoid shipping things as much as possible. I don’t like the hassle of having to deal with it on top of figuring out flights/hotel/etc, and I don’t like depending on more third parties than I have to. But I also don’t normally sell books, which are some of the heaviest things to bring to cons.

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