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Hi! I'm just curious about a thing and I'm sorry, if u talked abt this already please ignore me. Buuuut, if not, let me make a question: you certainlly already know that in the Throne Room, Asgore says a phrase that Sans says in the Genocide Route. "Birds are singing, flowers are blooming...". Do you have any theory for this, or is just a coincidence? Thanks for your time, I wish you a really happy day and life ♥ (sry for the bad english too, hehe)

(undertale spoilers)

For context, the lines in question are as follows, spoken by Asgore in the throne room of a Neutra/Pacifist route and by Sans in a Genocide route respectively:

Nice day today, huh?
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming…
Perfect weather for a game of catch.

You know what we must do.

it’s a beautiful day outside.
birds are singing, flowers are blooming…
on days like these, kids like you…

Should be burning in hell.

One interesting thing about these two scenes is that there are ambient bird noises playing in the background during both of them.  While the game does not make clear the source of these bird noises, it is very possible they are the sounds of birds from beyond the barrier, given that the human escaping from the Underground is a very real possibility at this stage of the game.  Asgore and Sans’s remarks appear to comment on this. While Asgore remarks casually and sincerely that it’s a beautiful day, Sans remarks that it’s a beautiful day for children to be burning in hell, as a kind of cognitive dissonance made more impactful by the saccharine comments on how beautiful it is outside.  These bird noises, and Asgore and Sans’ comments on them, appear to be symbolic of the happy world that waits on the other side of the barrier.

It’s also worth nothing that there is another prominent place in the game where these bird noises play: in the VHS tapes in the True Lab, specifically 2-4 – the tapes in which Asriel and Chara form their plans to go to the surface.  The location of the other scenes with bird noises indicate that these tapes were likely recorded near the barrier, where birds are more likely to be audible.  Perhaps these bird noises represent the hope and determination that Asriel and Chara felt as they planned to cross the barrier, just as the bird noises in the throne room and hallway reflect similar sentiments on Frisk/Chara’s hope for the future – albeit they are different depending on the routes. In summary, all these sets of bird noises accompany scenes of tentative hope.

As for the phrase “flowers are blooming,” it’s no secret that flowers are a recurring motif in Undertale, ranging from the flowerbed that broke Frisk’s fall at the start of the game, to the potted plants scattered through Asgore’s house in New Home, to the flowerbed in the throne room near the end of the game, to Flowey himself.  They are the symbolic linchpin that holds the story of Undertale together.  Given the importance of Chara’s choice to consume buttercups and the cascade of events that happened as a result, not to mention Flowey’s rather tragic existence and role in the story, perhaps the phrase “flowers are blooming” is a symbolic representation of the suffering that everyone has gone through in the Underground – an interesting contrast against the comparatively hopeful message that the bird noises seem to convey.

Asgore and Sans mentioning these two things in the neutral and genocide routes of the game is very likely an intentional literary device on the part of Toby rather than some earth-shattering interpretation of canon.  Nonetheless, the symbolism of these two things being mentioned side-by-side like this is important.