By the Alchemy it’s been a long time….

Borrils Log: 39th of Zephyr, 1328

It has been over a year since I have updated my logs and really, I should have done so quite some time ago. A lot has happened in the past few weeks and I suppose losing track of time can be expected on occasion.

Spokko has decided to revitalize Golemagical, and myself and my friend Yimyeta have returned, along with many old faces. While I am always a bit hesitant on these ventures, I am optimistic in their work. It’s always good to have a krewe under my feet again.

I have seen some old faces, as well as new recently, an old plant that seems to be working under a Sylvari in a pub, which…he seems rather apt for it, while enigmatic, always a fun fellow to talk with.

My 24th year has hit me, and that tells me it will soon be time for my children to reach their first year. I may hold a small party for them and friends of ours, to see the children as well as to have a nice evening.

It’s been busy the past few months, endeavors and just general work, but I am hoping to see how the future will end up for me.

(OOC: Bleh, school and DnD and all forms of busy stuff the past few weeks, haven’t had much motivation to post but hoping to do a bit more in the future, got a few doodles to post up, plus valentines soon, I’ll probably try to make something cute for then, or even a few different things, thanks for reading though and :D)

borriltheresolute  asked:

Borril would walk over to the older fellow, giving a small polite nod of his balded head, before he said in a rather calm and simple tone, "Despite you being an old grump, the very fact that you care so much for another really shows you have a much softer side." he said with a smile, "It's rather sweet honestly, knowing a dear friend of mine has such as dear friend such as yourself." he said, flashing a wide smile back toward the old man as he walks off.

Saamid snorts through his nose. “Softer side? Shut up. I have no such thing.” He crosses his arms, showing no sign of being embarrassed but rather annoyed at Borril as he pokes into his more private life. “Don’t you smile at me! That’s right. Walk away. Leave!”

borriltheresolute  asked:

Borril sat, a light rosy flush over his brown cheeks as he sat alongside Koku. A nearly emptied bottle of whiskey sat between the two. He laughed, "Aye, Ida is my light in the darkness, a star in the blackest night, how I adore her." For a moment, he hiccuped, glancing, then snickered, "I...I am kinda curious though, with you and Aidna though, how does...well, everything work out, in that way, y'know?"

Koku was just as intoxicated as Borril was, both ears dropping. He had time to time emitted sparks of electricity when he hiccupped as he was listening to Borril, seemed to be happening when under the influence. He was sporting a huge grin, said grin got even wider and now showing his sharp teeth when Borril asked him the question.
“Oh, it works well, very well indeed with my dear wife. It is not that difficult to engage in that sort kind of activities with someone taller then you, is really not that hard honestly. You see, it is all about positioning and being creative, and I so do love Aidina’s rear, firm and soft. Good for grabbing onto for-” Koku halted in his description when seeing Borril’s uncomfortable expression, being silent a bit before Koku burst out into a drunken snickering.
“If you didn’t want to know, than you shouldn’t ask, Borril.” Koku said, sporting a mischievous smirk. “And we both are adults after all, a bit intoxicated perhaps, but still adults!”


Follow Up Report from Vyxxine’s Notification: 

This is Security Member Borril, I am reporting on the current situation of vines that have been constantly spreading as of recently, and to give out warnings.

It has been proven, since the travels into Dry Top, and the recent destruction of the towns Concordia in Timberline and Fort Salma in Kessex. We are obviously dealing with much worse than what we iniatally realized.

Please proceed with extreme caution any areas infested with these vines, and beware of the various plant-based monsters that have been threatening said towns.

It should be said we should try to increase our own security around our areas, our lab is near Dry Top, and may be attacked as well. Study and extermination seem to be key at this point.

End Broadcast

Borrils Poem: (Heading to the Silverwastes)

I hold myself with bated breath
Stuck between safety and potential death
My claws are sharp, my teeth are bared
Not knowing how my fate shall fare
I travel now to a long lost land
Where are battle goes through stone and sand
Where the dragons vines twist and wrap
In dangerous beasts and lethal traps
I do this for my dearest friend
Where her tale took unfortunate bends
I look toward back toward the one I love
hoping she won’t kill me when I am done.

Borrils Rambles (IC)

I sometimes forget how cruel the world is.

It isn’t a storybook tale, where everyone smiles and laughs in the end, or embrace their loved ones with tears in their eyes.

The world isn’t resolved by peace and love, sometimes heartbreak and ruin are all that remain.

This is why I cherish the happy moments, the simple laughs shared between friends, a shared idea between similar minds. Maybe even just the quiet moments of solitude at times.

The world is harsh, but there are too many happy moments to just give up on


(Haven’t posted anything in a week or so, decided to write that)

“Yesterday was Ida’s unofficial birthday party, a few more people than I expected, and quite a few who I didn’t expect, but had fun either way.”

Had a small birthday event for Borril’s wife Ida (Well, small as in about 12-13 people showed up and it lasted about 3 hours)

Thank ya for those who came along and had a bit of fun, though I was pretty frazzled about that event. (More on that later :P)



Magical Foci come in many shapes and sizes, I used to use a fairly unstable source of energy. This has been my project to alleviate it. A bit flashy, but hopefully it will prove quite effective in the coming months.

(After 6 months of work, finally got Borril’s Legendary, probably will -not- be used ICly as a common thing, and quite honestly not going to be like, badass sword of legends style thing, just a bit of a flashy sword that he uses as a channeling weapon for his energies on occasion, But yeah, super excited about finishing that, A lot of thank ya’s to all the people who assisted, you know who you are, as well as expect…a fair amount of Tumblr today from me :D)

(Been a while since I did any poetry, had a bit of inspiration,so here ya go)

What path shall I tread upon?
Shall future be different or is it forgone?
Will my life be safe and fun?
Will I die before night is done?
Shall I dwell on the past and now?
Or think beyond to where and how?

So here I stand, straight and proud
Standing outside of the crowd
With my thought of inspired spark
It’s time for me to make my mark
Off to work and off to learn
Off to see how the path will turn.