borrego cimarron


actually, i’ve spent so much time since ocotber making a miraculous OC that i ended up drafting a lot and making new ones from scratch and now ive ended up with…a lot 

Miss Shock was my very first mlb OC, after that i made another one based on her but ive decided to stay with the first draft since i cant get over how cool it would be for a superhero with dreadlocks to control electricity through them (like a jellyfish!) meddu is based on medusa the spanish word for jellyfish

tough buck and noctivagana were originally meant to be twins– and were actually going to be dubbed “las monarcas” (the monarch butterflies) but ive decided to make their dynamic the “we hang out with different cliques at school and dont really interact with each other but when we’e superheros we’re inseparable” Noctivagana roughly means “night wanderer” (shes a bat) and tough buck is just cuz shes a ram lmao (and it sounds cool) im not quite sure abt noctivagana’s power yet but tough buck’s is that she cant be knocked down. murri is from murcielago and caara is from the spanish slang for borregos cimarron “carniceros”

lastly my most recent one Runaway, i wanted to make them a dog miraculous bcuz whats cuter than that. i kind of based the kwami off of my dog lmao. i think i like the kawmi-holder relationship with this one the most…jakk is mostly a “?” type of character, doesnt know whats going on half the time but means well– tries to be positive about all situations. just puppy-like, yknow? meanwhile Reese (runaway) has more of a bad attitude towards people, likes to mess with you and make fools out of everyone. will not see any other way that isnt theirs, “go my own way” type of character. but theyre just a sad kid with social distance problems . corn aka its mostly a front they put up and they want to be closer to people but find it hard to and the few times they do get close to someone, the Go My Own Way trait gets in their way and they end up pushing people further away from their inability to see other people’s way of doing things yet (aka aka this is their character development). when they become Runway, this is just amped up 100x, but bcuz of jakk they can become a little more sensitive to other ppl’s pov…idk i like them the best so far 

and anyway hi