Machine Embroideries by Maggie Rastall

The first, inspired by a visit to Borough Market in London, is called ‘best eaten fresh’. The fish were made with an embellisher and the title is embroidered in tiny letters on the label!  40x28cm.

The second is an ode to the mackerel. Painted calico, applique, free machine embroidery. 60x50 cm. The text relates to the different types of mackerel and their latin names. The lower part names mackerel that are at risk or near vulnerable due to overfishing.

found via textile arts group on facebook

Dawn (A Poem by Federico García Lorca)

Dawn in New York has
four columns of mire
and a hurricane of black pigeons
splashing in the putrid waters.

Dawn in New York groans
on enormous fire escapes
searching between the angles
for spikenards of drafted anguish.

Dawn arrives and no one receives it in his mouth
because morning and hope are impossible there:
sometimes the furious swarming coins
penetrate like drills and devour abandoned children.

Those who go out early know in their bones
there will be no paradise or loves that bloom and die:
they know they will be mired in numbers and laws,
in mindless games, in fruitless labors.

The light is buried under chains and noises
in the impudent challenge of rootless science.
And crowds stagger sleeplessly through the boroughs
as if they had just escaped a shipwreck of blood.


Don’t freak out but I live above a Dairy Queen now. I can’t even believe my good fortune, this is one of like only two in the entire five boroughs. It’s like just crazy to me because I am from Texas and just so identify with Reese’s and banana blizzards and now that can be my reality every day.

I keep pinching myself I don’t believe it’s real. But they just put up the sign yesterday and everything. It’s happening.

I’m just so grateful.


Hey guys so long story short my best friend is making me do this before we go to the 1989 Tour because I was a wild one last time. I’ve been a swiftie since February 2007 when I got my first album “Taylor Swift”. From then on I have been obsessed with Taylor Swift, and everyone will tell you that I am like a bloodhound when it comes to anyone even whispering something about Taylor lol. So two years ago I decided to go to the Re Tour with my best friend Kayla (it was my first concert ever). Little did I know that is soon as Taylor would walk on stage, all bets would be off, I would hit the floor screaming, crying, literally it was the perfect storm because it even rained before the concert. Then more surprises kept hitting me because little did I know that Mrs. Shifty Swifty was going to waltz the isles of Gillette Stadium to Stage B and pass within like 5 feet of me (almost died right there). I hurdled so many chairs that literally the security would not leave my side until I exited the stadium. Then Taylor decided to play “All Too Well” and if you know me, you know that song hits me like a sack of potatoes launched at you like a rocket and I start getting the feels and being emotional AF. I proceeded to cry so much after that I have a migraine for the next lifetime. Through all of this my best friend Kayla was there to witness the whole ordeal. For this upcoming tour I am publicly apologizing in advance so people don’t think I am crazy (I SWEAR IM NOT BUT YOU NEVER KNOW)!! I can’t wait for the 1989 World Tour at Gillette and I will be there on both nights with my best friends supporting our home girl


. I AM BEYOND EXCITED AS YOU CAN TELL!!! I’m so excited to meet all of you that I’ve been talking to on tumblr so don’t be afraid to approach me! My goal is to literally fill up my phone with pictures! PS: if I accidentally interrupt ‘Clean’ because an ambulance had to rush in to evacuate me I am SOOOOOOO Sorry but that song gives me major feels and idk what kind of shock I might go into like my friends are bringing a defibrillator if they need to revive me. Taylor is gonna slay my soul back and forth to heaven, I can just foretell that right now.