Genus: Epicyon

(meaning “more than a dog”)

….a extinct genus of bone-crushing dogs that lived in North America during the middle Miocene to late Miocene. Like other bone-crushing dogs members of this genus had large teeth and jaws which were used to crush bones, as suggested in their common name. Members of Epicyon were a lot larger than other borophagines with some species  weighing over 370 pounds and were around the size of a bear. Epicyon was one of the last of the borophagines and shared its habitat with numerous other canids like Canis lepophagus, the first wolf.



Image: Doug Shore

To be honest...

I’m not sure If I’d like to look like/physically be my theriotype anyways? How would you feel if you had a large, prehistoric cat-dog-hyena-bear thing running at you in the middle of the damn night!? People would be terrified if something like that just come out of nowhere. “Oh, no!” “A beardog thing!”

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