My favorite bit of The Lord of the Rings is when Boromir blew his horn when leaving Rivendell and all within ‘sprang to their feet’

Because you just KNOW half of them would saying something like “What the ever loving void was THAT” and not a few would be shouting “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK TO ARMS”

meanwhile Elrond is about ready to throttle Boromir, Boromir is completely unrepentant, and several members of the company are trying to get rid of the ringing in their ears

  • mother:mama? are you trying to say mama?
  • people seem to think that Boromir is a quote-on-quote "bad character" or "morally grey" because he makes literally one mistake, which is ironic considering the one mistake he does make is the same mistake that we are told throughout all the Lord of the Rings films is only too easy to succumb to--almost no one can resist the power of the Ring. And besides that, the only reason that Boromir even desired the Ring in the first place was for the sake of saving the people of Gondor, because he was such a pure-hearted and just man, and after the Ring takes him and he lashes out at Frodo, he shows IMMENSE remorse, and is seen next calling out softly for Frodo and sobbing on the forest floor, saying he is sorry. When next we see him, he runs to the aid of Merry and Pippin when they are ambushed by the Uruk-hai pack heading for Isengard, and he defends them with his life, fighting even after he has been shot by an arrow multiple times (in severely vulnerable locations, I might add). With his final breaths, he tells Aragorn that he would've followed him as his captain and king, and we see that he has not forgiven himself for what happened with Frodo even as he draws his final breath. Do not ever insult Boromir in front of me. Ever. Be at peace, son of Gondor. I'm sobbing