sells this mystery pack of two sets of water decals for 99 cents, and this was one of the sets I got! It was my first time working with full-nail water decals, but I think it turned out pretty nice. 

Be extra sure to take off the protective plastic cover before you dunk the decals in water! I totally forgot for one of the nails on my other hand, and I pretty much ruined it because the decal got stuck to the plastic! T_T

(I tried to find this exact design on the website so I could link to it here, but I just couldn’t find it!)

Recycling an old manicure because I’m in a little bit of a nail art rut. 😐 Blue polish is @limecrimemakeup ‘Once In A Blue Mousse;’ stripes were done with nail vinyls from @teismom (which are SO much easier to use than striping tape), sparkly finger is my customary layering of @chinaglazeofficial 'Glistening Snow’ and @opi_products 'Which is Witch?’ and the ring finger is a water decal from @bornprettystore with a Swarovski crystal because I’m a little obsessed. 😆 If you like the decal, you can use code CWH10 to get 10% off at! 😊 #limecrime #bornprettystore #opi #chinaglaze #notd #nailart #nailstagram