Water Decal Nail Art and Discount Code!

Water Decals are some of the easiest ways to get incredibly detailed nail art without a trained manicurist. 

Decals are made of a special polymer that melts and molds to your nails when they come into contact with topcoat. They are NOT the usual nail wraps that you stick on and file off. They won’t lift at the tips or look wrinkly like wraps, and they last as long as nail polishes.

The easiest to use are the partial patterns. The tougher ones are the full-nail decals like the blue ones above. The tough things about these are laying them flat on the nail, and then top-coating them without ripping or wrinkling them at the tips. 

(Also, some of the more intricate designs look better if you have longer nails. Mine are short, so a lot had to be cropped off!)

But if you get the hang of them, these make fabulous manicures for special occasions. They don’t take too much time, and look like someone spent hours doing your nail art. 

I got my decals from and they have tons of designs and nail art supplies with free international shipping. (UPDATE: They ship free to Hong Kong and Singapore, and it’s only free for other countries if your shipment weighs over 2.2kg or costs USD200.)

I’ve also got a 10% discount code if you’re purchasing anything on the site (though they’re already super-cheap): BOXW10


3D Nail Art Googly Eye From Born Pretty!

I Love these little Googly Eyes from Born Pretty Store! They are so funny and playful, and pretty perfect for the emoji design trend that’s happening right now. Also perfect for a creepy spooky ghost eye! Recommended for the person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Available in 3 sizes, 4 colors and 2 styles! Get Them using my coupon code STL91 for 10% off at BORNPRETTYSTORE.COM