Okay, this isn’t as dangerous as it looks like it might be. I was in park. See, I happened to check the mail before I left this morning for Seminar and I had a note that a package was waiting for me at the P.O. - good thing I was already running behind! So I swung by and lo and behold it was my Born Pretty Store order!!! I was so excited to open it but with a nine hour drive ahead of me, I knew it would have to wait. Then I got stuck in traffic. Stalled. Stand still. Long enough for me to put the car in park. So I peeked!!

Just got this package in the mail today! My review items for @bornprettynail @bornprettystore there’s a new detail brush to play with (it looks promising too so I’m excited to try it out), some mixed shape/color nail studs. ( these also look so so fun). A new squishy stamper. (I’ve never used one before. I’m excited to tryit out as see what all the fuss is about), a new music themes stamping plate, and some tip guides in various shapes that probably won’t get used as tip guides lol. So much fun stuff I can’t wait to try out! #nails #nailart #nailstagram #nailsofinstagram #presssample #bornprettystore #studs #brush #guides #stamping (at press sample)


Here’s a set I hand painted for a friend of the family that is going to Dragon Con here in Atlanta. I did the right hand in the batman good guys and the left in the Batman villains. (I’ll post the Villains in another post.) I did Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Batman and Robin in front of Gotham City and the Batman logo for the right hand.