The Arch

by Patricia Lockwood

Of all living monuments has the fewest
facts attached to it, they slide right off
its surface, no Lincoln lap for them to sit
on and no horse to be astride. Here is what
                                                I know for sure:

Was a gift from one city to another. A city
cannot travel to another city, a city cannot visit
any city but itself, and in its sadness it gives
       away a great door in the air. Well
       a city cannot except for Paris, who puts
on a hat styled with pigeon wings and walks
through the streets of another city and will not
even see the sights, too full she is of the sights
already. And within her walk her women,
       and the women of Paris looking like
       they just walked through an Arch…

       Or am I mixing it up I think I am
with another famous female statue? Born
in its shadow and shook-foil hot the facts
slid off me also. I and the Arch we burned
to the touch. “Don’t touch that Arch a boy
we know got third-degree burns from touch-
       ing that Arch,” says my mother sitting
for her statue. She is metal on a hilltop and
so sad she isn’t a Cross. She was long ago
given to us by Ireland. What an underhand
       gift for an elsewhere to give, a door
that reminds you you can leave it. She raises
       her arm to brush my hair. Oh no female
armpit lovelier than the armpit of the Arch.

When did Naruto become Hokage? Did Sasuke visit in those 12 years?

A/N: Really long post ahead. This is mostly because I saw other posts wondering about the timeline and I wanted to organize my own thoughts about these questions and decided to make a post out of it. These are just my opinions and speculations. Credit to mangapanda and mangastream for the mangacaps and to kissanime for the movie screencaps.

Originally I thought it was around the time Boruto entered the academy because in chapter 700, Boruto speaks about Naruto being Hokage as if he has been Hokage for a while now, and I doubt Boruto’s sour feelings about his dad’s job materialized over night, but rather came to be after a while. 

So in chapter 700, some time had passed since Naruto became Hokage, but I didn’t think that much time had passed because Gai asks Kakashi whether or not he should be accompanying Naruto. If Naruto had been Hokage for a long time, there would be no need to supervise or anything, right? So I had thought that maybe Gai had said that because this was Naruto’s first Gokage Meeting since he became Hokage. 

And Kakashi speaks in a way that Naruto is proving to be a great successor. The tone seems like he is implying that despite the fact that Naruto hasn’t been Hokage for super long, he is still doing a great job. 

Also, Kakashi talks about stepping down from his position as Hokage, and says “Now I’d just like to go and see all the places…” which also seems to imply that he only retired just a short while back and is now wanting to go on a trip down memory lane. I feel like if he had retired long ago, he wouldn’t use this wording because in that case he might say he wants to continue relaxing? So that still fits the theory of Naruto become Hokage when Boruto entered the academy, a little while before chapter 700.

Another cap from chapter 700 is the Eight Tails talking about how Naruto’s in a very busy position now. Again the important word is “now” and could imply a recent promotion to Hokage. But in the context of the conversation, it seems to mean simply that he is “currently in a busy position” instead of “recently.” 

The next thing we can look at is The Last Naruto movie (I know people found mistakes here and there in the movie that weren’t consistent with other stuff, but bear with me for now).

Behind Hinata is the Hokage monument and we can clearly see that Naruto’s face is not there yet. So at the end of the movie Naruto either still wasn’t Hokage or had just recently become Hokage and his face just hadn’t been etched on the mountain yet. 

I feel like it was more likely that he wasn’t Hokage yet considering Boruto’s attitude towards his dad here. He doesn’t seem annoyed at his dad having some job that forces him to spend less time with him and Naruto is obviously not busy in this screencap so we can assume he hasn’t taken on Hokage duties yet. Also again we see no seventh face on the mountain.

Boruto looks younger here too so again the theory that Naruto probably became Hokage around the time or just before Boruto entered the academy makes sense. 

But with the recent release of chapter 700+5 of Naruto Gaiden, this theory kinda goes down the drain.

Sasuke clearly says that Naruto is currently Hokage. He doesn’t allude to Naruto becoming Hokage or anything, but rather affirms that Naruto is in the position of Hokage and must protect the village. 

Here it is stated that this is a Gokage Summit going on, so my original presumption about Gai wondering why Kakashi wasn’t with Naruto because it may have been Naruto’s first Summit was also incorrect. 

Another important thing we can note is that Kakashi is also not present at this summit, so again there is no possibility that he is the Hokage. 

So where does that leave us? I think first we need to establish a potential timeline and look at two hypothetical situations that branch out into a lot of other questions.

1. Naruto became Hokage around the time Boruto was born

In this theory, the timeline would be what has been discussed so far: the flashback from chapter 700+5 of Naruto Gaiden, then the scene from The Last movie and then finally chapter 700.

This theory would stipulate that Naruto became Hokage around the time Boruto was born. The missing face on the mountain in the movie was either a mistake potentially and the tiny implications in dialogue that I noted earlier about chapter 700 were probably me reading too much into it.

This theory only makes sense if in fact the flashback for chapter 700+5 was before Sarada was born, and the reason I am saying that is that it is possible that Sakura was pregnant during that Gokage Summit. 

Her hand is rested on her stomach and she is possibly a little rounder around the stomach area so yes it is a possibility that she is pregnant in these panels. 

But I don’t like this theory for many reasons. First of all, the appearances of all the characters resemble chapter 700 and thought appearance for Naruto characters are very constant most of the time, the fact that all the Kages are the ones from chapter 700 makes me think that the flashback from 700+5 takes places around the time of 700. Which brings me to the next theory, and the one I think is most likely true.

2. Naruto became Hokage when Boruto was in his early acadamy days

This theory goes along with what I had originally stated in the beginning. If we assume all of those implications in the dialogue of 700 were true and that Naruto became Hokage a short while ago, we can also assume then that in the end of the Naruto movie, he wasn’t Hokage either. So the missing face on the mountain was not a mistake.

This theory makes sense because the timeline would be: the scene from The Last movie, then chapter 700 and finally the flashback from chapter 700+5 of Naruto Gaiden. 

There are so many reasons why this timeline makes more sense but I’ll cover only a few. I’ll leave out the argument about appearances and whatnot and focus on what makes more sense. First let’s tackle Sakura being potentially pregnant in the flashback.

I honestly think it could go either way, but for the sake of this theory, it makes more sense for her not to be pregnant here, and if you analyse the previous panel I had posted and this one above, you can say she doesn’t look pregnant. If Masashi Kishimoto really wanted to lay this flashback in her pregnancy time I feel like he would’ve made her stomach rounder and made it more obvious she was pregnant. 

So then when was the flashback taking place? In one of the panels earlier that I posted, where Sasuke tells Naruto to take care of the village as Hokage, Naruto is asking to go with Sasuke. I think everyone assumed right away that this flashback was from 12 years ago when Sasuke left on his mission for the first time. But let’s look at these panels:

Sasuke states that he’s continued investigating Kaguya. In chapter 700 he is away as well, and I think we’ve all assumed that it was on this 12 year long mission, but as much as that can be possible, it is equally possible that it wasn’t just that one mission for 12 years but other ones too.

This whole page is important in this theory because Sasuke notices something. It’s possible he is reacting to that supposed connection with Sarada but he could also be reacting to an enemy. After gathering info he could have possibly returned to Konoha and told them about what he found out about the Zetsu army. 

This makes sense because it goes along with the theory that the Gokage Summit in 700 was Naruto’s first and then the one in 700+5 was a later one that Sasuke attended.

However, as much as that theory makes sense, there are still so many unanswered questions, ones that we need answers to before we can make any practical assumption about the questions in my title. Again it boils down to this panel. 

According to Sarada she has never met her dad or at least doesn’t remember meeting him. This of course does not mean he never returned to the village and met with others to report on progress and whatnot. Which makes a lot of sense to me because whenever Sarada questioned anyone about her dad (Naruto, Sakura, Shizune), they all acted as if they had very recently met him and had to remind themselves that Sarada hadn’t met him in a while.

Another set of diverging theories come up then: did Sarada know her dad as a child and for some reason does not remember? This is supported by all those Sharingan activation theories that people have posted. The other is that Sasuke did in fact assign himself some mission(s) to look into the things bothering him at the time when Sarada was still a child, and for some reason did not reveal himself to her even though he might’ve visited Konoha in those 12 years.

So what conclusions can we draw from all this? None really! Everything is speculation and until all the facts are revealed through the Gaiden and upcoming movie, it is impossible to make a clear statement about the two questions asked in the beginning: When did Naruto become Hokage? And did Sasuke return to the village in those 12 years?

I think the most plausible theory is that Sasuke, when Sarada was a baby or when she wasn’t yet born, did decide to undertake some sort of mission(s) to better understand the things that happened in the war. He probably realized the danger of the mission, and decided to keep it top secret (he might’ve returned to the village in this time to meet Naruto and/or Sakura). 

When he sensed something in 700 or confirmed his suspicions, he met with the Kages to relay his discoveries. We see Naruto telling Sasuke he wants to go with him, but I feel like Sasuke already understood the degree of the mission, how long it would take and how top secret it needed to be. I think that’s why he told Naruto to stay in the village because Sasuke had already been gone a while and he knew he would be still gone for another while to come. 

He states clearly that he doesn’t want anyone to know about his whereabouts. I think this is where we need to separate the idea of some people claiming Sasuke was neglecting of his duties as a father because that is completely wrong. He did know his daughter, and him not recognizing her right away in Gaiden is not too far fetched because he had recently been attacked by another Uchiha/Sharingan user and if he hadn’t visually seen her for a while it’s possible he wouldn’t have a completely clear idea of what her exact appearance would be (he recognized her as soon as he heart her call him papa). 

But more importantly, Sasuke’s character development here is so amazing that there is no question of anything negative in his choice to go on this mission. He decides to make this sacrifice so that everyone else can have a bright future. Coming from a boy who was very much absorbed in his own agendas of revenge, him reminding Naruto of their deal for cooperation, him wanting to protect Konoha and his friends/family really depicts how he does seem very much at peace now. 

Of course Sasuke is still Sasuke and we can see in the recent chapter even that he still struggles to express his feelings verbally even though they are so clear on his face. All the little details, from him still missing an arm to him keeping his forehead protector that Naruto gave him, it really shows someone who has evolved and yet kept reminders for himself of what has happened in the past and how he will not falter in the future.

Aside from appreciating Sasuke’s growth in terms of his character, we can ponder over what is yet to come. I feel like Sasuke knew that the enemy was after him, and the reason he did not reveal himself to Sarada was indeed for her own protection so that they wouldn’t use his daughter against him. Also, just to touch base quickly on the Karin situation, I think that Sarada finding that picture was just a plot device to get Sarada to find her dad so that this whole mini-series would have some action in it. Especially since the infinite amount of hints and specific key words used in the chapters point at Sakura obviously being her mother. But again that is my own thinking. The Gaiden chapters will probably expand more on all the remaining questions.

In the end, literally the one question that still really bugs me is when were all these kids born? I want to know their birthdays! I want to know what the timeline was after the Naruto gang got married! We know about Naruto and Shikamaru’s weddings but what about the rest? I want to know about that mysterious period of time when Sasuke decided to leave on his mission and how old was Sarada at that time.

What about all the other Naruto ladies? Will they make an appearance in the Gaiden as well? What about Himawari (I think everyone is waiting for this one)!!! What will the Uchiha family reunion be like? Will we get Team 7 nostalgically fighting together again? Who the fuck is that bad guy with the eyeballs in his head (really though, what the fuck) and what does Itachi have to do with any of this?

Obviously there are still so many questions and so many things to look forward to, and it makes the wait for each chapter seem longer but more exciting!

What are your thoughts about this and what are you most looking forward to finding out about in the next chapters?


where your heart was born
in the darkest breach
even stars look worn

from the deep ground torn
gold and green mice flee
where your heart was born

petal points adorn
where no sun can reach
even stars look worn

not one voice to mourn
that no eye can see
where your heart was born

lucent bodies shorn
on a littered beach
even stars look worn

sea birds drift forlorn
in the coral tree
where your heart was born
even stars look worn

The Best Remedy

A/N: Based on the post: Imagine waking up feeling sick. You tell your favourite character this. They kiss your forehead gently to assess your temperature. They exclaim that you’re burning up and insist on taking care of you, even running out to get you medicine and looking up home remedies for whatever ails you!

Female reader/male FC.

I really liked this post, so I wanted to try writing a fic for it.

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Fic: On Call

So I’m in bed with an ear and sinus infection at the moment, and I wrote this to cheer myself up. I do intend to continue it, but I’m so delighted that I managed to write something for the first time in months, that I couldn’t wait to post what I’ve written so far!

“Bornin’, Fidz,“ Jemma called as she shuffled into the lab in an uncharacteristic fashion.

Fitz looked up from his computer. "Oh, you sound bunged up,” he observed with a frown.

“Yes, I abbear to have a slight bid of a cold,” Jemma replied, as she dabbed her nose with a tissue.

“You’re awfully pale, Jemma,” Fitz said, sitting back in his chair in concern.

“I’m always bale, Fidz!” she returned with a huff of laughter.

“Not like this, you’re sheet white,” Fitz replied, as he got up from his desk and crossed the lab towards her. “And why are you hugging yourself like that? Are you cold?”

“It is a bid chilly in here,” she replied with a shiver.

“It’s really not,” Fitz said. “If anything, it’s a bit too warm.”

She shrugged her shoulders and grimaced, moving her hands up her arms to massage her neck.

“What’s wrong?” he asked suspiciously. “Why are you rubbing your neck like that?”

“Oh, I bus’ have overdone it in de gyb yesderday,” she replied. “I jus’ feel a bid sore, dats all.”

“Just your neck or all over?” Fitz asked.

“All over?” Jemma said somewhat sheepishly.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s got anything to do with exercise,” Fitz replied doubtfully. He pressed the back of his hand to her forehead. “Bloody hell, Jemma, you’re burning up!” he said in alarm. “Where are the thermometers?” He turned around and crossed to the medical bay.

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