epitaph at the foot of the stone, by rickey laurentiis

for Camille Rankine

Like you, I was born underwater.
(I lied: there was never a stone.)
Like you, I was born but that’s not the half of it:
I lived. Lord, I lived. Like a cancer, I crept
sideways. Like a scorpion, I lied. I lived
the way a problem lives, openly, so much
earth wanted me closed. Don’t you know the dead
are not easy? Don’t you know they crave?
I stepped out of the water (I was made doing this) slick-
skinned, fluent, a character: my eyes twice
haunted, my humor, my voice – and can’t you hear
shackles running the length of my voice? I was born
in a minute, in a panic, on a whim. A mistake,
I mean. A choice between this world and a body,
pretty fault where a heart should be.

(via Anti)

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(T/N: WooJjuJju is like baby talk.)

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where your heart was born
in the darkest breach
even stars look worn

from the deep ground torn
gold and green mice flee
where your heart was born

petal points adorn
where no sun can reach
even stars look worn

not one voice to mourn
that no eye can see
where your heart was born

lucent bodies shorn
on a littered beach
even stars look worn

sea birds drift forlorn
in the coral tree
where your heart was born
even stars look worn