Close up look at Kevin Peterson’s outstanding new oil painting for ‘Wild At Heart II’ with Thinkspace that will be included in our massive multi-gallery event BEYOND EDEN next weekend - do not miss this show - full details on the event at

#beyondeden #kevinpeterson #wildatheart #thinkspacegallery #art #bornfreeusa (at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery)

I took a handful of pics and ill post periodically. I didn’t note the artist because i did’t have time :/. Big ups and love to all the art galleries and artists! @thinkspace_art @spokeart #cavegallery #coprogallery #hashimotocontemporary #bornfreeusa #beyondeden Got tons of inspiration and motivation heighten the creativity of my endeavor. I’m gonna keep an eye out for the next @birdman showcase as well. ✌🙌 (at Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery)

‘Nectar’ from Jolene Lai ( @enelojial ) - featured in Thinkspace’s 'Wild At Heart II’ exhibit that aimed to shine a light on the world’s endangered species and was a part of last weekend’s #beyondeden event - view all the works from the show on our site at under the 'Exhibitions’ section and go from there. Look for more from Jolene in the year ahead.

#jolenelai #wildatheart #bornfreeusa #thinkspacegallery

‘Nimo’ from the Low Bros out of Germany

Featured in ‘Wild At Heart II’ - In support of Born Free USA
Curated by Andrew Hosner & Amanda Erlanson

All of the works in this special exhibit can now be viewed on our site now that BEYOND EDEN is over - - click on the 'Exhibitions’ tab and then '2013’ and go from there - many great works still available for purchase.

#lowbros #wildatheart #bornfreeusa #thinkspacegallery #art