Action Bronson
The fat bully who loves food

Aesop Rock
The science fair winner

Angel Haze
The A.G. dyke who knows how to fight

Andy Mineo
The born-again Christian

A$AP Rocky
The fuckboy with a fashion sense

Asher Roth
The surfer kook

Azealia Banks
The one ratchet bitch that nobody likes

Cibo Matto
The twins who have eating disorders

Danny Brown
The nerd with the weird laugh

The illiterate

Donald Glover / Childish Gambino
The deep-thinking poet who used to be socially awkward

The heartbroken kid who is coping over his ex by hanging out with his friends

Earl Sweatshirt
The metalhead in the back of the classroom

The poor kid with anger issues

The kid who tries to educate everyone else; the “streetpreacher”

Flavor Flav
The kid who is always late for his classes

Flo Rida
The kid who loves his hometown way too much

Flying Lotus / Captain Murphy
The quiet kid who lives a double life outside of school

Gangsta Boo
The girl everyone is afraid of because she has a lot of older brothers

Gil-Scott Heron
The super-senior jazz enthusiast

Iggy Azalea
The white kid who tries to act black; the “burger”

Jay Z
The leader of the popular crew with a criminal family history

J. Cole
The straight A student

Joey Bada$$
The musical old soul

Kanye West
The douchebag who always plays the victim

Kendrick Lamar
The kid who escaped the gangbanging lifestyle

KiD CuDi
The pothead who sneaks out of Algebra to smoke alone at the parking lot

Killer Mike
The gossiper

Lil Jon
The wingman who helps the others get girls

Lil Wayne
The black kid who tries to act white; the “coconut”

Lil Yachty
The SpongeBob-obsessed eight grader with social anxiety that hangs out with the highschoolers during recess

Lupe Fiasco
The teacher’s pet

The only kid who actually watches the news

Mac Miller
The Internet-famous kid who hosts weekend parties

MF Doom
The graphic novel fanatic

The transfer student who focuses on politics

Nicki Minaj
The wise single mother who knows how to get her life together

The alcoholic

Pusha T
The drug dealer

Rae Sremmurd
The freshmen duo

Soulja Boy Tell ‘em
The dance major

The poseur

The whore

twenty | one | pilots
The sensitive kids who try to be on everyone’s good side

Tyler, The Creator
The class clown

The slacker

The proud redneck

Young Thug
The closeted homosexual

Yung Lean
The Tumblr kid who brags about their vacation to Tokyo last summer


Al Hartley, a Marvel comic artist from the 1950s best known for romance comics and Patsy Walker, who became a born-again Christian in the 1970s and did anti-drug afterschool special PSA comics later on that seemed like Chick Tracts done in an Archie style, like “Hansi, the Girl Who Loved the Swastika.” He also did “the great snatch,” a comic about the rapture. 

Sure, it’s a little dorky, but he’s trying to help the kids stay away from drugs, gangs, and Nazism. He totally lost me, though, when he did a comic about Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys. Now that deserves hellfire.

Columbine Victims:

Cassie Bernall: Cassie was a seventeen year old “born again” Christian. Her nickname was “Bunny Rabbit.” She was shot twice by Eric Harris, once in the hand and once in the head. She died instantly.

Daniel Mauser: Danny was an exceptionally bright student who excelled in math and science. He was apart of the debate team and loved swimming and hiking. He was shot once in the face by Eric Harris, he died almost within three minutes.

Steven Curnow: Steven was 14 years old, a great soccer player, who also worked as a referee. He loved Spanish, technology, and gym class. He was shot in the neck by Eric Harris. He died within seven minutes.

Lauren Townsend: Lauren was 18 years old, captian of the varsity volleyball team. She was an all A student who loved animals and hiking. Her nickname was “Lulu” and she was a very talented sketch artist. She was shot approximately nine times by Dylan Klebold. She died within two minutes.

Kelly Fleming: Kelly was 16 years old and a beautiful poet. She loved to write, read and draw. She loved to read books about vampires. She was also under the same table as Lauren. Kelly was shot in the lower back by Dylan Klebold. She died within 3-6 minutes.

Isaiah Shoels: Isaiah was a minority at Columbine High, being one of few African Americans. He was on the school’s football and wrestling team. He was born with a severe heart condition, but overcame it as the years went on. He was shot in the chest by Eric Harris. He died within two minutes.

Matt Kechter: Matt was 16 years old and sitting under the same table as Isaiah. He was in the National Honors Society and was on the Columbine’s football team. He had all As and was very bright. He was shot in the chest by Dylan Klebold. He died within three minutes.

Corey DePooter: Corey was 17 and wanted to be in the Marine Corps. He loved fishing, hiking, hunting, and golf. He worked at a golf course to save up for a new car. He got good grades, never caused trouble and was on the schol’s wrestling team freshman and sophomore year. He was shot seven times by Dylan Klebold. He died almost instantly. 

Rachel Scott: Rachel was 17 years old and is probably one of the most well known victims due to her lying parents and brother. Rachel was heavily involved in drama club and was in many plays. She was shot three times, arm, chest, and head, by Eric Harris. She died instantly.

Dave Sanders: Dave was a 47 year old staff member at Columbine. He was a well known coach for many sports team and was trying hard to evacuate students from the cafeteria and hallways while Eric and Dylan were shooting. He was shot three times by Eric Harris. Unfortunately, he died within three hours.

Kyle Velasquez: Kyle was 16 years old, and was known as a “gentle giant.” He loved his family dearly and suffered from asthma and mental disabilities. He wanted to be a firefighter. He was shot in the head by Dylan Klebold. He died instantly.

John Tomlin: John was 16 years old, and was a weight lifter. He was Christian and loved to help others out. He had a seven month relationship with his girlfriend, Michelle. He was shot in the chest by Eric Harris, but fatally in the head by Dylan Klebold. He died almost instantly.

Daniel Rohrbough: Daniel was 15 years old and loved electronics and computer games. He helped his father with stereos and his grandfather with harvesting . He was shot abdomen and leg once, then shot again in the chest by Dylan Klebold. He died within five minutes.

Eric Harris: Eric was 18 years old, and one of the two gunman. He spoke fluent German, got good grades and was very bright. He worked as a cook and shift manager at a pizza place called Blackjack. He died by a self inflicted gunshot wound to the roof of the mouth. He died instantly.

Dylan Klebold: Dylan was 17 years old, and the other gunman. He spoke French and German and was exceptionally good at math. He worked as a cook at Blackjack, and was accepted to University of Arizona. He died of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the left temple. He died within five minutes.

“Ted had a real soft spot for Tina, who was born after he had been on death row for almost two years. I think Tina was the key to Ted’s transformation, of sorts, in prison. It wasn’t that he became remorseful or was born again as a Christian, but the effect of Tina in Ted’s life was to give him his first glimmer of heartfelt love. Until then I think he had believed that no such emotion existed, that the rest of us had been faking it too. Tina’s unconditional, unguarded, uncomplicated, real love for him touched him very deeply, and elicited a strange new feeling that opened his mind to the possibility of the existence of love. It was then, too, I think, that he began to grieve for his own lost life.”

Polly Nelson talks of the effect his daughter, Rosa, under the pseudonym “Tina”, had on Ted Bundy while on death row from “Defending The Devil”


“A born-again Christian as of 1997, Cassie Bernall was active in church youth programs and Bible study groups. Her parents called her “Bunny Rabbit” and said she loved to go rock climbing in Breckinridge. She had recently visited Great Britain and her favorite movie was ‘Braveheart’.

For a long time after the shootings, it was believed that she was the girl in the library who was asked by one of the shooters: “Do you believe in God?” and was subsequently shot because she said “Yes”. There is still controversy surrounding this – according to the Columbine Report, several witnesses claim that the conversation occurred between gunman Eric Harris and surviving victim Valeen Schnurr. Valeen herself has verified this fact. However Joshua Lapp, a witness to the library shootings, said in his interview with investigators that the shooters asked several people if they believed in God and the answers given didn’t seem to dictate who was shot or not.”

Black history month day 6: Olaudah Equiano.

Olaudah Equiano, also known as Gustavus Vaasa, was a prominent African in London. He was a freed slave who supported the British movement to end the slave trade. His autobiography, published in 1789, helped in the creation of the Slave Trade Act 1807 which ended the African trade for Britain and its colonies. Equiano was part of the Sons of Africa, an abolitionist group composed of prominent Africans living in Britain, and he was active among leaders of the anti-slave trade in the 1780s.

Equiano’s book, “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African”, is one of the earliest-known examples of published writing by an African writer to be widely read in England. By 1792, it was a best seller: it has been published in Russia, Germany, Holland, and the United States. It was the first influential slave narrative of what became a large literary genre. Equiano’s experience in slavery was quite different from that of most slaves as he did not participate in field work. Rather, he served his owners personally and went to sea, was taught to read and write, and worked in trading. Even after his freedom he continued to be an explorer and travel extensively everywhere from the Arctic to the United States.

His Life as a freed slave was stressful, and he suffered from suicidal thoughts until he became a born-again Christian and found peace in his faith. He married in English woman, Susannah Cullen, and together they had two children.

anonymous asked:

What about LGBT+ Christians?

See ya thats the issue I have. I think if you identify as LGBT+ but call yourself a christian, you are identifying with your sin, rather than placing your identity in Christ. I totally believe Christians can struggle with LGBT+ feelings/tendencies but I think when you make it your identity, instead of Christ, it’s wrong. Does that make sense? it gets so complicated and I do not feel like it is my place to judge one’s standing with God at all. However, I think the bible is clear that it is sin and like all sins, we need to be making a constant effort towards turning away from that and turning towards Christ. Do I think it’s an oxymoron? I’m not sure. Do I think that there are saved, born-again Christians who struggle with those types of feelings and tendencies? Absolutely. I’m not here to assume where others stand with God, I’m called to love and share truth as best as I understand it. Hope that helps.


Deaths at Columbine High School

On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold embarked on a murderous rampage at their high school. In the time that Eric and Dylan had spent planning and preparing for the massacre, they had acquired a large arsenal of weapons, many which were hidden in Eric’s bedroom. The massacre at Columbine High School left 15 dead, including the two perpetrators.

• Rachel Scott - Rachel was eating lunch with her friend Richard Castaldo when Eric and Dylan opened fire at the West entrance where she and Richard were sat on the grass. Rachel was hit from a distance and then shot at point blank range when she attempted to get up. She died from gunshot wounds to the head, chest, arm and leg. Rachel had earlier quit smoking at the request of a friend, if she had not quit she would have possibly been in “The Smokers Pit” at lunch instead of at the high school. Rachel was the first of many victims killed and injured in the massacre.

• Daniel Rohrbough - Daniel was walking out of the cafeteria with his friends, Lance Kirklin and Sean Graves, when Eric and Dylan began shooting at them. He was shot in the abdomen and left leg. Eric Harris shot him in the chest at point blank range moments later. Daniel bled to death on the sidewalk outside the school. Daniel’s father knew something was wrong when his son did not turn up at their shop after school as he normally did. The Rohrboughs did not learn of their son’s death from officials, but from the morning news.

• Dave Sanders - When Eric and Dylan began shooting outside the school, Dave Sanders ran to the cafeteria and warned everyone. He helped to save hundreds of students that day. The cafeteria was almost empty by the time Eric and Dylan arrived because of Dave Sanders. He was trying to get students safely hidden inside classrooms when he was shot from behind by Eric Harris. He was hit in the head, torso and neck and bled to death in a science lab while waiting for help.

• Kyle Velasquez - Kyle was sitting at one of the computers when Eric and Dylan entered the library. He was shot in the back of the head by Dylan Klebold as he passed him. Kyle was the first victim to die in the library. Kyle had been attending Columbine for only three months when the massacre took place. He was shy and was only just coming out of his shell when he died. Kyle was mentally disabled and knew what it was like to be an outcast, his last words to his mother were, “Goodbye I love you mom.”

• Steve Curnow - Steve was hiding under a computer desk, near to survivor Kacey Ruegseggwe, when Eric and Dylan began shooting in the library. Steve was shot in the neck by Eric Harris with a sawed-off shot gun. Steve died in the library and was the youngest victim of the Columbine massacre at only 14 years old. Steve was very close with his parents, loved soccer and had dreamed of being a Navy top gun pilot.

• Cassie Bernall - Cassie was hiding under a table, like many students, when Eric and Dylan entered the library. Eric Harris came to the table where Cassie and another girl were hiding. He tapped on the table twice and said, “Peek a boo” to the two girls. Cassie was shot in the side of the head with Eric Harris’ sawed-off shot gun. She was killed immediately. Cassie was a born again Christian as of 1997, previous to this she had fallen in with the wrong crowd. For a long time it had been believed that it was Cassie who had been asked whether she believed in God and then was shot when she answered, “Yes.” However, it has been verified that it was actually survivor Valeen Schnurr who was asked this.

• Isaiah Shoels - Isaiah was studying in the library with his friends, Craig Scott (brother of Rachel Scott) and Matt Kechter, when Eric and Dylan entered the room. The three boys hid under a table together. When Dylan Klebold saw Isaiah hiding under the table, he called Eric Harris over. Dylan made a racist comment towards Isaiah and tried to pull him out from under the table. When he failed to do so, Eric shot Isaiah in the chest at close range, killing him. Isaiah had been a popular student at Columbine, he was also an athlete. Eric and Dylan had had problems with Isaiah previous to the shooting.

• Matt Kechter - Matt was studying with victim Isaiah Shoels and Craig Scott in the library when Eric and Dylan entered the room. He was hiding under the table with his two friends and witnessed Isaiah being shot. Dylan fired at Matt, he was hit in the chest and died later that day in the library. Matt was in the football team and was a weight lifter. He always got good grades at Columbine and was looked up to by his friends. Greg Barnes, a close friend of Matt, took his own life not long after the first anniversary of the massacre.

• Lauren Townsend - Lauren was in the library with some friends when the shooting began. She hid under a table when Patti Nielson, a teacher at Columbine, told everyone to get down. Lauren was behind Valeen Schnurr and put her arm around her, telling her that everything would be okay. Dylan Klebold came to the table she was hiding under and opened fire. She was shot several times by Dylan and then was also shot by Eric minutes later but, at this point she was already dead. Lauren died from wounds to her head, chest and lower body. Lauren had plans to major in biology at Colorado State University when she graduated from Columbine. She has been described by her teachers at Columbine as having a gentle nature and a loving spirit.

• John Tomlin - John often spent his lunch in the library studying and that was where he was when the shooting began. He hid under a table and comforted a girl he didn’t know (Nicole Nowlen) when she became scared by holding her hand. Both Eric and Dylan came to their table and, without even looking to see who was underneath it, Eric opened fire. John and Nicole were both injured from Eric’s shot but, it was a shot to the head at point blank range from Dylan Klebold which killed John almost instantly. John loved Chevrolet trucks and had recently got his driving licence and got an old Chevy pick up, he had been working for it since he was 14. His truck, along with Rachel Scott’s car, became a memorial in the parking lot of the high school, his bible still on the dashboard.

• Kelly Fleming - Kelly was hiding behind a table with some other girls when Eric and Dylan entered the library. It was Eric who shot and killed Kelly. Eric and Dylan both reloaded and moved away from the girls’ table and then later came back. Kelly was shot again by Eric with his sawed-off shotgun, in the back from behind. Kelly was a shy girl who aspired to be a songwriter and author, she wrote many poems and stories. She would often go to the library at Columbine to write some of these stories. Kelly’s mother recalls her coming home from school around two months before the shooting and saying, “I’m not shy anymore.”

• Daniel Mauser - Daniel was in the library when the massacre began. He was hiding under a table when Eric Harris shot him in the face. Daniel died under the table in the library. Daniel’s family described him as a shy and gentle soul. He had attended Ken Caryl Middle School, the same as Eric and Dylan, there is no evidence of them having known eachother though. Daniel’s father was planning on taking him on his first 14,000 mountain hike that summer.

• Corey DePooter - Corey was in the library when the massacre took place. He had been hiding under a table near the window with two others. Dylan Klebold shot Corey, he was killed almost instantly. He died there in the library of gunshot wounds to his neck, chest and left arm. Corey was a former wrestler and loved to fish. He had started a job at a golf club to save up for a fishing boat with one of his friends. Described as an all-American kid, school was very important to Corey. Corey had always wanted to be a marine and at his funeral he was made an honorary marine.

• Eric Harris - Eric also died in the library not long later. Eric fired his shotgun through the roof of his mouth, the shot caused a large amount of damage to his face, also causing his eyeball to fall out. The back of his head was also blasted off. His death was instant. Eric had been a student Columbine High School and had worked at Blackjack Pizza.

• Dylan Klebold - Along with Eric, Dylan committed suicide in the library. He shot himself in the left temple and the bullet sliced through his head. He died right next to Eric, although his death was not instant like Eric’s had been. Dylan had been a student at Columbine High School and had also been an employee at Blackjack Pizza, like Eric Harris.

‘River on the Rise’ by Debra Blake for Vegetarian Times, March 1988 (Part I)

Film Star River Phoenix says being a vegetarian is the most important role he’ll ever play. 

In Japan they adore him. The teenagers call out to him when he comes to promote one of his films: “Rio! Rio!” they chant. It is their nickname for him. They think he’s the next James Dean. And boy, does he have the looks for it. But smoldering looks and shirt-off-the-shoulder poses aren’t what River Phoenix is all about, and he gets a little embarrassed when he comes off that way. The 17-year-old’s dark clothes aren’t meant to impress. His canvas and rubber high-top boots are unexceptional. Still, it’s hard sometimes to resist just gazing at his blonde-streaked pretty head against the blue Florida sky, or wondering how he lucked into those dark eyebrows.

But he calls you back to what he’s saying, to his simple intensity. “Vegetarianism is a link to perfection and peace,” he’s saying now, and his voice is soft but strong, very sincere. “But it’s a small link. There are lots of other issues: apartheid , vivisection, political prisoners, the arms race. There’s so much going on in this world today, so much ignorance among people. That’s not to say I’m not standing amongst everybody. But the point is, what can we do now? That’s the thing about vegetarianism; it’s an individual’s decision and it’s something you have control over. How many things do we really have control over?”

River Phoenix is one of the lucky ones; he’s an actor making a successful go of it in a tough business. Years ago, he was one of the brothers in the television series Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Later, he got his big break as a spunky but thoughtful kid in Stand by Me, and then as the elder son in The Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford. He’s in demand now: Producers send him scripts, and this spring he’s scheduled to show up in three new movies: Jimmy Reardon, Little Nikita with Sidney poitier, and Running on Empty

River Phoenix. He’s a big name in Hollywood.

But the River sitting here on the lawn of his parents’ rented house in Florida is only as large as life. He’s not all seriousness and theory. His eyes are warm and welcoming; he laughs easily. Right away you know he’s a regular guy. Still, he’s eager to take advantage of what he calls the “rare opportunity” to discuss issues that really matter to him: veganism, health concerns most teens don’t even know exist, fulfillment in relationships with family and friends, world peace, and change in South Africa.

Do you put much faith into what a 17- year-old says or is he just trying on some ideals for size? In short order, you decide to trust him. He’s had a life unlike most people in the world - one of met challenges, enormous changes and great ideals-and that colors your reactions. He can keep you interested in what he’s saying longer than most people twice his age. So somehow you know he’s sincere. And you see that the “Rio! Rio!” business in Japan and the perfect eyebrows are small parts of a very large picture.

Most of what has been written about River Phoenix weaves his story into the story of his family. And try as you might to see him apart from them, you can’t entirely. They’re part of the big picture. His four younger siblings - one brother, Leaf, and three sisters, Rainbow, Liberty and Summer - also act; Summer and Leaf recently were cast in Russkies, and last summer Rainbow had a role in Maid to Order with fellow vegan Ally Sheedy. Their parents, Arlyn and John Phoenix, manage their kids’ careers, having decided years ago to forgo outside work and commit themselves to the family venture. The entire family is vegan, and they all come across as gentle and kind people who work together like clockwork. River’s history is the history of the Phoenixes, and he’s grateful for and satisfied by being a part of that.

Arlyn Phoenix is also grateful for the family, and she’s unflustered by their success. “You have to understand,” she says, sipping her sorghum-sweetened herbal tea, “that this didn’t just happen to us. We planned it.” Success is part of the Phoenix family mission. It’s why their name is Phoenix. They’re on the rise.

Arlyn and John chose the name phoenix together, years ago, and they nursed their five babies on the twin ideals of love and peace. The couple became vegetarian soon after they met in the ‘60s, but dropped it after moving to Venezuela with a born-again-style Christian group. Several years-and several babies-later, in 1978, they broke from the organization. On their way back to the United States they rekindled their commitment to vegetarianism, taking the cue from their children. 

 River was seven then. He remembers how it began. “On the boat we saw men fishing,” he said. “It was our [the kids’] first time seeing that. And it was the first time that I really saw that meat wasn’t just a hamburger or hot dog or some disguised food on your plate, that it was an animal, it was flesh. It seemed very barbaric and kind of cruel, and me and my brother and sister were all crying and were traumatized. The reality just hit us so hard. Our parents were very sensitive to our feelings. I mean, they were obviously immune to it themselves-meat eating is so much a part of society as a whole and how people eat-but they were very interested in our sensitivity to it, so they were open to us becoming vegetarian.”

Vegetarianism came easily to the Phoenix family. Within the year, with encouragement from Arlyn’s vegan sister, the family also stopped eating eggs and dairy products. “It was hard to give up dairy for a while for a lot of people in my family,” River remembers. “My mom and dad were so used to eating cheese, and it was so convenient. But I said, 'Hey, if we’re doing this thing, let’s go all the way with it.’ The other kids were into it, so my parents said, 'OK, let’s do it.’ And we did.”

It’s been 10 years since anyone in the Phoenix family has worn leather shoes, carried a leather handbag or brought honey into their home. They embrace every possible reason for veganism. They love animals and they believe dairyless eating is better for health. They believe the move away from a meat-centered culture will better support the world’s ecology. Above all, they see veganism as one of the early steps people can take to be conscious of their relationships in the world: relationships with animals, people, and the planet itself. To the Phoenix family, veganism is an essential ingredient of a loving and peaceful world-an extension of the values that motivated John and Arlyn when the two first met. 

I know Eric and Dylan are very interesting, but it's important to remember the victims as well

Rachel Joy Scott (17): Rachel was active at youth group, and a leader in a local bible study class. She was an aspiring writer and actress, which she was already working towards (she had acted in school plays, and often wrote). According to friends, Rachel would wear clothes that matched her bright and colorful personality.

Daniel Lee Rohrbough (15): Daniel enjoyed electronics and computer games. He would help in his father’s stereo business everyday after school, and would work on his grandfather’s farm during summer. The money he earned from these he used to buy Christmas presents for his family.

William David Sanders (47): Dave was a teacher at Columbine, who taught computer and business, and coached the girls’ basketball and softball teams. His students said he was a teacher, a friend, a mentor and an inspiration. He had a wife, four children, and five grandchildren. He was a big fan of the bands Green Day and Blur.

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did I ever tell you guys about the time my parents came up to visit and me and my mum ended up getting quite drunk at dinner (tbh a lot of my stories start like this)

and I want to take them to this cocktail bar me and my friends visit; so we end up walking down the road, me and my mum giggling about stupid things and gossiping about the actors we fancy while my dad practices his patented ‘Why Me’ face. we get about halfway down the street, and I end up telling my mum about the time my best friend dared me to ask for a Screaming Orgasm from the hottest bartender at this place

and my five foot, born-again christian, little welsh mum pats my arm, looks at me sincerely, and says ‘oh, well, hannah, that is something I hope you get to experience’

because yeah, I think about that quite a lot

I kissed a girl in the name of Jesus.

Today a bunch of Westboro Baptist Church wannabes (you know the sort. “You’re all going to hell” fire and brimstone cult-y type Christians who hold up angry signs) showed up in the middle of my campus and started shouting angry shit to all the students who walked by.

One of the “pastors” began giving the typical “god hates gays” sermon, and the girl next to me turns to me and goes “do you believe this guy?”

We began to talk about the fact that we were both Christians, and she asked if I was okay with gay people. I told her that I absolutely was, and that most of my friends growing up had been gay since I had grown up in choir and theatre. She was really happy about this, and told me that she was bi.

So anyway, this dude goes on and on about how much God hates gay people and blah blah blah, when finally I ask the girl “can I kiss you?” And she said yes.

So I shouted “We’re both born-again Christians! Look at this!” and kissed her (she really planted one on me, man. Tongue and everything). The crowd around us applauded, and the fuckhead pastor was literally stunned into silence for several seconds.

I kissed a girl for the first time in my life today, and as Katy Perry would say, I liked it, because I was proving a point. God loves gays.

mirron91  asked:

So, I was wondering, how did you come by Shinto? Was it something you were raised with or something you sought out? Also kind of curious how, if at all, it interacts with your Witchcraft.

Hey hun,

I was not born into Shinto, but into a born again Christian household that was very religiously aggressive. I had to go to church every week, I had to pay tithes from my pocket money, I had to go to bible study classes during the week, etc etc. And it was an awful experience. Not because Christianity is a bad religion, but because the people within the religion turned it into a weapon that did more harm than good to me. It was a poisonous environment for my growth.
I decided one day that I didn’t want to be a Christian anymore. So I began sacrificing every school recess and lunch reading every book in my school library on world religions, as well as commentary on religious beliefs- like athiestic and scientific texts as well. Any mention of religions or spirituality during my classes- even ancient history was really fascinating. I ended up becoming a Roman pagan, and practising a reconstruction of the ancient Roman religion (lol ancient history lessons really got me into that) and I made a hidden shrine in my room for the Lares.
Anyway, so over time, I continued to read and read, and I ended up reading all the books I could find in my school library. So then, my weekends were spent at a nearby university, reading all of those books I could find in there.
And that was how I gradually moved entirely into Shintoism.
I began secretly visiting Buddhist temples around this time as well, and the Buddhist monks gave me many free books and little statues of Buddhas. So I ended up building a little makeshift Kamidana and buying a lot of devotional items at thrift stores with my pocket money.
It was only when I got to university that my parents found my hidden shrine and I ended up being kicked out of home after months of fighting with them  over religion. They accused me of being a sinner, etc etc and I was basically this awful person because of it. They hated me for refusing to go to church, they made fun of me and humiliated me in front of other Christians, they took me to Christian counsellors to try and talk me out of it, and destroyed all of my devotional items with an actual hammer. Legit. They smashed all my little Buddha statues with a hammer. They even destroyed all my makeshift devotional jewellery I had made for myself.
 And being kicked out of home was the best thing that happened. I had a job at the time, so I was able to support myself in my practice, and I was able to practice without fear of being mistreated for it. I began attending classes at the local temples, and reading and reading as much as I could on both Shintoism and Buddhism, because in Japan they are syncretic.
So that is how I became a Shintoist.
It was really set in stone when I managed to save enough money for a trip to Japan, and I visited every single shrine I saw, even if I had to stop and pray at a 10 different little roadside shrines in a row. I devotedly stopped at every single one of them. It was bliss, like finding something I’d forgotten a long time ago. It brought me so much joy. 
As a Witch, Shintoism does find it’s place in my practice. I work with Ofuda, Sakaki and Shimenawa in my rituals, I also use rice, salt, water and sake (the basic offerings) in my practice. For example, I make a blessing substance from rice, salt, jasmine oil, and water, and put this around the doors to bless people who walk through the door.
Using Japanese plants in magical workings as well- Camelia, Cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, sakaki, susuki, cedar, chrysanthemum, azalea, and so on.
It also means that sometimes if I find a river or a tree that I am particularly drawn to, that I will go and set up a devotional there. So actually making an effort to work with kami in their natural setting as well, and also taking them into account in your practice. So calling on kami in spell work even if you are at home (Oh, that is the beauty of ofuda, they literally are the spiritual essence of a kami).

I hope that this helps!

No, but, so called ‘Christian Seders’ really piss me off, not just because cultural appropriation.

But because when I was in residential treatment at a Catholic treatment Center, I asked one of the people in charge of religious services and shit if they could help me get to a Passover Seder, cuz it was the first time since I was thirteen I was away from my Atheist father who was against my conversion, and my born-again Christian mother, who was also against my conversion.

The man said he’d be happy to help.

Guess what bro did. Guess what he fucking did.

He had a ‘Christian Seder’. Complete with Jesus involved in literally everything. And he didn’t tell me beforehand.

i’m mad because my first attempts at reaching out to do something important to me re: my faith ended with someone trying to trick me into Christianity.

ShAmy : The “Best OTP ever” Progression

Sheldon: You were right. This was a very productive evening. I saw a whole new side of Amy Farrah Fowler tonight. Now that Amy and I have spent quality time together, I feel much more confident proceeding to the next stage of our relationship.

Penny: And that is?

Sheldon: Using in vitro fertilization and a surrogate uterus to gift humanity with our progeny.

Penny: You’re still on that?

Sheldon: In these uncertain times, doesn’t humanity deserve a gift?

Penny: Okay, you know what? I’m gonna come at this in a whole new way. Sheldon, if you try to make a baby with Amy in a petri dish, I’m gonna tell your mother on you.

Sheldon: That’s no threat. My mother’s always wanted a grandchild.

Penny: Really? Your deeply religious born-again Christian mother wants a test-tube grandbaby born out of wedlock?

Sheldon: Curses.

Sheldon: I’ve decided not to procreate.

4 x 01 -  The Robotic Manipulation