Action Bronson
The fat bully who loves food

Aesop Rock
The science fair winner

Angel Haze
The A.G. dyke who knows how to fight

Andy Mineo
The born-again Christian

A$AP Rocky
The fuckboy with a fashion sense

Asher Roth
The surfer kook

Azealia Banks
The one ratchet bitch that nobody likes

Cibo Matto
The twins who have eating disorders

Danny Brown
The nerd with the weird laugh

The illiterate

Donald Glover / Childish Gambino
The deep-thinking poet who used to be socially awkward

The heartbroken kid who is coping over his ex by hanging out with his friends

Earl Sweatshirt
The metalhead in the back of the classroom

The poor kid with anger issues

The kid who tries to educate everyone else; the “streetpreacher”

Flavor Flav
The kid who is always late for his classes

Flo Rida
The kid who loves his hometown way too much

Flying Lotus / Captain Murphy
The quiet kid who lives a double life outside of school

Gangsta Boo
The girl everyone is afraid of because she has a lot of older brothers

Gil-Scott Heron
The super-senior jazz enthusiast

Iggy Azalea
The white kid who tries to act black; the “burger”

Jay Z
The leader of the popular crew with a criminal family history

J. Cole
The straight A student

Joey Bada$$
The musical old soul

Kanye West
The douchebag who always plays the victim

Kendrick Lamar
The kid who escaped the gangbanging lifestyle

KiD CuDi
The pothead who sneaks out of Algebra to smoke alone at the parking lot

Killer Mike
The gossiper

Lil Jon
The wingman who helps the others get girls

Lil Wayne
The black kid who tries to act white; the “coconut”

Lil Yachty
The SpongeBob-obsessed eight grader with social anxiety that hangs out with the highschoolers during recess

Lupe Fiasco
The teacher’s pet

The only kid who actually watches the news

Mac Miller
The Internet-famous kid who hosts weekend parties

MF Doom
The graphic novel fanatic

The transfer student who focuses on politics

Nicki Minaj
The wise single mother who knows how to get her life together

The alcoholic

Pusha T
The drug dealer

Rae Sremmurd
The freshmen duo

Soulja Boy Tell ‘em
The dance major

The poseur

The whore

twenty | one | pilots
The sensitive kids who try to be on everyone’s good side

Tyler, The Creator
The class clown

The slacker

The proud redneck

Young Thug
The closeted homosexual

Yung Lean
The Tumblr kid who brags about their vacation to Tokyo last summer


“A born-again Christian as of 1997, Cassie Bernall was active in church youth programs and Bible study groups. Her parents called her “Bunny Rabbit” and said she loved to go rock climbing in Breckinridge. She had recently visited Great Britain and her favorite movie was ‘Braveheart’.

For a long time after the shootings, it was believed that she was the girl in the library who was asked by one of the shooters: “Do you believe in God?” and was subsequently shot because she said “Yes”. There is still controversy surrounding this – according to the Columbine Report, several witnesses claim that the conversation occurred between gunman Eric Harris and surviving victim Valeen Schnurr. Valeen herself has verified this fact. However Joshua Lapp, a witness to the library shootings, said in his interview with investigators that the shooters asked several people if they believed in God and the answers given didn’t seem to dictate who was shot or not.”

my born again christian republican uncle didn’t talk about politics once tonight EXCEPT to be like “if those people don’t want that pipeline on their land, DON’T BUILD THE FUCKING PIPELINE THERE.” even right wing uncle mike #StandsWithStandingRock, merry fucking christmas

God’s restoration of backsliders is effective.  They grow as a lily.  Lilies often grow in unseemly places where their beauty is outstanding.  They sometimes spring up in the midst of storm.  In the same way, restored believers radiate the beauty of Christianity.  Dew causes lilies to grow; and the Holy Spirit produces spiritual growth in restored believers.
—  W.E. Best

Here are a few true equations that religious people ignore.

Childhood Cancer = Death of Child
Childhood Cancer + Prayer = Death of Child
Childhood Cancer + Prayer + Modern Medicine = Cure
Childhood Cancer + Modern Medicine = Cure

Notice that the presence or absence of prayer does not not change the results!


Here are some great covers from Spire Christian Comics, featuring artwork from former Marvel artist Al Hartley.

First, I’m not posting these to make light of anyone’s beliefs or spread my own. Here at the Illustrated Archives I’m interested in looking into the history of art, illustration, animation and comics - whether it’s the good, the bad, the ugly, or the weird and the strange.

Al Hartley worked for over a decade with Atlas Comics (the precurser to Marvel) and completed one issue of Thor in the 1960′s. He had even worked on a few adult publications for Marvel and feeling unfulfilled he became a born again Christian and then spent the majority of his career drawing Archie’s comics and writing and illustrating for Spire Christian Comics, who published nineteen Archie’s titles by Al Hartley.

Hartley, before working with Spire, had worked on Archie’s comics; often inserting his own Christian beliefs into the stories. John L. Goldwater, Archie’s creator, was also a religious man (Jewish) and allowed Spire Christian Comics to run their own Archie’s comic titles. Goldwater was a huge proponent of the Comics Code Authority; the very strict comic censorship guidelines created in the 1950′s. Publications like Spire Christian Comics obviously thrived under the rules of the CCA.

portaljumper339  asked:

Didn't notice the question where you answered this, but as an avowed and Born-Again Christian I think the idea of the Abrahamic God being involved is interesting. Perhaps making him a special case since he's one God spread over three faiths would be an interesting plot point. After all, this is a world where all gods exist, so why exclude the one most people define as THE God?

It could be interesting, but tricky to pull off. He’s portrayed differently in the Christian faith, the Islamic faith and the Judaic one too, so pinning down a specific set of attributes would be problematic. Also, there would be disagreement between these three faiths about his true nature. 

I know that most people in our society consider Him to be the one true god, but that contradicts that nature of this universe since all the other gods are inherently ‘true’ too. Placing him on a level above the other gods in-universe wouldn’t make sense from a logical standpoint (since his religion/ religions would be far less prevalent in that society due to the god assignment process), and putting him as an equal to the other gods that are considered to be not real in our culture might be insulting to some believers. 

As such, whether he exists in-universe or not is still undecided by me (He technically could be, although His nature and the religions he presides over might be very different due to history and such), but I doubt I’ll bring it up in the story to avoid criticism/ hate from some of the more radical christians (I grew up with some, it’s not pretty). 

anonymous asked:

I am a Born Again Christian woman that doesn't have her soul on track with God's plan. I am constantly sinning, lying and grandstanding to be noticed in this world. I am always asking forgiveness and Igrace for protection but I am not winning. I feel like I have given this battle to the Holy Spirit millions of times but I fall right back to the loosing side. I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and I am afraid that I can't get myself ready to see my Lord. I am ashamed of myself.

Hey! Don’t be ashamed of yourself! Remember to see yourself the way God does. To Him, you are precious!
I can relate to what you described. Remember, we’re all always sinning. There is no perfect person on earth. Don’t allow the evil one to only show you your shortcomings.
God knows that we fail all the time, that’s why He provided His awesome rescue plan!

Often times we think we are not ready for what is happening and what God calls us to. But please remember, He knows us better than we do. He knows when we’re really ready.

Just try your best to focus on God in every moment. Keep your eyes on Him and things will look clearer.

I understand it when you say you feel like you’re just falling back again. That’s what I felt like for a long time but in reality, change comes very slowly sometimes. It seems like it’s just back and forth while really you’re not noticing the slow change taking place. Don’t lose heart.

I am very sorry about your diagnosis! You are in my prayers.
I want you to think about this, Heaven is so much better than we can imagine. It can’t be compared to anything we know now.
God loves you so much, being in His Kingdom with Him forever will make you so happy, trust me. Please don’t be afraid of coming to Him one day.
I hope I could help you with these words. I tried to let God speak through me and I hope I got His message correctly.
God bless and please don’t be afraid to message me.

Me, a retail worker, @ retail customers: keep your political opinions and religious beliefs to yourself!  I am not free to disagree with you or remove myself from an uncomfortable conversation, even if I find your views to be personally offensive or upsetting.  My job is to make you happy and ensure your future business for my employers, and failing to do that could lead to me getting in trouble or even losing my source of employment.  So no matter what great ideas you think a political candidate has for this country (I’m looking at YOU, Trump Dad who talked my ear off at the register for ten minutes), or how eager you are to tell me about God’s plan for my life (You know who you are, Born Again Christian lady who cornered me in the barbecue section), save your opinions for your friends and neighbors, and spare those of us who have no choice but to smile and nod no matter what comes out of your mouth.

First Day Jitters | Open

Dhani stared at the piece of paper in his hand, his sunglasses shaking along with it in the other. His mouth was completely dry. This wasn’t happening. This was… surreal would be a word his father would use. Thinking of his only living relative (well, his dad’s sister was alive, but they were dead to her) tears sprung to his eyes. Would he ever see his father again? The guarantee of not being ‘scarred or damaged’ evaded him. They had already taken his cell phone, school rules, they said. That was bad enough. This new set of rules, this declaration of his status was something else all together. Something much worse. Surreal.

He blamed his aunt. His born-again Christian, though she’d been born Jewish and went to Hebrew school, aunt who had done her fair share of name calling. His grandmother had come around, to his father’s deep relief when Dhani was still a little boy, but his aunt never would. He’d always hated her. She’d scowl at him if she didn’t ignore him completely at Bubbe’s parties. Bubbe had promise to put Dhani through college, all four years with more left over, because he was her sweet boy, who care for her in her last years. Then suddenly Dhani was left with no Bubbe and no money and he and his father sat with his grandmother’s lawyer discovering she hadn’t changed her will in 23 years. She had written her son out and never wrote him or his adopted son back in. So Auntie took the money, the estate, and Dhani applied for the grant. Dad couldn’t convince her otherwise. Dad didn’t know he’d just signed over…. what? Everything.

“I’ve joined a cult.” That’s all Dhani could think to call it. He took a breath, then another, finding it hard to breathe out on the sprawling patio of the Institute.

“I joined a cult.”

anonymous asked:

Since the Anti-Vaxx topic is still around I will say that even Austin Carlisle is against vaccines as well (shocking right). I lost all respect for him when I found out about this shortly after he became a born again Christian.

That’s crazy considering his medical issues. The flu could really kill him easily wtf

But the public scandal over the Reagan administration’s reaction to AIDS is complex and goes much deeper, far beyond the commander-in-chief’s refusal to speak out about the epidemic. Reagan understood that a great deal of his power resided in a broad base of born-again Christian Republican conservatives who embraced a deeply reactionary social agenda of which a virulent, demonizing homophobia was a central tenet. In the media men such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell articulated these sentiments that portrayed gay people as diseased sinners and promoted the idea that AIDS was a punishment from God and that the gay rights movement had to be stopped. In the Republican Party, zealous right-wingers such as Rep. William Dannemeyer of California and Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina hammered home this message. In the Reagan White House, people such as Secretary of Education William Bennett and Gary Bauer, Reagan’s domestic policy adviser, worked to enact it in the administration’s policies.

What did this mean in practical terms? Most importantly, AIDS research was chronically under-funded. When doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health asked for more funding for their work on AIDS, they were routinely denied it. Between June 1981 and May 1982 the CDC spent less than $1 million on AIDS and $9 million on Legionnaire’s Disease. At that point more than 1,000 of the 2,000 reported AIDS cases resulted in death; there were fewer than 50 deaths from Legionnaire’s Disease. This drastic lack of funding would continue through the Reagan years.

When health and support groups in the gay community were beginning to initiate education and prevention programs, they were denied federal funding. In October 1987 Senator Helms amended a federal appropriations bill to prohibit AIDS education efforts that “encourage or promote homosexual activity” — that is, efforts that tell gay men how to have safe sex.

—  The Truth About Reagan and AIDS by Michael Bronski, November 2003