Deadpool is not the most unfuckable human being. I’m pretty sure that Jesus is the most unfuckable human being. I mean, whenever you see paintings of him, you’re not like “Wow he is hot, I want his hands all over me”, like when you see my boyfriend. You’re more like, “Wow this person looks mysteriously adorable yet totally unfuckable”, even from just his face (like when you see paintings of just his face). But of course I’m just talking about His humanity. To conclude, I’m grateful that I have my boyfriend to fantasize about. Lol. But seriously, HASHTAG BLESSED. :) #foodforthought #religion #relationships #blessed


A closer look at exit polls and the evangelical vote

As Donald Trump has racked up big wins among self-described “born-again or evangelical” Christians in many of the early primaries and caucuses, some religious leaders, political analysts and researchers have questioned whether many of these self-described evangelicals actually are evangelical Christians.

Specifically, some analysts have expressed disappointment that the exit polls in some states have included only a single question about religion: “Would you describe yourself as a born-again or evangelical Christian?” They argue that this question may be too broad to accurately capture who really is and isn’t an evangelical Protestant. At the same time, some religious leaders have assumed that many of those who are telling exit pollsters that they are born-again or evangelical and that they voted for Trump aren’t really evangelicals at all because, for example, they rarely attend church.

While it is impossible to know for sure how many self-described evangelicals who also are Trump supporters embrace the tradition’s beliefs and practices, data from Pew Research Center’s 2014 Religious Landscape Study show that when people identify as “born-again or evangelical” Christians, they also are very likely to report specific beliefs and behaviors that are characteristic of evangelical Protestantism, and this is the case regardless of which political party they support.

But the public scandal over the Reagan administration’s reaction to AIDS is complex and goes much deeper, far beyond the commander-in-chief’s refusal to speak out about the epidemic. Reagan understood that a great deal of his power resided in a broad base of born-again Christian Republican conservatives who embraced a deeply reactionary social agenda of which a virulent, demonizing homophobia was a central tenet. In the media men such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell articulated these sentiments that portrayed gay people as diseased sinners and promoted the idea that AIDS was a punishment from God and that the gay rights movement had to be stopped. In the Republican Party, zealous right-wingers such as Rep. William Dannemeyer of California and Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina hammered home this message. In the Reagan White House, people such as Secretary of Education William Bennett and Gary Bauer, Reagan’s domestic policy adviser, worked to enact it in the administration’s policies.

What did this mean in practical terms? Most importantly, AIDS research was chronically under-funded. When doctors at the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health asked for more funding for their work on AIDS, they were routinely denied it. Between June 1981 and May 1982 the CDC spent less than $1 million on AIDS and $9 million on Legionnaire’s Disease. At that point more than 1,000 of the 2,000 reported AIDS cases resulted in death; there were fewer than 50 deaths from Legionnaire’s Disease. This drastic lack of funding would continue through the Reagan years.

When health and support groups in the gay community were beginning to initiate education and prevention programs, they were denied federal funding. In October 1987 Senator Helms amended a federal appropriations bill to prohibit AIDS education efforts that “encourage or promote homosexual activity” — that is, efforts that tell gay men how to have safe sex.

—  The Truth About Reagan and AIDS by Michael Bronski, November 2003

NY Daily News smears VICTIM of San Bernardino attack as “just as bigoted as his killer” because he was a “NRA-loving born again Christian”

I’m not sure what’s going on at the New York Daily news, but in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack, they’ve shown themselves to be more thank just biased—downright evil. First they mocked the prayers offered up for victims, then they smeared NRA President Wayne LaPierre as being as guilty of terrorism as the Islamic jihadists who murdered 14, and now this: some of the most vile and bigoted screed I’ve ever seen in a mainstream newspaper. They’re actually calling one of the victims of the attack “just as bigoted as the monsters” who committed the attacks. I kid you not.

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Here are a few true equations that religious people ignore.

Childhood Cancer = Death of Child
Childhood Cancer + Prayer = Death of Child
Childhood Cancer + Prayer + Modern Medicine = Cure
Childhood Cancer + Modern Medicine = Cure

Notice that the presence or absence of prayer does not not change the results!

Born Again-Christian :)
Okay, first of all.. 
  • We don’t believe in Saints. Wala kami nun. 
  • Tas every communion instead of Ostia, we partake a Bread/Biscuit then drink wine/grape juice. 
  • We have bands. Not like other religion, guitar or piano lang. Kami we have it both plus drummers. Not only acoustic guitars but also electric one’s too.
  • Then we also have choirs too!
  • Instead of Misa, we call it a Service. Dun pinaguusapan yung mga ginawa ni God for us & the likes.
  • We have a different place for the Toddlers, Kids, Teens, Young adults & adults. We have for the Jubilant too, but hindi siya tuwing sunday :)
  • Our Praise & Worship last for more than 30mins.
  • Usually, in our church, we have the praise & worship first then the preach/word.
  • If you’re attending the Teens, Young Adults, Kids & Toddlers, sometimes we celebrate Parties/occasion. We sometimes dress up & have games.
  • There’s this group where you can share about you & your life & if you have something to pray about, the leader will help you. That group is Called Care Group :)
  • We have special Speakers from Abroad.
  • It’’s fun. You can find new friends because our church have this Event every summer for the teens & the young adults called LIFE CONFERENCE. Once you tried going, you can’t wait to go again next year :)
There are a lot of things that I can tell about being a Born Again-Christian. What I wrote is what I am experiencing in our church. I just don’t know if its the same to the other church’s too. Oh well, that’s how it goes in our church. You interested? :D