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I apologize if you've already answered this question, but - have you read "Good Omens"? What did you think of the book?

I actually haven’t read it, because even my great love for Terry Pratchett has thus far not been enough to overcome my irrational distaste for Neil Gaiman.

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Mushrooms have 36,000 different genders. Why we gotta be limited to Foxy being either / or? I support your video, friend!!

I actually wrote the entire video last night and brought up the “fungi have thousands of sexes” thing in a segment where I list reasons of why there aren’t just two genders.

I also hold up my Fun Fox figurine and was like “nope not seeing any naughty bits here, by your logic Foxy’s a legendary Pokemon I guess.” There’s actually a lot of weird humor based on my passionate hatred for this 4 year long gender debates.

73. A Star is Born (Bradley Cooper, 2018)

Starts off strong, but quickly devolves into a plotless vanity project for Cooper that doesn’t seem at all concerned with the star who’s being born. Gaga does what she can with what little she’s given, but we can’t escape the sensation that this film has almost nothing interesting to say about fame, doesn’t understand the music industry or what pop music sounds like, and worst of all, fundamentally misunderstands what makes Gaga a star. Whatever this is, it isn’t A Star is Born.

Rating: 7.3/10


But then again...

Park Jimin DO as he SAYS!

Shoto is that kid you hated in middle school because he was better than you at anything

I needed to draw him so 

I’ve been counting on the wrong things to make life feel alright
You could be my Acid Queen until the end of time

Gladys: You trust that Cooper girl with our son?

FP: Yeah, so?

Gladys: I just don’t like her but maybe its because she reminds me of Alice. Or maybe because she’s not good enough for Jughead.


Jellybean to Jughead: Is he always like this?

Jughead: He likes Betty more than he likes me, I’m fine with it. Actually he threatened that if I ever broke up with the best thing I have in my life he’d disown me. So, want to get ice cream?

FP: * pterodactyl screeching *

S is for Serpents not Slut

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Part 1 | Part 2

Pairing: Sweet Pea x Reader

Description: Y/N gets messed up with Ghoulies and Sweet Pea tries everything he can to protect her. Will it be enough, though?

Prompt: 1. ‘Back off, Serpent slut.’ + 24. ‘Stay away from the Ghoulies at all costs.’

Warnings: Swearing and fighting. 

Word count: 2323

A/N: For @tailsbeth-writes writing challenge. This is my first challenge and the first I write for Sweet Pea, hope you like it! 

Tag: @southsidejuggie @ju-gg @lostnliterature  Let me know if you still want to be tagged on future work. And if anyone wants to be added to the tag list :)

Y/N is in Southside High’s library with her head stuck in a book. She’s made quite a good friendship with the librarian, so the woman let’s her stay in late. Pages are flying as she’s reading as fast as possible since the story is almost ending. However, the lights go off, something that doesn’t usually happen on nights she stays in. She walks out confused - anybody who sees her can tell she’s a bit scared, for the Black Hood is still out there and she has her fair share of sin. Noises are coming from down the hall. It’s not the smartest thing, but she carefully walks towards them. Y/N spots three ghouls standing over a boy whose face is covered in blood. She only recognizes him because of the unique beanie he wears. Something comes over her and she rushes to stop them. Y/N stands dangerously close to the stronger one that’s laughing at what his accomplices are doing. “Stop.” She doesn’t have to shout to get their attention, but there sure is some demand on her tone. The surprise of it makes them switch focus to her, leaving the beat-up boy twitching slightly at the pain. 

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Since Twilight is trending for whatever reason can we talk about how the reason Bella attacked Jacob in Breaking Dawn 2 wasnt because he had imprinted on her kid who would, at most, be around 7 or 8 by the time Jacob would start thinking he could screw her, but because he called her by a nickname that people also call the Loch Ness monster? Like, that’s what upset her the most? That was the last straw for her in that conversation?