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idol au character rundown

so if you havent heard, @mooksmookin created an amazing idol au which they allowed me to write! (you can see their explanation here!) so i thought it was about time to introduce the characters to the au!!! without further ado, here are the stars of the show~

Oikawa Tooru

  • the leader and main vocalist of the famous boy group seij-OH!
  • signed to the company HQ entertainment at 13, oikawa grew up as a child actor and singing in musicals, deciding that singing and producing was what he wanted to pursue.
  • widely regarded as the group’s prettiest member and a visual, oikawa is sought after for modelling, promotions, and acting. however, oikawa turns each opportunity down unless the other members accompany him.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • rapper and supporting vocalist for the group seij-OH! with a voice rough, sensual and honey sweet.
  • signed around the same time as oikawa, his childhood friend. iwaizumi always supported oikawa, but made a point of asserting himself and chasing after the goal of making music.
  • can play guitar, and often writes the guitar licks, bass lines, and chord progressions for the music. the fans die whenever he plays guitar, and frankly, die whenever they get to see his biceps.

Matsukawa Issei

  • lead rapper of the group seij-OH!
  • was signed at the age of fourteen after repeatedly sending demo tracks of his garageband music to HQ.
  • the fans know him as “the bad boy with a soft heart,” which earns snickers and laughs from the other members. really doesn’t give a shit about PR and often speaks his mind and doesn’t tone down his sarcastic and lewd humour.

Hanamaki Takahiro

  • lead dancer and supporting vocalist of the group seij-OH! choreographs all of seij-OH’s dances
  • has been studying dance since age six, taking different styles including, but not limited to: jazz, contemporary, modern, several types of ballet, lyrical, tap, and hiphop. was signed to HQ at age twelve but only started training to become an idol at age fourteen.
  • he and Matsukawa met as trainees when Hanamaki was asked to fix his dancing form. they’ve been inseparable ever since, and have been informally announced to be dating.

Hinata Shouyou

  • at 20 years old, he’s confused as to where his life is going until he meets his idols, the legendary boyband seij-OH and creates a friendship with the members. his life spirals from fanboy to friend, and with it, romantic~ feelings begin to form
  • through his best friend kenma’s short film, hinata lands a modelling job via Kuroo Tetsurou Models, skyrocketing his own fame and earning him his own chance at the limelight

Kozume Kenma

  • 21 years old, and Hinata’s best friend. they met in high school through the internet, and eventually ended up living together when they moved to kyoto for university.
  • a film major and filmmaker, creating haunting, creepy, and visually stunning short films. has a decent presence in the indie filmmaker community, but struggles to find actors within his price range

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • a 22 year old acting/modelling agent, who was born into the modelling scene quite literally, with famous parents. never having sought out stardom himself, kuroo prefers to pull at the strings and makes his living making other people famous.
  • he was contacted by kenma, looking for actors, but they couldn’t work out a deal. later, kuroo goes to a film festival where kenma is featured and watches his film, taking special interest in the lead actor used- none other than hinata shouyou himself. it takes a little persuading, but he’s able to sign hinata and whisk him away to a career where he naturally excels .
  • kenma is stubborn and tries to ignore kuroo. it doesnt always work

anyways i love this au so so much it has so many shennanigans and so much angst !!! pls feel free to message me or mooks with questions about it and i promise to have the first chapter up soon ~

supporting characters under the cut!!!!!!

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Jurgen Klopp and his 20+ sons prt2

emre can aka the greatest human being ever born

  • model??? footballer??? both??? both is good
  • gets stick, comes thru w the best goal uve ever seen
  • invented good hair and looks
  • will fight you
  • one time he scored a overhead bicycle kick and its now been renamed TheEmreCAN
  • benzema tried it, he couldnt 
  • kloppo loves all his sons equally but he loves emre can more, its tru

loris karius aka prince charming

  • goalkeeper, model, he can do it all
  • social media hoe
  • wore socks w slippers one time, i disowned him
  • hes a good man, likes to sing and dance
  • one time he fell off an uberboard…….
  • was bleach blonde for a while
  • parties in ibiza like he owns ibiza 

dejan lovren aka he doesnt have a nickname the fuck (should be called the beeslayer cus ykno winkwink)

  • scored THAT goal v bvb,
  • will forever be a legend for it
  • is a big teddy bear  
  • a jokester, laughs alot
  • the only person to touch emres hair and not die - a miracle 
  • embarrasing dad to marko grujic
  • amazing dad to his real kids

nathaniel clyne, aka my underappreciated fave

  • U N D E R A P P R E C I A T E D 
  • underappreciated
  • underappreciated 
  • needs more love and appreciation
  • did the hip hop battle w studge, lost
  • appreciate hiiiiiimmmmmm!!!!!
  • will play every game, gets no love

simon mignolet aka saint simon

  • got stick, bossed goalkeeping and shut them up
  • angry bean
  • shot stopper
  • his defence lets him down, saves our damn ass
  • a pure 
  • opened a coffe shop in belgium; 
  • prolly to deal w the stress of his defence letting him down
  • hence the reason he needs free coffee all the time, i dont blame him

joel matip, aka he also doesnt have a nickname smh (it should will save lfc’s dumb ass even when they dont deserve it)

  • he was free, 
  • we got our best defender for free, its a dream
  • we’re so lucky to have him
  • made defending his bitch
  • he scored one time it was emotional
  • he got injured one other time, our whole team fell apart and conceded goals like they live for it
  • also a good man

shamal george aka smolkeeper

  • came on as a striker in preseason, it was so great
  • dont be fooled by his nickname hes so tollll, toller than kloppo
  • so in love w his gf, im jealous 
  • posted that ovie meme
  • got injured, i cried 
  • future best goalkeeper in the world, i dont make the rules its tru

ben woodburn aka woody

  • everyones fave child
  • made us all fall in love w him in preseason
  • made his debut and  then scored against leeds, everyone cried
  • mini stevie??? prolly 
  • kloppo will protect him to death, no media hounds are getting near him
  • trents best friend 

Trent Alexander-Arnold aka just trent aka utd are still prolly in his pocket

  • the other child we are all overly emotional over
  • started the utd game 
  • made utd his bitch
  • seriously he was so boss, it was unbelivable 
  • put that tounge away child
  • ben’s best friend, aka stuck to each other level of friendship
  • baby defender bossing defending, cries,

divock origi aka belgium babe

  • also scored v bvb
  • saved us alot in the 15/16 season then he got hurt 
  • scored a wonder goal v bournemoth
  • it was seriously so good, i cant even describe it 
  • did so much weight training he went up a shirt size-hulk is that you??? :DD
  • a child

danny ings, aka could be the best striker we’ve ever had if he didnt get hurt all the damn time 

  • the pic above is an accurate representation of his past two years 
  • got injured once, came back, got injured again
  • spends time w his dog and gf, 
  • social media hoe 2.0
  • scored v everton which makes him a tru red
  • never not injured

marko grujic aka my son

  • a tol smol; toller than kloppo
  • celebrated like stevie in preseason; made us all so freaking emotional
  • dejan’s embarrassed son
  • stays home listening to Chantaje
  • snapchats music all the time
  • lives in a fancy ass apartment but is forever in his car

alberto moreno aka spanish puppy

  • is a defender, is benched for a midfielder
  • grew a ponytail ditched it to go bleach blonde, 
  • member of the brazillian squad
  • also too young to have a child
  • i dont think anyone ever knows what he’s saying they just go w it
  • hyperactive child 

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won’t you celebrate with me
what i have shaped into
a kind of life? i had no model.
born in babylon
both nonwhite and woman
what did i see to be except myself?
i made it up
here on this bridge between
starshine and clay,
my one hand holding tight
my one hand; come celebrate
with me that everyday
something has tried to kill me
and has failed.
—  Lucille Clifton, ‘Won’t You Celebrate With Me’