born to knit

i have this headcanon that by the time all of her grandchildren were born molly weasley was knitting more christmas sweaters than she ever thought possible but still she kept knitting

and one day fleur is looking over the christmas photos from last year and notices that every single person is wearing a weasley christmas sweater… except molly

so that year molly opens her christmas presents from bill, fleur and the kids and there’s a hand-crocheted sweater with an “M” on it from her daughter-in-law don’t fucking look at me

You know something that bugs me? I just saw another one of those “Hogwarts House” things, where Hufflepuff once again embodies the anthropomorphization of the sound of “Hufflepuff,” all fluffy and sweet. You know what Hufflepuff values? Hard work, loyalty, dedication, fair play, and patience. 

Hard work and dedication aren’t sweet and warm. They’re sweaty and tiring and oftentimes they make you angry. Coming off the end of your second 13 hour shift in 2 days? That’s not sweet. Busting your butt to get into med school for ten years and waiting on tenterhooks to find out if you’ve made it, that’s not fluffy; that feels like your viscera are taking flying lessons, and it sucks. Working for years to support your disabled sibling who last you saw hadn’t moved off the couch where they’re watching the latest new Netflix show? Hard work, dedication, and an awful lot of bitterness, resentment, rage.

Fairness? How the hell do you manage that? Wanting things to be fair, that’s striving for an inherently unattainable ideal, because someone will always have been born smarter, faster, better at knitting than you, and some people will always know more connected people than you. How can you go through life and treat the people you despise with the same courtesy as your colleagues? How do you give up an advantage you consider unfair? Is it unfair if you’re naturally better at something? You have moral and ethical questions that will always be important to you, and a world that doesn’t care. I don’t know about you, but the idea that the world and humanity overall don’t care about something that important to me doesn’t make me feel like “tea and sweaters.”

And as for the last, loyalty is one of the best qualities in the world (personal opinion) but it can be very dangerous. Loyal men will follow a leader to ruin. A person loyal to an idea can run into obsession and mania. Dogs will kill and die for a master to whom they have dedicated their obedience and loyalty. People live and die for their countries and their battle buddies, to whom they are loyal. A loyal man is a dangerous man. Unquestioning loyalty can be deadly, and is misleading.

The world would not be a kind place for a Hufflepuff.

Hufflepuff, if it caught all of the people it claims to value, would be the House of the potentially broken. Their aesthetic wouldn’t always be soft and fluffy. They might be a puzzle box, with an unknown interior; could be a bomb, could be a chocolate. They might be calm sunlight in a meadow, sure, but the storm is still coming. They might be a seed, something green and growing with a bit of care, but it’s anyone’s guess if the plant will be monkshood or sugarcane. 

Not that everyone who wants soft and good things for Hufflepuff is wrong; I just think everyone has missed the potential in the House and in the traits it values.

Please say hello to my Bullet Farm boy: Jacket!!! Kukkii and I have collaborated two Bullet Farm OCs and Jacket is one half with Squire being the other (Kukkii should have his ref sheet up soon). 

Most amazing art done by: kukkiisart

I’ve written all of Jacket’s character down below so please read about him if you’re interested! :)

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This was God’s plan for you before you were born. Before He knit you together in the womb, He was delighting in the fact that you would bear His divine image and reveal His reality.
—  Kimberly Wagner