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Altean Lance

So, I have recently fallen in love with Sad Altean Lance;
King Alfor favors his first born child, Allura, not only due to the fact that she was the first child but also because of how much he seems himself in her. Allura always studies hard, has a speech prepared for every event, and is honestly just a great leader in general.
Then there’s Lance, who really does try, but can’t ever seem to keep focus during his classes, and loves to be around people but doesn’t like the attention just being on him (so speeches were a big no). He would rather be a follower, than a leader, which Alfor doesn’t like AT ALL.
Due to this, Alfor basically completely shuts Lance out, instead choosing to focus his attention on Allura.
King Alfor has new dresses tailored for her, has her favorite foods (foods that Lance hates) made for her every meal, and goes as far as saying she is his favorite child.
Now Lance is used to Alfor spoiling Allura, but he never goes as far as admitting favorites and this new information just shatters Lance’s poor little heart.
So he tries. He tries to pay attention in class, but is always distracted by something. He tries to write a speech, but Allura’s always outdo his own.
Lance hates giving up, he would rather go down swinging, but doesn’t know what to do to make Alfor look at him again, to look past Allura for once and finally treat him like his own son again.
Which is why, at the next event held, a party celebrating the new alliance between Galra and Altean, Lance flees with a lonely Galra named Keith, abandoning his princely duties, his family, everything he had; because he see’s himself in Keith.
It’s only after the party that Alfor notices Lance is gone (Allura noticed earlier but didn’t want to ruin the mood) and sends a servant to retrieve him. When the servant comes back without Lance is when Alfor feels worried.
Guards searched for days, and found nothing.
That’s when Alfor weeps, scared his son is dead, so upset with himself for just pushing Lance to the side; had he been a better Father, his son would still be with them.


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This is perfection. Please make a fic. 

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Oh my gosh! And this way, the baby would still be genetically a part of the Agreste line, and just. This is perfect. Plus, I don't ever see Hugo ever wanting to be a dad. Stylish Uncle, yes, but dad??? Eh...

There may be a day in the very distant future that Hugo decides to have a kid of his own, but at this stage in his life the idea of caring for a child probably makes him want to consume dangerous amounts of alcohol. 

Spoiling a niece or nephew, however? Oh he’d be so down.

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Keith and Lance share a birthday (it can be whatever sign, I'm hoping Virgo). Lance finds out and immediately asks Keith what time he was born "6:30 am" after about 3 minutes converting time zone differences across birth countries Lance screams "five minutes, you're five minutes older than me. I can't believe this" Keith freezes, he was born at 6:30 but due to complications at birth he didn't actually take his first breath until 6:35am. He couldn't breathe without Lance in his world

thank you for my life

Hiya guys. Sorry for the lack of posts. School is kicking my butt. However, I am still working on the story when I have time, don’t fret. Hopefully I can post soon, maaaaybe this weekend, but take that with a grain of sugar! For the time being I will be AFK! Don’t hate me. *smooches* 😗

Perfect Timing - Finn Bálor

Request: Can you write a Finn imagine where the reader is gonna give birth but he’s at Raw and doesn’t think he’s gonna make it but he does and it’s just cute and fluffy.

A/N: here you go! also, this is an alternative to Ava being born due to the fact when child #2 arrives, I already have that one set and planned!

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“This wasn’t how I envisioned this happening.” You sighed deeply, looking around the room you were secured inside. You laid back in the bed with monitors strapped to you, Ava’s heart being heard throughout the room. The current time was 6:30 PM, just five hours after you had first felt everything take place. “You know he’ll try his hardest to get here. If he’s not here before she’s born, he’ll be here after.” Finn’s mother squeezed your hand gently, sending you a warm smile. You returned it as the pain started up again which made you lose all train of thought, your new task at hand to be focused on breathing.

1:30 PM, Six Hours Ago

“No, I swear that had to be it. They haven’t felt like this before.” You insisted, a hand rested against your stomach. You watched as one of your closest friend’s and Finn’s mother paced the room, gathering everything from the household that would be needed. You felt yourself tense up, your hand reaching for your cell phone.

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Do you think that children are born evil due to genetics or they are made evil through the childhood and environment that they are raised in?

When it comes to violent children, more often than not they are products of their environment. For example, parents who abuse their children instil an almost instinctive reliance upon violence as a first resort to any challenge that may arise. If a child doesn’t bond with its primary caregiver then there is no foundation for trust throughout their childhood. This can often lead to isolation which is where violent fantasies can manifest. For example, Edmund Kemper. Certain behaviour needs to be taught to children early on but if there is nobody there to teach them or to teach them the opposite, then they’re just going to be products of their environment.

However, there are many children that have suffered unimaginable abuse but have grown up to behave the complete opposite. Childhood abuse isn’t a direct link to a future in violent crime but the majority of “bad” children are just products of their environment. Just look at almost every single child that has killed somebody.

Okay, time for some real talk. It’s a new year, but to say I’m ready for a “new me” isn’t really accurate. It isn’t accurate because I’ve already been where I want to go - I’m on my way back to it. The picture you see on the left was from 2014 (maybe early 2015?) I stuck to my keto diet religiously, and went to the gym at least four times a week. I felt fucking amazing! I had so much energy, I loved the way clothes fit, and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything with the diet I stuck to. I mean, come on, with keto you can enjoy things like bacon and cheese and STILL lose weight.

So what happened between then and now? Life. The body you see on the right has had a second baby! That’s right! I made another awesome little person! I attempted to stay on keto after she was born, but had trouble due to the fact that I was nursing. I traded gym time for cuddles and napping whenever I had the chance. I ate whenever and whatever I could because a baby doesn’t care that you haven’t had lunch yet, let alone breakfast. Life has definitely made this body!

But hey, it’s 2017 now, and I’m starting fresh. After the giant pile of shit that was 2016, I feel like I can take on anything! Keto started yesterday, and gym starts in four weeks. My daughter will be a year old soon and everything is slowly getting a little easier. I plan to start being the “fitblr” I once was, and I hope that I can help motivate some of you the way that so many of you have motivated me!

The sunny snowy serious selfie - tsssss

© Marie V Vollmer aka Lulette  ||  Saint-Lary, Pyrénées, 12 février 2009

I like my hair, I really never get bored, but I’m always that tiny bit late, eg. for a selfie sunday submission at pws, shoot. Mind you, I was born 2 weeks after the due date…

Thank you for your selfie submission! It was IN TIME! And we love it! And your hair. And this is EXCITING (and anything but boring)

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Neglectful Black Mother

@sensualthoughtsofstevebuscemi asked:

So, I have a character, whom I’ve had in development for a long time. She is the boss of the protag, and a black woman. Her back story involves her having a daughter with a long term boyfriend, but she left him with the child not long after she (the daughter) was born due to conflicts with the boyfriend. She hasn’t made any effort to stay in contact with or make a connection to the daughter, more or less abandoning her. However, I do make it clear that the father was very loving and supportive, and gave his daughter the best life he could, but he is a very secondary character compared to the mother. Would this still fall under the trope of the absentee black parents?

We have asks that I think have proper advice for this scenario. I’d need a much better reason for this mother abandoning her child than differences with her boyfriend. As it stands, it comes off as a very petty reason (I don’t like the father, so eff my child and him). How much more to it is there? It doesn’t excuse the abandonment, but there would have to be some extreme levels of hurt and grudge-holding for one to completely abandon their child in this way, i’d think. 

As for the loving and supportive father, that’s fine, but the set-up as a whole seems to uplift Black men at the expense of Black women. Black women are already deemed unfit mothers by society so this just supports the stereotype, especially without a valid reason for her checking out. Plus, when a man takes care of his child, they’re praised to the high heavens while single mothers do it every day without receiving half that praise, particularly single Black mothers.

Please read the following:

~Mod Colette

I agree. Just those reasons seem very small to abandon your own flesh and blood and gives a very negative feeling about this mother, which rubs me the wrong way. We don’t need more of such characters. If this mother needs to remain absent, give her more than a shallow reason as “not liking the dad”. 

Having these reasons for her abandonment be abuse would also be tricky though. If written, let it be written from within the community, since its an intracommunity issue. I’d rather see reasons for something negative like this that would at least leave some room for sympathy, even if you’d still disagree and dislike the mother for it.

~Mod Alice

You’re taking the “strong independent black woman who don’t need no man” trope and complicating the dynamics by adding a child into the mix, effectively turning an already seen-as-emotionless demographic and solidifying it close to “absolute monster” territory. Society hates absentee moms. When the mother is white or white passing, people go “well she can’t be that bad” because society refuses to believe that it’s possible for a white mother to be bad to her kids.

But when you add race to the mix, suddenly everyone wants to believe all Moms of Color are neglectful, emotionless, and uncaring. They want to give the adoption system every excuse to swoop in and place these poor, poor Children of Color into white families.

Please, write nice moms. Don’t give society weapons against us.

~Mod Lesya

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Do you think it is possible the Centipeetle was a member of the gem aristocracy, had her own pearl etc? I'm mostly thinking about the historical practise of aristocrats starting off in command positions/buying their way in, which might be referenced.. and she has pretty good posture for a bug monster

I feel like the insinuation that Centi’s posture is evidence of nepotism or her buying her way into power seems an awfully loose read on Centi herself. Especially because it’s likely a fair number of Gems in leadership positions are in fact born there due to the structure of the caste system. (I say “a fair number” because the evidence of a hierarchy within the Rubies would suggest there’s definitely room for movement)

The thing is, as little as we know about her? Centi seems to be an excellent soldier and commander. Let’s look at this here:

  • She was given command of a ship and a full detachment of troops. This would seemingly place her rank as higher than Jasper, as the tripod ship is easily as large as the Hand Ship, certainly much more impressive than Doc Ruby’s Roaming Eye.

  • Said soldiers were quite obviously willing to die for her. They would sooner remain on Earth and defy an order from the Diamonds to retreat, and received her warmly and affectionately when she reunited with them, even a long time later- telling us that after five thousand years of being bug monsters, they don’t regret it.

  • Centi herself gives us a pretty clear indication of why this might be: she is a very nurturing and caring person who, even in a disoriented and corrupted state reacts very strongly to the sight of someone, even a neutral party or possible enemy, being vulnerable and scared. Centi also seemingly came to the Gem Temple looking for her subordinates.

  • She was a very difficult opponent for the Crystal Gems to fight! I know I’ve been a bit dismissive of Centi before, but that was because almost everyone seems like a trivial opponent compared to Lapis. Centi is definitely one of the most formidable Corrupted Gems encountered. 

That said, it certainly is possible- even more than before, with the existence of Holly Blue- that Centi might be some intersection of Gem aristocracy and a soldier. You aren’t the first to mention, and it’s rather obvious in Monster Reunion while she has a largely humanoid body that she is if nothing else very used to presenting in high society, with a sense of decorum. 

Considering her color palette would seem to suggest she’s a YD-affiliated Gem, that seems a bit unusual just going off Peridot and YD herself, and might suggest Centi is fastidious about her presentation even when it’s not expected of her.

One can usually tell the dynamic of their pups depending on how long they’re pregnant for. Omega pups carry the highest risk of being born prematurely, beta pups are almost always born on their exact due date, and alpha pups are most likely to be born late

Headcanon: Controlling a Shimada dragon for the first time drains your health and energy dangerously quickly. You were considered a Shimada if you survive your first summoning. Hanzo and Genji lost a few siblings born before them due to this.

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Not trying to prove anything just want to write this down

So Pidge Gunderson is the male persona of Katie Holt that we see in Voltron Legendary Defender. But there are some bits of flawed logic about their time as a cadet, namely periods and physical exams. This leads me to think that Katie was born male, transitioned to female due to gender dysphoria and was happy, then needed to Sweet Polly Oliver back to a male persona to get back into Galaxy Garrison. 

It’s complicated, but it smooths over some of the odd bits of logic; no need to fake illnesses on red days if there are no red days, and no need to find a sympathetic doctor to fake the paperwork. That haircut right before classes started is no less significant because of this, but more about the loss of something that had to be fought for than just giving up that purple dress.

And that scene in the Space Mall with the bathrooms? Pidge can’t read alien, let alone understand alien symbolism. Blue and pink being used to represent male and female, respectively, on Earth only dates back a few generations, so there is not telling what it means to aliens. The hesitation Pidge shows is not from what gender they are but from what the signs mean.

Next on my list of Voltron Logic to solve: How did Keith guess Pidge was a girl? They were not at Garrison at the same time (as evidenced by Lance being bumped up to fighter class right as Pidge enrolls), so the first time they could have met was in the quarantine tent while rescuing Shiro. Was Keith able to guess based on Pidge’s girly screaming?

Fahc headcanon

Meg and Ryan used to work together before Ryan joined the Fakes. They met in the fashion industry as models and Meg quickly learned hat Ryan made some side money by assassinating people. Back then though, he was known as the Mad King. Meg asked to be let in on jobs, learned she was a natural, and Team Free Slay was born.

However, due to some unreconcilable differences with a employer, Ryan had to leave Meg behind and hang up his crown. He hid in the streets and allies, gaining the nickname Vagabond. He picked up a skull mask and easily became one of the scariest mofos in the underworld. Again. Until Geoff have him an offer he couldn’t refuse and he joined the Fakes.

But Meg had thought he had died. Everyone knew that the King had perished in an explosion, burned by an uppity gang leader who had hired him. The gang leader wasn’t alive for very long. If there is one thing Meg is good at, it’s revenge. The entire gang burned like they were in Hell. Most of them were still alive when the he building went up. There were no survivors.

So fast forward a few years. Meg gets a job that
she can’t do by herself in Los Santos, so she calls Lindsey. Lindsey is with the Fakes now, so she just passes the job offer to Geoff, who trusting Lindsey’s recommendation, lets Meg in.

So Meg is in the Penthouse, sitting on the couch with Lindsey and the Lads, just chatting it up. Geoff and Jack are going over the possibility of the job in the background, keeping an eye of the new girl, just in case. And in walks Ryan, who came in super late from a clean-up. He’s half asleep, hadn’t had coffee or caffeine yet, hasn’t put on his face paint, nothing. And he walks past the couch.

Jeremy realizes that Ry is mask-less and makes sure that he has Meg’s attention, so her back is to Ryan. Lindsey catches on quick and asks Meg to tell a story, which bubbly Meg agrees. She’s starting when Ryan mutters sleepily “Hey Meg,” not realizing what he’s said or who he’s talking to.

To which she replies without thinking “Hey Rye!” And starts right into her story like nothing happened. And Ryan shuffles off into the kitchen for caffeine.

The Fakes all blink. Meg stops in mid sentence, realizing what just happened. They can hear Ryan grab a coffee mug, begin to fill it up, then harshly drop the pot on the counter. Soon, he’s back in the room, now wide awake.

And she’s jumping over the back of the couch in a flash (almost kicking Michael in the head), throwing herself at him. He catches her in a hug, the first hug that the Fakes have ever seen him willing receive. Soon they’re talking so fast back and forth that no one can follow what’s going on.

Meg’s job ends successfully and she finds herself with an open invitation to the Penthouse. Because anyone who make Ryan that happy just by being in the same room is good people in Geoff’s book.

This March is so exciting because I never know when the announcement for the next padababy is going to come :O

The Stork (Sam x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Just some simple & short fluff! Based on an anon request for a fic of Sam and Reader explaining to Cassie that they don’t want children. s/o to @uncharted-hoe​ bc I reference Great British Bake Off in this and she has me obsessed with that show (Candice n Selasi yaass). Enjoy! xx

Word Count: 2,240


It’s Cassie’s fourth birthday, and you and Sam are running late.

“Step on it!” you tell him, hitting his shoulder playfully as he only just makes it through that yellow light. The two of you had been bantering back and forth the entire car ride. There’s a strict no banter rule when it comes to you and Sam in the Drake household that had been in place ever since Cassie was born due to the fact that more often than not it devolved into lewd humour laced with explicit language. Typical.

That being the case, you’d decided to get as much of it out in the car as possible.

“Me skull and crossbones aren’t the only things I plan on raisin’ tonight!” Sam exclaims, drumming his hands on the wheel half to the beat of some 80s rock song on the radio and half in delight at the copious amounts of pirate pick-up lines he had stashed away.

“Oh, god,” you groan, leaning your head back against the headrest dramatically.

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Taiwo & Kehinde

In Yoruba culture, the first born twin is given the name Taiwo/Taiyewo (meaning first to taste the world). The second twin is given the name Kehinde (meaning arriving after the other). Kehinde is regarded as the older twin although been born second. This due to the belief that while in the womb, Kehinde sends Taiwo out to see what the world is like. Taiwo is then born and signals to Kehinde by crying that the world is a good one. When Taiwo signals, Kehinde follows to join their sibling. It is believed that Kehinde is more intelligent and more reflective than Taiwo. Taiwo is believed to be more adventurous and more nonchalant than Kehinde.

Art of younger Gibble and Rara.

Gibble was born a regular kitten but due to a decrease in birth rates him and many other animals were modified to be like humans in order to create a stable workforce and perhaps even increase birth rates. As a child Gibble got lost and was found by Rara and all the other delinquents who took care of him and they even gave him a change of clothes. This caused Gibble to adopt a delinquent nature. When Rara had to return Gibble she was visibly sad to give him up to his caretakers.

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Hello. There is a story that I read ages ago and would love to read again. I remember that D is the new Dark Lord type and he has H staying at the Manor (which she agreed to do in order to spy on him for the Order, which Theo isn't happy about). Towards the end, D makes H take a potion which makes her pregnant and she hates him for it. He secretly changes sides and writes her a letter in case he dies. Snape is also helping H by telling her info. Thank you for any help, you are all awesome xx


Almost Perfect, Almost Yours by BelleOfSummer - M, 50 chapters - A pureblood family abducted Hermione when she was born due to their desperation for a daughter. In a world of beauty & wealth, she has become Draco Malfoy’s dream girl.What will happen if he finally knows that her blood is not as pure as he thinks it is? *COMPLETE!*

- Lisa