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The Sun through the Decans

Using modern-day rulerships

Sun in 0-9 degrees Aries (first decan, ruled by Mars): extremely childish.  They are the most driven of the Aries and possess a certain pure enthusiasm about them that is rather endearing.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Aries (second decan, co-ruled by Mars and the sun): the most self-centered of the Aries. Pretentious and charismatic but ultimately insecure and full of love.  They really have no idea who they are to be honest.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Aries (third decan, co-ruled by Mars and Jupiter): the kindest Aries, also the shyest.  Can be a bit outspoken, but tend to be less impulsive.  They are made calmer by Sagittarius’s detachment.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Taurus (first decan, ruled by Venus): completely stable.  They reject grandeur and prefer security, but they can be extremely driven and hardworking.  The strong, silent type, but they are still very stubborn.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Taurus (second decan, co-ruled by Venus and Mercury): organized and intuitive.  They are difficult to read and have a certain attractive quality about them.  This is the most spontaneous Taurus.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Taurus (third decan, co-ruled by Venus and Saturn): they are very stoic.  They are the most melancholic Taurus.  They are strong-willed and quite controlling, and Capricorn’s influence can make them easily depressed, but also romantic.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Gemini (first decan, ruled by Mercury): strong mind with incredible adaptibility.  They are fiercely charming and can be manipulative.  They are also quite restless and often overly-intellectual.  They, like their sister sign, like being right.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Gemini (second decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Venus): the stereotypical flirtatious Gemini.  They are outgoing and loving, but they tend to toy with people’s feelings and are rarely honest.  This is the Gemini who will make you fall in love with them for fun.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Gemini (third decan, ro-culed by Mercury and Uranus): quirky, verging on manic pixie dream girl territory.  Detached and magnetic.  The most honest and straightforward Gemini, but also the hardest to understand.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Cancer (first decan, ruled by the moon): deeply emotional.  These are the most dramatic Cancers, as well as the most self-centered.  They are both manipulative and easily-manipulated.  They are, however, very caring, and they rarely do things out of malice, unlike other Cancers.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Cancer (second decan, co-ruled by the moon and Pluto): destructive and possessive, but also powerful and passionate.  They are wonderful friends and massively emotional.  Their emotions completely rule them, which is sometimes good and sometimes horrific.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Cancer (third decan, co-ruled by the moon and Neptune): with added mutable influence, this Cancer is hard to understand.  They trust their emotions and intuition completely, but they are very easily influenced, so they often change things about themselves.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Leo (first decan, ruled by the sun): incredibly loving, but they do love themselves most of all.  There is an intense need for praise and attention, and everything they do is about them.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Leo (second decan, co-ruled by the sun and Jupiter): I would argue that this is the most naturally powerful Leo as they combine their inherent charisma with the good luck of Jupiter.  Ambitious and intellectual.

Sun in 20-29 degrees of Leo (third decan, co-ruled by the sun and Mars): this, however, is certainly the most driven Leo, perhaps even diabolically so.  They are unable to see other people’s points of view.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Virgo (first decan, ruled by Mercury): as much as people may think that Virgos are self-critical, the double-Virgo is massively egotistical and narcissistic.  They can be wonderful friends but they believe that they know best all the time.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Virgo (second decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Saturn): the kindest Virgos, as they combine the duty of Virgo with the devotion of Capricorn.  This Virgo is intelligent and hardworking, but they may be emotionally repressed.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Virgo (third decan, co-ruled by Mercury and Venus): the ultimate charmers of the zodiac.  They are ethereal and beautiful, and something about them makes them seem godlike.  They are almost universally liked but are fairly private.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Libra (first decan, ruled by Venus): contrary to what some people may say, the pure Libra is quite selfish.  They do everything in balance, and that means carving out time for themselves.  They are also dramatically idealistic and romantic.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Libra (second decan, co-ruled by Venus and Uranus): this Libra is very independent.  They are more likely to be drawn toward typical Libra-like humanitarian careers than the other Libras.  They are the least romantic.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Libra (third decan, co-ruled by Venus and Mercury): this is the least-balanced Libra.  What may be mistaken for Scorpionic influence really comes from the wild nature of Gemini, who makes this Libra unpredictable and dominating.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Scorpio (first decan, ruled by Pluto): they can be a bit nutty.  They are the typical extreme Scorpios who want to be mysterious, enigmatic, and cool, but who are really overrun with feelings of loneliness.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Scorpio (second decan, co-ruled by Pluto and Neptune): this Scorpio is nicer and more outgoing than other Scorpios.  They are caring and attentive but dislike being told what to do.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Scorpio (third decan, co-ruled by Pluto and the moon): although this Scorpio is probably the most prone to extremes, they are also the most caring.  They can always see right from wrong.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Sagittarius (first decan, ruled by Jupiter): this is the true Sagittarius intellectual.  They appreciate both truth and harmony and are not easily rattled.  Their morals are strong, but they can be quite irresponsible.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Sagittarius (second decan, co-ruled by Jupiter and Mars): a more athletic Sagittarius.  The “boy next door” Sagittarius probably has his sun in the second decan, as this Sagittarius is ambitious and adventurous, but not as intellectual as the other decans.  Still, they are kind.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Sagittarius (third decan, co-ruled by Jupiter and the sun): the crazier Sagittarius tends to be born here.  They are prideful, powerful, and passionate, and very attractive.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Capricorn (first decan, ruled by Saturn): a graveness of spirit lies with the first decan Capricorn.  They are not necessarily ambitious, but they do hate failure.  This Capricorn is cold and logical, but they have tremendous discipline.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Capricorn (second decan, co-ruled by Saturn and Venus): the most social and outgoing Capricorn, and also the least likely to express their love because they have the most of it.  Saturn is naturally restrictive, and with Venus, that means that love is made a mountain to climb.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Capricorn (third decan, co-ruled by Saturn and Mercury): this is the luckiest Capricorn because things tend to come naturally to them.  They are intelligent and quick-witted, and the pain of Saturn is felt less thanks to Mercury’s erratic personality.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Aquarius (first decan, ruled by Uranus): loyal and affectionate, and definitely the most consistent of the Aquarius decans.  They are talented and intellectual, but they listen exclusively to themselves and border occasionally on narcissism.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Aquarius (second decan, co-ruled by Uranus and Mercury): this is the most fun Aquarius.  Aquarius is co-ruled naturally by Saturn, and Mercury, as it does with the third decan Capricorn, makes the second decan Aquarius lively and intelligent.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Aquarius (third decan, co-ruled by Uranus and Venus): of the Aquarius decans, the third is the kindest.  They have deeply-ingrained morals and value dependability.  They tend to be optimistic and fair in nature, if a bit detached.

Sun in 0-9 degrees Pisces (first decan, ruled by Neptune): the most Neptunian of the Pisces.  Emotionally intense and completely detached to everything, this Pisces floats through life with exhaustion, hoping that eventually they’ll find the proper shore.  Life is possibly an endless quest for something that will never come.

Sun in 10-19 degrees Pisces (second decan, co-ruled by Neptune and the moon): this is the romantic Pisces.  Giving and maternal, they would do anyone for the ones they love.  I would argue that they are the most strong-willed and least manipulative of the Pisces.

Sun in 20-29 degrees Pisces (third decan, co-ruled by Neptune and Pluto): the psychic Pisces.  Although some may assume that the late-born Pisces is Martian due to its neighbor Aries, it is really due to their Scorpionic influence.  The most practical Pisces.

Altean Lance

So, I have recently fallen in love with Sad Altean Lance;
King Alfor favors his first born child, Allura, not only due to the fact that she was the first child but also because of how much he seems himself in her. Allura always studies hard, has a speech prepared for every event, and is honestly just a great leader in general.
Then there’s Lance, who really does try, but can’t ever seem to keep focus during his classes, and loves to be around people but doesn’t like the attention just being on him (so speeches were a big no). He would rather be a follower, than a leader, which Alfor doesn’t like AT ALL.
Due to this, Alfor basically completely shuts Lance out, instead choosing to focus his attention on Allura.
King Alfor has new dresses tailored for her, has her favorite foods (foods that Lance hates) made for her every meal, and goes as far as saying she is his favorite child.
Now Lance is used to Alfor spoiling Allura, but he never goes as far as admitting favorites and this new information just shatters Lance’s poor little heart.
So he tries. He tries to pay attention in class, but is always distracted by something. He tries to write a speech, but Allura’s always outdo his own.
Lance hates giving up, he would rather go down swinging, but doesn’t know what to do to make Alfor look at him again, to look past Allura for once and finally treat him like his own son again.
Which is why, at the next event held, a party celebrating the new alliance between Galra and Altean, Lance flees with a lonely Galra named Keith, abandoning his princely duties, his family, everything he had; because he see’s himself in Keith.
It’s only after the party that Alfor notices Lance is gone (Allura noticed earlier but didn’t want to ruin the mood) and sends a servant to retrieve him. When the servant comes back without Lance is when Alfor feels worried.
Guards searched for days, and found nothing.
That’s when Alfor weeps, scared his son is dead, so upset with himself for just pushing Lance to the side; had he been a better Father, his son would still be with them.


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This is perfection. Please make a fic. 

Robert Downey Jr is one of the most Talented People Ever

This morning I was just googling Robert Downey Jr just for the hell of it and I was looking at all the roles he’s played and holy crap. He has been in 51 movies.  RDJ is 52, how did he have time to do all of these? Anyways, back to my point. If you looked at the casting list for these movies (I looked at all of them) then you will notice that he is always one of the first three displayed (except for two but ssshhh).  that means that the has played major roles in 51 MOVIES.  Our lives have been blessed with the existence of such a talented and beautiful man.  

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Located in Wellington Mill, Australia, lies “Gnomesville.” Over 20 years ago, this bizarre collection was born due to a protest. A roundabout was scheduled to be built in Ferguson Valley and the residents weren’t too pleased about it. Nevertheless, the roundabout was build and shortly thereafter, the first gnome appeared. The collection grew and grew and now there are well over a thousand gnomes. If you visit Gnomesville, make sure you bring a gnome to leave behind!

1. You’re a famous actress and your boyfriend Harry promotes you

2. The fans are supportive of yours and Harry’s relationship.

3. You and Harry are childhood friends and he tells you he loves you

4. Your daughter (D/N) on tour with your Husband Harry and One Direction

5. You broke up with Harry after all the hate from fans and media attention towards you got to much. The both of you still love each other though

6. Your’s and Harry’s baby girl (D/N) was born four weeks premature due to complications

7. He’s a solo artist and you are bought up in a bbc interview with Grimmy

8. You and Harry just made you’re relationship official and you’re bought up in interviews

9. Harry talks about your daughter a lot during his shows.

10. You’re Harry’s fiancee and you end up in a coma after a car crash

11. Untilted

12. You’re Harry’s younger girlfriend and still in high school and like to keep it quiet

13. Harry and you daughter Darcy on tour

14. Harry’s girls, (Y/N) and Darcy ft. in the 1D movie

15. You and Harry are expecting your first child

16. You’re a University student and struggle without Harry

17. You and Harry go on a road trip together

18. You’re a famous actress and are dating Harry in secret. He is always questioned about you in interviews where he is quick to say that you are just friends until one interviewer found a picture of you two kissing exposing your relationship

19. Harry Styles Girlfriend Part 2

20. Dominate Harry

21. Harry sleeps around and he plans to sleep with you until he falls for you

22. Harry is a solo artist and you join him on tour

23. Harry gets nervous when he talks about you in front of a camera.

24. Harry talks about you to his friends, crew and the boys a lot.

25. Harry thinks you’re even more gorgeous pregnant and his wandering hands are proof to that.

26. Harry Styles dates WWE Diva (Y/N) (L/N)

27.  You and Harry try to keep you’re engagement private but the paparazzi gets dangerous for you and he tells everyone.

28. The ultimate daddy’s girl

29. Harry starts dating a fan

30. You interview Niall and Harry and Harry takes an interest in you

31. Harry talks about you during MITAM promo

32. Harry indirectly confirms your pregnancy with the paps

33. On tour with your boyfriend Harry

34. Harry’s wife (Y/N) and daughter Darcy join him on tour

35. Your’s and Harry’s relationship ft. Niall

36. Harry and his new little girl

37. The fans support/ship your relationship

38. The media pushes Harry to talk about your relationship but he wants to keep it private

39. You try to keep your relationship with Harry private but a pap releases a picture of you two being intimate on holiday

40. You join Harry on tour

41. Harry telling the boys about you on a lads holiday

42. You’re a surfer

43. Adie on tour

44. Harry telling a fan about your pregnancy

45. Sleep deprived Harry over three week old bub

46. You’re an Oscar winning actress and you’re on the Late Late Show as Harry hosts while James is away.

47. Harry feeling conflicted over his little girl liking kiwi, cause it’s naughty and that his little girl. 

48. Harry likes to watch you act, and other things, and your costar calls him out on it.

49. Harry talking about your pregnancy with James on ‘The late late show.’


“the demon with an angel voice”

The purpose behind his creation is a mystery
He was abandoned shortly after being born due to a fire in the studio, he’s innocent and naive, he was homeless for a long time until a band heard him singing and accepted him in the group
Since nobody gave him a name the band members nicknamed him Chat Démon (demon cat in french) because of his cat-like appearance
He became a small celebrity in Toon Town

I was drawing Elymas, and my imagination kicked in, a huge thanks to @animal-guardian for letting me make him a character

I now present you Chat Démon, or just Chat
He belongs to both @animal-guardian and @stressaurus (me lol)

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Could you tell us about Hamilton's relationship with his children? I know he closed himself even more after Philip's death, but what about the other 7? Was he close to them?

All sources from Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

Of Alexander and Eliza’s eight children–Philip Hamilton, Angelica Hamilton, Alexander Hamilton Jr., James Alexander Hamilton, John Church Hamilton, William S. Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton and “Little Phil” Hamilton–not one appeared to utter a single unkind word about their father.

On January 22, 1782, Eliza gave birth to a son, named Philip Hamilton. On his birth, Alexander Hamilton wrote, “whose birth, as you may imagine, was attended with all the omens of future greatness.” He used to rock Philip’s cradle and played with the infant. At seven months, “it is agreed on all hands that he is handsome, his features are good, his eye is not only sprightly and expressive, but it is full of benignity. His attitude in sitting is by connoisseurs esteemed graceful and he had a method of waving his hand that announces the future orator. He stands however rather awkwardly and his legs have not at all the delicate slimness of his father’s… If he had any fault in manners, he laughs too much.”

On September 25th, 1784, the Hamiltons had their first daughter named Angelica. Their third child, Alexander was born on May 16th, 1786. Due to Hamilton’s busyness, Eliza ran the household and supervised the education of their children when they were small.

According to Ron Chernow, fourth born James Alexander Hamilton was their “favorite child”. Eliza gave birth to James Alexander on April 14th. While at Columbia, James frequently sought his fathers advice, urging him to review speeches had had written and etc. 

On October 12, 1788, the Hamiltons went down to the end of Wall Street and had Philip, Angelica and Alexander all baptized at the same time at Trinity Church. 

James Hamilton said,

“His [Alexander Hamilton sr.] gentle nature rendered his house a most joyous one to his children and friends. He accompanied his daughter Angelica when she played and sang at the piano. His intercourse with his children was always affectionate and confiding, which excited in them a corresponding confidence and devotion.”

Angelica Hamilton was very musical inclined and her father had Angelica Church find the best piano that she could find his daughter. When they were in separate cities, Hamilton usually kept one of the younger boys with him. He worried much about his children and enjoyed tutoring them. He had high expectations and wanted them to exceed. 1791, age nine, Philip and Alexander Jr. were sent off to boarding school in Trenton. Hamilton wrote this to his Philip:

“Your teacher also informs me that you recited a lesson the first day you began, very much to his satisfaction. I expect every letter from him will give me a fresh proof of your progress, for I know you can do a great deal if you please. And I am sure you have too much spirit not to exert yourself that you may make us every day more and more proud of you.”

A letter to his daughter, Angelica:

“I was very glad to learn, my dear daughter, that you were going to begin the study of the French language. We hope you will in every respect behave in such a manner as will secure to you the goodwill and regard of all those with whom you are. If you happen to displease any of them, be always ready to make a frank apology. But the best way is to act with so much politeness, good manners and circumspection as never to have an occasion to make any apology. Your mother joins in best love to you. Adieu, my very dear daughter.”

On August 22nd, 1792 Eliza gave birth to their fifth child, John Church Hamilton. In 1784, John began several ill and Hamilton–who scarcely asked for a vacation–pleaded with Washington to allow him “permission to make an excursion into the country for a few days to try the effect of exercise and change of air upon the child.”

A couple months after publishing the Reynold’s pamphlet, Hamilton had a scare after Philip nearly died of severe fever of some sort of typhus. In tending to Philip, Hamilton was both nurse and physician, leaving the doctor amazed by both his medical knowledge and his closeness towards his children. When he learned his son was to be well, the doctor said there were tears in the father’s eyes.

On August 4th, 1797, Eliza gave birth to a healthy baby, William Stephen Hamilton. 

On multiple occasions, Hamilton would have his six year old son John Church write his letters for him, taking bizarre precaution to that his letters would not bear his handwriting during his plots in the Adams cabinet.  

Smart Philip Hamilton walked in the footsteps of his father. He graduated in 1800 with high honors, was a good speaker and studied to be a lawyer. Hamilton regarded Philip as the family’s “eldest and brightest hope”. Hamilton had a prepared daily schedule for Philip that included writing, reading, church and ruled his waking moments from dawn to dusk. Philip did have reliance and rebellious streak which his father tolerated, “I am anxious to here from Philip. Naughty young man.”  Before Philip’s duel with George Eacker,, he sought counsel from his father who told him that he should throw away his shot on the dueling ground. At the duel, Philip followed his father’s advise and did not raise his pistol at the command to fire. Eacker mirrored and they stood dumbly staring at one another. Finally, Eacker lifted his pistol and Philip did like wise. Eacker then shot Philip and he fell.

When Alexander Hamilton learned of what had occurred, he called for Dr. Hosack who later recalled that Hamilton was “so much overcome by his anxiety that he fainted and remained for some time in my family before he was sufficiently recovered to proceed.” The entire night, Alexander stayed with Philip at his bedside, and when he had to approach his son’s gravestone, his friends had to help him stand. Seventeen-year-old Angelica Hamilton who was extremely close with her brother suffered a mental breakdown and her father tried to restore her health. He got others to send her watermelons and birds (she liked birds), this didn’t work and she only grew worse.  

After Philip’s death he fell into the deepest depression he had ever felt. Usually in his grief, he was able to publish papers and worked endlessly. This time, Hamilton was unable to write any more and did not respond to any of his correspondence for four months. Even his physical appearance was altered, always appearing troubled, melancholy and the childish glean that flinted across his eyes, had parted.

When Eliza went off to care for his father (her mother had recently passed) and Hamilton took care of their children at home.

In Hamilton’s duel with Burr, he used to very same dueling pistols that Eacker and Philip had used–a pair of guns that had caused the death of his son. It is possible Hamilton wanted to use to pistols as a homage to his son.

On his death bed, Hamilton had not been able to see his children until it was time to bid farewell. “She held up their two-year-old boy, Philip, to his lips for a final kiss. Then Eliza lined up all seven children at the foot of the bed so that Hamilton could see them in one final tableau, a sight that rendered him speechless.” According to the doctor, “he opened his eyes, gave them one look, and closed them again till they were taken away.” At his funeral on July 14th, 1804, the procession was followed by two of Hamilton’s oldest sons, James Alexander and Alexander Jr. Angelica Hamilton, four-year-old Eliza Hamilton and Philip Hamilton stayed with their mother, whom was not at the funeral. Gouverneur Morris gave the eulogy and sitting beside him on the stage weeping was Alexander (eighteen), James (fourteen), John (eleven) and William (six). 

“The scene was impressive and what added unspeakably to its solemnity was the mournful ground of tender boys, the sons, the once hopes and joys of the deceased, who, with tears gushing from their eyes, sat upon the stage, at the feet of the orator, bewailing the loss of their parent! It was too much. The sternest powers, the bloodiest villain, could not resist the melting scene.”

Of their five sons post-duel they all gravitated towards law, government and military (the Hamiltonian way). 

Angelica Hamilton lived under a physicians care and died in 1857.

 Alexander Jr. Hamilton graduated from Columbia University weeks after his father’s duel. He became a lawyer, fought over seas in the duke of Wellington’s army, returned to America as an infantry captain during the War of 1812, and wound up as US district attorney in New York. He represented Eliza Jumel when she divorced Aaron Burr. 

James Alexander Hamilton graduated from Columbia, served as an officer in the War of 1812 and was an acting secretary of state under President Andrew Jackson (and surprising was against the second bank of the United States) and became attorney for the southern district of New York. He developed a close relationship with Martin Van Buren and was an early supporter of emancipation of slaves. As a tribute to his father, he created a home which he called “Nevis”.

John Church Hamilton was a lawyer who fought in the War of 1812, and devoted decades to writing a biography of his father and sorting throughout his papers. 

William Stephen Hamilton was “charming, handsome and eccentric”. He studied at West Point, fought at Black Hawk War, surveyed lands in Illinois and lived on the Western frontier. In 1849, he was drawn to California because of the gold rush, and opened a store to sell supplies. He died there of Cholera in 1850. 

Eliza Hamilton cared for her mother in her later years and scolded her brother John at getting the seven volume biography done quicker. 

“Little Phil” Hamilton was a “kindhearted, sensitive man”. He married the daughter of Louis McLane, daughter of a member of Andrew Jackson’s cabinet. He served as an assistant US attorney under his brother James but leaned on altruistic pursuits and was a reputation of “lawyer of the poor”.

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Oh my gosh! And this way, the baby would still be genetically a part of the Agreste line, and just. This is perfect. Plus, I don't ever see Hugo ever wanting to be a dad. Stylish Uncle, yes, but dad??? Eh...

There may be a day in the very distant future that Hugo decides to have a kid of his own, but at this stage in his life the idea of caring for a child probably makes him want to consume dangerous amounts of alcohol. 

Spoiling a niece or nephew, however? Oh he’d be so down.

Chapter 8: I want us to be soulmates // Shawn Mendes

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

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Chapter 6:

Chapter 7:

Recap: “You’re much more suited to being a goody-two-shoes.” Shawn teases and I glance at him from under my lashes.

“I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

“You should. I like you as a good girl.”

I think my heart stopped beating.

He pulls up out front and I get out, using the opportunity to stretch my legs and check out the house. It’s a tiny, timber house just on the edge of a forest. The front porch has missing floorboards and as Shawn leads me up the steps I place my feet where his had once been to avoid falling through.

He shoves a key into the lock and the front door swings open to reveal a surprisingly clean hallway. I shut the door behind me, Shawn already disappearing further into the house.

“I guess looks can be deceiving.” I murmur, peeking my head into the room closest to me containing a small couch and books lining the walls.

“You hungry?” He’s right behind me again, stealthy as ever.

“Are you cooking?’

“If you want the house to burn down then yes.”

I laugh, the sound echoing down the hall and I feel Shawn’s eyes on me. Peeking at him, suddenly feeling self-conscious under his scrutinizing gaze, I offer to cook. Nodding, he takes off as if he knows the house better than the back of his hand. He probably does.

“Here’s some pasta and some tomato sauce.” Shawn tells grabbing the ingredients out of the cupboard. Mum and Dad have been doctors since I’ve been born and due to their late hours and Steph spending most of her time with her soulmate, I had to learn to cook for myself.

“How’d you even find this place?” Shawn takes a seat on the stools behind the large island bench made of smooth, cool marble.

“I used to live here; before everything that happened with my Dad and the Libertas.” My mouth drops open but after a second I regain my composure.

“You lived here?”

“Yeah, it’s legally under my name and everything now that I’m 21 but I-“

“Wait you’re 21?” I cut him off, opening the fettuccini box.

“Yeah, is that a problem?” he perks an eyebrow and I scowl.

“It’s all cool over here.”


“Great.” He laughs at my response and I involuntarily smile at the sound. Life like this was so easy. The memory of Shawn and I running away temporarily come racing back.

“Have you ever thought it would just be easier to run away?” I voice my thoughts and he leans his elbows on the countertop.

“Yes. I thought about it. The countdown on my arm definitely made me think about it.” I frown.

“You would have ran away before you met me?”

“I could have tried. The countdown doesn’t raise its numbers though just because I crossed a couple borders. Somehow we still would have met right as they flashed zero.” He rubs his forearm where the timer used to be.

“Would you ever run away with me?” I breathe, knowing I was now becoming completely irrational.

“Running away with my soulmate, hmm? How cliché.”

“It doesn’t have to be cliché.” I chuck the pasta into the pot of boiling water. “It could just be two young adults who like each other enough to run away together from life’s problems and start a new beginning.”

“You assumed that I like you?”

“That’s what you took from that sentence?” I groan.

“Answer the question Y/n.” He grins and I roll my eyes.

“No princess this time?”




“I thought that you liked me because you saved me from the Libertas and you… kissed me back… at the wedding.”

He doesn’t say anything and I focus on cooking the pasta.

“You don’t have to say anything Shawn, you don’t have to tell me how you feel.” I reassure him. Every step we took forward I felt like we took three back.

“How do you feel about me?” He asks me, meeting my eyes in the midday sun.

“I’m not going to lie Shawn, I’ve always liked you. Even when you pushed me away and told me to leave you alone.”

The water simmers and I stir it.

“So from the very first moment you met me, even after the awful things I did to you, you still like me?”

“I didn’t like everything you did,” I mumble, feeling my cheeks heat. “Some of the things you said to me made me want to slap you.” He chuckles. “But I like you a lot now, knowing that those words you told me were just a protective wall.”

“I wouldn’t say a wall-“

“They were a wall. You didn’t want to let me in or care for me.” I smirk knowingly. “You ended up letting me in and I like what I know now. Those other things were just minor flaws.”

“If you call hitting you a flaw.” Shawn grumbles and I rest the spoon on the counter that I was using to stir.

“You did it to protect the both of us from Jeremy finding out that you were my soulmate. We both know that he would hurt us if he found out.”

He nods, eyes downcast.

“I like how you make me feel less uptight- more relaxed and at ease. My whole life has been strict rules and following whatever the government wants us to do. But then I met you and in your own way you showed me that there’s another side to tings even if I don’t necessarily agree with that side.”

“Come here.”


“Just do it.”

“And I said why?” He rolls his eyes.

“Someone gained some confidence.” I don’t answer. Instead I walk around the counter until I’m in front of him. He reaches out to grip my hands. My cheeks heat at his touch and bite my lip to stop any sound coming out of my traitorous mouth.

“You know that I always believed that soulmate’s were bullshit so when you came into my life I was so terrified that it was going to be true and that I would fall in love with you.”

“Are you?”

“Don’t interrupt me.”


“You were right in saying I pushed you away but somehow you would always get closer, and then when you kissed me at the wedding all my feelings kind of just made an appearance, almost like it was awakening something in my body that was like ‘hey I really care for this girl’. Then I got scared again knowing what the libertas could do to you since you were my soulmate. So I pushed you away again.”

“Then I stuffed everything up by going straight to them and joining up.”

“Pretty much.” I shove his shoulder and he laughs. I’ve only heard him laugh a handful of times but when I do, it always makes a warm feeling grow in my stomach.

“To answer your question, no I don’t love you. It’s too soon for me to be feeling anything of that degree just yet.” I try and pull out of his grasp but he doesn’t let go.

“Can you let me go?”

“No because there is more.”

“Oh right, your girlfriend that you’re in love with.” I sniff, eyes focused on the wooden floor.

“What?” He genuinely sounds confused.

“You told me you had a girlfriend and that you loved her?” I ask, watching his eyebrows pinch in the middle. Then he smiles sheepishly.

“I may have told you that to push you away. I don’t really have a girlfriend and I’m not in love with someone else.

“You ass.” I huff, slapping his arm and he rubs it, pouting.

“So I may have deserved that but-“

“You can make your own pasta, I’m having it all.” I growl.

“I’m sorry. For everything, I’m so sorry you got stuck with someone like me.” The look in his eyes is so sincere and vulnerable that I feel myself lean into him as if the action would provide some comfort.

“I don’t regret being stuck with you, we’re perfect together. I told you I would prove it to you and I will. One of these days you’ll believe it to.”

He sighs. “You deserve someone better than me. Someone who doesn’t have fifty problems lined up.”

“If there’s one thing that my Dad ever told me about loving someone and having a relationship he told me this. Someone who truly loves you will accept you no matter what.” I chuck my arms over his shoulders and lean in so my nose is nearly brushing his, my chest pressed to his.

“You’re flaws are my flaws and your problems will be my problems. Soulmate’s are a team Shawn and I want to try if you want to try, no matter who’s trying to break us apart.”

His hands are now on my waist, the heat transferring to my own skin.

“I want to try.”

“Really?” I grin, my excitement shining through.

“I want us to be soulmates. I believe that we could be perfect together.”

I’m kissing him again.

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Samurai Jack: The Case for Mature Western Animation

When critics talk about the must-see television events happening so far this year, shows like Better Call Saul, American Gods, and The Handmaiden’s Tale are often brought up. This is, of course, for good reason: each of those shows are well-crafted, hard-hitting, and intelligent stories told by visionary showrunners in wholly unique ways.

We need to start including Samurai Jack on that list.

Genndy Tartakovsky has always been a cinematic animator. His original run on Samurai Jack nearly two decades ago nearly revolutionized how children’s action cartoons could be portrayed, with his careful and brilliant use of silence and color. He would continue this artistry with his tragically-underrated science-fiction epic, Sym-Bionic Titan (hey, Toonami, how about asking for a second season of that show next, huh?).

When Samurai Jack returned this year, Tartakovsky knew that his audience was going to have grown with the character. He knew that [adult swim] would’ve allowed him to use as much profanity, gore, and sexual innuendos as your average Family Guy episode, and a lesser showrunner would’ve run with that opportunity. Instead, Tartakovsky opted to tell a more mature story in the literal sense of the word. This meant more reflection, more spiritual and emotional symbolism, more grounded stakes, and a more hardened Jack. Indeed, this is what makes a majority of the season so fascinating to watch.

During the original series on Cartoon Network, our hero was a calm, silent, confident warrior on a mission. Despite being a stranger in a strange land, he always kept his wits about him. Rarely did he lose. Watching the show as kids, we just knew that he was going to eventually make it back to the past to stop Aku.

In season five, we’re not so certain anymore. Jack is now more of a ronin, wandering the apocalyptic wasteland of Aku’s future looking for lives to save. It’s become so routine that he’s almost forgotten why he does it anymore. His mind is corrupted by vicious thoughts that constantly bombard him with self-doubt. He suffers from hallucinations of his family and loved ones suffering in the past without him. All the while, he’s being followed by the spirit of death, who is patiently waiting for Jack’s seemingly-inevitable suicide. Even with the introduction of comedic characters like Scaramouche, we’re shown immediately just how much darker this world had become.

That threat grows worse with the introduction of the Daughters of Aku, seven warriors bred specifically to kill Jack. In my opinion, the episodes surrounding their hunt and the subsequent battles were the highlight of the season, showcasing Tartakovsky’s storytelling nuances at their brightest. The action is as swift and dazzling as ever, and the use of dramatic lighting and suspenseful music is downright ingenious. Balancing the hard-hitting violence with the somber moments of fear and reflection make the battles between Jack and the Daughters some of the best directed scenes not simply in recent animated history, but in television history as a whole.

After a poignant childhood flashback of his father reluctantly slaying an army of foes, Jack comes to terms with the fact that he sometimes needs to shed human blood, despite having never done such a thing before. He slays six of the seven Daughters of Aku in a beautiful snow-covered forest (again showing us how much Tartakovsky and his team love playing with color), sparing only one of their lives. This is when we meet Ashi, who becomes the driving force of the entire season.

I was legitimately impressed with how the show handled Ashi’s transformation from brainwashed killing machine to Jack’s partner in good. Within the span of two incredibly-paced episodes, we saw her slowly peel away the layers of both who she and the “evil” samurai were. Contrasting the unforgiving violence of her upbringing to the gentleness of her former enemy causes her to question everything she knew, and interacting with Jack’s old friends from the original series solidified her stance on the matter: Jack, despite everything she knew, was a hero.

(Just an aside, seeing Ashi break lose and dance at the Rave with a big smile on her face was one of the happiest damn moments of the season for me)

A lot of people were unsure of how to interpret Ashi. I know a lot of people felt she was very sexualized throughout the series, and I felt there was a definitive lack of understanding when it came time for the character to “wash herself clean” of Aku’s influence (does it matter if she was technically naked the whole time? Can’t we just accept physical metaphors and move on?). Some didn’t like that she had to save Jack on multiple occasions, while some didn’t like the fact that she, herself, had to be saved on multiple occasions. I feel as if those people were simply looking for something to complain about, because I legitimately found Ashi to be a great character.

The episode in which she needed to take down an entire army sent to kill Jack while he was meditating his anger away and acquiring his sword is an all-timer, and probably the most Tartakovsky-esque of the season. The action sequences are as brutal as they had ever been, with bright Tarantino-styled blood spilling over the battlefield; Meanwhile, Jack’s spiritual quest for inner-peace is filled with as much stillness and restraint as the creative staff could muster. Truly the last perfect episode of the season.

I felt as if every idea and story beat Tartakovsky had planned ended up in the season in some capacity, though I felt that the pacing was forced to grow a bit rushed as the season wrapped up. The best – and most unfortunate – example of this is the finale itself.

It’s exactly how we all secretly wanted the show to end: Jack is seemingly defeated, and Aku can’t help but gloat to everyone on the planet. Right as a possessed Ashi is about to deliver the fatal blow, all of Jack’s allies rally together for a full assault on Aku’s castle (what else could’ve possibly connected all of these strange characters than the capture of their legendary savior?). Jack breaks free and assists Ashi in overcoming Aku’s demonic grasp. Upon learning that she possesses all of Aku’s abilities, she’s the one who opens up a new portal in time, allowing Jack to go back to the past and finally defeat Aku.

(In what was easily my favorite part of the finale, Jack and Ashi appear almost immediately after his original self was sent back, leaving Aku flustered, baffled, ill-prepared, and horrified. “You’re back already?!” he spits out. Jack conquers his foe easily, and while some found the final battle anti-climactic, I felt it was perfect.)

Afterwards, Jack finally returns home, Ashi by his side. A wedding is arranged immediately, and they’re ready to spend the rest of their lives together. In a dark twist that those of us familiar with time travel almost saw coming, however, Ashi disappears from existence in Jack’s arms, having never been born due to Aku never taking over the future. Jack, bitterly alone, retreats to the forest, where a ladybug (a beautiful callback to Ashi’s character arc) allows him to see the promise of what’s to come.

It all sounds so perfect. Unfortunately, everything emotional that happened in this episode had to be squeezed into the last ten minutes. This maybe could’ve worked if Tartakovsky hadn’t perfectly spaced out Jack’s inner turmoil at the beginning of the season. After such perfect reflection, I wanted to see more emotion from these last few moments. There was a lot Jack needed to react to, from all of his friends coming together to fight Aku, to Ashi finally defeating and channeling the darkness within her, to the unadulterated and enormous impact of finally returning to the past! Jack had spent over fifty years trying to get there, and we didn’t even get to see an emotional reunion with his family. That just didn’t feel right to me.

Then there’s Ashi’s disappearance. She didn’t die, she was erased from existence. After struggling with his inner demons throughout the first half of the season, I wanted to see Jack mentally and emotionally try and cope with that. After all, it wasn’t simply Ashi who vanished; it was all of his friends and allies whose lives he had touched throughout his decades in the future. All of them were gone, a curse that inevitable if Jack were to complete his mission. There is pain, horror, and guilt bursting at the seams with such an ending. We could’ve had an entire half hour dedicated to Jack accepting what he had done. It’s such a bitter, dark, and beautiful ending emotionally, and I felt the writing staff wasn’t given the time to appropriately explore it.

Still, all of the ideas were there, and Genndy ended the show on his own terms creatively. He still provided us with nine-and-a-half perfect episodes that broke the boundaries of what Western animation was capable of. It practiced restraint and patience when other action cartoons insist on doing the complete opposite. It gave us a hero plagued with inner-darkness and mental illness on a journey of self-purpose. It gave us a character with a redemption arc we never saw coming and rooted for until her tragic end. And – for me, anyway – it gave me hope for animation as a medium, that more audiences will look at this sweeping epic of a story and think “I want more.”

Ryden Sun and Moon Theory

Contrary to popular belief, in my personal opinion, Ryan is the sun and Brendon is the moon. This is a theory a lot of people disagree with, but I’m here to explain why using song lyrics.

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Chapter One: Winter is Coming

~So basically I am going to rewrite each episode of Game of Thrones as if Robert Baratheon had a legitimate daughter who was betrothed to Robb Stark (we’ll see how well this goes)

~PLEASE let me know if I should continue to write this story. I have a lot of ideas and a storyline for season one planned out so please let me know!!

~For this story, I am casting Emily Rudd as Leina Baratheon


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It had been two months since Jon Arryn, my father’s Hand, had died. It had all happened so suddenly and we had been on the road to Winterfell for almost a month now.

My father, King Robert Baratheon, was going to ask Lord Eddard Stark to be the new Hand of the King. We all knew that he couldn’t say no, which was why my siblings were confused why all of us had to go to Winterfell. 

But to me, it was pretty easy to see why I was here. I had been betrothed to Robb Stark since I was born 15 years ago and due to the fact that my father had insisted that I pack most of my dresses and jewels I had assumed that I wouldn’t be returning to Kings Landing with the rest of my family.

It’s not like I would be missed back at home. The only ones that would truly miss me would be my father and my two younger siblings. My mother, uncle, and older brother were always cruel to me. 

I suppose my father did treat me differently than my other siblings. He would take me to meetings with him about war strategies and other important things, wanting me to be informed. I would go hunting with him sometimes as well. My father was one of my best friends and I would definitely miss him the most if my suspicions were correct.

For most of the journey, I had traveled on horseback right behind my father, but my mother, Cersei, demanded that I ride in the carriage for the rest of the way. She wanted my older brother, Joffrey, to be seen riding in with my father. And these past few hours in the carriage with my mother, Myrcella, and Tommen had been absolute torture.

To say my mother wasn’t fond of me would be an understatement.

We would be arriving in Winterfell soon, I could already hear the crowds getting closer and as I looked out the window, I saw the castle coming into view.

“Get away from the window, Leina,” my mother said sternly, grabbing my arm and roughly pulling me back to my seat.

“I was only looking,” I huffed. 

“Well don’t,” she responded. Myrcella and Tommen giggled at the scrunched up face that I made, which obviously didn’t sit well with my mother. 

“You are a lady,” she almost growled as she grabbed my wrist with a grip so tight that her knuckles turned white. “Act like one.”

Not wanting to anger her anymore, I sat up straight and fixed my gaze on the floor as I cradled my soon-to-be-bruised wrist. Thank goodness this journey was over.

I peeked out the window out of the corner of my eye and watched as my father got off his horse and approached the Starks. My nerves suddenly kicked in. I hadn’t seen Robb in nine years, and I was only six so I barely remembered anything about him.

The carriage door suddenly opened and I exited the carriage behind Tommen and Myrcella, our mother following us. I saw my father greeting Lord Stark before he turned to face us and motioned with his hand for someone to come over.

My mother took a step forward before he called my name.

“Leina!” he boomed from across the courtyard. “Come here!”

I ignored the glare my mother gave me as I stepped forward towards my father.

“You remember my daughter, Leina,” he introduced me to Lord and Lady Stark.

“Of course,” Lord Stark responded as he bowed and kissed my hand. “You have grown up quite a bit since the last time we saw you, Your Highness.”

“Well it has been almost ten years, Lord Stark,” I acknowledged as he chuckled and my father pulled me down the line.

I greeted Lady Catelyn and bent down slightly to greet Rickon, who gave me the cutest little smile I had ever seen. Father guided me back past Lord Stark and in front of Robb.

The nerves rushed back as he bowed and kissed my hand. He gave me a small smile as he greeted me and I could feel my cheeks turn red as I tried to move on to meet Sansa, Arya, and Bran, but father stopped me.

“Now, Leina,” he chuckled. “No need to be shy! You might as well get used to each other considering you’re going to be married in the next few years.”

It was then that my mother decided she’d had enough and walked purposely over to us, thrusting her hand out to be kissed without saying a word.

“Take us to the crypts!” Father exclaimed. “I want to pay my respects.”

“We’ve been on the road for a month, my love,” my mother responded. “Surely the dead can wait.”

There was a brief pause and you could feel the tension between them. 

“Ned,” Father responded, walking towards the crypts. Lord Stark followed him quickly.

“Leina, this way,” Mother said as she grabbed my bruised wrist. 

“Leina!” Father yelled from across the courtyard once again. “Have Robb escort you to the crypts with us. I want to show you something.”

My mother’s face dropped and her grasp on my wrist tightened and I winced before she let go.

I glanced over to Robb, who looked concerned.

Oh, great. Just what I needed. My betrothed seeing my mother abuse me in front of an entire town.

Robb offered his arm and I gladly took it as we walked towards the crypts.

“Any idea what your father wants to show you?” he asked after we were far enough from the crowds, but not close enough to our fathers that they could overhear us.

“I am going to assume it has something to do with your late Aunt Lyanna,” I answered. “He speaks of her quite a bit. He says that he named me Leina to remind him of her. He really loved her.”

“I’ve heard the stories, Your Highness.”

“Oh, just call me Leina,” I told him. “I mean, we are betrothed.”

“I suppose we are,” he laughed.

At this point we had made it to down to the crypts. My thoughts about Lyanna were correct. My father showed me her statue and to say she was beautiful would be an understatement. She was absolutely gorgeous. I could see why my father was in love with her.

 I only hoped that Robb could be that someone to me.

What I pictured Leina wearing: