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Paul Ryan once argued that “liberal government programs give people comfort, but not dignity.

And to justify cutting Welfare and defunding food programs, Republicans disingenuously equate having the basic necessities needed to live — like food — to dignity. Following that logic, are we to believe that wealthy people somehow have more dignity than poor people, because they have more access to more resources like housing, food and clean drinking water? Do the mostly white residents of Bismarck North Dakota have more dignity than the Native Americans at Standing Rock? Do Donald Trump’s children somehow have more “dignity” than does Little Miss Flint? Because Trump’s children don’t need to depend on free lunch programs?

Wealth dignity.

Access to resources dignity.

People living in or born into poverty do not have less dignity. They have less wealth and less political power.

Providing free school lunches to children living in poverty doesn’t “give kids an empty soul” it simply feeds hungry children. Feeding a hungry child is not “giving them undue comfort” or making them lazy, it’s simply feeding a hungry child. How did feeding hungry children become a controversial act for “Christian” conservatives?

Intentionally starving children to teach them the “dignity” of hunger is inhumane.

Stop stigmatizing poverty. Stop equating poverty with a lack of dignity. Stop reinforcing the notion that poor people have no dignity just because they’re poor. There is no nobility in starvation, and there is no benevolence in allowing children or anyone else to go hungry when you possess the power to prevent it.

What’s funny about Damian and Jon age difference is that Damian is 13 & Jon is 10 and it’s cannon that Damian completed his first assassination mission when he was only 3, which mean he has killed someone before Jon was even born, you can’ tell me Damian would not use that as an excuse to be the one to call the shots.

“Kid just follow my orders I have been doing this before you were even born!”

“Quit over-exaggerating! we are almost the same age-”  

“No you don’t understand, I have LITERALLY been doing this before you were born”

the shines as lazytown citizens


alright jinkls is totally bessie busybody. i was torn for a bit bc i was considering his mayoral qualities, but let’s be honest, bessie is the true mayor of lazytown. adored (and lowkey feared) by all, bessie gets shit done and is a true born leader. on top of that, she’s cute as hell, do u see that hair swirl? bessie is the true beauty of this town and she knows it. werk.


i mean duh??????? sweet as can be??? pink??????? always ready to sing a song and get everyone to bop around???? but also really cares about her friends and just wants to do what she can to make the world a better place????? stephanie isn’t perfect, and she knows that, but she tries her very best to be a good friend and make everyone around her feel good. jjongie and stephanie are one and the same.


“mine mine mine mine mine” -stingy, 2005. stingy knows what’s his and he takes it as his own. won’t take anyone’s shit and knows who he is (and so does everyone else) so watch out. master of all looks, i mean are u seeing that crown? a king. under it all, though, he cares about the pals around him. after all, they’re his.


as if this one wasn’t shooting fish in a barrel..i mean seriously. choi is totally sportacus. not only is he always looking for some good ol’ sports, but he’s just a genuine Good Guy and he’s always looking out for the people in his life. often misconstrued as a sport-crazed boy, he’e really just a softy who cares about health and good will. i love and respect choi “sportacus” minho.


dorky, fun, wildly misunderstood…tae is about as robbie rotten as a person can get. he will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants to get out of life, and while he seems a bit intimidating and scary at times, he’s just a dedicated boy who fights to get what he wants. robbie rotten is a good man and so is our boy ltm, love them.


some people in the reblogs are acting like I personally insulted their first born child by critiquing the character design in overwatch, like jeez..

do you really think I, with my hanzo icon and 100+ hours of playtime and all my fanart, genuinely and wholeheartedly despise overwatch? I think it’s important to criticize the things we love so their creators listen & make better content in the future, like bro.. It’s Not That Deep


For those of you who may be wondering where I’ve been the last few days, I HAD MY BABIES.

I’ll try to post more details later, but for now I’d like to introduce you all to Octavia (left) and Sam (right), born in the early afternoon on Sunday December 4 2016.

We are all doing well, although because they were born a bit early (34 weeks 2 days) they’re spending probably at least a couple of weeks in the NICU to help them get the support they need as they learn how to do all the important baby stuff. But all the doctors and nurses say they’re doing great, and I of course think that my beautiful children are PERFECT LITTLE MIRACLES. Husband and I got home from the hospital yesterday evening and will be commuting back and forth every day to spend as much time with our babies as we can until they’re ready to come home.

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Unusual power to attract or charm.

China Sorrows is a natural born adept. People do not fall in love with her when she’s a child; most don’t even love her. Her grandmother’s cane rapping across her knuckles is enough proof of that. But the servant children her age listen to her every word like they’re the most beautiful melody they’ve ever heard, and her brother attacks anyone who offends her like a savage dog unleashed, if she only smiles and asks nicely.

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Final fantasy xv dlc

There will be dlcs for this game it has been confirmed so yay \^_^/~
So it’s pretty much confirmed we can play as gladiolus ignis and prompto
So here are my thoughts on each

Gladiolus: we are going to see what he was doing in his departure from the group, I have a good feeling he’s going to meet up with cor and learn the death of his father which is why he was angry at noctis for his depressed attitude after ignis sacrificed his sight

Ignis: we are going to learn what took his sight, it was during the citizen evacuation and the battle against the leviathan where he lost his vision, I assumed that he did have to battle against the imperial soldiers but it must have been a tougher one (possible boss) since ignis is a strategist and it wouldn’t make sense to me if he just got overwhelmed

Prompto: this boy has the most explaining to do first of all he was born in niflhiem and somehow managed to escape and become a citizen of insomnia??? How and how old was he?…also his father being the researcher verstael (like you should have made the connection yourself) and also his absence when noctis accidently pushed him of the train (I did love how noctis went into hysteria about this, just shows how much he did care) yes he was captured but what happened to him, I think he had bruises on his arm and a scar or cut on his nose and temple area if I remember correctly
For me the boss fight will be against his dad since verstael was heavily absent from the game despite being an antagonist

Also I would like to see a dlc dedicated to luna and ravus there just wasn’t enough content on them to make you feel bad when they died, luna’s death happened to early and since there wasn’t much revealed about her other than she was an Oracle and she was really kind that’s pretty much it when she died I could only just sigh and that was it however when ignis went blind I was more upset only because given his character who is always calm and collected to go blind is huge and he also can’t really do what he used to cook/drive so that hit me harder than luna’s death (sorry to all luna fans)

At dawn, when you have trouble getting out of bed, tell yourself: “I have to go to work – as a human being. What do I have to complain of, If I’m going to do what I was born for – the things I was brought into the world to do? Or is this what I was created for? To huddle under the blankets an stay warm?

“But it’s nicer here…”

So you were born to feel “nice”? Instead of doing things and experiencing them? Don’t you see the plants, the birds, the ants and spiders and bees going about their individual tasks, putting the world in order, as best they can? And you’re not willing to do your job as a human being? Why aren’t you running to do what your nature demands?

“But we have to sleep sometime…”

Agreed. But nature set a limit on that – as it did on eating and drinking. And you’re over the limit. You’ve had more than enough of that. But not of working. There you’re still below your quota.

You don’t love yourself enough. Or you’d love your nature too, and what it demands of you. People who love what they do wear themselves down doing it, they even forget to wash or eat. Do you have less respect for your own nature than the engraver does for engraving, the dancer for the dance, the miser for money or the social climber for status? When they’re really possessed by what they do, they’d rather stop eating and sleeping than give up practicing their arts.

—  Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Ahhhhh, yes. Geeta freaking Rasoya. (not even a sugardaddy could love her)


  • Self-Assured
  • Snob
  • Family-Oriented

Lifetime Aspiration: Successful Lineage

Okay, question??? How does she have such decent traits when she’s actually the most evil sim I know????

This is Geeta. You do NOT want to get on her bad side or she will literally unleash her demonic grandma wrath on you.

Geeta is a single mom to Raj, her one and only son. After getting pregnant at a very young age with Bob Pancakes (conspiracy theory), she was confident that she didn’t want a life in willow creek, so without telling anyone (including bob) about the pregnancy, she packed up and headed to the city for a fresh start (bob is probably thanking her).

Once her baby boy was born, she immediately fell in love with him, and wanted to do everything in her power to protect him from anything and anyone. She was that crazy overprotective mother.

After Raj’s birth, she started a new career, and has at this point become a renowned food critic. apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree, huh? She soon started acquiring a decent amount of money, and proceeded to flaunt it as much as she could. She has WAYYYY too much pride.

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Hi, I'm looking for a partner! I was born in September, very into theater- both being on stage and doing the design work. I love exploring, but not alone (why I'm looking for a partner!). I'm a hard worker & have great ideas, but I lack motivation & find it hard to take blame for things. I need to live in a city with lots of people and things to do, and my dream job would be some kind of writer, but I'd love to be able to travel as well! Thank you!

Well you’ve come to the right blog!! Also, you are so pretty and I bet you KILL it every time you’re onstage. 

As I was going through your blog and writing this, I just felt very restless and I wanted to do 500 laps around the block. You have such a wonderful and beautiful energy surrounding you! You are going to go so far if you keep up this attitude I promise! You have so much talent and potential and you’re going to sky rocket in whatever career you choose to do. Also, please give me your eyebrows okay? Yours are full and mine don’t exist and I’m jealous. 

And I have the perfect partner for you! Let me introduce you to…

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tinylittlesnowflake  asked:

Frost, Blizzard, and Poinsettia!! :)

Do you believe in magic?
- I believe in something but I’m not sure if it’s exactly magic.

Do you believe in soulmates?
- Yes but not just romantic soulmates. I believe that you can find your soulmate in anyone, in a lover, in a friend, even in your pet. You can share a deep emotional connection with an animal just as much as you can with a person. soulmates isn’t always a romantic thing, or physically intimate, it’s just about sharing one half of your soul with another, it’s about being born from the same star.

What winter movies or TV shows do you return to?
- The polar express (I will never lose my love for that movie, it is basically the essence of my childhood)
- Elf (who doesn’t love this movie it’s hilarious)
- Happy Feet (literally my fave)
- Cool runnings (omg it’s so funny just watch it I promise you will thank me)
- Home alone (a classic I’ll love forever)

Thanks for asking! 💫