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hi kisu - was there a time in your life where you couldn't draw anything good? and did it ever just weigh you down like you could never do anything right? because i'm feeling that right now and honestly it feels like shit. also, i wanted to ask if you think that drawing and creating art is purely born into people or can be learned? like, are some people just born with the ability to draw, or do you think that anybody can pick up a pencil and create, they just have to be suPER patient/work hard?

Walt Stanchfield once said “ “We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out, the better.”

All artists have bad days and all artists make mistake now and then. Drawing is a constant work of learning, practicing and getting better. No illustrator will ever reach the level where they know everything and don’t need to try anymore.

Don’t see your mistakes as failures but as what they really are: a process of you getting better.  

Noticing something is wrong is the first step because it means you have gathered enough knowledge to know it should be done differently => you’ll then learn how to fix it with time and practice => you won’t make the mistake anymore because you know how to avoid/correct it. 

Mistakes are essential to your progress. I can’t repeat this enough.

It’s normal to feel down or frustrated over not getting things right at the first try. What’s important is for you to be patient with yourself and to acknowledge that it will take time, effort and many tries.

And to answer your second question: I do think some people learn more easily than others.

We all have a special talent and there are artists who will process things that will take you months/years to understand. It’s just because we are all different and our strenght don’t all lie in the same field. Observe their works and see what you can learn from their works (their process, their colors, their design, etc…)

Also, if drawing is something people were born with then I either had to practice for years to be where I am today or I made a sacrifice to Satan to do it right overnight 

(spoiler alert: it’s the first one)

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Every time a room is painted it gets smaller and angrier.

Taurus: Your love life may be in trouble as you are invaded by the parthian empire. Keep your javelins ready.

Gemini: The stars say some of the problems in your life are your fault. This is an injustice, find god and kill him.

Cancer: Hedge your bets, its all you can do unless you were born wealthy.

Leo: As you sit staring at the screen something desperately wishes to give you a back rub but it does not want to frighten you.

Virgo: That human figure will turn out to be a mass of tangled wire. Cut her free.

Libra: Increase your personal wealth and save wisely for the future. Eat precious metals.

Scorpio: Self esteem is not an illusion it is a physical weapon forged by gods that is effective against mounted enemies.

Ophiuchus: A number of things are wrong and a number of things are not but right now you only need to worry about one. 

Sagittarius: Anything and everything is art. This, however, does not mean that it is good art.

Capricorn: Shave your head to reveal the map tattooed into your scalp that reveals the location where you will meet your soul mate.

Aquarius: Samurai are not a thing anymore but I admire your enthusiasm.

Pisces: Booby trapping your house like in home alone is really only acceptable in certain situations. You really should have paid rent this month, but your already here so make your last stand a valiant one.

More Than a Feeling

(incredible eren cosplay promo by @twerkingjaeger!)

“My name is Eren Jaeger. I’m one-quarter of The 104th - the most popular rock band at Trost University, if I do say so myself…”

Eren Jaeger was born in the wrong era - or at least, that’s what he thinks. Nostalgic for a past he never lived in, he spends his nights playing the best rock and roll hits with his band. But there’s more to Eren than his enthusiasm and love for his guitar named Lucy - troubled, angry and heartbroken, Eren’s music is his escape from a traumatic adolescence which left him orphaned and homeless.

Levi Ackerman wishes he was young again. Almost thirty and still haunted by the ghosts of his past, he feels he might never catch up on lost time. A chance meeting in a bar leads him to an unusual acquaintance with the loud and mostly immature Eren - who ends up touching his heart more than he ever expected.

Classic music, teen spirit, romance and camaraderie collide with a soundtrack that’ll rock you like a hurricane - and Eren and Levi are about to learn that true love is far more than a feeling.

read on ao3!

Hair Color

Out of all the fucking arguments that people can have about the finale, the babies being blonde is one of the stupidest.

Let me explain something: A lot of kids that are born blonde do not stay blonde. Around their teens their hair can change color to brown. Sometimes it even goes full on black.

Those babies being blonde is not the slightest bit unusual, especially as twins. What will most likely occur is that their hair will darken as they grow up.

Why do so many of you have to jump to the conclusions that are guaranteed to trigger your self-righteous anger? There are so many things to have a problem with in that finale, but people are going on about hair color.

What the hell?

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how does the torah react to people being gay im so lost and like help? please ?

Hi there,

As Progressive Jews, we believe that because every human being was created  (Betzelem Elohim - in the Image of God) בצלם אלהים (Gn. 1:27), we must treat everyone with the same respect and compassion that we give to God.  We recognize the wisdom that scientists and researchers of gender and sexuality have given us in order to enhance our society and thus understand that an individual’s sexuality, romantic identity, gender, and gender expression are individual, given by God, and are intrinsic parts of the human experience.  Progressive Jews do indeed believe that LGBTQA+ folks are “born this way.”  

In most major Jewish movements, LGBTQA+ families are welcomed into the Jewish community with open arms, same sex/gender couples are married, and rabbis and cantors of all genders and sexualities/romantic identities are ordained.

In more traditional communities, sexuality and gender identity are charged topics due to two lines in the Torah.  If you are interested in learning about my own personal interpretation of the texts, feel free to check THIS out.

(Source:  PJ FAQ Page)

Please send me a direct message if you have any other questions or concerns!


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5-14 & 38 (Hope that's not too many!)

Don’t worry, it’s fine! Thank you!

5. Favourite generation(s)

I couldn’t say for the Slaters as they’re still fairly new in terms of length, but with the Goths I’d say either gen 8 (fun fact: Drew is my most posted sim! Followed by his great-grandma Bailey and then my sweet Ruby) followed by gen 13.

6. Favourite heir

Same reasoning as above the Slaters, but for the Goths I’m stuck between Bailey, Zoey, Drew, Peyton and Samuel! Maybe Acacia too. I’m too picky :P

7. Favourite spare.

Achhh! I always forgot about the spares after they moved out lmao. I did have a super soft spot for Erica and Heather from generation six of the Goths though, they were born in 2013 and I was still doing photoshoots with them into 2015.

8. Favourite spouse.

jeremy lmao But really, I couldn’t decide, I’ve had so many!

9. TOP 5 favourite legacy sims.

In the Goths it would be the aforementioned ones in question six, and between the Slaters and Gardners (rip) it’d be Pippa, Ruby, Nathan, Hailey and Adam.

10. TOP 5 favourite couples.

*cracks knuckles* Drew and Anya were my OTP for so long! Aided by the fact that they were also in simsheaven’s game (they’re still alive and kicking there too!). Also Acacia & Corey, Kimberly & Barrett, Ruby & Luke and errr Adam & Elina.

11. If you ever did any storylines, what is the one you’re most proud of?

Ooo, tough one! I was really proud of how Destiny’s death turned out but that storyline is still ongoing, so I’d say Mia’s storyline! It played out over a long period of time (I’d even planned it months before she was born!) and even continued into the Slaters and then even further into Ruby’s story! I’m so glad I archived it all to Wordpress lmao, it’d be hell trying to look back through tumblr at it.

12. Any memorable moments?

Oh, there’s so many! The first ones that came to my head were both videos; Samuel’s epic karaoke session and Miles’ routing issue fiasco. Also, the time when Luke wouldn’t stop peeing.

13. Any funny moments?

When I got drunk on my 17th birthday and the queue the day after was a tagging nightmare, lmao. Also the Christmas from hell that the Slaters had about three days before I had my own.

14. The most unexpected twist in your legacy?

Definitely having quads two generations in a row. Yeugh.

38. Do you have that one generation you wish you’d done differently?

Yeah, I wish I’d placed more focus on Adam and Elina, they only got their story time when they met Mia. Since then they’ve just been progressive characters used for Ruby and Pippa to have Important Conversations with.

My dear darling Tosca~ Poem


My final word on this whole angel war between us, enjoy~

Will you ever believe my miraculous luck?
To meet an angel, from heaven above
I was born too late for many miracles of the past
I was born too early for the miracles in the stars
But I do not mind
For out of the billon of chances
I exist at the same time of an angel
Out of 7 billion people in the world
I met my dear angel Tosca
Surely this meeting itself
is the best of all miracles?

Ah Tosca Tosca Tosca,
My dear darling Tosca,
You are an angel
The best of all angels!
I will scream it all languages
So that the entire world knows it!
How you are the most beautiful, passionate, kindest angel I’ve ever met.

ets un àngel
sei un angelo
Isa kang anghel
Angelus ad te
vous êtes un ange
You are an angel
Now the world knows it!

And if you don’t take this
Mere human’s words
Take her celestial appearance
Of how her eyes shine like constellations
How her face glows with ethereal light
Her hair is woven from the speckles of star dust
Her smile lights the entire world like the sun, the moon always changing shape because of it, always envious of her heavenly beauty
Gaze at her heavenly beauty and believe
My dear darling Tosca is an angel
Not a human like me

You should hear her talk and her laugh
I can hear it for hours
Days, deep into the night
The passion she expresses when she talks about her self
Lifts me off my feet
Lifts me away from my dark and hell like dwelling place
I fell from heavens grace
And into her angelic arms
That bring me back to the light

I must ask, my dear darling Tosca
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Did heaven ever call you back?
Asking you to come home?
I won’t be surprised if they do
They were stupid to let a treasure like you go

Alas my time is short
This poem is nearing ‘tis end
Believe me when I tell you
Tosca is an angel
Re read this again until you believe
For what more can I say?

your child is not your slave. they are not a carbon copy of you. they are individuals with just as much emotion and need for autonomy as adults. stop treating your children like they were born to do all of your bidding and become exactly like you. it’s abuse.

Things that should have happened/explained:

- The girls telling all the truth to both their parents and the police (the deaths, A.D……)
- The girls acknowledging that they blinded Jenna
- The girls apologizing to Jenna and paying her the operation
- Everything Melissa has ever done since being born
- Melissa explaining Spencer what did she mean by “everything I do is to protect you”
- Explaining the importance of NAT
- Explaining why the other moms are not friends with Pam
- Lucas’s backstory with Charles
- When does A (cece) stops and A.D. (Alex) begins
- where the fuck is Mike cause he has anger issues and he was weird
- Who is in the caskett at the begining and why is it open now
- An epic A.D. reveal and nit what we got
- Why Maya dying was necessary in any way
- why are they so cool with the idea of Spencer not being Spencer if none of them figured it out

Feel free to comment more cause I honestly cant write enough plot holes

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Hey Jessie, how do you piece Sebastian stans face onto other photos to make your reference photos? I think it would really help me with my drawing but I can't figure out how to do it

Hi there. I use Photoshop to cut out (magnetic lasso) the body parts I need then reassemble them how I want them. Often I start with a base pose, then replace or overlap new heads, faces, hairstyles, move limb positions, etc. I spend a lot of time finding references that match up with one another and dream that someone will buy me two supersoldiers for Christmas so I can photograph my own references. Before I got into Stucky I always used models (friends, myself, partners) and photographed them. Sadly I don’t have two muscular men hanging around willing to play Steve & Bucky for me…so Frankenstucky was born. Does that make sense? Do you have photoshop? :)

i’m just sitting in english trying not to cry my eyes out cause i can’t believe hansol is actually dancing. like he’s still doing it. he didn’t give up. he didn’t drop it. he is still doing what he loves and what he was born to do and i love him so so much

  • Muggle Born Ravenclaw: I can accept many different things about the wizarding world but, what I can't grasp is why keeping a ghoul in the attic is a "talking point"
  • Pureblood Slytherin: Uh... well.. I don't actually know. My parents have always had Greg upstairs eating the moths
  • Muggle Born Ravenclaw: Greg the Ghoul? He has a name but he stays in the attic?!
  • Pureblood Slytherin: To be frank, we can't get rid of him. He seems to like it there