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Zero Time Dilemma + The Onion article titles

Angry af

One should NEVER have to wake up to this bs! I was looking on Instagram and some fucking yandere decided to “post Mark’s phone #”. Now Idk if it’s really it or not, and I don’t care, but THAT IS SOMETHING YOU DON’T EVER FUCKING DO!!! WERE YA’LL BORN IN A BARN?!

Some ppl make me literally sick to my stomach.

Here’s proof btw, with Mark’s “phone #” blocked:

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I'm often told by friends that my asexuality is invalid because I was sexually abused in my previous relationship and that you can't become a sexuality, that it's something you're born with. They say shifting sexualities isn't set in stone and therefore isn't "real" or valid. I have a feeling I was ace all along but that the abuse helped me to come down to it…? Advice?

Sexual identities do shift and change all the time. It’s a political gambit to insist that everyone is ‘born this way’, in an attempt to garner straight sympathy. Some people do think that they’ve always been this way, from the minute they entered the world, and that’s perfectly ok and valid. But not everybody does.

Lots of people attribute their sexual identities to past trauma. Lots of people attribute their sexual identities to their neurodivergency. Lots of people attribute their sexual identities to just a whimsical choice that they one day decided to undertake, because they wanted to. They’re all valid, and they’ve always existed.

We shouldn’t have to prove a thing. Regardless of whether you (or me, or anybody else) was ‘born this way’ or just rolled out of bed and decided to live the ace experience out of the blue, we all deserve respect for our identities. There’s no clinical difference between you, whose ace experience spans your whole life, and me, whose asexuality is heavily influenced by my transness, depression, Asian diaspora, and anxiety.

- Fae

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Papa how do babies get borned

When a punk ass bitch and a bitchy hoe hook up they bash their private parts together and if they don’t have a rubber (cuz they dumb) then the bitchy hoe gets pregnant. A little over nine months later she gets the urge to poop and a baby comes out her hooha

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I was wondering- what are spirit workers exactly? And also can you just... become one or is it something you have to be born with? (and if you can become one do you have any reasources bc I'm interested)

I’m not one, but for what I’ve read, spirit workers are, in the plain sense of the name, people who work with spirits, be this to just practice, for spell work in the astral, or just know more about them. There’s no need to be born one, I think most of us weren’t born as witches, yet here we are :) So you can definitely become one if you want to.

Here are a few posts about spirit work that you might find useful (you can also search for the tag “spirit work” along various other blogs, I’m sure they got stuff too):

That’s what I could find at the moment :) Hope they help you start your journey!


Complete fics posted on AO3 this day

City Sinners by puglet [E, 1.5]

where they just have dirty filthy sex. 
PWP, established RS | POV: H | bottom!L

I Wanna Make you Move with Confidence by blushblurryfond [E, 4.3k]

Louis is pregnant and horny and needs to be fucked by his husband. 
PWP, established RS | POV: L | mpreg!L

Lighting Matches Just to Swallow Up the Flame by heavenfellforyou | @heavenfellforyou [?, 2.6k]

Harry and Louis were born special. They each had rare abilities that allowed them to do incredible things. 
MCD, superpowers | POV: H

Louis’ Kitty by Lynn_Larry [M, 3.1k]

Harry dresses as a kitty for his daddy, Louis.  
PWP, established RS, cosplay (H) | POV: both | bottom!H

Naked Attraction by glitterlarries | @illouminating [?, 3.3k]

Louis goes on Channel 4’s new dating show which involves choosing a partner based on how attractive you find their naked body. Harry just so happens to be one of the contestants. Harry also just so happens to be Louis’ ex boyfriend.
Reality TV show, famous (L), nudity, reconciliation | POV: L

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@the anon asking about the sunlit garden, I don't think the children suffered the same treatment as Taki because they, being half-humans, can't regenerate, so mutilating them to make them "stronger" would be pointless. What I think, however, is that the abuse they went through was more of the psychological/emotional kind which would be just as bad, imho.

I agree.

It’s worth noting though that at the time they are born, and do not display an active kakuhou, there is no way to find out if they have some special features or an ability to regenerate [unless they have a full grasp of genome profiling but that’s not the case]. They wouldn’t go as far as using a chainsaw, but perhaps inflicting some cuts was the fastest way to get an answer… among other tests for other purposes.

30 Questions Tag (actually 28 question)

I was tagged by the gorgeous @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff thanks babe^^

How tall are you? 5′4″.
What color and style is your hair? dark brown, short and curly. I have a sidecut and a undercut. actually thinking of shaving by the end of the year.
Do you wear glasses? I do, all day.
Do you have braces? Nope.
What is your fashion style? Basic, mostly dark colors and a lot, A LOT, of striped shirts. 
Any freckles/moles/beauty marks? Some moles and a lot of scars.
When were you born? August 11, 1997
How old are you? 19
Where do you live? Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Do you have siblings? yes, 4 siblings.
Do you go to school? I did.
What kind of student are you? That type that stress over everything and still let things to the day before the due date because my brain might like to watch me suffer, I don’t know.
What are your favorite TV shows? I don’t watch TV shows anymore. But my favorite shows used to be Game Of Thrones, Sherlock, Parks and Recreation and My Mad Fat Diary.
Favorite past time? I read a lot (not books tho), listen to music and sing a bit (even though i’m not good) and maybe watch something nice.
What is your dream job? cinema director. 
Would you like to get married one day; if so, where? nah.
Would you like kids one day? also nah.
Girly girl or tomboy? tomboy.
Do you like shopping? I like to go shopping when I’m feeling sad (and that’s even sadder in my opinion, good thing I don’t have money).
What countries have you visited so far? Brazil (I told you I don’t have money).
What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had? Recently daydreams hurt more than actual nightmares.
Do you have any enemies? I don’t know. 
Do you have a s/o? Ha. Good one buddy.
If not, do you want one? I’m too desperate and lonely to say no to this so yeah, obviously. 
Are you open about your feeling? Just to certain people. For some reason I found it easier to open myself up to “strangers” (like some friends I made here recently)? I don’t know, I feel like they won’t judge me as much?
Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of? Well, if they have my approval, yes. I’m the one dating.
Any pet peeves? that’s a long list. Ignorant people that just chooses to be ignorant is the biggest one tho.
Do you believe in astrology? It’s nice to read and identify yourself with somethings but I wouldn’t bet anything on it.

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  • How tall are you? 5′1 (152 cm)
  • What color and style is your hair? Its brown and its straight but sometimes it has some waves
  • What color are your eyes? the darkest possible shade which is like brown but they look black
  • Do you wear glasses? yeah
  • Do you wear braces? nope
  • What is your fashion style? “i’d say casual chic” idk what this but  i relate
  • Any freckles/moles/beauty marks? yup i have moles scattered all over my body but not a lot like i have less than ten.
  • When were you born? 3/13
  • How old are you? 16
  • Where do you live? in the good old USA… i hate living here but sometimes i dont????
  • Do you have siblings? yes a lil bro
  • Do you go to school? I’m in high  school 11th grade…
  • What kind of student are you? i’m good at reading and writiting but i suck at math also i’m lazy so i’m an average student smart but not that smart
  • What are your favorite TV shows? i love criminal minds and others…
  • Favorite pastime? daydreaming
  • What is your dream job? y’’all idk and i’m scared
  • Would you like to get married one day? sure i guess
  • Would you like kids one day? yup
  • Girly girl or tomboy? both
  • Do you like shopping? yeah but not by myself
  • What countries have you visited? Col
  • Do you have enemies? i hope not but im pretty sure everyone hates me
  • Do you have a s/o? no :(((
  • If not, do you want one? yeah i love affection
  • Are you open about your feelings? idk
  • What’s your family like? eh my family is ????
  • Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of? yeah i would probs still date them cause like ???
  • Any pet peeves? um not really
  • Do you believe in astrology? yup
  • IDK WHO TO  TAG SO??!! um @yifangalaxies @sunflowersoo @layxvodka @jiminstinygf and @arajunrose if you want to tho cause idk i feel like most of yall have done this

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1. How tall are you?

2. What color and style is your hair?
Black short

3. What color are your eyes?
Dark brown almost black

4. Do you wear glasses?

5. Do you wear braces?

6. What is your fashion style?
Jeans and fitted T

7. Any freckles/moles/beauty marks?
Mole on hand

8. When were you born?
September 13, 1995

9. How old are you?

10. Where do you live?

11. Do you have siblings?
Lil sis

12. Do you go to school?

13. What kind of student are you?
Procrastinating whiner…

14. What are your favorite TV shows?
Vampire Diaries, SpongeBob, Running Man

15. Favorite pastime?
Read, sleep, listen to music, watch kdrama

16. What is your dream job?
I have no dreams

17. Would you like to get married one day? If so, when where?
18. Would you like kids one day?
19. Girly girl or tomboy?
Tom girly
20. Do you like shopping?
No I don’t mind shopping as long as it doesn’t take all day and
it’s not crowded

21. What countries have you visited so far?

22. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?
I was still dating last boyfriend

23. Do you have enemies?
I’m sure I do…you can’t make everyone like you. I still try though

24. Do you have a s/o?
Oh no

25. If not, do you want one?
Um no
26. Are you open about your feelings?
mom and sister

27. What’s your family like?
Me, mom and lil sis are close. We only have each other. They are
army too. haha

28. Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?
It would depend on why mom disapproved

29. Any pet peeves?
People who drive slow in the fast lane
People who talk with food in their mouth
People who hide behind ‘anonymous’ to say shitty things
Guys/girls who stare at my boobs when I talk to them

30. Do you believe in astrology?
No not really

Sorry I’m boring

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please tell me "mae la force" is the star wars pun...

Ahaha i wish i did it! La Force is the surname of @sectumsimpra legacy, which is of course related to the saga! But Mae was born in game, so i guess it was just the fate doing its job :P


Thanks so much for tagging me @paths-of-our-childhood !!

Relationship Status: I’m single!

Favourite Colours: pastel, ocean blue, burgundy, camel.

Chapstick or Lipsticks: Lipsticks!! I can’t understand why I didn’t wear lipstick until two years ago cause it’s perfect.

Last Song I Listened To: I think it was Hands (the song for Orlando).

Favourite TV Show: Orange Is The New Black!! I also adore Elementary, House Of Cards, Empire.

First Fandom: French singers.

Adding In Some More Fun Questions…

Favourite Food: there’s this dish with rice and vegetables and meat that my grandmother does and it’s my favorite.

Where Were You Born: West of France

Where Do You Live: West of France

Dream Place To Travel: USA!! Like NY is waiting for me. Also Amsterdam, and Ireland.

Favourtie Munchie Food: M&Ms.

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