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California Dreaming
Not all my romantic relationships were bad, but some of them challenged me in a way that I didn’t want to be challenged, and I am happy I don’t have to do that now.’ Lana Del Rey.

Does Lana Del Rey really live right inside the middle of the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign and spend most of her nights perched high above the chaos that swirls within the city of angels below, as the teaser for her new album, Lust For Life, suggests?

Or does she rent a house in LA’s Santa Monica or Silver Lake or someplace else she’s not about to divulge, in case, having taken a cryptic February tweet of hers literally, a posse of her 6.3 million well-meaning Twitter followers showup on her doorstep with the ‘magic ingredients’ to cast spells on President Trump?

Does she really only dip her toes into ‘the muck and the mires of the city every now and then’, as she says in the album’s trailer? Or does she ‘go out quite a lot actually’, as she tells me when we meet, and spend her nights having fun with a tight crew of mainly musician mates, dancing at house parties, going to gigs and occasionally wrestling the microphone from her male friends to sing Hotel California in karaoke bars? In this post-truth world, it feels pedantic to care too much either way.

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anonymous asked:

Lana saying that this album is for the fans, all the while these so called "fans" have been shitting on everything she has released since Born To Die. Now she is dedicating an album to these fake stans. It's quite ironic when you think about it.

Spotlight #2: Lana Del Rey and The Nexus
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All Images: © Nicole Nodland, Aug. 2010

London-based writing and production duo James Bauer-Mein and David Sneddon became The Nexus in July 2009. Within a year the duo had begun to make a name for themselves as the place to go for new artist development; enter Lana Del Rey

Spending a large portion of 2010 in London with other writers and producers such as The Rural, Del Rey added a further five songs to her repertoire as a result of her sessions with The Nexus.

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anonymous asked:

hey so, choose your top 3 songs from every Lana album (including Lizzy Grant and Paradise)

Oh man, these questions are always fun but so hard

Lana Del Ray:
Oh Say Can You See
Kill Kill
Queen Of The Gas

Born to Die (my favorite album so this is hard):
National Anthem
Off To The Races
Born To Die
Dark Paradise (I couldn’t choose just three im sorryyyy) 

Paradise (my second fave this is so harddd):

Brooklyn Baby
Florida Kilos
Pretty When You Cry
Money Power Glory

Art Deco
Blackest Day