born to be real

                         Adolphe Édouard Casimir Joseph Mortier

                                               Marshal of France

                                              1st Duc de Trévise

                                     15th Prime Minister of France

                             (February 13, 1768 – February 13, 2016)

                                           Happy 248th birthday!

RWBY3 Finale: Looking back at the opening monologue

I’m going to post Salem’s opening monologue from episode 1 here and comment on it [like this]:

Legends. Stories scattered through time. Mankind has grown quite fond of recounting the exploits of heroes and villains, forgetting so easily that we are remnants, byproducts, of a forgotten past. [Ok, so if my personal theory is right that Salem is the OG Winter Maiden, OR she is a very very old Grimm, OR both, then this line makes a lot of sense. She, and possibly Ozpin, are remnants of the long forgotten legendary past of the world. The Maidens were forgotten as real, instead turned into legends.]

Man, born from dust, was strong, wise, and resourceful, but he was born into an unforgiving world. An inevitable darkness — creatures of destruction — the creatures of Grimm - set their sights on man and all of his creations. These forces clashed, and it seemed the darkness was intent on returning man’s brief existence to the void. [In terms of history, this implies that the Grimm existed before humans? It also calls the darkness inevitable. Also, is “the void” just an expression for being destroyed, or is it a real place? Is it where Salem is now? Is that were people come from?]

However, even the smallest spark of hope is enough to ignite change, and in time, man’s passion, resourcefulness, and ingenuity led them to the tools that would help even the odds. This power was appropriately named “Dust”. [More of a personal comment, but this line about a spark of hope ties into what I think the big deal of the show is, and how Ruby’s character works. Also Salem’s area looked like it had tons of dust crystals lying around.]

Nature’s wrath in hand, man lit their way through the darkness, and in the shadow’s absence came strength, civilization, and most importantly, life. But even the most brilliant lights eventually flicker and die. And when they are gone… darkness will return. [This implies that the darkness is something that will only truly return when the lights of mankind die out. Referring to just the schools and the CCT, or to ALL humans?]

So you may prepare your guardians, build your monuments to a so-called “free world”, but take heed… there will be no victory in strength. [Salem noting that strength alone cannot stop the darkness. Also directly references guardians.]

Ozpin: But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you’ve long forgotten. Things that require a smaller, more honest soul. [This line leads me to believe Ozpin is having a direct conversation with Salem. The “YOU” really sells this. Also important to note that the camera PANS DOWN TO RUBY on this line.]

anonymous asked:

i think that larries are starting to kae a narrative about adoption. that HL adopted freddie. Briana's a cover. They could found woman who while being pregnant decided to put her kid for adoption. So here we are. Louis waited for the son to be born blah blah.. if smt clicks in their mind maybe just maybe they'll decide that Briana was a surrogate mum, but it's unlikely due to their previous bashing of her - drinking during pregnancy, fake bump etc

I’m trying to understand the concept that anyone can believe a real live Freddie was born on January 21st, but that Briana didn’t birth him.

Do any of them really believe Syco has managed to make it possible for a woman to come in out of nowhere to raise a surrogate’s child? Or to have had her adopt a child born from someone else? All the paperwork and millions of dollars that would involve in paying off the surrogate and in paying off Briana for the rest of her life? And the paperwork involved for Louis, who would have had to have gone through rigorous adoption tests to ensure his name would be on the form acting as his father after the birth?

Do they think Syco is capable of a scheme like this???? That there’s any company capable of doing this????? For what purpose????

That they would force a woman to raise a random child that belongs to someone else just to closet a male celebrity for a couple of months before he denies it’s his?

And that they’d have to agree that Louis is absolute scum if he’s agreed to this? Louis is actually a disgusting immoral piece of shit of a person? To claim this child who apparently was only birthed as some crazy closeting scheme, only because he wants the public’s sympathy when he rejects him in a few weeks? Abandoning him to some woman who’s only raising him for money?

How is this even remotely feasible to the Big Larries or that Aaron Butterfield guy? How is it ever plausible Briana could be forced into raising someone else’s child just for a stunt, and that Louis agreed to it only because he wants to get rid of it in a couple of weeks?

Someone explain this to me……???????

the influence of your birthday

did you know your birthday is under the governance of a planet? so this means the day of the week you were born will influence your personality:

calculate on which day you were born here: x

Monday: ruled by the moon, monday born people are sensitive, intuitive, emotional and romantic people, seeking their one true love

Tuesday: ruled by mars, tuesday born people have strong personalities and are real fighters, fighting either for success, love or anything really, they don’t give up easily

Wednesday: ruled by mercury, wednesday born people are very smart and have amazing communication skills but have also workaholics tendencies

Thursday: ruled by jupiter, thursday born people are family oriented and are very generous, honest, freedom loving people 

Friday: ruled by venus, friday born people are harmonious people destined to art, fashion and creativity and have a weakness for luxury

Saturday: ruled by saturn, saturday born people are typical individualists and prefer to be alone but have great organisation skills

Sunday: ruled by sun, sunday born people have a strong leadership potential and are very vain and proud

read more about the day you were born here: x

Wolves and high-content wolfdogs are never born white. Regardless of subspecies (timber/gray, Arctic, etc.) all will be born black, brown, or dark gray, with no defined facial markings or other visible coat patterns. They gradually phase into their adult coloration as they mature, and may experience further phasing throughout their lives. 

Pictured above are the stages in coloration change for a true high-content wolfdog. The pup starts out a uniform brown, and, over the course of a year or so, it slowly loses the dark pigmentation, giving way to the true hue of its adult coat. 

Beware of breeders selling wolfdogs with high content claims if the pups are born white, or if they display prominent markings. Real wolves and high-content wolfdogs are always born a solid dark color, despite breeders’ claims to the contrary. Several generations of captive breeding will not undo what tens of thousands of years of evolution have wrought.