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Filipino For The Win!

After the two Filipino (Thia Megia and Monique de los Santos) representing the Philippines in American Idol 10, here comes another Filipino to be proud of!

10 year old Filipino girl’s amazing cover of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

Maria Aragon was a Filipina girl living in Winnipeg, Canada.  She became sensational after the famous Lady Gaga posted a link on her twitter account  about her rendition of the song Born this way by Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga posted a youtube link on her twitter account on February 17, 2011 about Maria Aragon. She was quoted as saying, “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future”. Those magical message of Lady Gaga put the Filipina girl into stardom. Her video has now reached a total of 1.1 million views as of this writing.

Maria Aragon was not just a plain singer she was able to play the piano while doing her own rendition of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way single. Lady Gaga has over 8 million twitter followers and a simple tweets from her is so powerful that posted video have become viral. It is one of the most-talked about viral youtube videos in Canada.

Maria Aragon was just a 10 year old girl, a grade 5 student from Isaac Brock School. She was born with Filipino parents  Bienvenido and Mitchilin Aragon. She has three siblings one of them had posted her youtube videos that became viral.

Ellen Degeneres have also interested with the girl’s newfound stardom by posting in her twitter account thanking Lady Gaga about the link and willing to make contact with Maria Aragon.

I’m still hoping that this cover is a joke… it has to be.

Unless she’s trying to make some ridiculously huge statement about judging things by their covers (which I highly doubt)… or she is risking aesthetics in order to take a trip down worst graphic history memory lane (80s inspired) …there is no way in hell that she would actually let this be her album cover. She studies fame, she lives for fashion, she captures art. She knows way better.

This would make sense, if she’s only releasing a shitty fake album cover to get up the hype as we discuss how BAD it is. Then she’ll reveal the real one, which will SHINE in comparison to this photoshopped motorcycle with tacky font.

Besides.. Perez Hilton was online when Gaga revealed the cover. He was tweeting Emma Roberts about Scream 4. He’s usually the first one, after Gaga, to tweet about things like these (as he tweeted profusely about Judas). And yet he said nothing about it and didn’t even post it on his website until hours later. Seems too delayed for it to be the real deal.

We all know that Gaga is one to do things her own way.. but I doubt she would actually do something like this.

..then again, she DID design the Judas cover herself using MS Word and her cellphone..

But even so, in Gagavision #42, they’re discussing whether the deluxe version of Born This Way should have a “fabrication of the same image that’s different, like one’s printed on gold and one’s printed on white”. Clearly, this motorcycle cover is on black so….. not the same cover they were talking about.

True, in the next portion of the video you hear “A lot of the things you’ve been doing in graphic design are really a giant DIY fuck you to almost the history of computer graphic design” but I’m fairly certain that they’re only talking about the Judas cover, since that’s the topic they switched too (as indicated by the title screen).

In conclusion, there’s a high chance that she’s pulling our leg, and I sincerely hope so.

I love Gaga, but I hate this cover art.

I think I need an eye condom.


Maria Aragon, our little Winnipeg girl who’s making headlines lately for her cover of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”.

(Hat Tip to YouCantRewind who provided me with the links)

Did Lady Gaga really betray us?

On Saturday 16th April 2011, @ChurchHooker said:

OK, well, I’ll start of by saying that i believe everything that has happened over the past day, has been planned by Gaga.

So firstly, Gaga believes that Judas betrayed Jesus three times. She even states this in the song. I believe that gaga is playing the role of Judas and she is planning on ‘betraying’ us 3 times, two of which i think have already happened (The song being released early, and the cover rumored to be fake. I think she is playing the role of Judas because in the song 'Judas’ she even say’s 'Judas is me in my defense. Also, Gaga posted on Twitter 'THE REAL JUDAS: HE’S EVERYWHERE, NOW. DON’T STOP UNTIL HE’S YOURS.’ and the pictures background is a reflection of her, so she is hinting that she is the real Judas.

The first betrayal was the 3 day early release of Judas, it happened to be leaked by someone so Gaga felt forced to release the song early… but who who has access to the album? Only Gaga and the record label. SO… i believe Gaga leaked the song herself, to make sure she could 'betray’ us and make it realistic.

The second betrayal was the cover being leaked, and the rumored to be fake. Again, no-one has access to the album other than Gaga and her record label, so she may have leaked it. She betrays us by leaking and the giving us a 'fake’ album cover.

I think the third betrayal may come when Gaga releases the Video, and i think again it may suspiciously get leaked before she gives it to us.

So Judas betrays Jesus(and Luc apparently cheated on Gaga three times) three times, the song is released three days early, and now it seems as though Gaga will betray us 3 times.


I love GaGa for this.

I guess you know the story of Maria, if not click here, and then here.

Gaga made her promise to this amazing, talanted kid and I’m sure she meant everything she told Maria. 

I believe she’s really honest and I respect her.