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it is very rare that someone born into poverty will be able to save their way out. there are many factors that go into being poor, and not being taught how to manage or grow money is one of them. while not having the necessary tools for success readily available to you is another. bootstrapping is a myth created by the wealthy to shame the poor.

Men’s dignity starts by how they treat us women and not what we supposedly owe them. You don’t deserve greater respect just by your mere existence and we are not made lower than you in everything. and even if it was like that, everything you do is build up on women’s shoulder, everything you eat is from our hands, everything you are has began in a woman’s belly.
So stop acting all dominant for being born as a male while you are in not just one way half a woman.

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For the mlm prompts, "What do you mean yesterday was your birthday?!" (idk if you're taking sentences or just words so this is a first sentence?)

“What do you mean yesterday was your birthday?!”

“I mean…yesterday was the day I was born?” Nino shrugged. “I don’t really know another way to say it.”

Adrien let out a soft sound of distress. “But, we didn’t do anything!” He covered his face with his hands. “I didn’t even wish you a happy birthday!”

Nino raised a brow. “You were pretty busy taking down a new supervillain. You had a lot on your mind.”

“But it was your birthday, Nino!” Adrien flopped onto the couch beside him. “I’m the worst husband in the world.”

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Do you have anything on moving on and accepting change? In desperate need for help in that area

accepting change, moving on, and keeping an optimistic view on the future ahead is a difficult task, yes

remember that change has always been occurring in your life. whether or not you were truly aware of it, whether or not you were aware of change unfurling, it has happened in the past, and it’s happening now. sometimes, we can get so fixated or used to our routines, or to people (i assume that’s what you mean by moving on, but i’ll apply it in a general sense as well) that we feel as if any sudden change to those routines or to those people, we will end up lost.

your purposes in life were never to remain stagnant. we are not born that way, none of us are ever unchanging. change is a beautiful thing. it disguises itself as something scary, as something we should fear. that’s reasonable. you should allow yourself to feel scared, you’re allowed to not want to accept any change right now.

but, in order to move on and accept change, you must first validate yourself that you’re ready to. if you’re missing somebody, you should allow yourself to do that, and take all the time you need. remind yourself that there was a time before them, and there will be plenty of times after them. you are not meant to stay ‘stuck’. it’s okay to explore again. change is inevitable! it has happened before and you have survived. change will come! and you will flourish, despite what you think. of course, change has its turbulences. you will be discouraged, uncomfortable, scared. we have all experienced that fear. it’s okay.

give yourself more love! i can’t tell you how important this is, yet so many people dismiss it! give yourself more love. it makes everything so much easier to endure. you need to be patient, you need to cry when you need to, you need to give yourself more care! pay attention to your needs, to your soul, to your heart. cultivate a sense of worry for your own self. you’re deserving of that, too.

recognize how change has helped many other people in their lives. when you get stuck in life, you sort of feel like as if nothing is ever going to renew again. that’s false! everything has a possibility of being renewed, this includes you! change is uncomfortable at first, but sooner or later you remember that feeling and you ease right into it, just as you have before. you will be okay. you are moving on from the past, you are setting it on fire. this isn’t to say that things from the past don’t wash up on the shore sometimes. they definitely do. they come back and remind us of how things used to be. a quote i saw on here went something like, 'nostalgia makes the past seem better than it actually was. nostalgia is a liar’ which is absolutely true in some cases. however, if you’re trying to move on from a bad past, just know that that process does take time. it can be absolutely frustrating. practice doing something new everyday to get your mind off of it, such as meditation or guided breathing. clear your head every once in a while. it’s unhealthy to carry so much.

i hope this helps you. personally, i’m trying to do the same thing. i’m trying to move on from a past that wasn’t good to me. it wasn’t my fault, but it’s important that i contribute myself into the nourishing of my current self and the destruction of my past that made me feel awful. it all takes time, i promise. there are no instructions. you go at your own pace, you follow your intuition and your heart. change carries so much potential, and that potential wouldn’t exist had you not existed. i wish you luck along the way.

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Ok so If Jason can't die then why does he die or at least how is he stopped until the next movie now Final Chapter Jason who some say is still human some say he's not is finally killed off for good as he was supposed to be making the way for copycat Jason killers, so how is the unkillable zombie Jason stopped in parts 6, 7 and 8?

At some point, you just gotta go with it. There’s still some debate about whether Jason was still a living, breathing human in 2-4 or if he was already undead, or if he died at the end of Part 3. It’s widely accepted that he first died in 4 and zombie Jason was well and truly born in 6, but it’s been read many different ways and I think those ways are all valid. 

From Part 6 on, it kind of stops being about killing him and mostly about just physically stopping him. In Jason Lives, the chain him to the bottom of the lake. In The New Blood, he’s buried underneath the dock at the bottom of the lake. In Jason Takes Manhattan he, uh, gets melted by toxic waste and, well, that’s a whole thing. I think it’s accepted that Rennie hallucinates him turning back into a kid and that Jason did manage to pull himself up out of that sewer and haul his moldy ass back to the lake. 

As zombie Jason, the first time he really dies is in Jason Goes to Hell, and that’s because of the whole magic dagger thing. It’s all very elaborate, because they wanted to show that the only way to kill this unkillable creature had to be hard. Only a Voorhees can kill him, and all that. 

But even when he’s dragged down to Hell, it doesn’t take much for him to pull himself out. He basically just needed to be reminded that he could leave any time he wanted, essentially. Even when he’s down, a little encouragement from mom (even if it’s not really her) always picks him back up again. 

In Jason X, there’s some debate as to whether or not he died before being restructured as UberJason. I could see that going either way. I personally think that the charred hunk of meat that was leftover after he got blown to bits was still alive. It makes sense either way. 

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Hey Min do you love cats?



Lady Gaga's Superbowl setlist leaked!!!

Lights go out, the crowd goes silent. A huge unicorn appears onstage. The gays flock on the field wearing nothing but relics from the “Artpop” era. Suddenly, a voice echoes throughout the stadium: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H I M” A republican drops dead. The unicorn explodes, releasing a cloud of glitter and grease. Tom Brady chokes on this eleganza. Gaga emerges wearing nothing but an American flag. She sings the first verse and chorus of “Born this Way”, immediately destroying every nuclear weapon in the world. She stops, looks straight at the camera: “My name is lady Gaga, but you can call me Joanne”. An electric guitar bursts into flames while Gaga belts out “Perfect Illusion”, dismantling the white supremacy. The song suddenly fades out into “Manicure” for fifteen seconds. A dance interlude storms onstage, while the “Venus” chants morphs into “Dance in the Dark”. An exorcism is performed live onstage. The démon rises up, followed by “Bad Romance”. The Wesboro Baptist Church disappears into oblivion. GOP is drowned into hot cheetos, which allows time for Cher to become the first female US president. The new United States of America is reborn to the tune of “Poker Face”, sung as a duet with Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga kicks a football and score a touchdown. Texas becomes officially gay™. The performance ends, as Tony Bennett drops his flesh suit to reveal… BEYONCÉ!!! “Téléphone Part 2/Judas/Video Phone” mash up grants three wishes to every person who ever bought “Joanne” and watched “AHS: Hotel”. Laganja Estranja death drops on Joe Biden’s face. Lady Gaga shoots fireworks from her Versace boobs while singing “The edge of Glory”, effectively ending homophobia everywhere in the world. The stadium erupts in applause, as Lady Gaga’s voice fades away, singing the iconic bridge from “Applause”. A jock in the audience turns to Barack Obama wearing a rainbow jacket, and whispers “She did that.” Obama answers “yes, she did.” Iconic.

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