The "born this way" narrative falls apart due to four (4) distinct failures

1. It is not actually an effective argument for dissuading homophobes or transphobes. Take a look at the developmental disability community for some examples of what oppressors do when we’re born this way.

2. It contradicts the idea of actively introspecting to discover your sexual orientation and/or gender identity, invalidating anyone who didn’t just know automatically.

3. It implies that our inability to change is the only good reason to accept us, and by extension implies that we ought to change if we could. Therefore, it actually reinforces that notion that there’s Something Wrong With Us, rather than challenging it.

4. It erases the experiences of people whose queer identities were developed through trauma, who were not in fact born this way.

  • Gaga during Fame era: I always been into this futuristic look. Even as a child, I was wearing fashion forward leotards.
  • Gaga during Born This Way era: I always had this crazy look. Even as a child.I loved doing crazy things to my hair.
  • Gaga during Artpop era: I always been into art. Every outfit I wore as a child was inspired by the art of the greats.
  • Gaga during Joanne era: I always dressed in a pair of old ripped jeans and a t-shirt. Even as a child, I use to walk around the streets with some jean shorts and my ol' cowboy hat.