born of osiris


I uh, made one of those dreaded snapchat thingies against my better judgment lol. Also, I’ve been tagged by a lot of lovely people including @ashesofthepaleserpent,  @torrents-of-alabia@paradoxoftheflame, @finnishtrolls, @gipsyspirits@scarsighted, @scarsoftheshatteredsky, @beardowulf, @misshammett, @victoria-krueger, @prideandperdition, and @quasarior. Thank you all, I appreciate it!! <3 Have a couple since it’s been a while haha.

I’m gunna tag @all-together-run-for-cover, @themoontime, @dolldirector, @nemesis-poopina, @necrofetus-mcgee, @vadzianik, @xochitl-metal@postorganichallucinations, @lord-ov-the-blackened-svn, @ollis-beard, @opeths if y’all feel like it! If not that’s cool too tho :)