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Serial killer Carroll Edward Cole was born on May 9, 1938, and was the first person executed by lethal injection in Nevada, on December 6, 1985. Cole was convicted of 13 lust homicides, but by his own admission, the full number was more like 34 or 35. The Carroll Cole case is very significant as a demonstration of the failure of the criminal justice system. While there were numerous instances of malfeasance in the case, the true culprit was a system that lacked contemporary technology. Cole committed dozens, if not hundreds, of crimes, in addition to the murders, throughout the United States. He was convicted in numerous local, state and federal jurisdictions, but was commonly a first offender because of the lack of a central depository of criminal behaviour.

Carroll Edward Cole was the third child of Laverne and Vesta Cole. The Great Depression forced Laverne Cole to move his family west in search for work. While the West Coast was the goal, Laverne found work in Richmond at the Kaiser Shipyard. Laverne joined the armed forces with the United State’s entry into World War II. Vesta enjoyed the ‘company’ of other men during her husbands absence, and would require Carroll to visit their home while she participated in extramarital affairs. Carroll was sown to secrecy under the threat of severe beatings. Best was physically and emotionally abusive of Carroll. She would dress him up in one of his sister’s frilly dresses, refer to him as her little girl, tease him about his feminine name, and make him serve refreshments to guests she invited to the family home. Vesta, in violation of California law, also refused to send Carroll to school. At an early age, a young female acquaintance aggressively knocked Carroll to the ground and sat on his face. When Besta observed the activity she pulled the girl off of Carroll and then proceeded to strike him in the face as if he was the aggressor rather than the victim. In a rage, Carroll crawled beneath the porch where he found and strangles a puppy.

A be-medalled but clearly dejected Leutnant Kurt Tanzer, Staffelkapitän of 13./JG 51, contemplates his final flight from Parchim/Redlin to Flensburg on 2 May 1945 to await the arrival of British forces.
Note the bomb container on the D-9 - possibly Tanzer’s own ‘White 1’ - in the background.

Photo & Caption from “Osprey (Aviation Elite Units): Jagdgeschwader 51”

@georgy-konstantinovich-zhukov posted a different “cropped” version of this photo (much like the one in the above book). In this version im posting you can see the full left side of photo.

Happy Birthday, Edith Meiser

Writer and actress Edith Meiser was born May 9, 1898. Her passion for Sherlock Holmes helped get the great detective on the radio, and she personally penned hundreds of his adventures for the airwaves. 

Meiser pushed back against criticism that Holmes was past his prime in the 1930s, and her persistent efforts led to the start of the character’s radio exploits that would run for decades, with Basil Rathbone, Tom Conway, John Stanley, and more bringing her Conan Doyle adaptations and original mysteries to life.

Outside of the world of Baker Street, Meiser went from the vaudeville stage to television (seen above in a scene from I Love Lucy) and the big screen.

In honor of her birthday, I’ll post some of Edith Meiser’s original Sherlock Holmes mysteries. For more from the Golden Age of Radio, click here to subscribe to the “Down These Mean Streets” podcast in iTunes.


Happy 46th Birthday Earl Carpenter (born 9 May 1970 - Southampton, England)

“ Cameron Mackintosh said to me – we were rehearsing for the O2 concert and we were chatting about everything – and he said ‘The thing about you, Earl, is you’re like Roger Allam and Phillip Quast. You’re just weird. ”