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Tagged by @aberratedaberration to go through old SS and be sad. Honestly, the only huge change I ever made on Qol was between the 1st and 2nd versions. The blonde just wasn’t working for me, and the horns didn’t allow me to fully enjoy all the hats in game ono

Qol started as a man because reasons we won’t discuss and I just couldn’t handle looking at the toon. It wasn’t very attractive…maybe if it was a hot male, sure, but no. And thus lady Qol was born something like 5 years ago. I’ve met aloooooooooooot of people, I actually started on Infinite Aion until Toasty decided to blow it up. Some came to retail some didn’t. Been through many friendships, lost a lot of people because I was a scumbag back in the day and ran into scumbags. 

Meh. Not too much to say besides THANK GOD HALF THE DRAMA I PUT MYSELF THROUGH IS FUCKING OVER. LOL I won’t go back to Aion. At 5.0 I logged in, realized NC gave Qol extreme botox, remodeled, then lost interest instantly. I guess I’m at that point in life where I just can’t bring myself to play games like I use. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I do miss it. That being said, here’s 5.0 Qol, she will probably stay this way forever now.

I guess I’ll tag @kuroreishi @shinzagato @satyfears because I think these three tumblrs are the ones I’ve known the longest (saty being my baby since like 2010 akaka <3)

Growing up we learn behaviour and emotions and reactions that we were never meant to learn. We obtain knowledge we were never meant to have. When Adam ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, humanity received knowledge not meant for us. Instantly, we became ashamed. Shame is an example of something we were never meant to know. Selfishness is another. So these are all things that are not who we are when we come to Christ and we need to leave them dead. In Christ the old is gone. In Christ our old man is dead. In Christ we are born again and made brand new. We are to be like new born babies learning who we are and how we’re supposed to behave. And all that is found in Jesus for we have been predestined to be like him. Every feeling and thought should be lifted before heaven and the revelation of who we are in Christ. If it doesn’t match up then we leave it behind and move forward into our true identity, image bearers of the God who is Love.

04 of 05 - Modern Compendium: Guidance - Herald Aetherius

When you start talking about UFO cults, there’s a certain stereotype that forms in the mind. An image of white people in vaguely eastern Asian-looking robes, talking about transcendentalism and the importance of meditation and selflessness, all while wearing a gold watch worth twice the price of your own home. For most Americans, the idea is one born of people like David Koresh and the Heaven’s Gate cult, but it’s also a stereotype that still fits a fair number of today’s active UFO religions.

Aetherius here, the standard bearer of the Aetherius Society, is a good example of this. Followers of the Society believe in an “Intergalactic Parliament” of psychic-powered aliens who exist to pass judgement on the Earth and its inhabitants. Aetherius himself is said to be one of many Cosmic Masters, extraterrestrial teachers who psychically contact human beings in order to teach us how to behave in the interstellar community. The beliefs of the Society itself are a wacky mish-mash of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Theosophy, all collected under the reassuring claim that every major religious figure in human history has secretly been one of these Cosmic Masters.

Like most UFO religions, the Aetherius Society can trace its roots back to the Contactee Movement of the late 40s-50s. George King founded the Aetherius Society in a social soup of Theosophical transcendentalism and eastern Asian mysticism that continues to inform a great deal of UFO belief even today. Followers of the Aetherius Society believe in psychic power, reincarnation, alternative medicine, and the eternal cosmic battle between good and evil. They also believed that the world would end on the millennium, and that the Age of Aquarius would commence with the transcendence of all life on Earth into a state of pure energy, all of which is fairly typical for UFO religions as a group.

In the end, Aetherius’s position as a nearly all-powerful divine figure that exists to determine the future of humanity means it sits fairly high up in the Herald family. The main thing keeping it from reaching the hieghts of this group is the fact that the Aetherius Society has little to actually distinguish itself from other UFO religions – there’s just very little in the Society’s beliefs that makes it stand out from the general background UFO goofiness.

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