born into trouble as sparks fly upwards

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any ficrecs of Alex/Darwin?


these are what i consider the highlights of the Armando Muñoz/Alex Summers tag on AO3.  i haven’t dug my way through the kink meme yet, but this should hold you over for a while, so have at it.  Remember to read the fic tags so that you can avoid any triggers you need to, and have fun!

  • born into trouble as the sparks fly upward — this is a post-vietnam fic where alex is dealing with ptsd and the after effects of that war, and armando may or may not be alive again.  please heed all the trigger warnings.
  • Come Back to Me — armando wakes up in the rubble of the cia compound, and there are feelings.  essentially the obvious prelude to the usual reunion fic.
  • With Luck (Turn It Down Remix) — the boys have sex.  a lot.  there is an accidental glimpse into erik and charles’s sex life.
  • Snail Mail — probably the most well know a/a fic, but still a great one.  alex works for erik, who is married to charles.  armando is charles’s t.a.  meet cute for the boys because charles and erik thrive on arguing with each other.
  • Molten middle — an armando comes back fic.  really sweet, with some nice alex&hank interaction on the side.
  • tell them i ain’t coming back — the firefly au.  really good, and you can definitely interpret armando as being somewhere on the aro and/or ace spectrums with this fic, which was really nice.

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