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.the king and his lover~

after countless hours of drawing i finished this yaaay~ just spent 2 days on coloring… but i’m sooo proud of my babies~ *___* and yuuri with slicked back hair and glasses on… now that’s my kink! XD

btw this was inspired by the amazing @adreamingsongbird‘s fanfiction, The Rules For Loversit’s a wonderfully written fic and i cried my heart out on the last two chapters XD

i’m thinking about making prints from this~ would any of you be interested in getting one? :3

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there’s nothing you can do. 
because as long as you sit on that throne, this kingdom will belong to you.
the fields, the lands, the people. 
and i will never be your equal.

So after going through the entire Kingdom Hearts series, I’ve noticed something. King Mickey was not born royalty; he married into royalty by screwing around with the world order.

Mickey originally comes from Timeless River, the “Steamboat Willie”-themed world where he’s a deckhand with a reputation for being a lazy troublemaker. Nobody mentions any kind of existing royalty in that world, and certainly nobody treats Mickey like a prince, lazy or otherwise. We see early versions of Pete, Horace Horsecollar, Clara Cluck, etc. but do you notice someone missing?

Minnie. Minnie is not from Timeless River.

Minnie is princess of the Country of the Musketeers, the “Three Musketeers”-themed world from Dream Drop Distance. We see a younger Mickey here training to be a Musketeer on princess guard duty but we know he isn’t native because he tells Sora as much. He doesn’t understand when Sora calls him “Your Majesty”. If Mickey was a prince of any kind, that title wouldn’t be weird. It’s also clear that this world is not a version of Timeless River. (Though it does have a version of Pete, which may or may not be the same Pete from the rest of the series considering he has a peg leg in Country of the Musketeers. It’s kinda hard to grow back a leg. Then again, this is a series that runs on bloodless carnage and where people regularly come back from the dead, so who knows?)

Sometime later, in Yen Sid’s tower, we see an inexperienced Mickey as the sorcerer’s apprentice. Again, Sora instinctively starts with “Your Majesty” and Mickey is confused.

By the time Birth By Sleep rolls around, Mickey is still an apprentice to Yen Sid but he’s a king now. He and Minnie rule over Disney Town during the Million Dreams Festival, which is the newer incarnation of Timeless River. And is not at all a shameless plug for Disneyland or reference to the Disney parks’ Year of a Million Dreams, up to and including Ven being given actual goddamn park tickets.

(No I will not get over the blatant self-advertising.)

Disney Town goes on to become Disney Castle from KH1 on.

So basically, Mickey pulled Minnie out of her own world and back to his, where she reigned as queen and he married her and became king. So that means that all these regal-looking pictures of mice on the walls…

…are MINNIE’S ancestors, not Mickey’s. And also, since Disney Castle was not inherited but was built during their lifetime, those little 3-circle mouse heads everywhere?

Either it’s Mickey being phenomenally narcissistic, or more likely, they’re the royal seal of MINNIE’S family.

So the worlds have to stay separated and their existences have to stay secret, right, Mick?

Unless you find a hot girl. Then you can totally bring her back to yours.

Why do people hate me? Because they know I have a strong will, and when convinced that a thing is right do not change my mind. Those who are afraid of me, who don’t look me in the eyes, or who are up to some wrong, never like me… But those who are good and devoted to you honestly and purely, they love me - look at the simple people and military. The good and bad clergy, it’s all so clear, and that is why it no longer hurts me as when I was younger.
—  Tsarina Alexandra writing to her husband in December 1916; Born to Rule p. 240 

Christina, Queen of Sweden (1626-1689) became the ruler of the Nordic kingdom when she was only six years old, but only began exercising authority at 18. She quickly gained a reputation as one of the most educated women of her time, and a patron of the arts and sciences, sparking a new age of culture and knowledge in Sweden.

From her early years she was offered an education normally reserved to boys, and excelled in religion, philosophy, and eight languages other than her native Swedish. She caused controversy with her unconventional dress, pastimes generally considered masculine, and her decision to never marry. She travelled extensively through Europe, meeting with important figures, including the Pope, who held great admiration for her. She was buried in the Grotte Vaticane, only one of three women to receive this honour.

Kneel Before Me (Part 1/?) (Loki x reader)

Request: Could you do a Loki/avenger reader multi or oneshot where they end up falling for each other during the Battle of New York but nobody knows it and when Thor muzzles him and prepares to leave for Asgard, all they can do is exchange a look with each other and she’s heart broken because she thinks she’ll never see him again? Thank you :)

“It is the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation.”

Steve was about to jump from the rear of the plane, but you grabbed his arm before he could let go of the fuselage, nodding out towards the god who had stunned the large group into silence.  “You’re no match for him, Captain.”

“Thanks, ma’am.  That boost of confidence was all I needed.” He pulled his arm away and dropped to the ground below; Natasha held position, waiting for you to follow.

“Give him hell,” she smirked, waiting for your feet to touch solid ground before pulling the aircraft higher and behind you, it’s guns drawn at the ready.

“The last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above everyone else, we ended up disagreeing.”

“The soldier,” Loki panted, “the man out of time.”  He stood fully and looked from Steve to you, a dark but mischievous glimmer in his eyes, “and a woman misguided, I believe.”  He took a few slow steps towards you, his hand reached out but not coming close enough for contact.  “You belong at my side.  I can see your true heart, and it’s not here.”

You were shaken slightly by his attention, but you held your ground, standing next to the new guy covered in stars and spandex, immediately feeling vulnerable against his powers. Even with Natasha in the jet overhead, you knew this wouldn’t end well.  Steve took a step closer and pushed himself between you and the Asgardian, now filling the god with a new anger and pushing the Captain to his knees.

“Kneel before me!”

As the fight began, Steve faltered only slightly, surprisingly holding is own against your better judgment that he was no match.  You stood silently and unwavering from a vantage point near the jet, waiting until Steve needed your assistance.  When he was finally held to the ground and unable to retaliate, you leapt forward to engage Loki, but his hand raised slowly and ominously, wordlessly commanding you to stop.  

“And what, my dear, are we to do with you?”  He continued to hold Steve down, but his entire focus was on you.  “Do you want me to release him?” he asked, his head turning back to look at your new teammate, “or is he just going to be in our way?  We can’t have that, now can we?”

Without a chance to reply, you jumped slightly when Loki was shot back with a hard crash to the ground, Iron Man now towering over him and quickly joined by Steve to keep him there.  “Make your move, Reindeer Games.”


After a minor altercation with another Asgardian that levelled a descent chunk of forest, you were back on the hellicarrier, waiting to watch as Director Fury secured Loki in his cell.  Every screen around the table was alight with his face; it drew you in somehow, and all you wanted was to talk to him yourself.

“It’s an impressive cage. Not built, I think, for me.”

“Built for something a lot stronger than you.”

As you looked at the people around the table with you, you never felt more out of place.  Doctor Banner was enthralled with what Loki was saying, tipping back and forth slightly as he listened.  Steve looked like he was only barely interested, as if his mind were somewhere else completely.  Natasha eagerly waited for Loki to say anything at all about Clint, and the new guy, Thor, was looking away with his chin thoughtfully rested in his hand. With so many people wrapped up in their own agendas, it was crazy for Fury to think that this could ever be a team.

“He kinda grows on you, doesn’t he?” the doctor chuckled as the screens darkened.  You felt his eyes shift to you, as if he knew that your mind was elsewhere; that it was in the belly of the ship, calling you to go to the man who had your complete interest.  “(Y/N)?  You still with us?”

“Hmm?” you startled, lifting your head in surprise to look at him.  Your gaze just as quickly dropped to the floor again as you stood to excuse yourself, standing abruptly and tipping the chair slightly off its center. You stood so quickly that you didn’t have a chance to see Tony Stark right next to you.

“No hard feelings, Point Break, you’ve got a mean swing,” he joked to Thor, but grabbed you when you ran firmly into him.  “Woah, sweetheart, what’s the rush?  Don’t let me scare you off.”

“Sorry…um, excuse me,” you mumbled, not even paying attention to who you had run into.  You were on a mission of your own; to find out why you couldn’t get Loki out of your mind, and if it were somehow by his own doing.  Not knowing if it was you or his manipulations that had you so enthralled.

“Where’s she going? Did something happen during the apprehension?” Coulson asked, looking immediately to Steve.  He leaned back in his chair and sighed, not knowing you really at all to gauge your actions, but knowing enough to see that you weren’t okay.

“I think he got in her head. But she seems pretty determined to get him out.”


When your hand touched the cold panel next to the heavy steel door, you paused, unsure of what you were even doing.  Why was it so important to talk to him?  Just turn around and walk away, forget it, you thought, but even you couldn’t convince yourself.  As if moving under their own direction, your fingers danced across the security panel, entering your code to open the door.  You stood motionless for a moment when you saw him; he looked smaller now, in a cage like an animal, though anything but helpless. He still carried himself with purpose and power, but he was in no way capable of either.

“I had hoped you would come,” he said quietly, moving to rest his hand on the glass and lean towards you.  “You’ve filled my mind and I am unable to escape the thoughts of you that are driving me mad.”

You had to tell your feet to move, command your legs to push you forward.  His voice was different; it was calmer, softer, and almost genuine. But this was Loki, known to be dangerous and courting war with the Earth; you needed to handle this with care.

“I’ve done nothing,” you replied in a flat tone, “it would seem that it’s you who’s misguided.”  

A wide grin crossed his lips, growing to a smile with an anger behind it that was poorly masked.  “You have heart, I like that.  It’s been some time since I’ve enjoyed such a challenge.”

“I’m not here for your enjoyment.”

“We shall see, (Y/N). We most definitely shall see, very soon, I think.”

Finally fully inside the holding room, you grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to the glass, watching him move to the far side to sit and watch you in return.  You had to force yourself to hold eye contact with him, your mind screaming for you to look away, but you wouldn’t let him think you to be weak or that you would concede to him.  The longer you sat this way, the more you became strangely comfortable in his presence.

“You were born for more, (Y/N).  You were born to be royalty.  Why can you not see that?”

“Because the only thing remotely close to royalty around here is Stark, and if he hears me say that I’ll never live it down,” you groaned, looking around the room to figure out if the cameras were active and if he might actually be watching.  “I’m not really the ruling-from-on-high sort. You can dress me up but I can’t play the part, Loki.”

“I like the way you say my name,” he whispered, standing to walk towards you.  You stood as he neared, a sense of anxiety washing over you. He was in the strongest cell ever made, strong enough to contain the Hulk, and you were nervous.  “I would like to hear it again.”

“I should…go…” your voice faded, but your feet didn’t move and your gaze never left his.

“Say it again.”

“Loki…I don’t think I should be here.”  You finally willed yourself to turn away and towards the door, determined to not look back, but as you reached the door, his voice beckoned to you one more time.

“(Y/N), a battle is about to begin.  Nothing can stop that.”  He pushed himself as close to the glass as he could, both of his hands pressed against it as if he could feel you through it.  “Though I mean to rule, I would sacrifice myself to protect you.  I will not see you hurt because of my own actions.”

Taking the opportunity to use the moment, to use his emotions as a gamble, you walked to him and pressed your hands against his.  He closed his eyes and smiled slightly, content at the action even if he couldn’t touch you.  “Then stop it, Loki.  Stop it now.”

“There is no stopping it. There is only the war.”  He pulled his hands down and turned away, his head lowered slightly.  A few moments passed before he turned back, his expression sad and his face looking almost human now.  “Will you be at my side?”

You opened your mouth to reply, not even knowing what words were about to be spoken, when the ship jolted violently and alarms began to sound.  You were knocked to the ground by the force, slowly standing again as the ship steadied.  In the distance, though not as distant as you would like, you heard the Hulk’s growl and ran for the door.

“No!  (Y/N) do not go out there!  They will kill you.  And it will be by my command.”

“Then so be it,” you replied, quickly leaving his sight, a pain growing in your chest at the sound of him screaming your name as the door shut behind you.

Part 2

Ficlet for Day 1 of @sheithquoteweek

Always Looking

Takes place between “Some Assembly Required” and “Return of the Gladiator”.

AO3 link


Allura was a princess. She might not have a planet anymore, but she had been born into royalty and raised to lead. Her father had been proud of her diplomatic skills and her acute perception.

She was attempting to apply those abilities now, assessing the extremely unlikely situation that had developed. Five aliens, all from the same planet, were now the five Paladins of Voltron.

And they were rather a mess.

Oh, individually there were bright spots. Pidge appeared to have genius-level intelligence. Shiro clearly had strong leadership potential. From what she had observed so far on the training deck, Keith was a capable and fierce fighter.

But they were not yet a cohesive whole. Lance and Hunk gave the impression of a long-standing friendship, judging from one or two remarks she had heard. Pidge was still holding himself apart for some reason, as the mind-meld exercise had shown.

And then there were Shiro and Keith.

Their dynamic seemed to be on a different level compared to the others. Allura had blinked at Shiro’s order for Keith to go get the Red Lion if they found its coordinates, trusting that he was capable of such a task on his own. Then there had been the incident in combat training where Shiro had seemed to freeze up but Keith, despite having been taken out just seconds before, was up and in front of him to block the attack. After the impromptu food fight, which finally had the five of them working together on a goal (no matter how ridiculous), she had noticed the two of them glance at each other as the team laughed.

And now Shiro and Keith were standing outside Keith’s door, talking in low voices. Allura paused, wanting to be respectful and not overhear what was obviously a private conversation. But as she watched, Shiro made a fist with the Galra prosthetic, causing it to glow gently. Keith reached out and laid his own hand over it without hesitation. Shiro’s eyes flew up to Keith’s face with a look of gratitude so intense that she expected him to move in for an embrace, if not a kiss.

She retreated rather than risk intruding any more than she already had. But in the days that followed, she noticed, keeping track without meaning to.

Shiro was always looking at Keith.


Noctis Lucis Caelum: General Headcanons

Dear reader,

I have done 2 versions of Noctis headcanon’s in the past. Once on my blindbae account, the other on @themissimmortal and I’s shared website. A new blog can only mean one thing; more head canon (repetitive and new with more analysis and info). Noctis will not be the only one that will receive head canons, of course. All general characters in the FFXV fandom will get their own batch of head canons similar to these just like on my previous blog. I am simply restoring and rewriting content I wish to bring back. I hope you enjoy.


Being Royalty

It is general knowledge to know that Noctis has never been keen of his born title of Royalty. Of course, he does not appreciate the responsibilities and duties that come along with his birthright, but he despises the publicity even more. Most citizens of Lucis imagine having your face in magazines, news papers, and on televisions across all of Eos would be a wonderful treat. To be rich and famous… powerful and notable—but, Noctis wishes it would all just go  away.

Each and everyday, whether he be walking out of the Citadel or his seemingly “private” apartment, there will always be at least one person taking pictures of/with him. 

Disclaimer: It’s not Prompto. It’s a rando. Noctis doesn’t get mad about Prompto taking pictures of/with him. Well. Not always.

He never asked for this kind of attention. In his eyes, he believes he has done nothing to earn such praises and adoration. Ignis concludes that that is the very reason he dislikes such publicity, more so than the annoyance, when in retrospect— it’s both variables.

Such publicity often carried on during Noctis’s time in school. That includes his time in elementary/primary school…. which has led Noctis to take honesty in relationships with a grain of salt. Noctis had come to rely on “gut feelings” more so than dodgy promises and wavering smiles of those that surrounded him. There is nothing Noctis despises more than disingenuous people. His “gut feelings” had led his friend group to be filled with only trust worthy beings, of course we know such people as the other three “Chocobros.”

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anonymous asked:

Peter Cushing stated multiple times that he wished Tarkin had survived ANH so that he could be in more Star Wars movies/media. Considering that Tarkin has been in TCW, Rebels, has his own novel, and was a major part of Rogue One, that makes me so happy.

He did!! While I don’t think he ever quite completely got the Star Wars universe, he did really love getting to act in the films and always wanted to do more. Tarkin may be a one-movie villain, but Cushing’s portrayal of him wound up making him one of the most iconic villains of the entire Star Wars series.

That makes him really important to the universe, and I am beyond happy that they consistently bring him back/along for the ride.


Prince of a dynasty
Heart of a soldier

Had this on my Ipad for an eternity and decided to finish it up.
People who say Roman is Unrelatable/has no story to him basically have no imagination, that’s all.
Also I’m 720% for someone who was born into wrestling royalty but put aside his lineage and rode with common journeymen who he saw as brothers—it’s a great contrast to other dynasty children who’ve kayfabe used their family names from the start.

Fate/Grand Order Ozymandias (Ramesses II) Line Masterpost

Praise the sun post AKA I’m not rolling for you, Ozzy, but please come home anyway. This post is my offering to you.

EDIT: The rest of the bond lines are here~ Just gotta get that Event line and we’ll be solid

*If anyone is interested in commissioning me, here’s my regular commission page, and here’s my chart for Chapter America/E Pluribus Unum!

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Sailor Theories: Who is Queen Serenity?

Forget Sailor Cosmos; I’ve always been far more interested in hearing Queen Serenity’s origin story.

Now, we do know quite a bit about Serenity. We know that she was the Queen of the Silver Millennium, the mother of Princess Serenity, and the wielder of the Ginzuishou. From what we’ve seen, she was a very kind, generous, wise, fair, and benevolent ruler as well as a loving, selfless mother. She sacrificed her life- as well as her chance of being reborn (well, that’s the implication I get, anyway)- in order to ensure that her daughter and all of her subjects would be reborn on Earth in the far future and given the chance to lead normal, happy lives.

Despite all this, we know next to nothing about Queen Serenity’s past before the birth of her daughter. She has no other known relatives and we have no idea how long she reigned as Queen of the Silver Millennium. The only hint to her past is contained in the Dream (aka SuperS) arc of the manga, more specifically in Act 48:

Now, Queen Nehellenia isn’t exactly a reliable narrator, but Serenity doesn’t refute her claims. If Nehellenia is to be believed- and the manga doesn’t really give us a reason to not believe her regarding this particular tidbit- then Serenity is not a native Lunarian. So, given this precious little information, here is my theory as to where Serenity came from.

Serenity was born into royalty on a peaceful planet far away from our Solar System (but still in the Milky Way). Her family looked after the planet and its inhabitants; I imagine that her family looked after a sort of proto-Ginzuishou (more on that later). Serenity had a happy childhood, but when she was a teenager, war broke out. Her planet was invaded by a warlike alien clan and Serenity’s people were forced to defend themselves. Serenity’s family fought to protect their people, but after years of war and bloodshed, they were forced to sacrifice their lives by using the proto-Ginzuishou (the proto-Ginzuishou was far weaker than the future Ginzuishou, requiring more life energy to produce results that were weaker than what the future Ginzuishou was capable of producing).

After years of fighting, the war ended, but not without terrible costs. Serenity was the sole surviving member of her family, her populace was reduced to a mere fraction of what it was before the war, and the planet itself was left barren and cold. Devastated by her experiences, Serenity (who was only the equivalent of 18 or so at this time) swore to reproduce the peaceful and happy planet of her childhood, to protect what remained of her people, and to uphold her family’s duty of guarding the proto-Ginzuishou.   

Serenity and her people wandered the galaxy for years, looking for somewhere to call home but finding nothing. Just as Serenity was about to lose hope, she came across a beautiful blue planet that flourished with life: Earth. However, Earth already had a native population, and Serenity’s experiences with the invaders of her home planet made her very adverse to settling somewhere where others already lived. Despite that, Earth had a natural satellite that had no native lifeforms, which the Earthlings called the Moon. Despite its lack of life, the Moon itself had a bounty of energy and held massive potential. It was exactly what Serenity and her people had been searching for.

Serenity and her people began to settle the Moon. At some point, Serenity merged the proto-Ginzuishou (which was the Star Seed of her home planet) with the Star Seed of the Moon, producing the Ginzuishou we know. Using the Ginzuishou, Serenity was easily able to build a new kingdom for her people, who had finally begun to strengthen their numbers after settling on the Moon. Although the Earthlings wanted nothing to do with this new kingdom, the kingdoms of the rest of the Solar System- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto- were intrigued. They had never seen anyone like Serenity or anything like the Ginzuishou. In a short amount of time, Serenity had produced a kingdom far stronger and more thriving than anything they had ever built.

Still clinging onto the ideals of her parents and never wavering on her own convictions for a second, Serenity swore that her kingdom would be a place of peace and happiness; she welcomed the other kingdoms to join her, although she would never force them to. The other planets (minus Earth) flocked to join her, merging into a super-kingdom, run by Serenity, named the Silver Millennium. And so Serenity was finally able to recreate the home planet she so loved… until Queen Metalia arrived and ruined everything, of course.

I’d like to go more into my theories about the Silver Millennium itself, but I’ll save that for a future post. But this is how I personally envision Queen Serenity’s past!

hanahaki disease (bokuto ver.)

this is for the lovely ever @jonin-goddess , also known as admin owl! she’s the most adorable human bean and the best partner in crime for these imagines <3 i hope you like this alex-san ^.^ 

also, this turned out wayyyyy longer than i had anticipated, and i’m assuming it is as long as a fic because 1) i love bokuto 2) i love royal! aus (oop spoilter hehe) i’ve placed it under the cut so that it wouldn’t be one giant chunk, i hope the rest of you enjoy this as well! 

In the Land of the Rising Sun, people were segregated by the infamous social hierarchy of the rich and the poor. The rich were often born rich, and remained rich throughout their entire lives, spending their money lavishly on exotic items and balls. The poor, were born poor and remained poor forever, often working arduously for a living, or working for the rich.

Bokuto Koutarou was lucky. He was born into royalty, with his father being the king of the land. The Bokuto’s have been ruling ever since the land was discovered, and thus they remained rulers of the land.

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Royal Discord


Royal Au
Arranged Marriage

Introducing the new BTS series,

In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.
- Gianni Versace

I noticed him right away.


It wasn’t his lean figure or the graceful walk. Nor his dark brown locks that surrounded his small face like a crown. It wasn’t his dark attire that was chosen for the day. Or the accessorizes that shined under the bright lights.

It was the defeated and indifferent expression he carried with him as he chatted with an elderly couple.

“Too bad he is not the crown prince.” A voice whispered behind my back. “What a waste of such a face.”

He was wearing a black suit with golden details that matched his glowing skin. His hair was parted in the middle and the symbol of our house was attached to his collar.

“We wouldn’t be here if he were to be the next king.” I replied, now facing him completely. “I am glad you could make it.”

Fixing his bowtie he smiled and took my hands in his before dropping a curtsy.

“Everything for you my lady.”  After straightening his posture he turned to look at the family that was now gesturing us. “Would you like me to be the translator for the night?”

“I can speak their language just fine.” I answered as I started walking towards them. “But I would appreciate it greatly if you could stay close.”

The smirk his lips supported grew, making him look cynical as his snake like eyes focused on the man that was watching us curiously.

“Your wish is my command princess.”

I stopped on my tracks despise the looks everyone else was giving us. “No.” I said sternly, without turning my back. “People here act like the roles given them when they were born are what they are destined for. But one thing about me Taehyung,”

Standing tall, I put up the façade I was wearing through the night again.

“I will make sure to have it all.”

The Empress of China – Sentence Meme Pt. 1

  • “A tree that is taller than the forest will be blown over by the wind.”
  • “I’d rather your hands grow longer than for you to sit on them on the sideline.”
  • “For a tree to grow, the roots must be strong.”
  • “If you repay evil with kindness, how will you repay kindness?”
  • “A lowly cairen/concubine is no more important than a maid.”
  • “It’s bad enough they’re born into royalty.”
  • “The first step is the hardest.”
  • “Behind you is a bottomless abyss.”
  • “Either you reach your goal or you’ll be smashed to pieces in your fall.”
  • “You’re a cat crying over a dead mouse!”
  • “Man proposes, Heaven disposes.”
  • “No matter how well everything is planned, we still tend to lose control.”
  • “It takes good faith and strength to work with someone.”
  • “As spring turns to summer, birds have flown and flowers have withered.”
  • “Nothing great can be achieved without bloodshed.”
  • “Crying, screaming, and kicking are the tactics of a shrew.”
  • “Take your time and trash the place.”
  • “Find yourself a piece of white silk and hang yourself from the beam.”
  • “When the rain must fall and the wind must blow, what can we do?”
  • “You call yourself virtuous and moral, but you have a heart of stone!”
  • “Do you know what Heaven’s way means to a woman?”
  • “If you hurt me, I’ll return it back to you tenfold.”
  • “There’s nothing to fear when you’re against a person who is about to die.”
  • “Love is temporary, but power is forever.”

“Next, the bringer of peace between two countries and second prince of Hoshido, Leith!” Even if he was a prince, he had practically no expereince being put on the spot in a formal event like this. Sure, during the war it was easier because he was more focused on getting to the aforementioned peace, but in a more domestic setting this was more difficult. It'would’ve been hard for him to calm his nerves alone, but thankfully, he did have a partner with him-his wife, to be specific.

“Accompanying Leith is his wife, Nix!” The introduction was simple, Nix preferred it that way. She knew full well she wasn’t born royalty or had a distinguished bloodline so to try and craft some elegant entrance made no sense. Though what mattered was that she was by her husband’s side, being beside Leith. Neither of them had experience with a formal setting but they could at least calm each others nerves..

@ryuunxko / @cxrsedsilence !!