born in the south raised in a glass

Of Swindlers and Kings

Of Swindlers and Kings – Personalised Fantasy AU for my favourite people

Key for who’s who at the bottom!! I hope you like it, I’ll write more if you want to! And if you want to be in the sequel, drop me a PM. It ended up being less past-based and more alternate-universe/fantasy-based, I hope none of you mind!

And yes, I know some characters have a lot more depth than others in this chapter. If I write another, then maybe other characters’ll have more emphasis. Idk. Just read the shit

Chapter 1 – Walking in the Light

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Blue Boy IV    (Part III & II & I)

He holds the classroom door open for me with a smile. If I haven’t had a crush on him yet, I definitely would have developed one by now.
I sit down in a chair near the windows and my heart skips a few beats when he just casually takes the second seat on the same table.
“Good Morning, class!” the teacher greets us happily. “Today you’ll take a look into your future!” she announces with a warm smile. “Usually I let my students randomly pair up for that..” she pauses and looks around “..but today it seems just fitting that you work with the person on your table.” she finishes her idea and I look up to the person that actually sits next to me.

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