born in sequins

Nearly every shop in San Francisco either has a lucky cat in the window, or seems to sell some variation of them. I read up on them (super interesting history actually) and finally found my own after much searching for the perfect one. Last week was my first week at my new internship, but it was mostly training. This week is my first official week and I’m hoping that my little lucky cats will bring me all of the positivity and luck needed in starting!
Sequin flowers are made using my Born Pretty Store round sequins, which I reviewed here

My nails this week featuring two amazing products form @bornprettystore, the holographic nail foil and the mini white round sequins (check out my review for these products: foil & sequins) The flowers were so easy and I will definitely be doing them again. I wanted to do these gemstones as a follow up to my old gemstone nails I did a while back. Needless to say these are my new favorite. The shine is incredible! I just keep staring.

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Drippy rainbow nails because I just couldn’t resist doing another set inspired by the work of Jen Stark. I added some little white sequins around the cuticle for a little something extra (find my review on this product here) and thought they tied in the shattered glass foil I used on my thumbs (review for this product here). It’s been a while since I’ve done anything quite so vibrant, and I really fell in love with this color palette. Thanks again to Jen Stark for the fab inspo!

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