born hollow

Rincewind stared at the glass sphere that was the current above of Hex.
“Hex, is the world ready for the William Shakespeare of whom we spoke?”
“It is.”
“And he exists?”
“No. Two of his grandparents did not meet. His mother was never born.”
“In his hollow voice, Hex recounted the sad history, in detail. The wizards took notes.
“Right,” said Ridcully, rubbing his hands together when Hex finished. “This at least is a simple problem. We shall need a length of string, a leather ball of some kind, and a large bunch of flowers…”

Later, Rincewind stared at the glass sphere that was the current abode of Hex.
“Hex, now is this wold ready for the William Shakespeare of whom we spoke?”
“It is.”
“And he exists?”
“Violet Shakespeare exists. She married Josiah Slink at the age of sixteen. No plays have been written, but there have been eight children of which five have survived. Her time is fully occupied.”
The wizards exchanged glances.
“Perhaps if we offered to babysit?” said Rincewind.
“Too many problems,” said Ridcully firmly. “Still it’s a change to have an easy one for once. We will need the probable date of conception, a stepladder and a gallon of black paint.” 

Rincewind stared at the glass sphere that was the current abode of Hex.
“Hex, is this world ready for the William Shakespeare of whom we spoke?”
“It is.”
“And he exists?”
“He was born, but died at the age of 18 months. Details follow…”
The wizards listened. Ridcully looked thoughtful for a moment.
“This will require some strong disinfectant,” he said. “And a lot of carbolic soap.”

Rincewind stared at the glass sphere that was the current abode of Hex.
“Hex, is this world ready for the William Shakespeare of whom we spoke?”
“It is.”
“And he exists?”
“No. He was born, successfully survived several childhood illnesses, but was shot dead one night while poaching game at the age of thirteen. Details follow…”
“Another easy one,” said Ridcully, standing up. “We shall need… let me see… some drab clothing, a dark lantern and a very large cosh.”

Rincewind stared at the glass sphere that was the current abode of Hex.
“Hex, is this world ready for the William Shakespeare of whom we spoke? Please?”
“It is.”
“And he exists?”
The wizards tried not to look hopeful. There had been too many false dawns in the last week.
“Alive?” said Rincewind. “Male? Sane? Not in the Americas? Not struck by a meteorite? Not left incapacitated by a hake during an unusual fall of fish? Or killed in a duel?”
“No. At this moment he is in the tavern that you gentlemen frequent.”
“Does he have all his arms and legs?”
“Yes,” said Hex. “And… Rincewind?”
“As one of two unexpected collateral events to this latest interference, the potato has been brought to these shores.”
“Hot damn!”
“And Arthur J. Nightingale is a ploughman and never learned to write.”
“Near miss there,” said Ridcully.

– shenanigans | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld II: The Globe

well yeah the dude’s got bugs in him

how can i be other than i am? | kmp
((for @nepenthenet‘s february prompts)

come-on-brink  asked:

In Harry Potter there's a prophecy that a child born at Godric's Hollow will be Voldemort's nemesis and one will kill the other. Fearful, Voldemort presumes it's baby Harry and goes to kill him. This leads to his downfall, Harry being magically protected against Voldemort, and becoming his mortal enemy. I know the big theory is Jaime=valonqar cuz it's who Cersei never expects, but what are the chances that the Maggy prophecy is self fulfilling, and Cersei's paranoia has made Tyrion the valonqar?

Thing is, those prophecies are structured completely differently in terms of how they’re revealed to us. With HP, we’re seeing things from the POV of the prophetic candidate, who has been our protagonist and obvious Chosen Figure of Destiny since book one, so the reveal that it could not have been him is powerful. With ASOIAF, we’re seeing things from the POV of the person whose downfall is prefigured in the prophecy, so the power in the reveal will come from the revelation that she was wrong about who the valonqar is. The twist has to match the perspective we’re given. 

A fresh Gil from the new case files manga

(mod- jfasfhjsh he looks so shady in this pic omg.. …..

look at that face. anyway thanks @caren-ortensia for this great mangacap!)

this land is split land,
rock cleaved like flesh
under boots, bruises strewn
as wildflowers on barren dirt,
obscene in the brightness of their colors;
and yet they grow, they persist
and this land knows the shape
of fighting to exist. 

this land is aching land,
not born hollow but made so
rubbed raw and scooped clean
gutted with two hands 
and sold into a dream
yet it grows, heals;
this land knows the peril
of forgetting the past
and this land knows that
mountains, not money, 
are what always lasts.

—  from this land // zia

We came all this way
                   but now comes the day
                                           to bid you f a r e w e l l
                                                                    until we meet again

the death of sweetness.

my fingers broke,
freed from the binds
that bloodied –

the blistering heat
has taken my strength
and all I could muster
was a helpless waiting,
and wanting of thoughts-

a fearless
society brings
knotted hearts
and sworn in souls,
burnt faces
and branded times –

the revolution of a
new dawn,
a new heart
was born,
and my sweetness
into hollows of madness

Was I born hollowed out?
Was my skin always moving steel?
Were my insides always a rusted pile of gears,
Playing an endless symphony of metal-on-metal?
Did my heart always move like a broken machine,
Never quite finishing a beat?
—  EMJ // Soulless

anonymous asked:

when Rin and Yukio are in there 20's and they are able to drink,Rin doesn't like to drink but Yukio often does and when he gets drunk he lashes out and gets aggressive with Rin but Rin doesn't tell anyone because he doesn't think it's a big deal and doesn't want Yukio to get in trouble.Yukio doesn't remember anything that happens while he is drunk but one time when he was really drunk Rin was "annoying" him and he hit Rin with the broken glass bottle.Pls Headcannon the exwires reaction

Hi anon, are you okay? I’m not sure what prompted this ask, and I know from personal experience with a family member like this that it’s very tough to talk about. I usually don’t answer abuse related asks, but for the sake of venting and a possible coping mechanism for anyone else going through this.

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An open letter to the people of West Kessex

Citizens of West Kessex,

As the Minister for East Kessex, the prosperity of West Kessex is almost as important to me as the welfare of my own district. It is for that reason that I write to you now, as a humble servant of the crown, to make clear my thoughts and recommendations pertaining to the upcoming election.

In order for Kessex to flourish as a vibrant region, filled with economic growth, jobs, and trade, the future Minister for West Kessex and I must be able to work together and cooperate in a cohesive manner to better serve the people. For this, we must strike an accord, and sow not seeds of division, but unity.

Both candidates have laid out disparate plans for West Kessex, and I cannot help but express my sincere belief that one candidate offers a hollow vision, born of naïveté and a need for quick popularity, whilst the other has considered the needs of the district thoroughly, and has combined logic and compassion to forge a well-wrought solution to the woes of Kessex.

Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse Erik Lambardi, and implore the citizens of West Kessex to make him their next minister. Though of humble origins, he has shown himself to be a pragmatic, collegial man, with whom I am certain I can work for a bright and prosperous future for Kessex and all of Kryta.


Southern Giant Slender-tailed Cloud Rat

The southern giant slender-tailed cloud rat, or southern Luzon giant cloud rat (Phloeomys cumingi), is found only in the Philippines. Equally at home high amongst the branches of a tree as on the forest floor, the southern giant slender-tailed cloud rat is a slow-moving animal, that is only active at night, spending the day in hollow trees or logs.

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anonymous asked:

you don't care about Ichigo's state after the war. IchiHime fans only care about the pairing and not the fact he's broken. He lost his hollow/quincy powers and is stuck at Karakura with nothing to look forward to and had to accept his circumstances. Wake up! Even non pairing fans can see this but all you care about is Inoue. Never Ichigo and his dreams.





MY FIRST REAL HATEFUL ANON ! All I got since the end of bleach was trolls and answering to trolls is no fun BUT HERE YOU ARE SALTY ICHIRUKI ANON . You’re my first and therefore me owning you on this one will always represent something special to me . 

Sooooo where do I begin ? 

Ichigo is broken after the war ? BITCH WHERE DO YOU FIND IDEAS LIKE THAT ? 

A little tip for your comprehension of Bleach : it’s not because a lot of Ichiruki shippers repeat something all day long that it means it’s true in the manga . 

Ichigo did not loose his hollow powers because ( and you’d know it if you had read bleach and not only ichiruki fanfictions  ) his hollow powers are ACTUALLY his shinigami powers . Zangetsu was his hollow all along and the man he called Old man Zangetsu is actually the embodiment of his quincy powers that were dormant inside of him all along . 

But in this last arc Ichigo learnt to accept his heritage . Both his shinigami powers ( that he got from his dad ) and his quincy powers ( that he got from his mom ) . And most of all he accepted that the hollow that was inside of him was not an antagonist to him but part of his very self , a representation of his shinigami powers . His hollow was his powers , a part of him , he had to understand and accept that to finally be able to accept himself . 

THIS moment is maybe the biggest character development ichigo had to went through . Since the beginning of the Vizards arc ichigo’s main struggle was his hollow . 

One of the many many many many times ichigo struggled with his hollow : 

( also with a little bit of ichihime since I guess you’re one of those people that like to argue against logic that ichigo and orihime got no development )  . 

Ichigo thought his hollow was something exterior to him , a parasite that had to be tamed . Something that would always try to take over , making him lose control and in the process make him lose his humanity . And that’s what happened during the lust arc  . Ichigo went to terrible length to protect Orihime , length nobody should go to let alone a 16 year old boy . He died to protect her . And he believes this happened because he was too weak and that after that his hollow took over because he let himself be defeated by Ulquiorra . His hollow did exactly what ichigo feared he would do if he ever took over : he became a mindless beast . And doing that he hurt one of his nakamas . This is the most unacceptable of all for ichigo . 

But when he understood that his hollow was born because of what happened to his mother and that in the end his hollow was actually his powers that’s when he finally learnt to accept himself . He was finally able to have total control over his powers . He is able to fight and to live freely without the constant fear that something inside him would one day wake up and hurt the people he cares for . 

I talk a little more about it here

But in the end Kubo had ichigo made peace with himself , accept himself , love himself . 

I mean just compare those two moments ( that are coincidentally also ichihime moments because Orihime was here all along with ichigo’s struggle with his hollow ) . 

Look at that , in the bottom panel it’s clearly self loathing you can see in ichigo’s eyes . He hates himself because he thinks orihime fears / is disgusted with him . Thankfully at the end of the fight when he understand orihime will always accept him no matter what he overcomes this feeling ( giving us the infamous “ sorry grimmjow it looks like I’m not allowed to get hurt anymore” ) 

And looks at this ! Look at how proud he stands . He is no longer ashamed of his hollow . THE VERY CONTRARY he is actually proud to show it to Orihime . This is a smile of pride because ichigo is proud of who he is at that point , he is proud of his heritage , he is proud of his hollow powers that are part of soul . 

He made peace with himself , he is happy . 

After Ywach’s kicked his ass , he takes back ichigo’s powers from him . But which power exactly ? 

He was able to defeat Ywach’s with his zanpakuto so obviously both his hollow and shinigami powers . I personally think only his quincys powers were lost ( and even of that we can’t be sure because it seems that some of the stern ritters still got their quincy powers even after Ywach used the holy light thingy on them that is supposed to remove them their powers . See : Bazz B , giselle and Liltotto ) . Sadly because of the cancellation we won’t have the answers . 

Of course not having his quincy powers is a hard blow for ichigo but only in the sense that they were a part of his mom that survived in him . I made this edit because I was sad . Feel free to reblog it my lovely salty ichiruki anon ( yeah it’s not because you leave anon hate on my inbox that it’s a reason for me not to shamelessly promote my bleach edits ) . 

But in the end ichigo still got his powers . His powers are not important to him because they are his powers . They’re important to him because they give him the power to protect those he cares for . If you’re not convinced by that please read the fullbring arc . Kubo made it so clear that ichigo seeking to regain his power was not to gain power for the sake of it but to have the ability to protect . 

Ichigo wanted to regain strength in order to protect those he loves . Shinigami powers , fullbring powers HE DIDN’T CARE . All he wanted was to protect them . 

And in Bleach 686 he is now at peace with the two things he’s been struggling with during all of bleach : his hollow and his powerlessness . 

Funnily enough the hollow was a problem because he was not powerful enough to control it but I separate these two things because his hollow represented his struggle with understanding who he was exactly which was also a main theme concerning Ichigo . AND EVEN MORE FUNNILY ENOUGH his powerlessness at the beginning of the fullbringer arc was also linked to him not knowing who he was and what he would do if he was not a protector ( who said Kubo couldn’t write I’ll fucking fight you with my bare arms )  . 

Ichigo’s ambitions and dreams were ALWAYS , ALWAYS , ALWAYS about him being able to protect people . And in the end of Bleach he is able to do that . 

Ichigo happy and fulfilled when the people he loves are happy and fullfilled . That’s who he is . His bond with his friends and family are what are most important to him . Career , power , fame , glory  … Ichigo never cared about any of that . Ichigo cared about the people he loves being safe and happy . 

The bonds he has with the people he loves are what ichigo’s lives for . And look at him in the last chapter . He is surrounded by all the people he loves ( except isshin but that’s another story but it’s weird he isn’t here when it would have been so easy to put him somewhere in the background and actually it worries me a little it goes along with my headcanon that if Kubo had the time to finish bleach he would have killed isshin in the last arc but i disgress) . 

Ichigo is truly happy in the last chapter . He is at peace with himself , he is strong enough to protect the people he loves , he has a family of his own ( a family he must put above everything else ) , a wife he probably consider as the most wonderful person he ever had a chance to meet , a son he must love so deeply and unconditionally  , he is still close to his sisters , he still is close to the people he cares for ( tatsuki , keigo , mizuiro ) , he has still an unbreakable bond with his nakamas ( chad , ishida ,renji and of course rukia )  he made peace with his powers , he let go of the guilt he held over his mother’s death  . 


Look at him here . He is oozing with hapiness and feeling good with ones skin . He is smiling , he does not have his scowl anymore , his shoulder are relaxed . This is a happy person . This is a fulfilled person .

Just compare it to his very first apparition in Bleach :

Scowling , tense shoulder , harsh attitude and yada yada . Ichigo went through so much , we’ve seen him grown , we’ve seen him struggling , we’ve seen him fight and fail and win and at the end Kubo choose to make him happy . Kubo choose to give him the life he would have chosen for himself if he ever had to choose . 

And if , in your delusion YOU choose to say ichigo is unhappy just because your ship did not happen then you have no right to consider yourself an Ichigo fan . 

If you want ichigo to be broken and miserable just because YOU were broken and miserable with this ending then you do not have the right to claim you love ichigo . 

If you continue to mischarectize ichigo , twisting him , bending him , changing him so that he could fit better the ‘ half of ichiruki’ mold you people tried so hard to shove him into then you do not deserve ichigo . You do not deserve Bleach . You do not deserve Kubo and his talented ( also it has flaws I’m the first to admit it ) writing . 

Ichigo is happy . Ichigo is exactly where he wants to be  . Ichigo HIMSELF choose where he is in the ending . You’all acting as if he is struck in Karakura town ,as if he is struck with orihime . 

But no , if ichigo wanted to live in soul society he would have been able to do so . If ichigo wanted to be with rukia he would have never choose anybody else . 

But that’s not what ichigo wanted . That’s never what he chose  . He chose to live in Karakura because that’s what he wants . He chose to marry Orihime because she is the woman he is in love with . 

Ichigo at the end of the manga had no restrictions at all . He could decide where to go , which live to live , which person to marry . 

And that’s exactly what he did . 

He chose Karakura town . 

He chose his family . 

He chose his Nakamas . 

And he chose Orihime . Because she was what he always wanted for himself.

Spilling Tea

AMD’s Latest Doll Gets in the Hotseat

Born in Sleep Hollow to West Indian and Hispanic parents, “Abi Doll” has the desire not only to make her family proud but establish a name for herself on the world stage. Respect and honor is paramount to her as she strives for professional acclaim in modeling and as an ambassador for many prestigious brands. Not to be outdone, she would like to launch her own business later in life and expand her work to include acting. The letters Abi are paramount in the word ambition. 

But that’s not all. 

Hear from Abi in her own words:

Where were you born?

I was born in Sleepy Hallow, Westchester County.

What is your nationality?

My mother was born in St.Lucia; my father is from Costa Rica. So my nationality is West Indian and Hispanic.

Tell us about your personality…

I would describe my personality as passionate and confident. I’m humble, a bit shy at times and easy to get along with, but if I’m around good company I am spontaneous and open minded.

What are some of your hobbies/interest?

Some of the hobbies include spending time with my close friend, experiencing new things and going places I’ve never been before , meeting new people that I can learn from. Things that spark my interest are anything that would contribute to my success in the future. One day I would like to own and run my own business based on something I am passionate about.

Tell us about your style…

I would describe my style as comfortable on a regular day; jeans, a turtle neck, uggs or sneakers. When partying I wear fitted dresses, anything to compliment my curves. I love to look good because when you look good you feel just as good.

How long have you been interested in modeling?

I would say recently I became interested in modeling,when I first starting taking photos professionally I was not comfortable in front of the camera but after being in the industry and taking photos is apart of my job to promote myself I became more open to it and accepting.

What is something about you that sets you apart from anyone else? Favorite music?

Something that sets me apart from most girls in the industry is that no matter what I accomplish I remain humble and true to myself I never let anything get to me or make me feel I am superior to others even though cockiness is something that is common amongst girls I work with.

I love all music Rap, Hip Hop, Old School R&B, new R&B , my favorite R&B artist is NeYo. Reggae, Reggaeton, Pop, and some Rock (Not hardcore). I listen to everything.

The Fresh Prince of Hogwarts

In Godric’s Hollow,
Born (but not raised),
With dead parents was how I spent most of my days,
Chillin’ out, flying ‘round, and acting so cool,
Waving that wand like I was no fool,
When a bald, evil dude who was up to no good,
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I got one little scar and Dumbledore got scared
He said your moving in with your Aunt Petunia under the stairs


King of Darkness - Ichigo Kurosaki

He overcame the challenges faced by his overwhelming power & strangely mixed heritage to become the most powerful Soul Reaper in history. He never gave up the fight that needed to be won, no matter how strong his opponent. He had faith in his friends & even trusted his first rivals to do well. His heart has the light of the Quincy & yet he also has the dark rage of a powerful Hollow inside of him. Noble blood of the Shiba clan as a soul reaper from Isshin & pure blood of the Quincy from Masaki both flow in him, but the power of a hollow born of many soul reapers in their death is inside of him too due to it’s attack on his beloved mother years before he was born. As the only son of his family, it’s true that he would be protect his younger sisters, but to protect his friends like his family? That’s what a true hero is all about, even going as far as protecting the city he lives in & the world he hails from. He does honor both sides of his heritage at the end & making friends with Uryu stands as his promise to hold a future where peace can be achieved if you can come to terms with the past. He tamed his darkness & now only unleashes it when things get dire & his friends nor family can stand up to it. Ichigo made Uryu his friend, a rival Quincy turned ally has forged a path to equality between the last archers & the swordsmen/women of Soul Society. He never doubted the archer’s power, but Uryu understood that Ichigo’s power outdid his & so he helped when he could to balance out Ichigo’s energies. Uryu can take Ichigo’s overwhelming power into his bow & fire off many a powerful arrow, but with great pain inflicted to him. Ichigo’s power is Uryu’s constant well of energy when around & that makes those 2 undefeatable in battle. None of their opponents can deny that when this mighty Soul Reaper & his Quincy friend/cousin take field together as a team…they become a frightening truth that they can win no matter how powerful the enemy can be. Ichigo is a fear made flesh & Uryu is the mixed blood mystery that lived through Ywach’s attack that killed the other mixed-bloods when he should be dead too. Somehow these 2 have done the impossible & have opened the eyes of their living heritage keepers. Their fathers can’t explain how their beloved sons are alive & have become a team that strikes fear into all 3 realms, but they’re damn proud of them & have given their sons the support needed to make a victory in the final fight. Ichigo’s willing heart to help Rukia when she fell was the sacrifice he desired to make since his sisters had been hurt. He wouldn’t let another innocent fall victim to that pain & when Uryu told him that he felt the same b/c of Soken, it dug into Ichigo. Orihime & Chad have trained hard to be with them & even though they may not be near as powerful, they stand beside their friends. Ichigo inspired his friends to become strong & Uryu’s pride at being more sensitive to the hollows only added fuel to the fire on Ichigo’s desire for strength. A dark power Ichigo does indeed have, but his heart shines bright like Uryu’s proud arrows flying from his bow…let them forever be the love in balance that makes life worth living for! His friends never gave up on him & so he never gave up on them in return…he has a life to live & he’s gonna damn well have it regardless of what he has to do to keep it from being shattered.

Warped 15′ Setlists

This is all i’ve collected so far; if you have more setlists or if I missed an artist please message me and I’ll add them! Italizied means the song is unknown. If theres a mistake let me know so I can fix it :)

‘68 -


AARON WEST & THE ROARING TWENTIES - Our Apartment / Runnin’ Scared / Divorce And The American South / Get Me Out Of Here Alive / You Ain’t No Saint

ALIVE LIKE ME - Our Time Down Here / What Did You Expect / Start Again / Searching For Endings / Better Off / Slip Away



THE AMITY AFFLICTION - Pittsburgh / Lost and Fading / Never Alone / Deaths Hand / Open Letter / Don’t Lean On Me

AS IT IS - Speak Soft / Cheap Shots & Setbacks / Bitter, Broken Me / Horoscopes / Concrete / Can’t Save Myself / Sorry / Dial Tones

(As It Is plays either Horoscopes or Bitter, Broken Me not both)

ASKING ALEXANDRIA - Welcome / Breathless / To The Stage / I Won’t Give In / A Prophecy / Not The American Average / The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel)

ATTILA - Proving Grounds / Part With The Devil / Rage / Rebel / Middle Fingers Up / Payback / About That Life

AUGUST BURNS RED - Fault Line / The Wake / Provision / Identity / Composure / Internal Cannon / Empire / White Washed


BEARTOOTH - The Lines / Relapsing / I Have A Problem / In Between / Dead / Beaten In Lips / Body Bag


BEBE REXHA - Take Me Home / Monster Under My Bed / I’m Gonna Show You Crazy / Pray / Hey Mama / Can’t Stop Drinking About You

BEING AS AN OCEAN - Sleeping Sicarii / Little Richie / Death’s Great Black Wing Scrapes The Air / L'exquisite Douleur / This Loneliness Won’t Be The Death of Me / The Hardest Part Is Forgetting Those You Swore You Would Never Forget


BLACK VEIL BRIDES - Faithless / Heart of Fire / Coffin / Wretched and Divine / Crown of Thorns / The Legacy / Fallen Angels / In the End

BLESSTHEFALL - You Wear a Crown But You’re No King / Youngbloods / Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad / 2.0 / What’s Left of Me / See You on the Outside / Up In Flames / Carry On (with Jake Luhrs) / Hollow Bodies








CITIZEN - Numb Yourself / Roam the Room / Sleep / Drown / Stain / The Night I Drove Alone




EMAROSA - People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play / Mad / Set It Off Like Napalm / Say Hello To The Bad Guy / I’ll Just Wait / A Hundred Crowns / Gold Dust / 1996 On Bevard

ESCAPE THE FATE - Just A Memory / Ungrateful / The Flood / Gorgeous Nightmare / One For The Money / Thsi War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)

FAMILY FORCE 5 - BZRK / Zombie / Love Addict / Crazy Button / Dance Like Nobody’s Watching / This Is My Year / Chainsaw

FIT FOR A KING - Hooked / The Resistance / Hollow King (Sound of End) / Slave To Nothing / Warpath


HANDGUNS - The Loved Ones Who Hate Us / Scream Goodbye / Sleep Deprived / Best Excuse / Long October / Early Retirement / Song About You / Porch Light / A Year In Review

HANDS LIKE HOUSES - Shapeshifters / No Parallels / Lionskin / Wisteria / Same Old Story / I Am




ICON FOR HIRE - Get Well / Up In Flames / Bleed It Out (Linkin Park Cover) / Cynics & Critics / Now You Know / Make A Move / All I Do Is Win (DJ Khaled Cover) / Rock & Roll Thugs






KNUCKLE PUCK - But Why Would You Care? / Fences / Alexander Pl. / Disdain / Your Back Porch / Bedford Falls / No Good









MAN OVERBOARD - Dead End Dreams / She’s in Pictures / Where I Left You / Borderline / Atlas / Love Your Friends, Die Laughing / Cliffhanger / White Lies / Montrose / Rare

MATCHBOOK ROMANCE - Your Stories, My Alibis / Lovers & Liars / Surrender / Monsters / My Eyes Burn / Promise

MC LARS - Where Ya Been Lars? / True Player For Real / Dragon Blood / Download This Song / Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock / Mr. Raven / This Gigantic Robot Kills


MEMPHIS MAY FIRE - My Generation / Prove Me Right / Beneath the Skin / No Ordinary Love / Stay The Course / The Sinner / Vices


MISS MAY I - Hey Mister / Hero With No Name / I.H.E. / Our Kings / Masses of a Dying Breed / Forgive and Forget / Relentless Chaos

MOD SUN - 1970 / Howlin’ At the Moon / Stoner Girl / Goddess / Shoot ‘Em Down / All Right

MOOSE BLOOD - Bukowski / Swim Down / Pups / Chin Up / Gum / Missing Me / Miserable / Boston

MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK - Attractive Today / Everything Is Alright / L.G. FUAD / Time Turned Fragile / TKO / This Is for Real / Her Words Destroyed My Planet / The Future Freaks Me Out / My Favorite Accident

NECK DEEP - Losing Teeth / Tables Turned / Zoltar Speaks / What Did You Expect? / Can’t Kick Up The Roots / Crushing Grief (No Remedy) / A Part Of Me / Over And Over

NEVERSHOUTNEVER - I Love You 5 / Trouble / Piggy Bank / Sacrilegious / The Zephyr Song (Red Hot Chili Peppers Cover) / Hey! We Okay / On the Brightside


NEW YEARS DAY - Death of the Party / Kill Or Be Killed / Let Me Down / Angel Eyes / Defame Me


NIGHT RIOTS - Spiders / Back To Your Love / Contagious / Holsters / Break


OUR LAST NIGHT - A World Divided / Same Old War / Road to the Throne / I’ve Never Felt This Way / Sunrise / Home


PIERCE THE VEIL - The Divine Zero / Hell Above / Bulls in the Bronx / Yeah Boy and Doll Face / Caraphernelia / King For A Day

PVRIS - Smoke / Mirrors / Fire / St. Patrick / White Noise / My House

RIFF RAFF - Choppin Bladez / Raiders vs. Hawks / Dolce n Gabbana / Unknown(Far East Movement) / illest ft. Far East Movement / Unknown(Far East Movement) / How To Be The Man / Butterfly / (Crazy Town Cover) / Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz





SENSES FAIL - Canine / Can’t Be Saved / New Song / Buried a Lie / The Path / Calling All Cars / Renacer / Bite to Break Skin

SET IF OFF - Forever Stuck in Our Youth / Bleak December / Bad Guy / The Haunting / N.M.E / Why Worry


SILVERSTEIN - Milestone / Smile in Your Sleep / Face of the Earth / Massachusetts / Smashed into Pieces / Vices / Sacrifice / My Heroine







WE CAME AS ROMANS - Tracing Back Roots / Ghosts / Fade Away / Glad You Came (The Wanted Cover) / Broken Statues / To Plant a Seed / The World I Used To Know / Regenerate / Hope

WHILE SHE SLEEPS - New World Torture / This Is The Six / Seven Hills / Crows

THE WONDER YEARS - Dismantling Summer / Don’t Let Me Cave In / Local Man Ruins Everything / Woke Up Older / There, There / Passing Through a Screen Door / Washington Square Park / Came Out Swinging

YOUTH IN REVOLT - Dead Inside / When It’s Over / Royals (Lorde Cover) / Never Stay / Unknown (New Song) / There For You / Love Is A Liar’s Game

Bands/Artists That Have Yet To Join The Tour: Ascot Royals, The Bunny The Bear, False Puppet, James Morris, The Kenneths, Macy Kate, PUP, The Republic of Wolves, Sirens & Sailors, Slaves, Speak Low If You Speak Love, Stacked Like Pancakes, Simple Plan, Svetlanas.