born hip hop

WINGS TOUR: FINAL (set list)

click segment for googlde drive link. I might upload full or in less parts soon. Tried to fix the audio. Sorry, I usually dont record with audio since I only need vids for gif. LOL

  1. Intro VCR  
  2. MIC Drop remix + dance break 
  3. Intro Ment 
  4. We Are Bulletproof Pt.1, Pt.2, Hip Hop Lover 
  5. Cypher Pt.1 - 4  
  6. Begin (w/ VCR)
  7. Lie  
  8. First Love (w/ VCR) + So Far Away  
  9. Lost , Save Me, I NEED U 
  10. Reflection (w/ VCR), Stigma  
  11. MAMA (w/ VCR), Awake  
  12. DNA VCR. DNA, GO GO 
  13. 2nd Ment 
  14. Medley [N.O., No More Dream, Boy In Luv, Danger, FIRE, RUN] 
  15. 3rd Ment 
  16. Blood, Sweat & Tears + ARMY Dul!Set! 
  17. HYYH VCR 
  18. You Never Walk Alone, Best of Me  
  19. 4th Ment, Path, Born Singer  
  20. Closing Ment 
  21. Spring Day, Goodbyes 
  22. Letters, Wings, Closing 
  23. End VCR 

  • please do not re-upload/repost
  • gifs/edits allowed but must link/credit vid and this post.