born from dark water; daughter of the rain and snow


Coven - A Modern Coven Playlist

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By mrsilva

1. How Soon Is Now - Love Spit Love (”I am the son, I’m the heir”) //
2. Landscape - Florence + The Machine (”Born from dark water, daughter of the rain and snow”) //
3. Between Earth and Sky - Rhea’s Obssession (”As one we move with the breeze”) //
4. Human - Christina Perri (”But I’m only human and I bleed when I fall down”) //
5. Paradise (What About Us) - Within Temptation feat. Tarja Turunen (”The wheel embodies all that keeps on turning”) //
6. Scarborough Fair - Celia Pavey (”Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”) //
7. Peaceble Kigdom - Rush (”The wheel against the rules”) //
8. The Weight of Us - Sanders Bohlke (”I’m not ready, for the weight of us”) //
9. Who Are You Really - Mikky Ekko (”Lift me higher, let me look at the sun”) //
10. I Awake - Sarah Blasko (”Fire and ice, all in between of this world and all unseen”) //
11. Season of the Witch - Hole (”And when I look in my widown, so many different people to be”) //
12. Human - Gabrielle Aplin (”Show me that you’re human”) //
13. Run This Town - Spanish Harlem (”We gonna run this town”) //
14. I Am The Fire - Halestorm (”Alive and burning brighter, I am the fire”) //
15. Get Lucky - Daughter (”We’ve come to far to give up who we are”)


The Tullys drew their strength from the river, and it was to the river they returned when their lives had run their course.

She almost bit her lip again, but this time she caught herself and stopped. My face is a dark pool, hiding everything, showing nothing. 

                                                 Helga Cousland
                                                 Hero of Ferelden

Cause she’s just like the weather,
             can’t hold her together
                         Born from dark water,
                                     daughter of the rain and snow

                                                                - Landscape by Florence + the Machine

no more gasping for a breath: a mix for constance bonacieux discovering just how liberating finding herself and her freedom can be [listen]

i. the state of dreaming, marina & the diamonds - i live my life inside a dream / only waking when i sleep / oh i would sell my sorry soul if i could have it all

ii. between two lungs,  florence + the machine
 - and all the days of begging the days of theft / no more gasping for a breath 

iii. something that i want, grace potter and the nocturnals
 - she said “i want something that i want / something that i tell myself i need / something that i want / and i need everything i see”

iv. save me from what i want, st. vincent
 - i’m a wife in watercolour / i can wash away / seventeen cold showers, couldn’t wash away / save me, save me, save me from what i want

v. a happy place,
katie melua - i’m going to find a happy / i’m going to find a happy / i’m going to find a happy place

vi. when i feel free, the melodics
 - when i feel free / the eye begins to see how good things can be / how good things can be

vii. suddenly i see,
kt tunstall - and everything around her is a silver pool of light / the people who surround her feel the benefit of it / it makes you feel calm / she holds you captivated in her palm

viii. landscape,
florence + the machine - ‘cause she’s just like the weather / can’t hold her together / born from dark waters / daughter of the rain and snow