born english raised american


Because my manager bby deserves more love

  • Yachi is panromantic and grey ace
  • She’s in love with Tadashi and Kiyoko and she’s in a poly relationship w/ Tadashi, Kiyoko, and Kei
  • Yachi is a trans girl this is non-negotiable
  • Yachi is Japanese on her dad’s side and English-American on her mom’s side
  • Yachi was born and raised in New York and her family moved to Miyagi when she was in 2nd Grade
  • Thus, Yachi knows basic English, but her vocabulary is really shaky
  • Yachi’s American name is Hannah
  • Yachi has social anxiety, and being with her friends/ girls her age/ Parents helps her feel calmer
  • Yachi is also autistic! She stims by playing with her hair and her stationary and she has a special interest in design and hair accessories
  • Yachi also has mild asthma but she can still run and jump and stuff. She just prefers not to
  • Yachi is the SMASH BROS GOD, she’ll make kenma cry. Her mains are Peach, Palutena, Samus, and Ness
  • On the other hand, five year old Natsu Hinata can probably kick her ass at mario kart
  • Yachi has a calico named creampuff and a lionfish named Assmaster420
  • SHE IS A HUGE MEMER. literally 30 mins after Damn Daniel became a thing in the US she was later seen at practice yelling at the whole team “DDAAAAAAAAMN KARASUNO BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VOLLEYBALL SHOES” and everyone was like?????????? because Damn Daniel is an american meme except for Nishinoya because he’s also a huge meme conisseur
  • Her music playlist is so unprdictable. put that shit on shuffle and first SNSD or something starts to play but then the song ends and Nicki Minaj fucking blasts out of her phone
  • she tried dabbing and hit kiyoko in the face rip

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Whenever my mother meets some new born-and-raised American, the comment is inevitable: “Wow, your English is so good!” Greatest compliment in the world, right? I mean, that’s exactly why she responds with an awkward thank you. I wonder which of you graduated from the most prestigious liberal arts college in Thailand with a degree in English. Not you, American. Not you.