born by midnight

I am born of shadow.

I am midnight incarnate.

I paint my eyes with black to honor the void; I bathe my lips in the blood-red lipstick I found in my mom’s purse to represent blood.

All I know is the inferno.

My sole is filled with emptiness. 

My eye drips with a blood-colored blooddrop that I drew with mom’s lipstick—this represents my insides being filled with darkness and blood.

Under my head I painted a cross upside down in order to show my true allegiance to the underlord.

My feet are black because of my dark sole.

The vacuum gives me breath.

My left nipple is red in honor of the tides of the blood ocean deep inside all of us. 

My left nipple is red in honor of the moon. 

A Jack Skellington temporary tattoo graces my breast; my spirit flows through it. 

I am complete only in the twilight.

I am dim.

Nikola Tesla:

Serbian-American inventor, discoverer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, theoretical and experimental physicist, mathematician, futurist and humanitarian. Born at midnight between July 9th and 10th in 1856, and passed away January 7, 1943. Tesla was a hyperpolyglot who could speak eight languages fluently including: Serbo-Croatian, English, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin. He was known to have one of the most remarkable memories, being able to recite full books, poetry and mathematical formulas by heart. He claimed to have had a photographic memory and a three-dimensional thought process that allowed him to build his inventions in his own mind without wasting any physical energy. He has more original inventions to his credit than any other man in history and has been accounted for 278 patents in 26 different countries. He is the true father of radio and a man far ahead of his time. He is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system that we still use today. He was the first to invent and patent a commutatorless alternating current induction motor that led to an AC/DC war with Thomas Edison and his direct current system to see who would use their system to power Niagra Falls, which Tesla won. Ninety percent of the entire electrical industry pays tribute to his genius. All electrical machinery using or generating alternating current is due to Tesla. High tension current transmission without which our long distance trolley cars, our electrified lines, and our subways would be impossible. The Tesla Induction Motor, the Tesla Rotary Converter, the Tesla Phase System of Power Transmission, the Tesla Steam and Gas Turbine, the Tesla Coil, and the Oscillation Transformer are perhaps his better known inventions. In his labs he conducted a range of experiments with mechanical oscillators/generators, electrical discharge tubes, and some of the earliest X-ray imaging. He is also the father of remote control, building a wireless controlled boat first ever exhibited in 1898. Although not recognized for, he was the first to discovery the electron, radioactivity, cosmic rays, terrestrial resonance, stationary waves (standing waves), and the first to invent florescent light bulbs. He first demonstrated wireless energy/power by lighting his light bulbs wirelessly in a demonstration given before the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia,1893. He theorized a particle beam to be used for defense in war, and also a plan to produce an artificial Aurora Borealis to light the night skies for ships at sea. In his later life he wanted to bring humanity so much more with his inventions and discoveries, but lacked the investments and funds to finish his work on a large scale. Unfortunately, his failings to fulfill his dreams would leave him with the public persona as being the mad scientist with unrealistic ideas. He would eventually die penniless and alone in his New York apartment, but like all the greats throughout history, he lives on through all his inventions and contributions to this world.

“Do you akumatize Paris often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.”

I found out Nazeem and Hawkmoth shared the same voice actor, after I realized Hawkmoth’s voice sounded familiar. So these monstrosities were born at midnight last night.

Don’t leave me alone with a photo editor really late at night with no internet.

“He looked to Alec, who was standing between his parents, his stance confident and relaxed, his mouth curved in a smile at something one of them had said.
“Maybe one day it will be just you and me, my little blueberry,” Magnus said conversationally. “But not for a long, long time. We’ll take care of him, you and I. Won’t we?”

Excerpt From: Cassandra Clare & Sarah Rees Brennan. “Born to Endless Night.“


“A son!”  The Queen Dowager had said first, spotting the gender before it could be proclaimed officially. “Praise Jesu! My sweet Elizabeth, it’s a boy! A Prince!”

request by anon Prince Arthur Tudor’s birth

On Septembre 20, 1486 Arthur Tudor was born shortly after midnight on September 20, 1486, just eight months after his parent’s marriage. King Henry was optimistic and insisted his son be born at Winchester, the legendary capital of King Arthur’s Camelot. Henry required the child be named Arthur, anticipating his reign and dynasty would bring back the golden age of the legendary king.
Arthur’s christening took place at Winchester Cathedral. The baptism rites followed the etiquette observed for all of King Edward IV’s ten children. He was christened in front of the entire congregation, including the remaining members of the Yorkist nobility and their wives. Elizabeth Woodville, Arthur’s maternal grandmother, was his godmother while his aunt, Cecily of York, carried the baby into the church.

headcanon that Percy has that august birthday problem where all of his friends are on vacation around the time of his birthday

This is the PRIME TIME TO BE IN THIS FANDOM. Like there’s so much to be excited for I mean

-Friday 10th (Saturday in America) We have the NYCC where we get a q&a with Cassie and the cast, the first footage from the series, possibly a trailer and possibly an official date for shadowhunters AND LADY MIDNIGHT COVER RELEASE

-October 20th Born to Endless Night comes out with MALEC BABY HOLY POO

-November 17th Angels twice descending is released which is the FINAL tftsa book which I’m sure will be epic!



-And then we have the last hours and the rest of the dark artifices to look wowowow ok I’m not prepared 

Headcanon No. 173

Haruhi and Tamaki began dating in high school, but both were upset when Kyoya began growing more and more distant from them. They were in college when a heated argument broke out among the three of them, and Kyoya finally admitted his feelings for the two. There was a slightly awkward transition phase, but they slowly settled into a poly relationship. Haruhi never married either Tamaki or Kyoya, but they all lived together and were quite public abut the situation. It was around a decade after Haruhi joined the Host Club that, in a rare medical phenomenon, she gave birth to a set of twin girls who were, in fact, half-sisters. Tamaki and Kyoya would have been fine no matter who was the biological father of the twins, but Tamaki was definitely more than a little disappointed when the first baby girl was born with midnight black hair. When the twin was born a few minutes later with a pair of unmistakable violet eyes, though, the trio was overjoyed.


You were born at midnight. I was Pharaoh, and I had seen wonders most men only dream of. But when I first gazed upon you… you were instantly more precious to me than all the wonders of the ancient world. I knew I could never bear to say goodbye. I commanded the High Priest to create a gift to you, my son, using all we had learned of the mysteries of the Afterlife. Forget in the temple of Khonsu, God of the Moon and watcher over nighttime travelers… the Tablet of Ahkmenrah. The moon god bestowed his power upon the tablet, so that as long as it bathed in his light, our family could be together forever and not even death could part us.