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Wildflower | Wonwoo | Ch.1

Genre: Action!AU, Adventure, Drama, Historical, Royal!AU, Romance, OnceUponASeventeen!Wonwoo, Mystery, Warrior!Wonwoo

Word Count: 4.4k+

Summary: One event, just that one event, you find yourself in a situation where you wished it never happened. And you really wished it didn’t.

Ch.1 || Ch.2

“Please do it, it’s my order.”

The sound of birds chirping and the weak wind blowing through the fields was music to your ears. Faint rays of the morning sun peeking behind the mountains was definitely your favourite part of the day, no doubt. The friendly sun was practically your friend who greets you every morning- you felt like it was giving you the brightest smile, no pun intended.

You walked along the fields to have your morning jog around the castle the you were born into. Being annoyed on staying at home for most of the time as a child, you spent your fun and activities outside the castle. And it had always been that way.

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popular text post starters
  • - 'i cant wait to be a piece of shit w/ a bachelors degree.'
  • - 'no need to thank me. your credit card will do'
  • - 'im in no position to have high standards but it doesn't stop me.'
  • - 'dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son'
  • - 'do you ever sit down to think about your life and realize you're an unreliable narrator'
  • - 'i was born annoyed'
  • - 'why do pretty faces happen to bad people'
  • - 'the only thing that i can turn on is my laptop'
  • - 'if we date im literally stealing all of your sweatshirts and hoodies'
  • - 'why do we need to watch the sky to enjoy the stars when the ultimate star is me'
  • - 'they say the best things in life are free but that's only true if u steal them'
  • - 'mornings are gross and i want no part in them'
  • - 'i love it when people try to hurt my feelings bc i don't have any'

Sigh….. Now been asked a few times for photographic evidence… know who you are…..
So, from top to bottom….
Drafted in to an a model for a photographic collage assignment exploring ideas for a CD cover, doubt it would sell myself…..
2nd down About 3000 feet up in the Massive Central, in a 25 year old landie called Elsie….
3rd Rather nice bit of buoyancy control in close confines
4th First Triathlon
5 th, Spoof album cover. My personal motto, “ Born to be slightly annoyed, as long as that’s OK with everyone”

OK, so, there you go
Probably to be deleted…..

The Slug Club - Social Mobility in a Medieval World

The Slug Club has been controversial amongst fans due to its inherent elitist nature. Whist many people have decried that such a society shouldn’t exist in the school because it’s “not fair”. 

Other essay writers like Redhen proposed that there has always been some kind of “Slug Club” and Slughorn is just the last in a long line of connection brokers in a world that is reliant on connections and patronage

I have a different theory regarding the Slug Club. I explain:

  • Why Slughorn is a brave innovator who introduced a brand new concept to the wizarding world: social mobility for muggle-borns 
  • How the Slug Club works to better wizarding society
  • Why Slughorn set up the Club in the first place - most likely in response to the Dark Lord that preceded Voldemort. 
  • Why, despite Slughorn’s best intentions, his actions contributed directly to the rise of Lord Voldemort - in more ways than one. 


An Ancient Society Built on Patronage 

The Harry Potter’s world may look familiar because the books are primarily set in a school, but the wizarding world is not modern Britain with magic, it is a completely different society that has developed on its own independent trajectory for nearly 400 years. The organisation of the wizarding world bears very little resemblance to a modern developed country. In fact it more closely resembles a pre-industrial Britain of the 17th century both in demographics and in prevailing societal attitudes. (See – An Endangered Species Essay)

The Slug Club is inherently not fair, because the Wizarding World is not fair. In fact the wizarding world does not have the concept of “fairness” as understood by anyone living in a modern developed country. Discrimination is openly accepted on all levels and is considered a natural part of life. Never have the words “equal opportunities” or “social mobility” ever been utter by any wizards/witches because these concepts simply do not exist on a cultural/societal level. On an individual level students at Hogwarts are taught about interpersonal virtues of respect, honour and fairness but there is no concerted effort to make the entire society fair for everyone.

In the modern British politicians promote the virtues of a meritocracy above all else and discrimination is seen as something that should be stamped out. In the job market, employers bend over backwards to look like they give the same opportunities for all. Judges, politicians, and other figures of authority have to publically announce their conflicts of interests (basically anything that affects their neutrality in decision making). Of course nepotism, corruption and prejudice are still endemic to modern British society and growing in strength under the current government but the prevailing social attitude is that these things are definitely wrong.  

Never do we see such modern British values being spoken of in the wider wizarding world. From all we have seen one’s connections account for far more than one’s abilities and this is widely accepted as perfectly decent and normal. The idea that some family lineages are superior to others is another relic of our collective medieval past that the wizarding world still endorses to this day. Even up until the 20th century, muggle society believed that aristocrats were inherently superior by virtue of better breeding to the working classes. In modern Britain, outwardly at least, we all believe that everyone regardless of their birth has the same potential and deserves the same opportunities to succeed. However this equal opportunities concept to be absent in the wizarding world as whole.

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can we come together as a community and stop referring to genos as a robot lmao

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  • first order of business: glasses
  • andrew + glasses = neil dying
  • seriously the boy is already a fucking gift and glasses just make him even hotter
  • he doesnt wear them outside of home though, so it’s usually only neil who sees him in them
  • (kevin and aaron are the only other ones to see him in glasses, and nicky got a glimpse once)
  • after baltimore and everything, it became easier for the upperclassmen to tolerate andrew and the others through a mutual love and protectiveness of neil
    • andrew actually respects dan and matt when they arent annoying since they do have their own strengths
    • (he seems like the kind of guy who can respect strength - and, well, a mutual love of neil)
  • but imagine this: a tentative andrew and allison friendship

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“SAM! Do something! Look at these morons!”

Requested by: fy-nghariad-fy-emrys

Like Strawberries
  • Featuring: Tsumugu Kido from Our Two Bedroom Story
  • Rating: T
  • Part: Two | Three
  • Author’s Note: Fluff request from an anon. This didn’t turn out how I intended. I hope you like it?! Also, not even trying to replicate his Kansai dialect here. 

“You smell like strawberries.”

Tsumugu wrapped his arms around you, barely managing to do so with your rounded stomach.

“Mm, new shower gel. I saw it at the shop the other day. It was on sale.”

He gave an approving laugh, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “I like it.”

Taking your hand, he walked you to the living room. He’d been extra careful with you lately, mostly because you were in your third trimester and your feet got swollen. Not to mention you felt like a waddling penguin whenever you decided to move. Tsumugu teased you for it, but his actions told another story altogether.

“Tsumuguuuuuu.” You pouted at him. His head tilted, eyes questioning behind his bangs. “Can I have my ice cream today?”

“When was the last time you had one?”

Your pout became more pronounced. He knew exactly when. Ah, but you had a craving for something sweet.

“The doctor did advise against too many sweets.” He leaned forward, his finger tracing your lower lip.

“I know, I know.” You sighed, resigned to the fact that your husband wasn’t going to be giving you what you wanted.

“Besides, you smell sweet enough.” Tsumugu closed the distance between your lips. “I’m sure you taste sweet.”

You looked at him, almost getting cross-eyed from how near he was. “I can’t eat myself.” You muttered.

Tsumugu blinked before he laughed for several moments while you glared at him.

“It wasn’t that funny!” Protesting, you got up to your feet, deciding that if he wasn’t going to get the ice cream for you, you were going to do so yourself.

“Hey, get back here!” Tsumugu was soon standing in front of you. “Go back to the couch.”

“No. I want my ice cream.” You made an attempt to get past him, but with your big belly in front of you, it was futile.

“You really shouldn’t be trying to run by me with our child in you.” He clicked his tongue. “Fine, I’ll get the ice cream. Sit.” Tsumugu pointed at the couch.

“You’re not playing me?”

Tsumugu gave you a soft smile and you were struck by how lucky you were. Considering how your first interaction with him turned out, it was a miracle this situation became the way it was. You placed a hand on your stomach, feeling your son kicking as you thought back on how you found out about his dual identities.

“I’ll even feed you the ice cream.” He turned on his heel, heading for the kitchen.

“He’s going to love you so much,” You whispered, going back to the couch like he asked you to.

Getting yourself comfortable, you started to hum while you thought over the list of names both of you discussed last night. You had a feeling Tsumugu wasn’t going to agree on a name until he held his son in his hands. Glancing over at the kitchen, you spotted him making his way to you, while eating the ice cream he said he’d feed you. Despite yourself, you giggled.

“Okay, are you sure you didn’t get the ice cream because you wanted to eat it?”

Tsumugu shrugged as he sat down next to you, holding out the spoon. “What does it matter? We’re married. We share things.”

“I think food is the one thing we can’t share…” The cold and sweet treat entered your mouth, and you savoured it, your body relaxing as Tsumugu kept feeding you.

“Trust me, if this were strawberry flavoured, you wouldn’t get any.”

“What? You’d prevent a pregnant woman from getting her needs fulfilled?”

“You use that reason way too much.” He chuckled, shifting closer to you. “Besides, I do satisfy your needs. Hence the baby bump.”

“Tsumugu!” You swatted at him, but he caught your wrist.

“I can’t wait for our son to be born.” He murmured. “Annoying us both with his crying at night, you making sure I change his diapers, picturing him running about after he learns to walk. I wonder what his first word’s going to be? Oh, and… do you think he’ll have my hair and love for strawberries?”

Amidst the flurry of words, you stared at Tsumugu. Darn it. He was going to make you cry. You blinked, trying not to feel so overwhelmed with love.

“Cat got your tongue?” He brought his face close, smiling.

You kissed him softly, threading your fingers through his messy hair. “I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but… I’m glad I moved in with you.”

“I’m very glad I didn’t immediately kick you out either.”

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things said in my skype group meme (Part 1)

“She wasn’t very happy six months ago.”
“Don’t question the happiness.”
“the moment you question it is the moment it all goes to shit.”
“Well he’s trying to air the air matress up and the gf is tired so she’s just kinda laying there as he’s yelling at her to get off.”
“Now he’s under the mattress and falling asleep.”
“She’s beauty and she’s grace, she hit herself in the face.”
“I’ve determined I get sleep drunk prior to going to sleep.”
“That’s the full extent of my ability to pun in French.”
“Why do children scare me so much”
“That works better with a cane and a rifle.”
“I think we can agree that the entire human race is annoying.”
“Don’t punch a seagull again.”
“I scream laughed and then drooled on myself.”
“One he strangled and then threw the other one out the car.”
“You were born annoying.”
“Honestly she may be a bitch but she tells the truth once in a blue moon.”
“Yes, tentacle porn is going to be everywhere.”
“I’m needin’ feedin’.”
“Milk is the disgusting semen of Satan himself.”
“I’m incapable of shame.”
“Well, if y'all hate milk now I guess I can eat the ice cream for you.”
“There’s a mosquito in my house, and it’s bitten me five times, and I can’t catch it.”
“I can’t even catch food with chopsticks.”
“I'mma hit this motherfucker with another motherfucker.”
”I get overly pissed when people talk shit about ____ tbh it’s bad.”
”It’s weird to contemplate i do actually know how to cook.”
”Me and competence with anything don’t usually go together.”
“____’s not a fucking sweet prince.”
“Like as soon as I find the clip of ____ biting a piece of cardboard thinking it’s food, I’ll send it to ya’ll.”
“Honestly, at this point I’ve just got it ingrained in my head that if it’s some weird name i don’t recognize, it’s this chat.”
“We are a meme.”

Typical Blacks
  • James: good morning Mrs. Black, me and Sirius plan on hanging out this afternoon
  • Mrs. Black: yeah, yeah whatever just take him away
  • Remus: are you ready Sirius?
  • Sirius: I was born ready
  • Mrs. Black: No, you were born crying and screaming which caused my head to ache
  • James: You were born to annoy the shit out of people
  • Remus: You were born to cause me detention
  • Peter: You were born gorgeous
  • Everyone: WHAT THE F*CK PETER

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"You got it in my hair. I am going to kill you." for either ereri or gratsu. It's up to you which :)

Prompt #2 for the 100 follower celebration, yaay!

Forgive my bad editing and awful writing, I’m sick. Ereri!! Also know as: how Levi ended up getting a haircut. And surprisingly enough, this isn’t smut.

“Eren!” Levi bellows. “Ereeen!”

“L-Levi?” Eren responds timidly, peering around the doorframe from the kitchen to see the embodiment of pure rage Levi has become. Eren isn’t sure why but Levi’s comb is sticking out of his hair somewhere near the lower back of his head. “What’s wrong beautiful?” He asks with his most innocent smile.

“You got it in my hair!” Levi shouts at the top of his lungs, despite only being a few metres away. Eren flinches, wilting like a sad flower. “I’m going to kill you!” Levi continues, bolting forward while Eren runs for the next room.

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Ok so i got super inspired by this but imagine Harry and Draco becoming the best of frienenmies after the war.

They both find themselves missing the fighting sorely, at their respective jobs. Harry, as an auror, thought he would have plenty of ways to take his frustration out on the baddies, but still finds himself arguing pointlessly with Ron for the hell of it. Draco is consistently snapping at Pansy, to keep himself from doing it to his patients at St. Mungo’s.

Before they know it, the boys are seeking each other out just to banter with one another. Harry will be looking for a place to eat lunch and spot Draco, and will enthusiastically bound over to him for a chance to poke fun at his fussy eating habits. Draco will be out for a bit of fun late at night and will bump into Harry in a bar (quite unaccidentally) just to sneer at him.

It becomes a routine, one their friends also become quite famiar with and are thankful for, when they find they are no longer the ones suffering from the unresolved tensions. Hermione one day slyly hands Harry a cellphone, saying her contract gave her a free one she didn’t need. She shows Harry how to text and play games. Pansy introduces Draco to the wonders of muggle technology, which Draco gets far too excited about when it comes to taking selfies and sending them to his entire contact list. Neither boy questions why the other is in his contacts.

Another routine is born; Harry sends annoying texts and irritating sound bytes, and Draco responds with glorious photos of his condescending faces. They also find themselves constantly challenging each other to mobile games, their old rivalry never dying out.

Ron will sometimes look through Harry’s phone.
“Mate, why do you have an album of 346 photos of Malfoy’s face?”
“Uuuh…I thought he was up to something and the photos might have clues?”
Ron responds with a quirked eyebrow as Hermione giggles behind her hand.

Blaise always snatches Draco’s phone from him, quite unused to muggle tech and very curious.
“Draco, is that Harry bloody Potter wailing away to Celestina Warbeck like a banshee on your mobile? Why do you have them set to “priority save” in your memory?
Draco doesn’t look up from what he’s doing, but Pansy can see the faint pink in his cheeks as he responds “Blackmail, Blaise; surely you can see the importance of something like that.”

Their fighting never comes to an end, only morphs into arguments over coffee dates and competitive snogging at midnight in sleezy pubs. Their poor friends don’t know what to do when it leads to bizzarely antagonistic sex.

“Oh, Potter, you’re going to have to do much better than that if you want me to come.”
“Really? That’s not what your cock seems to be saying, Malfoy.”
A wanton moan penetrates the walls.
“Oooh, faster you bastard!”

Pansy and Hermione put their heads together to deal with it. “Harry is almost always over here anyways, and combined with his general obliviousness, I doubt he’d notice if I just moved all of his things over here a bit at a time. You could move your things into mine in the meanwhile.”
Pansy agrees.

So 10 years after the war has ended, Draco finds himself living with the Savior of the Wizarding world, constantly sniping with not-so-sincere insults flying every which way, and neither he nor Harry could really be any happier.