born and raised in texas

Pizza toppings
  • Shiro: alright guys I'm ordering pizza! What toppings do you guys want?
  • Lance: spicy Italian sausage!
  • Hunk: Supreme, Shiro!
  • Pidge: pepperoni and mushroom!
  • Keith: Extra pineapple!
  • Lance, Pidge, Hunk: wHAT?!
  • Keith: *shrugging* ...what? It's good!
  • Hunk: okay, I love to create works of art in the kitchen but fruit NEVER goes on pizza!!
  • Pidge: yeah, man, that's just gross! Plus EXTRA pineapple?!?
  • Lance: Thank you, Hunk! That's so wrong! First you say you're born in S.Korea, next its being raised Texas, we all come to find that you're half GALRA! AND NOW YOU SAY YOU LIKE EXTRA PINEAPPLE PIZZA!!! WHAT THE QUIZNAK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!
  • Shiro: Lance calm down! It's just pizza!
  • Keith: we're dating! Been dating for 5 months now! So the real question is, what's wrong with YOU?
  • Lance: 😠😶 🖕
  • Shiro: everyone gets their own pizza, Keith, good news for you no one will touch your leftover pizza
  • Keith: 😃😆👍
  • (I love extra pineapple pizza and my family thinks it's the weirdest, grossest thing ever)
Facts about the Why Don't We Boys!

here are a few facts about the boys:
~Jack Robert Avery~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on July 1st, 1999 (Cancer)
•He is the second oldest of 4
•He has three sisters (Isla Stanford, Ava Stanford, Sydnie Avery)
•He was born in Burbank, California but quickly moved to Susquehanna, Pennsylvania before he reached the age 1.
•He grew a fan base on his amazing piano and guitar skills.
•oh and his cute face
•He went on tour, IMPACT, along with Zach Herron and Corbyn Besson.
•Jack is known as the renaissance man in the band.
•He skateboards and plays basketball.
•His parents are divorced; he lives with his mom
•His dad remarried a Portuguese woman but then later divorced her. (dont ask why I know this)
•His older sister Syd, has her own clothing line and it’s freaking cute (
•His hair was originally straight but he permed it.
• He has an ex-girlfriend named Paige
~Zachary Dean Herron~
•He is 16
•He was born on May 27, 2001 (Gemini)
•He is the youngest member of WDW
•He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas.
•A video of him singing “Stitches” went viral, having over 10 million views.
• He gained a lot of followers on his Instagram and YouTube channel by posting his own covers.
•He is the oldest of his other siblings (Ryan and Reese)
•He’s an older, cuter, hit-puberty version of Jacob Sartorius.
•He released two singles in 2016, Timelapse and Why.
•He went on tour, IMPACT, accompanied with Corbyn Besson and Jack Avery.
•He’s got these red cheeks that are frickin adorable
•His mom is asian and his dad is white. (?)
•His dad supposedly makes the best breakfast burritos
•He also loves those egg things w/ the mustard in it.
~Daniel James Seavey~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on April 2nd, 1999 (Aries)
•He has three other siblings (Anna, Tyler, Chris)
•He is from Vancouver, Washington
•He appeared on the show, American Idol, season 14 and made it to top 9
•He was the youngest contestant on that season
•He impressed Jennifer Lopez right away with his young age and talent.
•After losing the show, he turned to YouTube to post covers and collabs w/ Lovey James.
•His father and him would play music on the streets of Portland.
•Whenever he smiles, the earth quakes and the girls’ knees wobble.
•He freaking loves watermelon
•Apparently he has pure hatred for stuffing
•He’s crafty and artistic.
•He plays too many instruments, I can’t even count that high
~Corbyn Matthew Besson~
•He is 18 years old
•He was born on November 25, 1998 (Sagittarius)
•He is from Texas but later on moved to Virginia
•He has 2 other siblings (Ashley and Jordan)
•He’s currently dating Christina Marie (YouTube/YouNow star) @beautychickee
•His fave ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip (my fave!)
•He’s the king at roasting people
•He’s aesthetic af
•Christina and him are goals
•He went on the IMPACT tour with Jack Avery and Zach Herron
•He dropped a single on iTunes called “The Only One”
•He has a YouTube channel where he posts a lot of his song covers
•He gained over 100,000 followers on YouNow
~Jonah Marais Roth Frantzvich~
•He’s 19 years old
•He was born on June 16, 1998 (Gemini)
•He is the oldest member of WDW
•He is from Stillwater, Minnesota
•He has two other siblings (Esther Grace & Zebulon)
•He was on the DigiTour 2014
•He gained a mass following on YouNow
•He owns a cute farm
•His hometown is so old fashion and flipping gorgeous
•He’s known as the foodie of the band.
•He put out an EP “When The Daylights Gone”
•He used to play baseball
•He loves to post about potatoes
•He got signed to “26” by Chad Grier (Nash & Hayes’s father)
•He gets underrated in the band but honestly he deserves all the love in the world :)
•In his farm, he has a chicken named Daisy
•There’s a tattoo on his upper arm of (i think) a duck.
I hope this helped! I made this post for anyone who’s new to the fandom or for the people who just wants to know them better. These are just a few facts I have gathered about the boys. If anyone wants to add a little facts to this feel free!

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Happy Lesbian Day of Visibility! (April 26th)

So! Let’s talk about Barbara Jordan…
Who was she?
Only one of the most badass queer women you will ever hear about. She was the FIRST southern black woman to be elected to the US House of Representatives. That’s right. SOUTHERN.
The gal was born in Houston Texas February 21, 1936. Raised there. And died in Austin Texas in 1996. But not before leaving behind a legacy for all queer folk, Texans, colored folk, women, and the like to aspire to. And in the 60s no less.

Was she a lesbian or a bisexual? We’ll never know for sure because she was never out publically in her lifetime, but her obituary in the Houston Chronicle mentioned her 20 - year relationship with Nancy Earl.

Whether L or B in LGBT+, today seems like as good a day as any to spread the word about this amazing Woman who loved another woman.

Stay visible ya’ll!

anonymous asked:

“descriptive representation alone won’t save you” Can you explain this in simpler terms for me, a small-time dolt?

A common thing in political science is to break down political representation (how citizens are represented by political officials) into two categories: “substantive representation” and “descriptive representation.” Substantive representation is a measure of how much your representative represents your interests and views- how closely a district’s congressman votes in line with the views of that district’s voters, for example. Descriptive representation is a measure of how representatives represent their constituents along demographic lines- like whether or not a majority-black district is represented by a black representative, how close a society’s gender or religious make-up is represented in it’s legislature, or whether or not a Texas district is represented by someone born and raised in Texas. Think of it like this: “substantive representation” is when your interests are represented, “demographic representation” is when your identities are represented.

There’s been an enormous amount of research done on each of these topics, and one important question always comes up: does descriptive representation lead to substantive representation? In other words: does one group being demographically represented in politics make it more likely that it’s interests will be represented? There’s a ton of research on this topic as well, and one can come to a lot of different conclusions based on how one reads the research (If you’d like, I could pull together some links on here for you).

My understanding of the topic is this: descriptive representation contributes to substantive representation, but only moderately; how and how much it contributes changes significantly in different contexts; and other factors matter more. This means that if one wants policy to better represent women’s interests, or black people’s interests, or disabled people’s interests, and so on, then increasing the number of women, black people, and disabled people in office will likely help, but will be nowhere near enough.

I think a lot of people, particularly young and well-meaning social liberals interested in social justice politics, dramatically overestimate the connection between descriptive and substantive representation, so much so that they neglect the importance of the latter. They consider, to varying extents, descriptive representation enough to ensure descriptive representation (ex. having 51% of congress be women will deliver proportionate representation of women’s interests). On the contrary, my position is that this should be seen as necessary but not sufficient for true substantive representation: we need more women, more people of color, and more people in other marginalized positions in political office, but that should be only one piece of a much larger strategy for bettering their democratic representation and ensuring their views are taken into account equally to those in privileged positions.

Also, you’re not a dolt for not knowing the term, don’t sell yourself short.


Megan Thee Stallion is a force to be reckon with. The rapper was born & raised in Houston, Texas and asking who influences her sound proves it. “I love Pimp C” she tells us. “I really get inspiration from Biggie and Lil’ Kim also”. Well of of course Lil'Kim, Thee Stallion has some lyrics that’s pretty provocative and will have you asking her. Do you listen to Lil'Kim? With punch lines like “He like the way I make it jiggle so I let him smack it” (Thee Stallion Houston Cypher Verse). (Via @Guapomarket)


(Requested by Anon)

“Do you want to join in?” The blond who had introduced himself as Carlisle offered. 

The corners of your mouth lifted into a small smile. “I don’t know that I’d be any good. It’s been a while.” 

“How long’s a while?” Asked the honey blond with the southern accent… Jasper, you reminded yourself, his name is Jasper.

“Late 1800s…or thereabouts.” You replied with a smile. “I sorta lose track of the years. After the end of the War of Northern Aggression in any case.” You put a hand to your mouth, embarrassed by your slip of the tongue. “Sorry, the Civil War they call it now right?” 

“You’re from the south?” Jasper asked, eyes dancing with emotion. 

You pressed your lips together, suppressing a grin. “Huston Texas, born raised and bitten. Are we playing or what?” 

It was Jaspers turn to look embarrassed. “Sure thing darlin’ as long as we can talk more later.” 

The large one, Emmett, grinned so widely his dimples showed. “Well now Jazz, you didn’t show this much interest in me when you found out I was from Tennessee. I’m hurt.” He held one large hand to his unbeating heart. 

“Emmett. Shut up.” 

“And he calls himself a southern gentleman…” 


This game was looking like it might end up a lot of fun after all. 

The States Visited by ‘Night Stalker’ Richard Ramirez

During his life Richard Ramirez is confirmed as having visited three of fifty U.S. states: Texas, Arizona and California.

Texas - El Paso

Richard Ramirez was born and raised in El Paso, Texas to his mother Mercedes Ramirez and father Julian Ramirez. Richard had three brothers (Joseph, Ruben and Robert) and one sister (Ruth). Richard’s parents immigrated to Texas from Juarez, Mexico. 

It was in El Paso, Texas where Richard spent much of his time with his older cousin Miguel. Miguel was a Vietnam War veteran who shared pictures and stories with Richard of the women he had raped there. It was also in El Paso, Texas wherein Richard (age 13) witnessed Miguel murder his own wife in front of him.

Richard worked at a Holiday Inn in El Paso where he used a passkey to rob guests. Richard’s employment here ended after he sexually assaulted a guest. Richard dropped out of High School in ninth grade and moved to California at age 22.

Arizona - Tucson

Richard made multiple visits to Arizona via bus to visit his brother. Richard was in Tucson, Arizona on August 30, 1985 when the LAPD had identified him as the killer. Richard did not know the police were on to him while he was in Arizona.

On his return to Los Angeles Richard passed police officers staking out the Tucson bus terminal in case he attempted to evade the authorities in LA. He was able to go unnoticed as the police were not expecting him to be heading to LA.

California - Los Angeles & San Francisco

California was the site of Richard Ramirez’s year long span of killings. Between 1984-1985 Richard Ramirez murdered 14 people.

In San Francisco Richard Ramirez murdered Mei Leung (9) and Peter Pan (66). He also sexually assaulted Peter’s 62 year old wife Barbara Pan. Using Barbara’s lipstick, Richard drew a pentagram and wrote ‘Jack the Knife’ on the wall of the crime scene. 

After the assault on the Pans was connected to Richard’s LA crimes the Mayor of San Fransisco gave a televised press conference to announce this. Richard, previously unaware of the degree to which police had connected his crimes, dumped his size 11 ½ Avia sneakers off the Golden Gate Bridge before returning to LA.

In Los Angeles Richard murdered Jennie Vincow (79), Dayle Okazaki (34), Veronica Yu (30), Vincent Zazzara (64), Macine Zazzara (44), Bill Doi (66), Mable Bell (83), Mary Louise Cannon (75), Joyce Lucille Nelson (61), Max Kneiding (68), Lela Kneiding (66), Chainarong Khovananth (32) and Elyas Abowath (35).

Richard Ramirez spent much of his time in Los Angeles in the downtown district, frequenting the bus terminal and cheap motels to get high and use prostitutes. 

After Ramirez returned to LA to find himself on every TV bulletin and newspaper cover he was beaten by members of a Mexican community who caught Ramirez as he attempted to steal a car to escape in East Los Angeles. The civilians restrained him until police arrived.

After a two month trial Richard was found unanimously guilty by a jury of his peers. Two months later Richard was given nineteen death sentences. Richard Ramirez died on the death row of San Quentin State Prison on June 7 2013 California of B-cell lymphoma age 53.

"Oh so you're the camp counselor my sibling keeps raving about"

Dear Maya,
I’m having a great time at camp! It’s been only a day, but my cabin mates are so nice. We took the swim test and the pool is super awesome. I have two counselors, one is a girl named Missy who’s in my cabin with all the girls, and then there’s Lucas who’s in with the boys. And just between us, he’s realllyyy cute. Like, seriously. Not even a little. He’s full blown young Zac Efron level cute. Not for me of course, because I’m 8 and he’s 23. But you’re 22 and I could totally see you two dating. He’s awesome and he’s from Texas. You should talk to him when you come to pick me up from camp.
Love: your sister, Phoebe


I made a friend! Her name is Emma and she is very nice. She has super long nails, and they’re real! She’s so cool, and she’s 10 so she’s older than me. And about Lucas, I asked him if he’s single (even though you said not to). He was nice about it, and he said he was! He’s perfect for you, Maya. I told him about you and he seemed interested. You should send me a photo of you so I can show him. I know you probably don’t want to, but please??? I’ll be sweet and put it by my bunk so that he just happens to see it. I won’t shove it in his face, I promise.
Hoping for a photo, Phoebe


Dearest sister,
Lucas saw the photo. He was all “wait is that your sister” and I was like “yeah” and I swear to god he blushed and smiled all cute. He’s just getting awesomer and awesomer as the days go by. He taught me how to make lanyards and I’m making one on my water bottle, but his is better than mine. That’s okay though, I’ll get better. He’s definitely my favorite counselor. I think he likes me too. And he’d definitely likey-like you. I showed Emma your picture and she says she totally “ships” you guys, which means she likes you as a couple. I agree with her. Turns out he’s been doing college at NYU! He was held back a year when he was little for some reason he won’t tell me, so he’s in your grade. Awesome, right? Parsons and NYU are pretty close. You could totally date him!
Okay, I’m done. Hope everything’s good. Tell mom I say hi.


So I’m leaving tomorrow, which seems crazy. The two weeks went by super fast. They have this thing they do at this camp where by the end of the week, you ask any counselor to “tie your rag.” You pretty much make a goal and work hard to get to it and then a counselor you look up to ties a handkerchief around your neck as a sort of badge. I’m very proud of myself, I faced my fears and went on the big zip line that they have here. I asked Lucas to tie my rag. He’s the greatest. We’re great friends now, and I think I’m his favorite. We always talk when we’re walking around camp and I’ve told him loads about you. He says he’d like to meet you when you come, and I’m so excited! Don’t hate me for this, because it wasn’t my fault, but all the girls in my cabin saw your photo, and now they all want you to date Lucas. It kinda got around, and now everyone teases Lucas about it. He takes it well and laughs and stuff, but that might make it awkward when you meet. Sorry, I didn’t try to make this happen! My whole cabin just knows a cute couple when they see one! Anyways, I’m gonna go now. Can’t wait to see you and introduce you to Lucas tomorrow! I’m gonna miss him when I come home. (Unless you guys date. Then he could be like my big brother or something. That would be the coolest!)
Love, Phoebe :)

Maya chuckles as she finishes reading over the last letter that was sent to her by Camp Orkila from Phoebe. Her little sister always can make her smile, and she must admit she’s excited to see the little firecracker again today.

And Maya must admit, she’s curious about this Lucas guy. If he’s really as cute as Phoebe says he is, then Maya won’t refuse an introduction. Although she can’t help but feel a little embarrassed that Phoebe had the whole camp unit shipping her and this Lucas guy just from one photograph. So yeah, that’s a bit embarrassing, but at the same time it makes Maya more curious about him. What is it about the two of them that had twenty 8-11 year olds turned into huge “lucaya” fans? Maya feels like it was Phoebe’s loud and bubbly voice (something from Riley that had rubbed off on her) blabbering about how Lucas and Maya were perfect for each other.

But alas, Maya finds herself pulling into the grass parking lot in her rental car in the Texas summer camp. She had to take a flight from New York to get here, since her mom was too busy with work to come get Phoebe. So here Maya finds herself, in Texas for the weekend with her sister.

Maya steps out of the car and locks it’s doors, sighing to herself at the sudden Texas heat. She was glad she put on a shit-ton of sunscreen, for she knew her fair skin would soon be looking quite lobster-esque if she hadn’t. She feels beads of sweat start to form on the back of her neck, so she ties her messy blonde waves up in a high ponytail using the hair tie on her wrist.

She tightens the ponytail as she walks to tent with a banner that reads “pick up campers here”, seeing a huddle of kids with taller counselors getting them to participate in circle games and conversations.

Maya sees some girls crying and hugging about their departure, not including Phoebe not to her surprise. Phoebe isn’t exactly the crying, weepy emotional type.

She suddenly spots her little sister in a different place, sitting in the grass and weaving something attached to her water bottle concentratedly.

Maya smiles at Phoebe, her straight brunette locks falling into her eyes as she looks down at her water bottle attachment. Her brown hair was a trait that surprised everyone when she was born, a trait that she had gotten from Shawn’s side of the family. But she still had the same striking blue eyes as Maya did. Yet she got lucky with tanned skin, as opposed to Maya’s pale complexion.

Maya starts to walk over to her, but she slows a bit as she notices a boy sitting next to Phoebe, working on his own lanyard.

That must be Lucas.

Phoebe wasn’t lying when she had said that Lucas looked like a young Zac Efron, with his sea foam green eyes and his tousled dirty blonde hair. He had a sharp jawline and broad shoulders, his skin tanned from days at the summer camp.

Maya smiled slightly as he shares a laugh with Phoebe, the two seeming to share a connection.

Maya walks closer and sees Phoebe look up to her, a large smile spreading on her face.

“Maya!” She smiles, hopping up from her sitting position in the grass and engulfing Maya in a huge hug. Maya hugs back tightly, Phoebe almost the same height as her despite being eight years old.

“Hey, sister spaz. How was camp?” Maya beams at Phoebe, pulling away from the hug and tucking a brown lock behind her ear.

“Great! Did you get all my letters?” Phoebe says enthusiastically, folding her hands together with a huge smile.

“Oh, I did.” Maya says with a chuckle, glancing at Lucas who is now standing as well. Maya feels her cheeks flush as their eyes meet, pulling her stare away and putting it back on Phoebe. God, he was hot. He hasn’t even said a word and Maya already has butterflies in her stomach.

“Oh and Maya, this is Lucas, the best counselor ever.” Phoebe beams, pulling Maya by her hand so that she’s standing closer to Lucas.

“And Lucas, this is my sister Maya. Also known as the best sister ever, who is twenty-two and available and very pretty, if you haven’t noticed.” Phoebe says shamelessly like she always does. Maya feels her cheeks grow incredibly hot, Lucas’s face becoming adorned with a boyish smile.

“Nice to meet you, Maya.” He says with a Prince Charming-like smile, Maya’s stomach tightening further into its knot as she hears his deep, gravely yet kind voice. God, this guy is perfect. How the hell did Phoebe think Maya of all people had a chance with him?

And how the hell does he not have a girlfriend?

“And you,” Maya replies, trying to keep her usual sarcastic tone as a cover for how jittery he’s making her feel.

“So you’re from New York, huh?” Lucas smirks, and Maya notices his very slight southern drawl. She can’t help but find it attractive.

“Yeah, born and raised. I hear you’re from here in good ole Texas country, Sundance.” Maya attempts to cover her attraction with her usual name calling and teasing.

“Maya, be nice.” Phoebe huffs from her side, tugging on Maya’s hand.

“Fine. Sorry.” Maya chuckles, Lucas smiling down at Phoebe.

“It’s all good, Phoebe,” Lucas says to Phoebe, before looking up to Maya, “Sundance, that’s a new one. Props to you.” Lucas laughs, smiling down at Maya with a slight blush on his cheeks as well.

Maya notices the small crowd of giddy ten year olds watching them with wide eyes, the talk of the camp for the past two weeks finally standing in front of them.

“So I hear you’re going to NYU? Phoebe told me all about it in her letters.” Maya asks, making conversation.

“Yeah, I am. And you’re at Parsons?”

“I assume Phoebe had lots to say about me too?”

“Oh yeah.” Lucas says with a chuckle, Maya laughing slightly as well.

“She has quite the big mouth, this one..” Maya smirks, pulling Phoebe into a tight side-hug.

“Yeah. It was awesome having her here.” Lucas smiles at Phoebe again.

“She had a blast. Right Pheebs?”

“Totally. You’re my favorite, Lucas.” Phoebe smiles, and Lucas laughs.

“Just between us,” Lucas says, leaning in and whispering, “you’re my favorite too.”

Phoebe somehow beams even more at this, Lucas giving her a fist bump.

“Now can you please give Maya your number so we can hang out again? And also so you two can see each other again? Come on, I know you like each other. It’s like, all over your faces.” She says bluntly, Maya blushing intensely.

“I mean, I wouldn’t mind getting together sometime, Maya. I get back from camp in August.” Lucas smiles, scratching the back of his back as excited squeals come from the group of ten year olds.

“Oh! I mean, sure!” Maya stammers, keeping her cool as her cheeks somehow turn redder, “uh, here. I have a pen. I’ll give you my number.”

“Oh, okay cool.” Lucas says with a big goofy grin on his face, Maya ripping a small slip of paper from her sketchbook in her purse and scribbling her number onto it before handing it to him.

“Alright cool, it was nice meeting you. And Phoebe,” Lucas turns to Phoebe and gives her a hug, “it was so awesome to hang out with you.”

“It won’t be the last time. Especially when you two start dating.” Phoebe smirks, Maya and Lucas both blushing, Maya chuckling nervously.

“Hopefully.” Lucas smiles at Maya, her stomach dropping as she looks into his sea foam gaze. He really is a ten.

“See you soon ish then.” Maya chuckles bashfully.

“Until then, blondie.”

True love

My parents have been together for 35+ years. My mother is the farmers daughter, born and raised in Lubbock Texas. She mentioned randomly that she misses August’s Fried Pies and that they always reminded her of home. Well, it appears that they don’t sell them anywhere but Texas and my dad has been calling and harassing people for the last hour trying to order her a case of pies.

Mommy's Little Girl

~A/N: I absolutely love this request. Tons of fluff and cute Jensen around kids, two great things. This is kinda long and I’m sorry if it’s a little boring but I hope you enjoy it @lizwinchester16 !~

Request: Can you do a Jensen onetime reader is a single mom and her and her daughter watch the show and he meets her at a convention and he falls in love with her and her daughter

Reader’s POV:

The familiar ending credits rolled, marking the end of yet another episode of your favorite show. You looked down at your lap where your five, almost six year old daughter had placed her head before she fell asleep. You ignored the message on the tv asking if you were still watching while you slowly lifted your sleeping child and carried her to her room. You shut the door and straightened up the living room before going to bed yourself. You set your alarm for 5 am, needing to get an early start to the next day.

Your alarm went off blaring the familiar Kansas song marking the end of your blissful sleep. You brushed your teeth before heading to the kitchen and started making your daughters favorite breakfast: waffles with tons of whipped cream and blueberry sauce all of which you made from scratch.
As soon it was done you walked to your daughters room and woke her up the same way you did every morning. “Rise and shine honey bunny, time for the world to see that smile.” Your daughter stirred a bit before opening his beautiful brown eyes that were identical to yours. You smiled at her before saying “Happy Birthday Dakota!” Your daughter immediately smiled and sat up straight and the mention of her special day. “Are you hungry?”, you asked. Your daughter enthusiastically nodded before saying “Yes mommy”. You stood up from her bed covered with the blanket of the pair of brothers you two loved so much before telling her to brush her teeth and meet you in the kitchen. You made her a plate of waffles and stuck 6 little candles in there and lit them as she sat down at the little breakfast nook. You began singing her happy birthday as she was all smiles and giggles. When you were done with the song you said “Ok, now make a wish before you blow them out.” She closed her eyes real tight and whispered something you couldn’t hear. But she looked absolutely adorable and you could help but to snap a picture of her then and when she blew her candles out. While removing the six little wax sticks from her food you asked “So what did you wish for pumpkin?” She replied “I can’t tell you mommy, if I do I won’t get my wish.” You laughed at her and grabbed a plate and sat right next to her. About three quarters through your meal you glance at your watch before saying “Crap! Kota, we gotta go soon so let’s hurry and eat and hurry and get ready ok?” She nods her head and eats as much as she can fit in her mouth and runs off to her bedroom. You tidy up the kitchen as fast as humanly possible before running to go get ready yourself.
One 5 minute shower (the fastest you’ve ever washed your hair) and 5 minutes of deciding what to wear later, you were zipping up your boots over your grey leggings and black shirt and throwing on some quick liner, mascara, and lipstick before leaving the bedroom. You knocked on Dakota’s door before pushing it open to see her putting the finishing touches on the cutest little outfit you could imagine. She had on black boots and leggings along with the “Team Free Will” shirt you had gotten her for Christmas. You chuckled at the sight of it. Of all days to wear a shirt she had to wear that one. “You ready pumpkin?” She nods her head before following you out the door.
As soon as you all get on the road, she’s already asking questions. “Mommy, where are we going?” You looked at her through the rear view mirror and said “It’s a big birthday surprise honey bunny. I promise you’re gonna love it when you find out ok?” She nodded and went back to looking at your window. You flip through radio stations before landing on the one you know you and your daughter like-country. You were born and raised in Austin, Texas but after you got pregnant and your long-term boyfriend left, you moved to Stockton, CA to work for your aunt at this high profile law firm. Essentially you were a secretary but the pay was amazing and it gave you the time to spend with your daughter who was your whole world. The drive to San Francisco was a little longer than you had anticipated because of traffic but you still were on track for the schedule of events.
When you pulled into the parking garage of the hotel, your daughter looked confused as ever. She’d never been to this part of San Francisco and a parking garage didn’t look too fun in her eyes. “Mommy? Where are we?” You pulled to car in a parking space and walked to the elevators. You pressed the down button, “You’ll see when we get down there pumpkin”. The doors open and you climbed in. You pulled out a little tiara from your purse the read “Birthday Princess” and put it on her head without saying a word and looked straight ahead like you hadn’t done a think. You could feel her smiling up at you as the doors opened on the convention floor. You pulled out the schedule for the photo ops to see where you needed to go and headed that way. Your daughter was looking around at what was going on, she saw the posters and a few people dressed up as the familiar characters and she smiled so big. You picked her up so you could both walk and explain where you were at and thankfully she was a little small for her age. “This is a convention. Basically what we do here is we meet the people who act in our favorite tv show and we can take pictures with them and then listen to them talk about the show and ask them fun questions. Does that sound fun?” Your daughter had the biggest smile on her face you’ve ever seen and she gave you the biggest hug. “That sounds like so much fun!” You stopped walking for a second to put her down and continued towards the check in station for the first one of the day. You had ordered two and the first one up was Jensen. You checked in and got your number from the guy at the kiosk. “Ok, ma'am you’re gonna be our last one for today.” He put up one of those black poles with the retractable lines in front of the entrance to the room. Your heart sank a little knowing you were the last in line but it seemed to be moving a little bit fast. You looked down at your little girl who seemed to have a permanent smile on her face and your heart swelled. She hadn’t even seen anyone yet and she was so excited. It was a little strange that a child her age liked supernatural so much but she was mature for her age and it was your favorite too so you didn’t complain. You guys spent the majority of the time talking about the show and who she was most excited to see. For her it was Jared. Part of her being able to watch the show was that she understood that it was all fake, and none of the monsters were real. You often showed her videos of the cast at cons and backstage so she really got that Sam and Dean weren’t real and neither were the monsters they hunted. After a while you guys were getting pretty close to the front and you were getting excited. Jensen was definitely your favorite, something about both him and his character drew you to him. He was definitely extremely attractive and the fact he came from Texas was just a huge plus in your book.

Jensen’s POV:
The crowd seemed to finally dwindle down and there was about 5 or 6 people left. I definitely loved your job and loved meeting fans but taking pictures with about 200 of them was a little redundant. While taking a picture with two people, on guy and girl I noticed a woman at the very back of the line who had the cutest smile and the prettiest brown hair you’ve ever seen. I smiled for the picture but my eyes were definitely set on her. She seemed to be talking to someone shorter than her but I couldn’t see who it was. My eyes were fixed on her and I caught yourself zoning out and snapped out of it when I heard “Can you sign this?” I smiled at the fan and said “Of course I can”. I signed the page of what looked like a signature book and gave them both a hug before leaving. The rest of the people seemed to go by really quick as I was staring at the woman ever chance I got. Not in a creepy way, or at least I hope not, but in a I can’t believe you’re real sort of way. The last person before her left and the event manager for the pictures informed me this was the last group for the day. I finally got a full look at the woman standing in the line and God was she beautiful. She wasn’t wearing anything fancy but she looked absolutely amazing. Her brown hair billowed past her shoulders and it looked so soft I had to resist the urge to touch it. I looked down at her hand and saw attached to it was a little hand and next to her was the most adorable little girl I have ever laid my eyes on. She looked like the carbon copy of what I’m assuming was her mom I could helped but smile. I reached out to give a hug to the woman and the first thing that hit me was the smell of her shampoo. Something like vanilla and chocolate I don’t really know but it was warm and inviting. The next thing I noticed was her hug. Hands down the best hug I’ve ever gotten. Everything about her so far felt so homey. A feeling I wasn’t used to. “Hi I’m y/n” I replied with my name but initially regretted it because she most likely knew what my name was. She laughed slightly and replied with “I’d hope so”. I looked down to her right and saw the little girl with the sweetest smile staring up at me. I crouched down and asked “And who might you be?”. Still with that adorable smile on her face she proudly said “Dakota y/l/n”. I gave her a genuine smile and replied “Well Dakota y/l/n do you think I could get a hug?” She ran into my arms and almost made me fall back but it was so cute I just laughed it off. She pulled away and adjusted the birthday tiara on her head. “What this thing on your head Dakota?” She touched one more time before saying “It’s my princess crown, my mom got it for me because today is my birthday. I’m now 6 years old.” I stood up and wished her a happy birthday before bringing the convention manager over and whispering something into her ear.

Reader’s POV

You watched Jensen interact with your daughter and it was the cutest sight to see. The man you’ve basically had a crush on for the longest time talking to your little girl was so heart warming you didn’t even know what to do. You watched him whisper something you couldn’t make out to someone with a clipboard and headset before coming back and looking at you. For a second he didn’t say anything he just looked at you with this entranced expression. He shook his head and blinked before stuttering out “Ah-Um sorry uh-is it- um-Is it ok if I pick up your daughter? Like for the picture.” You smiled and nodded as he picked her up and turned to face the camera. You stood on the side with his empty hand and smiled for the picture. You felt something warm sliding around the small of your back and realized it was Jensen’s arm pulling you into him. You could smell his cologne and it smelled like mahogany and the forest and a cup of hot chocolate all in one. The photographer took a few photos, one normal and a few silly ones. When he was done Jensen just started walking and said “Follow me.” Not really knowing what was going on you did, mainly because he was still holding your daughter and the two of them were just talking like best friends who hadn’t seen each other in months and you didn’t want to break it up. You guys came to a door and he stopped, putting your daughter down and turning around to face you. “So, I hope you’re cool with this but I talked to the coordinator and she said it was cool if I brought your daughter out on stage for a couple panels and after you guys can meet the whole cast and hang out?” You had the biggest smile on your face and your eyes started welling up as you threw your arms around his neck, thanking him profusely. He wrapped his arms around your waist, reciprocating the hug “Honestly it’s not problem, she seems like a huge fan and it’s something small I can do for her birthday. There’s a seat in the first row reserved for you and there’s a guy right over there,” he pointed to someone wearing all black and an earpiece, “that can take you to the seat. I’m running a little late so I have to get right on stage, I’m sorry.” You shook your head and told him not to apologize and thanked him again. You crouched down and brought your daughter into a hug before telling her what was about to happen. “Kota, you’re gonna go up in stage and sit with Mr. Jensen and everyone else from the show and I want you to be on your best behavior ok?”, she nodded and you continued, “I’m gonna be right in the front the whole time and I’ll wave to you so you can see where mommy is.” She said ok and gave you a hug before her and Jensen opened the door and walked in. You and the guy escorting you rushed toward the entrance for the crowd and you sat down just as the applause started for Jensen. He smiled and waved as he sat down at the table and placed your daughter on his lap. When the applause died down, Jensen introduced your daughter to the crowd. “Sorry I’m a little late guys, I was just meeting this adorable little girl named Dakota. Can you all say hi to her?” Everyone in the room shouted hi at your daughter and Jensen continued talking, “So Dakota and I were talking in the photo room and she told me, she’s wearing his pretty little crown because today is her 6th birthday and I thought it was a good idea to give this little princess the royal treatment today, so you’re gonna be seeing a lot of her today.” The crowd let out a few awwwws and you could tell they were just as infatuated with Jensen as you were. “One more thing I wanna ask you guys to do before we start the panel, can we all sing little Dakota happy birthday? I think she’d really like it, wouldn’t you Dakota?” Your daughter nodded and Jensen smiled before placing the mic between his and her face. “Ok guys on the count of three, one two three.” The whole room erupted into a chorus of happy birthday and you couldn’t help but cry at how sweet this was. You already had your phone out recording so you could send the video to your parents and friends later. The look on your little girls face was absolutely priceless. You don’t remember ever seeing her this happy. When the song ended everyone clapped and Jensen thanked the crowd and the panel started.
When it was over, the same man you led you to your seat came out and asked you to follow him to the green room. When you got there Dakota was in the arms of Jared, most likely telling him about her big crush. You walked up to Jensen who was at the snack table. He offered you a water and and you graciously took it. “I just wanna thank you again Jensen. Really, my daughter is having the time of her life I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this happy, so thank you.” He smiled at you, the corners of his eyes crinkling up as he responded, “Really, y/n it’s no problem at all. Your daughter is so adorable, the cast loves her, and it seems the fans love her too. It’s really my pleasure that I got to do something for her birthday.” You guys talked a little more before there was an announcement that the next panel was starting in about 5 minutes. Jensen apologized that he had to cut the conversation short and started to walk away. You stayed behind, wanting to grab a snack before you went out to see another talk. You were grabbing a muffin when you heard Jensen’s voice behind you, “Hey, um y/n, a couple of the guys were talking and we wanted to invite you and Dakota out with us for dinner tonight, it’s kinda a ritual that we go out to dinner the first night of a convention and they all love your daughter and would love to take her out for a birthday dinner.” You gave him yes and he ran off towards the door.
The rest of the day went by in a flash. Between listening to panels and talking to Jensen on his breaks you don’t know where the day went. Around 5:30 you finally caught up with Jared and Misha who had essentially taken your daughter hostage and were running around the convention space playing hide and seek. You thanked the two men and they said it was no problem, they really enjoyed spending time with her and that they looked forward to seeing both of you later for dinner. You took one look at your daughter and knew she was about two seconds away from a nap. You picked your daughter up in your arms and headed towards your hotel room. Thankfully, while Jared and Misha had her occupied, you had time to check in and move the bags you stored in the trunk of your car the night before up to the room. You walked towards the elevator and low and behold, Jensen was waiting at that very same one. He looked at you and smiled again, whispering a “hey”. You responding back with the same before the three of you climbed in the elevator together. You whispered out “10 please” nodding towards the elevator buttons. He hit 10 and nothing else as the elevator doors closed. You guys rode in silence, but it was comfortable. You could feel him staring at you and you tried not to blush. The elevator came to a stop and you both got off. You headed towards the right as did he. You looked at him and quietly said “Are you stalking me Ackles?” He chuckled lowly, “I could ask you the same y/l/n”. You stopped at room 1021, “Well this is me.” He waved to you and kept walking about 6 doors down before entering his room. You set your daughter on the bed and took her shoes off before tucking her in. You went into the bathroom and washed the face and brushed your teeth before getting ready for the dinner.
After doing your makeup and curling your hair, you woke Dakota up and told her it was time to get ready for dinner. You had already had a cute dress Ickes out for her laying on the bed. She came in to the bathroom and started to brush her teeth when she noticed your hair. “Mommy, can you curl my hair like yours?” You agreed and put some small curls in your daughters hair. You finished and told her to go change into her dress. A few minutes later you heard a knock at the door. You took a lol out the peephole and saw it was Jensen. You whispered a crap to yourself because you weren’t dressed. You rummaged through your suitcase and found the casual but still dressy dress you had packed and yelled out “Just a second!” With your dress on you opened the door. “Wow” Jensen’s mouth was slightly agape after seeing you. You blushed slightly and looked at him, he looked really good. He had on a dark blue dress shirt that hugged his muscles in all the right places and contrasted his deep green eyes. “Well hello to you too Jensen.” He blushed a deep red, “Sorry you just look so beautiful, where are my manners. Hi y/n” Your daughter cam bouncing to the door at the sound of Jensen’s deep voice. He greeted her and complimented her dress. “What are you doing here? I thought I was gonna meet you at the restaurant?”, asked stepping back from the doorway, silently inviting him in your room. “Yeah, I just figured you guys could ride with me to the restaurant.” You gathered a few items and put them in your purse, “Yeah, um that sounds great. I would just have to stop by my car and grab Dakotas booster seat.” He nods and you slip on your shoes and tell your daughter to put on her shoes “Mommy can you help me tie them.” You were about to say sure but Jensen was already in front of her tying her shoes. You smiled at the two of them together. She was absolutely enamored with him. You knew when the weekend ended, it’d be so hard for her to understand she couldn’t spend time with him or the cast anymore. You reminded her to bring her sweater and you and Jensen headed for the door at the same time and you noticed how small the hallway was because the two of you were chest to chest. You could feel his minty breath on your forehead. You looked up at his lips and then at his eyes. The two of you were moving closer to each other and you were millimeters away from kissing when you daughters footsteps interrupted you two “Mommy, lets go”. Dean cleared his throat, smiled at you and opened the door for both you and followed behind you. You guys went to you car grabbed the seat and went to Jensen’s car before driving to the restaurant. It seemed that everyone else was there because they were seated already. One the the hosts escorted you to the private room at the back of the restaurant. As soon as the door slid open, the group let out a chorus of “Ayyyys” and “Ohhhs”
and your daughter runs towards Jared. You greet everyone and take the only two seats open between Misha and Jared. The group informs you they ordered food for the whole table already. The whole night you and Jensen are having the best conversation. You talk about growing up in Texas and both of your childhoods and how adorable Dakota was as a baby and you even showed him pictures. About an hour and a half later ever one was there and Dakota was now sitting with Jensen, her eyes really low and she looked about 2 secs away from falling asleep. You guys still had dessert coming out and Jensen looked ok with her falling asleep on him, so you waited. The two of you guys continued to talk and if you were being honest, this was the most engaging conversation you’ve ever had. Jensen was funny and charming and everything you could’ve imagined. After you all had finished eating you guys began to get ready to go, you motioned to pick up your sleeping daughter but Jensen stopped you, “I got her y/n”. You guys walked to his car and drove back to the hotel. Once you got to the garage and parked, Jensen moved to get your sleeping daughter from his backseat. You both quietly made your way up to your room. You unlocked your door and he went and placed your babygirl on her bed before tucking her in. You walk him to the door and he stops “Thanks for coming out with us tonight I had a great time”. You gave him a hug and told it it was no problem and that Dakota loved it. You pulled away slightly but his arms were still around your waist you looked up at his face and one of his hands brushed the hair out of you’re face and rested it at the juncture between your head and your neck. His face was so close to yours and you felt his breath fan across your face as you looked into his eyes, “I’m gonna kiss you now, ok”. You nodded as you didn’t trust your voice at that moment. His lips timers yours in the best kiss you’ve ever had. His lips were so soft and the warmth from his body spread across yours. His tongue swiped across your bottom lip asking for permission. You granted it and his tongue slipped into your mouth. The kiss wasn’t needy or passionate. It was slow and loving and you you could tell he didn’t want anything more. He pulled away and placed a peck on your lips and then your forehead, “Goodnight y/n”. You gave him one more hug before letting him go. “See you tomorrow morning Y/n?” You nodded, “See you tomorrow Jensen”.

~A/N: This is a really cute story concept and I plan on writing more for this, and clearly I kinda got carried away, but there’s a lot more I wanna write with this so stay tuned!~


All right, so lately I’ve noticed a lot of confusion over the portrayal of Latinx and Hispanics in roleplays/bios. This includes questions such as who counts as Latinx, Hispanic and whether or not they qualify as POC. Well, as a Latina myself, I figured that maybe I could help some of you understand. Hopefully this “guide” (it’s not really a guide) will do just that and take away some confusion.

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Coming out||Why don't we||Preference 5

Summary: You have a son and he’s gay



A/n: As someone who is bi, i understand how hard it is to come out sometimes and I also understand what its like to not be expected, Im here for anyone who needs help!

Daniel Seavey- You knew son was gay around the age of six, you and Daniel had been guessing since the age of four when he wanted to go out as a princess for halloween, he didn’t like to play sports with daddy but he liked to shop and go out with momma, he watched disney princess movies and not MTNTs, but it all became clear when he was 7 and you and him where driving in the car on the way home. He had told you that he thought Jonah’s son was pretty. Both you and Daniel had known since then. Your son never realized the two of you had caught on because at the age of 16 he came out to both of you and told you he had a boyfriend, it was Jonah’s son.

That night when you and Daniel crawled into bed you both had smiles on your face, your son was out, in love and happy and thats all you wanted for him.

“I won, you owe me 20 dollars” You said causing him to snort.

“I knew this day would come, a bet is a bet” You added with a small chuckle on the side.

“I can’t believe you bet on our son being gay” He laughed bringing you into his arms.

“I didnt! I bet that him and Ashton(Jonahs son) would get together"You said. After a ten year bet you finally won, but you would have won anyways knowing your son was happy.

Jack Avery- The day your son came out was the most shocking day of your life. Not because you cared that he was gay, but because you two never saw it coming. When you were a teenager you had a gay guy best friend and although you knew that not every gay guy acted the same way the way your son acted was nothing like now your best friend had acted. Your son was the star on the basketball team(Jack was always so proud of him), you had never expected this to happen but when he had told you that he had a boyfriend both you or Jack couldn’t have been happier for him and invited  him for dinner the next day.

"Mom, dad, this is Jake” Your son smiled as a coloured boy around your sons age(17) walked in with a bouquet of sunflowers in his hand and a smile on his face.

“Jake this is my mom y/n and my dad Jack"your son smiled as the boy hand you the flowers and stuck out his hand for Jack.

"Its nice to meet you Mr.Avery”

Jonah Marias- The day you found out your son was gay wasn’t the day you were supposed to find out. You and Jonah had gone out to a grown ups dinner out with the boys and their wives, leaving your 17 year old son at home alone. You hadn’t been feeling well so Jonah took you home early, when the two of you had gotten home you asked Jonah to make you some tea while you went to change and tell your son you were home. After changing into some pjs you you walked across the hall and opened the door to your sons room only to see him laying on top  and kissing his best friend Tanner.

“Oh my god I’m sorry” You said shocked before grabbing the door handle and running out of the room. You walked downstairs your eyes wide as you met Jonah back in the kitchen.

“Um Jonah, I think our son is gay” You chuckled walking over to him and laying your head on his chest.

“What makes you say that?” He laughed, kissing the top of your head.

“Well, I just walked in on him and-” You had started but were quickly cut off by tanner rushing out of your house, his cheeks red.

You sat your son down that night and talked to him about it all, you were both so supportive and extremely proud of your son.

Zach Herron- The day your son came out was hectic to say the least. You saw the fear in sons eyes as he sat you and Zach down in the dinning room, you could see him visibly shaking. You almost feared the words coming out of his his mouth, your son was eighteen and thats when you and Zach started having sex, had he gotten a girl pregnant?

“Mom, dad theres something I need to tell you” He whispered not meeting either of your eyes.

“No matter what you say it won’t change our love for you honey” you said reaching across the table and grabbing his hand causing him to look up while Zach just nodded in response.

“Im gay” he whispered, it took you a second but a smile fell on your face quickly.

“So no one’s pregnant?” you asked causing him to chuckle and shake his head but his smile dropped once he was met with his dads eyes. Turning your head to look at your husband of 20 years your face also turned into a frown when you saw the look of anger spread across his face.

“How do you know?” Zach spit out, causing both of you to be taken back.

“I -I have a boyfriend” He whispered, feeling ashamed of himself.

You and Zach had never had the conversation “what if our child is gay” talk, but you grew up with a gay brother and Zach had never said anything about it, you just assumed he was as opening and welcoming to the idea as you were. But Zach had been born and raised in Texas and you knew that not everyone there was as supportive as some other states were.

“Honey, why don’t you go and wash up before we go out to dinner” You smiled as you looked at your son, his head dropped but his frown still visible. Nodding his head without even looking up he leaves the dinner table, leaving you angry at your husband.

“Zach Dean Herron, I don’t know whats going on through your mind but our son just shared something huge with us and you hurt him. We are going out to dinner and when we get home you better have a different mind set or you can call Jonah for a place to sleep” You snapped, standing up and leaving Zach there alone, his fists still clenched and his face and his little less red.

Corbyn Besson- The day your 19 year old son came out to you had started off like any normal day. You and Corbyn were in the kitchen cooking and talking about old times with him and the band, you all were getting together at Jack’s tomorrow for a dinner, you hadn’t seen all the boys and their families in 3 weeks and you all missed them deeply.

You were chopping vegetables when your son walked through the door, a boy walking beside him, both with huge smiles on both their faces.

“Mom, dad, this is my boyfriend Thomas” He blurted out of the blue, intertwining his hands with the other boys. You dropped the knife as a huge smile spread on your face, rushing over to hug both boys in front of you, you had been waiting for this for 3 years now and the time had finally come. Smiling as you pulled away, both your son and you looked at Corbyn with a shocked face.

“I like your shoes” He smiled, walking over and shaking the boys hand causing you to laugh along with your son. Corbyn supported your son, but he was a little awkward about it and bringing up shoes was the only way he could show he supported your son without getting all mushy and gushy about it. All and all both of you were happy as long as your son was happy.

Love Takes Flight. [R/L AU]


The airport looked more like a shopping mall than anything Lucas had expected. It was 3 days before Christmas and the deeper he walked, the busier it seemed. The tiles under his feet gleamed white and everywhere he looked he saw people milling around. There were plasma screens of arrival and departure times on the walls. People were lined up at the check in desk with suitcases and baggage while soft Christmas music played in the background. 

In the arrivals lounge there was a curious mixture of bored and excited people. Some looked like they were waiting for a bus, others like they were children waiting for Santa himself. Some lounged on the low comfy chairs and others bounced on their toes. 

There were two glass elevators leading to an upper floor which had the appearance of a food mall. And in the middle of several large open areas were blue fabric covered seats. The air was cool and only the faint aroma coming down from the food area gave it any scent. Some stairs lead up to a viewing deck where eager children watched the airplanes take off and land.

Lucas hurried along the long corridor, looking back every five seconds to make sure his best friend Zay was keeping up with him. The airport halls seemed never ending, he couldn’t help but wonder when they’d arrive at their gate.

“Put some pep in your step, Babineaux.” Lucas calls out, glancing behind him.

“It’s 6 in the morning. You know my brain doesn’t wake up until noon.” Zay groans, dragging his suitcase along.

“We wouldn’t have to rush if you woke up on time.” Lucas reminds him, scanning the numbers on the walls to see if they were getting closer.

“So what you’re saying is, this is my fault?” Zay asks, already knowing the answer.

“Yes.” Lucas replies without hesitation. He comes to an abrupt halt causing Zay to walk into him. “This is it.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any Latino characters? :)

I do! A lot of them are Mexican because most of my Latinx friends growing up were, but I’m trying to expand my horizons!

  • Mint (SalaDays) a peppy werewolf who loves dancing! Her parents are immigrants from Mexico, though her dad has some mixed Brazilian/Mexican heritage
  • Romaine (Romaine Hearts) a landlady with a very calming presence. She grew up in New Mexico in a very traditional Chicano district
  • Gale (Imagine That) an upbeat musician with a heart of gold. Her and her dad are both Mexican and born in the U.S, but she was raised on a chicken farm in rural Texas surrounded by a lot of her extended family
  • Clessis (Ocean of Cycles, art by my boo @mothsbymoonlight​), a reserved Fae travelling with a group of entertainers. Though in a fantasy setting, Clessis is meant to be Peruvian, as are most of her race
  • Murkanna (Ocean of Cycles), a street-smart jeweler with a fast mouth. Again, fantasy setting, but the Ogres are all meant to be indigenous Hopi
  • Tovak (Ocean of Cycles), a stoic and imposing swordsman. Also Hopi, though Tovak specifically is supposed to be mixed Hopi and Mexican
  • Erin (Starless, art from @mothsbymoonlight​ again!) a sweet person who looks very dispassionate and intimidating. Erin is a Brazilian immigrant with a very mixed heritage. Pardo, Japanese, and a little bit of indigenous blood
  • Olivia (Book Keepers), an energetic rock climber who has an impressive crystal collection. She’s 2nd-gen Venezuelan American!

Wassup, Tumblr? I’m Reggie, 24 y/o, a Leo if that matters, and single. I was born and raised in Texas. Currently living in Dallas. I’ve got a baby girl named Hazel. She’s almost 2. I work as a landscaper for my pop’s business. My parents been married for like 26 years and I’ve got three younger siblings. I like football, drinking beer, eating tacos, and laughing. What else y'all wanna know?😂

Normani Kordei

Dancing In Perfect Harmony

By Deborah Wagner

When Normani Kordei agreed to join the twenty fourth season of ABC’s hit television show Dancing with the Stars, she hadn’t realized what a life changing experience it would be. Since 2012, Kordei has been best known as one of the five original members of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony.

Through the DWTS experience, Kordei has learned that it was a little difficult at first being in the spotlight without her “sisters” – as she lovingly calls her group-mates Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane. (Former group member Camila Cabello left last year to pursue a solo career.) However, it has also turned into a fulfilling personal growth experience. During this period, Kordei has found out how strong she really is, and that she can succeed at anything she puts her mind to.  

Blossoming in front of the millions of DWTS viewers every week, twenty-year old Kordei has grown into a confident young woman right before our eyes. She has proven to herself – and tens of millions of viewers and fans – that she is in this competition to win the coveted mirror ball trophy, like Laurie Hernandez, Nyle DeMarco and Bindi Irwin had before her.

With dance moves that are now up to par with the professionals, Kordei’s hard work is paying off as she continues to nail her dance moves and receive rave reviews from the judges – including Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inana, Julianne Hough and Bruno Yonioli. Her partner and teacher Val Chmerkovskiy has helped her master the art of telling stories rhythmically through her movements. With the help of his exceptional choreography, the two have earned a spot at the top of the leaderboard for many weeks during the season.

Now, with the final two weeks of Dancing with the Stars here, Kordei is bittersweetly working hard to perfect her final dances. During these long and tiring days, this hard-working New Orleans-born and Texas-raised go getter continues to strive for excellence in these last performances. During a break in her busy practice schedule, Kordei took a half hour to chill and chat with us.

For the last five years, you have been accustomed to shining with four – now three – partners in Fifth Harmony. On DWTS though, it’s just you (and Val, of course) out there. How different does it feel to have the spotlight on you?

It’s honestly a bit of an adjustment having the whole spotlight solely on me. Kind of entering a world of my own, outside of Fifth Harmony. It’s also been refreshing, too. We’ve been together for the last four or five years. We do have an amazing time, the four girls now, coming from different walks of life making one common goal happen. But, I feel that we only showcase pieces of who we are as humans and individuals. Ally, Dinah, Lauren and myself, we make up what Fifth Harmony now is, but we still have dreams outside of the group. I’ve always loved to dance, which I hardly got to do while in Fifth Harmony. It’s just really cool, because I proved to myself that, “Yeah girl, you still got it.”

My passion is still there for dance. People are getting the opportunity to get to know me. I’ve also really surprised myself during the process. I think that Val has done an incredible job, not just as a choreographer and a teacher, but as a friend. Helping me grow and pulling things out of me that I didn’t even know were there. I’m just super happy. It’s like a family there at Dancing with the Stars.

Your Fifth Harmony sisters have shown you so much love during this experience. What has the support from them, your family and your fans meant to you?

Oh, man. The support of my family and friends and the girls means the absolute world to me. I don’t know if you saw the week – I think it was week four – where the girls actually came on and the sang “Impossible,” which is the first song that we ever performed as a group in the X-Factor days after meeting each other. We had to sing that song. It was pretty symbolic after singing it then and it now; everything that had happened in between made it mean even more. They’re always texting me after every show. Lauren told me she sat up crying after my contemporary dance this week. But, they’re super supportive and it means the world. I support them. We are sisters at the end of the day. That’s what we are supposed to do.

As far as my family and friends, they are over the moon. They love to see me happy. [It is] almost a breakthrough, just me recognizing my strengths. They always tell me it’s okay to give myself a pat on the back sometimes. My grandmother’s favorite show is Dancing with the Stars, so she is out there every week. They’re all cheering me on. That’s priceless for me!

You’ve already connected with millions through your singing. Now you’re receiving such praise and high scores (including two perfect ones) for your dance. Did you ever think you would be able to connect so completely through dance?

I felt it in my heart that was my way of communicating and speaking to people. Dance was actually my first passion, even before I started singing. I was dancing for as long as I can remember. It’s like a trance that I go in. It’s like an out of body experience, with me completely being immersed in the music. It’s really about storytelling. I’m really feeling it. It’s freedom of expression. I have been having the best time on Dancing with the Stars. I love all the different genres. Even though I came from a dance background, I’ve never done any ballroom dancing. So, it’s always a lot of work. I always feel it when I’m on the stage, every Monday.

Your dance this week was both beautiful, yet painful all at the same time. It gave me chills. It’s getting people talking about the problem of cyber-bullying. First I want to say, I am sorry that you had to go through that. No one ever should. Secondly, as a Mom of two kids who have also experienced bullying, what would you say to others who are trying to escape the painful experience of bullying and cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is a very devastating thing to have to go through for anyone, whether you are an adult of a child. That’s the thing with social media, it can be powerful and positive but at the same time, it can really tear people apart. It sucks because it’s the face and the force of this generation. We use it so heavily and depend on it like it’s second nature. It’s like all we know. But I think that cyber bullying is only a piece of the conversation that Val and I were discussing through our performance and our dance. With cyber bullying, I talked about it because I’ve been through it. [However, the dance was] for anybody that’s going through adversity and who feels lonely or helpless and feels the world is caving in. In society, we pick on each other and we create these barriers.

We are all on this Earth for a reason. We have a purpose. I think about how much better we could be if we were all united and had more love for one another. If we had sympathy. If we had open hearts and open minds, instead of being so closed minded. At the end of the day, everyone seeks acceptance. Anyone listening and going through cyber bullying or bullying in any way, I think you really just need to dig deep to find your freedom, because nobody else is going to give it to you. It’s something that you have to accept and take within yourself. Naturally, whenever the rest of the world doesn’t accept you, it’s all about self-acceptance. What you think about yourself looking in the mirror. Thinking I’m happy with he or she. I know what I have to offer. That’s what matters.

Throughout the seasons of Dancing with the Stars, you can always tell if there is a real connection between the star and their dancing partner. Your connection with Val seems like such a strong bond, built with admiration and respect. What has it been like to go through this experience with him?

Going through this experience with Val, first and foremost let me say, I remember the first day walking into the room and learning the choreography and being super timid. I’m a totally different person than when I walked in. I really have him to thank for that. He has changed me in the best way possible. I’m forever grateful. He is my friend, my teacher, my choreographer. He’s like my brother.

It also helps that I generally do look up to him. Not just as a dancer but as a person. He teaches me constantly, every day. We talk about things that are going on in the world and about things like family and everything. He is a hard worker and an amazing human being. He never fails to stop and serve other people as well. He’s always taking the time to think about how he can help kids recognize that their dreams also matter. It doesn’t matter where they come from. It’s about what they have in their heart and their determination. He’s really good at instilling great values and making you a believer. He really makes me feel like I can do anything.

It sounds like they picked the perfect partner for you, then.

Yeah, I couldn’t ask for anyone better. I don’t know if I’d get the same experience, or grow the same way, if it hadn’t been for him. I genuinely love him. Even after the show is over, he’ll play a significant role. I am really blessed that he’s part of my world and I am now part of his.

As rewarding as this experience has been, it must be exhausting touring with Fifth Harmony and practicing with Val for the live shows. How are you taking care of yourself while this time?

Well, it has definitely been a lot. It’s crazy to even sit here and think about traveling back and forth from Asia to LA for the first three weeks of the show. It was definitely a challenge and took a toll on my body, obviously. I got injured about two or three weeks ago when I did my salsa number – “When I Grow Up.” That was the first week that we started to do lifts and flips and tricks. I hadn’t danced in five years, maybe even longer, so my body was not used to it anymore.

On top on flying and the lack of sleep, I had a really severe pulled muscle strain in my back and my hip. There were two different muscle strains. One wasn’t affected by the other, but they just so happened that I had two at the same time. I felt like it slowed me in a way. You guys might not have seen it, but for me it was really frustrating. I was like, “Why can’t I get this?” or “Why do we have to change this lift?” It would have looked so good, but physically I could not do it. We’ve definitely had an emotional rollercoaster throughout this journey, but I think it’s shaped us and is part of our story. Part of the reason I’ve worked so hard. In those times where it’s like you can’t overthink this, we have to just do it. We’d be performing in Asia on the carpet, in the lobby, in front of people, anywhere we could for days before the performance, in the airport. It’s all pieces of our journey and of our story.

Would you recommend this experience of DWTS to one of your 5H partners?

Heck to the yes! (laughs) I’d recommend this experience to anybody! It’s amazing. I can’t really put it into words. I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, we are in our last weeks. I was really emotional yesterday. I was sitting down thinking about it. I’m just super grateful looking in the faces of every single person that makes up what Dancing with the Stars is.

It’s the reason that we can put these incredible shows on Monday night – down to hair, down to makeup, down to wardrobe. It really is fancy. There’s just a fulfillment that you get, going out there, on that stage and on that ballroom with your partner, every single Monday. Knowing that your inspiring someone, it’s a special feeling. It’s electrifying. I can’t even explain it or completely put it into words.  

Once Dancing with the Stars season is over, do you plan on going back into the studio with Fifth Harmony? We know your 5H fans would love to hear some new music.

Oh, I never left the studio. I was actually in the studio last night. Yeah, we started recording before I even started Dancing with the Stars. We are still in the studio now. It never stops for me. It wasn’t like I do one thing and then start another after. It’s all in one. (laughs) So, yeah, we have new music coming out really soon.

I’m sure you have built relationships with the other contestants on the show. Do you think you will be keeping in touch after this is over?

Oh my God, yes! 110%! Like I said before, even the first day we all met at GMA, everyone came in super humble, smiles all across the room. I remember having a conversation with David [Ross]. He’s just the sweetest, sweetest guy. Talking to Bonner [Bolton] because we’re both from Texas. Hearing his story, I was just completely moved and inspired and also captivated by his southern hospitality and charm. (laughs)

Me and Simone [Biles] are really, really close and have become the best of friends on the show. She makes me laugh a lot. I think we are so different but we are alike at the same time. We kind of balance each other out, which makes this experience even more fun. Then Rashad [Jennings], he’s like a big brother. I love him too. He told me after my contemporary piece that he really connected with it on a personal level and that I could come to him for anything if I wanted to vent.

Who on the DWTS cast is the biggest practical joker or always cracks everyone up?

I don’t know. Val always makes me laugh, personally. He’s actually a very funny human being. I feel like he’s the glue that holds everything together, in a way. There are so many different elements, but I do really appreciate that he has this way of reeling people in. It’s really comfortable and safe. Feeling like it’s a safe environment for them to be all that they are. And he is really, really funny. He’s always has me cracking up.

Also Simone. She’s always has me cracking up. Just little things she says. Sometimes I’m like, “Girl, how did you come up with that?” (laughs) “How did you come up with that?”

You are only 20 and have already accomplished so much with an award-winning music career and now this wonderful experience on DWTS. What else would you like to do in the future?

Coming off of this experience – really exploring myself on Dancing with the Stars – I feel has really opened many doors for me. Widened the range of expectations that I have for myself. There is a lot I now would love to do and know now I am capable of doing. I’d love to act and get into film. I really do enjoy stepping into another character every single week on Dancing with the Stars. I’d love to do that as a career choice.

Just something that I love. I am all about the arts, so I’ll continue to do my music obviously. I’m very into fashion. I’d love to have my own fashion line and my own empire. Yeah, I just want there to be nothing that I can’t do. I want to at least touch on many things, because you never know, that might be what I decide to do for the rest of my life. I don’t know, wherever life takes me, wherever God takes me. But I really want to cross over to acting, because I find that mesmerizing. I can really lose myself in it.

We did pick one fan question to ask. Amira Parker would like to know what your favorite 5H song is to perform in concert?

My favorite Fifth Harmony song to perform right now – because it can change since we have new music coming out – I have like five favorites right now. Let’s see… probably “Boss.” Yeah, every time I hear the “da-na-na-na,” the crowd for some reason always goes crazy on that song. It gets me super hyped. There’s never been a crowd that hasn’t had a great response to that song. I think it’s just the energy of it. It’ personally one of my favs, the choreography and that was kind of the beginning of the new Fifth Harmony. I don’t know if you guys saw a change, but from “Miss Moving On” to “Boss,” there was a switch. That was the moment where we actually started to grow up and grow into our womanhood. So, I love “Boss.”

For our final question, do you have a message for your fans?

To my fans, I love you guys incredibly. I can never thank you enough for how much you fulfill me and everything you’ve done in order to make me feel supported and confident within myself. You guys lift me up anytime I’m down. I would definitely say that all of my success, and our success, is because of you guys. I love you. Make sure you learn to love yourselves.

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